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  1. Hello everyone, Wishing you and your loved ones the best health, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for OISE's MA-CSE program in Fall 2022. Hopefully we can share our experiences and support each other through the application process We got this!
  2. This is my first time starting a forum so please be kind to me In the past, it looks as if cohort groups start the forum a little later. However, I'm stressing out and I wanted to start a forum that is along the same lines as the ones before it, and use it as a type of support group. I've put all of the programs for P/J divisions together, and thought that this forum coud be used to discuss acceptances, applications, and anything else related. Ill start by talking about my application: I'm in my final year studying public health. The year previous I made Dean's list (fall 2017) and presidents list (winter 2018). My over all average is 78% but my average last year was between 82-85%. I've worked with an after school program going on 5 years where I run gym activities and do some teaching and tutoring (ages 4-13), the past 3 summers I've worked as a kindergarten readiness teacher (ages 3-6), I work as a supply ECA (ages 2-12), and I worked one summer as a camp arts/crafts specialist (ages 2.5-13). My references were from a work supervisor for the kindergarten readiness program, and a professor who I don't know well, but I got good grades in their class. I applied to, in order, MACSE, MT P/J, and MT J/I. I'm really hoping I get into this program. I'm applying to other schools for teaching, but of course this is my first choice.
  3. I thought it would be useful to create a space for those who have applied for MEd - COUNSELLING & PSYCHOTHERAPY at OISE this year. Hope doing this will help me not to stress much during the waiting period lol! This is my second time applying to the program, and last year I was put on waitlist. Keep our fingers crossed and good luck to all of people who have applied!
  4. Does anyone know if OISE allows deferrals? I got accepted to their M.Ed for developmental psychology and education on June 2nd but have already accepted a teaching job at a school for this academic year due to the fact that I hadn't heard anything for so long. I'm really conflicted about what to do and would ideally get a 1 year deferral but I've heard from people that OISE doesn't do that. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. Hi everyone, I’ve searched the forum and don’t see much updated information about the U of T OISE Social Justice PhD program. I’m hoping this can be a place to discuss applications and any program specifics. I received an acceptance to the program on February 13, 2020 after a nerve-racking wait. For those still waiting on any program at OISE you can see the stats on how many people applied to each program and how many were first choice candidates here: https://ro.oise.utoronto.ca/RO_Stats.htm My background is in social work. I graduated from U of T’s MSW program in 2014 and have been working in the field ever since. I’m honestly feeling a bit out of sorts with starting a program in education as I don’t know much about the education field/theories/culture. Also, starting a PhD after several years away from academics is quite daunting. I have no idea what to expect come September. Although I did the MSW program at U of T I didn’t spend much time on campus other than for classes and some research work. I remember the environment was quite competitive and although I could hold my own, that kind of culture doesn’t jive with me. Could anyone help with what the culture of faculty and students is like at OISE? For those who have done the Social Justice Phd/Master (or another PhD in the department), how was your experience? Anyone doing a PhD after being in the field for several years? How was getting back into academic shape? Also, has anyone turned down an offer for the program to attend somewhere else? I would love to hear your thoughts!
  6. Hi everyone, it looks as if cohort groups in previous years start a topic forum and use it as a type of support group while we wait to hear back from OISE. I haven't seen a topic for Fall 2020 applications, so I thought I started one. I was wondering if anyone has received an invitation for an interview from the MA Child Study and Education program?
  7. Hey All, First-time poster, here. I was wondering if anyone has been waitlisted by OISE or has ever received a non-standard admission from them. What were your experiences and what did they say?
  8. Hey guys! I was wondering if any Group B applicants to OISE's GA positions have heard anything back yet? I know they said end of august or first week of september, but the waiting has me so stressed out.
  9. Hello, I am waiting for offer of admission from Master of Teaching program at OISE for Fall 2019. Anyone received an update on their application? I applied for J/I Mathematics.
  10. Hey guys, I figured we would need a forum to stew in as we wait for our responses. I heard that last year it took quite a while for the school to send out all their acceptances so I'm hoping we have better luck this year! We can just use this to let others know when we get info back or to list our teachables and hours to get a feel for what they're looking for!
  11. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has heard back yet for an interview from the MA Child Study and Education program?
  12. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has heard back in regards to interviews? Thanks ?
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering about who has applied to bachelor of education or teaching programs in Ontario! I have some questions: Which schools have you applied to? For what age concentration? What are your teachables? What was your GPA? What relevant experience did you have? I've applied to OISE, UOIT, and York for intermediate/senior. My teachables are biology & social science. I had a ~4.0 GPA in my last 2 years. I worked in a local high school for the past 2 years.
