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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am wondering if anyone plans on attending Ohio State in August or if anyone has attended the program. Would love to know your thoughts! Pros and Cons.
  2. Hi! Does anyone know anything about these programs? I'm feeling super torn between the two and would love some input!
  3. My first grad app was to Ohio State EEOB Ms program which was due on Nov. 15th. Why would they have the application deadline so early if they are not going to send out decisions until after the holidays?
  4. Is anyone familiar with Ohio State's program? They have a mention for ethics in the new pgr, but looking at their placement record on their website it doesn't look strong. I realize that jobs in philosophy are very hard to come by, but most of their placements seem to be at osu itself rather than at other colleges and univesities. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something here.
  5. Hey y'all! Seeing no one started a thread, I wanted to see who's coming down to OSU this fall. I'm an international student to start my PhD in Learning technologies. How are your preparations coming along?
  6. I am having a difficult time choosing between Ohio State and Kent State. From what I can tell just from the websites, Ohio State's program lets you develop a focus whereas Kent State's program is more general (I may be incorrect about this). If anyone has any thoughts on the programs or just the schools themselves, I would love to hear! Also, anyone who has accepted their admission to one of these schools, I'd like to hear what factors influenced you to make that decision. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I am a Masters in Computer Science prospective student for Fall 2017 semester. I have admits from 1. University of Colorado, Boulder (MS CS thesis) 2. Ohio State University (MS CS research track) I am primarily interested in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. Can you please give me some advice on which university I should choose? I would like to continue for a Ph.D. after my Masters. I would be very grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.
  8. I have an offer from both the Johns Hopkins University and the Ohio State University. Both are amazing programs, with Johns Hopkins being ranked a little higher. I plan on doing my PhD in game theory. My problem is that the faculty members that I want to work with at JHU are old (70 years old) and there's a risk of them retiring soon. The faculty members are well known in their respective fields and are still actively publishing and researching. However, the faculty at OSU are younger and are making decent publications. Which one should I choose?
  9. Hi! I'm an Indian student interested in biochemistry/bio organic chemistry. I have received 3 Ph.D Chem offers and am really confused! Any input would be really appreciated. The universities are U of British Columbia Vancouver campus (Canada) , Ohio State and University of Florida (US). UBC is ranked top 50 in the world for my program and is much more reputed than Ohio State. However, I'm having a tough time deciding between a few things - 1. US versus Canada. As an international student, Canada offers a better deal in terms of VISA conditions both during and after my PH.D. But US has better job prospects (both industrial research and academic) due to the sheer number of universities and pharmaceutical companies etc. Would it be tough to enter the States after my PH.D from Canada? Or would a better university be the better option? 2. The stipend. UBC offers a very low stipend ($21000 + $2000 one time fellowship) on which I'd have to keep a tight budget. I need to pay for my medical insurance and student fees too from this (around $1000-2000 per year). Canada is more expensive too for living costs. On the other hand, Florida is offering me $24000 with full health insurance, while Ohio State is giving me $27500 (+2000 one time fellowship) with 85% health insurance. 3. As for professors, Ohio State and UBC both have 3-4 professors whose research I like. Having had limited research experience, I don't really have a particular research topic in mind, just a broad idea. However, Ohio state has loads of grad students in the department. Will this be a drawback? 4. Lab rotations. In Ohio state, the first term would be spent interacting with professors to decide which lab would be the best fit. UBC doesn't really have such a policy - most students know which lab to join, and a few do "look about" for the first term (as told by a current UBC student) and some do so before joining. The latter won't be an option for me because I'd have to arrive quite a bit in advance and spend my own money during that time. Everyone I've spoken to tells me that I'd be foolish to let UBC go for state universities that aren't top 20 or even top 30 programs in USA. I'd really like advice from someone in the field/someone who knows about the future prospects as that would be more accurate than rankings! Thanks a ton and sorry for the long post!
  10. Hi all. I was accepted into the history PhD program at Ohio State, and it is the first choice among the schools I have been admitted to thus far. However, I was not selected to receive a fellowship for which I was nominated, but was still guaranteed 4 years of funding from the history department in the form of a Teaching Associateship. I am waiting to hear what the official offer will be but it is taking quite a long time. One of my other offers has already stated the terms of funding, and their deadline to admit is in mid March (odd, I know). Thus, I am wondering if I can get a feel for Ohio State's funding at a departmental level, especially in the history department. Does anyone know what Ohio State's typical funding package is for their incoming PhD students? Thanks all
  11. Well I'm about 95%+ sure that I'll be headed to OSU for my MFA in Photography this fall as I feel really good about that program. I know that the MFA program there is bringing in 16 new MFA's (all media) for this fall. I would love to hear from other prospective MFA's about their plans. If you visited the school, I have not had that opportunity and would like to hear what you thought about your visit. Let's get to know each other as we will be studying together for the next 3 years. If you are a current MFA at OSU or received your BFA there, chime in as well.
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