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Found 15 results

  1. MT OISE 2017

    Hey, I am wondering who else has applied to the MT program at OISE! What concentration did you apply for, what teachable(s), and what did your application look like? I applied to intermediate/senior for biology & social science. I had volunteer experience in a high school and ~4.0 GPA average in my last two years.
  2. Anyone apply to the masters of child study and education of masters of teaching?
  3. Hey guys, So I am a fourth year at UofT. I am thinking of applying to OISE's Masters of Higher Education (M.A. Stream), for the 2017/2018 academic year. But am not sure if I will be accepted / chances of being accepted. I will be leaving University with a 3.3-3.4CGPA (my GPA wasn't great in my second year :/) and hopefully my GPA for the last two years will be roughly 3.75-3.80. My extracurriculars include, 3 summers of E-mentoring first years for Woodsworth College 1 year of First in the family mentoring 1 year of on the hygiene education team at Toronto East General 3 years of working with UofT's accessibility service I am planning to use one professor who supervised my final year research project, and another professor whose class I did really well in. Could some of you give me advice and opinions on my chances of gaining acceptance? And maybe other activities that would strengthen my application? Thanks so much ^.^
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering about who has applied to bachelor of education or teaching programs in Ontario! I have some questions: Which schools have you applied to? For what age concentration? What are your teachables? What was your GPA? What relevant experience did you have? I've applied to OISE, UOIT, and York for intermediate/senior. My teachables are biology & social science. I had a ~4.0 GPA in my last 2 years. I worked in a local high school for the past 2 years.
  5. Hello All, First time posting, and it is only because I am in a bit of a predicament that I seek advice from random strangers on the internet. I have been accepted into UBC and OISE's Ph.D. programs for this upcoming fall. I am wondering if anyone currently at UBC or even another applicant with more web browsing acumen can tell me what level of flexibility I can expect after completing my course work? My area of interest is the history of education in Ontario and as an Ontario Certified Teacher I am trying to balance the security of a fully funded program at OISE versus an entrance scholarship with no guarantee of further funding from UBC, but with the added flexibility to be able to move and work anywhere in the country earlier in the process perhaps. Anyone with some insight would be greatly appreciated, especially those currently enrolled and possibly undergoing the comprehensive exams process already.
  6. Anyone is waiting for acceptance for OISE MA and/or MEd in Language and Literacy / Curriculum Studies for OISE's CSTD 2017 fall admission? What is your academic background? And/or what is your OISE research focus (if you are applying for the MA)?
  7. OISE Master of Arts 2016

    Hello all! I have applied to the Master of Arts- child study and education at OISE, and was wondering if anyone had received interviews offers yet? (to start school in 2016 fall) The waiting is making me extremely anxious... especially since I thought I had a good chance of being accepted
  8. Counselling Psychology

    hi everyone! I recently sent in my application for OISE’s MEd Counselling and Psychotherapy program and plan on applying to Ottawa’s Counselling MEd program as well. My anxiety has been and will be through the roof until springtime when the rejection/acceptance letters are mailed out!!! My GPA in my fourth year was 3.7, with my cumulative GPA being around 3.6. Following completing my Honors BA, I took a post-graduate certificate at Humber College in Mental Health, and I also have volunteer experience at various hospitals, as well as at mental health organizations. I think my references are strong but I still can’t take the agony of waiting this long!!! Does anyone have any insight as to the acceptance process in either of these programs? Does anyone previously accepted to either of these programs care to share their GPA’s and relevant work/volunteer experiences?
  9. OISE Acceptance/Rejection

    I've applied to OISE's Developmental Psychology and Education MEd program. Has anyone heard back from this program or from any OISE program this cycle? My application status is still "documents received, excl. official transcripts," but I'm hoping they'll review my app before my transcript makes it all the way to Toronto from Louisiana . . .
  10. For people who have been accepted to OISE's Master of Arts in Child Study & Education program, are any of you in the RIT (Research Intensive) Stream? Wondering whether only PBI (Practice Based Inquiry) has received acceptances yet or RIT candidates have also been accepted.
  11. Applying to OISE MT Program

    Hi everyone, A 3rd year science student here. Thinking of applying to OISE (UofT)'s Masters of Teaching (MT) program, but am not sure if I will be accepted / chances of being accepted. My cGPA is 2.80 (I didn't do well for the first 2 years because of personal issues), and hoping final year GPA will be 3.80 (applying to MT in final year, so I'm not sure if they'll see this GPA before sending out admissions) I would like to apply for sernior/intermediate (Biology - Science, though my grades aren't that good in science), with second choice in English (my university english grades are all A's, top percentiles). I might be considering junior/intermediate instead though (for english/general science). My recent/present ECs in: - teacher's assistant in high school (science class, grade 10-11) - hospital (pediatrics) placement, assisting physician and child patients - mentoring university students (privately) in English - teaching piano and science for elementary school students (2013-2014) My 2 reference letters will be from my English TA who is familiar with me personally, and the science teacher that I assist at a nearby high school. Could some of you give me advice and opinions on my chances of gaining acceptance? I know my GPA is not that good - should I give up on applying to MT at OISE?
  12. Hey guys, I recently got accepted to both the Masters of Child Study and Masters of Teaching. Has anyone heard that you are now only receiving 60 credits which is apparently equivalent to any other BED program. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone knew more about this and if OISE was going to do something about this. I have heard that the "masters" now that teachers college is two years will not really give you an edge or be accepted into principal Qualification courses of as an A4 pay level.
  13. Toronto OISE MA Counselling?

    Hi! Has anyone else applied to U of Toronto's OISE Masters in Counselling Psychology program? If yes, have you heard anything yet? There aren't any postings on the results page, but there haven't been many in previous years either. My application status is still "under review", but I'm not reading too much into this as my application status to the same program last year didn't change to "decision made" until my application to the program THIS YEAR turned to "under review". Sick of the waiting, blahhh. Thanks!
  14. Has anyone got admission news for MA funded program at OISE, CSTD?
  15. I plan on applying to OISE this fall, and wondering if anyone has advice for applying to the program or things to keep in mind when writing my Statement of Intent. Or, if you have any comments on the program itself I'd love to hear that as well. Thanks!