  14. Hi there!! ? I am looking into doing an MSW( and maybe the MSW/JD) at York or U of T, or the MEd in Counselling Psychology at OISE !!! I am looking into these programs w the hopes of providing anti-oppressive, feminist therapy in the future. I am also really interested in working with incarcerated folks. I am finishing up an honours in women's studies, and did my research on first-person narrative as a tool of restorative justice and personal healing. I'm looking for current or past students to discuss the benefits of each program! Some questions to start, How did you like the program? Strengths/Weaknesses? What was your background and/or goals going in? Where/How was your placement? Where are you at now? Pls reach out if you would be open to chatting w me ?
  15. Hi! To all the applications, has anyone heard anything?
  16. Hey, I am wondering who else has applied to the MT program at OISE! What concentration did you apply for, what teachable(s), and what did your application look like? I applied to intermediate/senior for biology & social science. I had volunteer experience in a high school and ~4.0 GPA average in my last two years.
  17. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has heard back from U of T for the Med counselling Pscyhology program?? Its Mid-March and i have heard nothing! Any information would be appreciated.
  18. The OISE Psychology Clinic (near St. George Subway Station) is looking for a student fluent in Tagalog/Filipino and who is interested in supporting a psychology graduate student during a psychoeducational assessment. This is a great clinical opportunity for those interested in working with children/teenagers and families. Some knowledge of consent and limits to confidentiality is needed. If interested, please respond to this post. Kind regards, Tessie M.
  19. I am currently taking an M.Ed at OISE UofT, however I got accepted into an MA in Education at UOIT (an up and coming university, but still doens`t have the best reputation). I am considering to apply to the same MA which is researched based and transfera ny credit I can form the M.Ed. OISE UofT is obivously the better school but I am more concerned if I will get hired with an M.Ed at a community college. Any adivce would be appreciated.
  20. Anyone apply to the masters of child study and education of masters of teaching?
  21. Hey guys, So I am a fourth year at UofT. I am thinking of applying to OISE's Masters of Higher Education (M.A. Stream), for the 2017/2018 academic year. But am not sure if I will be accepted / chances of being accepted. I will be leaving University with a 3.3-3.4CGPA (my GPA wasn't great in my second year :/) and hopefully my GPA for the last two years will be roughly 3.75-3.80. My extracurriculars include, 3 summers of E-mentoring first years for Woodsworth College 1 year of First in the family mentoring 1 year of on the hygiene education team at Toronto East General 3 years of working with UofT's accessibility service I am planning to use one professor who supervised my final year research project, and another professor whose class I did really well in. Could some of you give me advice and opinions on my chances of gaining acceptance? And maybe other activities that would strengthen my application? Thanks so much ^.^
  22. Hello All, First time posting, and it is only because I am in a bit of a predicament that I seek advice from random strangers on the internet. I have been accepted into UBC and OISE's Ph.D. programs for this upcoming fall. I am wondering if anyone currently at UBC or even another applicant with more web browsing acumen can tell me what level of flexibility I can expect after completing my course work? My area of interest is the history of education in Ontario and as an Ontario Certified Teacher I am trying to balance the security of a fully funded program at OISE versus an entrance scholarship with no guarantee of further funding from UBC, but with the added flexibility to be able to move and work anywhere in the country earlier in the process perhaps. Anyone with some insight would be greatly appreciated, especially those currently enrolled and possibly undergoing the comprehensive exams process already.
  23. Anyone is waiting for acceptance for OISE MA and/or MEd in Language and Literacy / Curriculum Studies for OISE's CSTD 2017 fall admission? What is your academic background? And/or what is your OISE research focus (if you are applying for the MA)?
  24. Hello all! I have applied to the Master of Arts- child study and education at OISE, and was wondering if anyone had received interviews offers yet? (to start school in 2016 fall) The waiting is making me extremely anxious... especially since I thought I had a good chance of being accepted
  25. hi everyone! I recently sent in my application for OISE’s MEd Counselling and Psychotherapy program and plan on applying to Ottawa’s Counselling MEd program as well. My anxiety has been and will be through the roof until springtime when the rejection/acceptance letters are mailed out!!! My GPA in my fourth year was 3.7, with my cumulative GPA being around 3.6. Following completing my Honors BA, I took a post-graduate certificate at Humber College in Mental Health, and I also have volunteer experience at various hospitals, as well as at mental health organizations. I think my references are strong but I still can’t take the agony of waiting this long!!! Does anyone have any insight as to the acceptance process in either of these programs? Does anyone previously accepted to either of these programs care to share their GPA’s and relevant work/volunteer experiences?
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