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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I am a new user to this forum. I'm currently in undergrad, graduating soon in poli sci. I have a 168 LSAT and good gpa (like 87%, which changes depending on what scale you use). I've looked through this forum for similar posts and found some that were useful, but I figured it may be useful just to put my specific case on here. I'm Asian, so once I decided to switch into poli sci I was all but set on law school, hence me doing the LSAT. However, this summer I got a student policy job with the Ontario government, and I'm enjoying it. The work isn't too taxing, is interesting, and I like my coworkers. Plus I work from home. However, I'm aware that part of my enjoyment is that I don't actually have to work that hard, and I think if I pursue policy I'll need to grind for a few years before I can be making 6 figures. What matters to me most is: 1. Making good money (eventually over 6 figures within 10 years ideally. Does not need to be anything crazy). 2. Good work-life balance. I don't expect to love what I do, but I'd like to not have to work more than 40 hrs a week too often, and I'd like to not hate what I do all day. I have no experience with law outside of a few uni courses, and I'm not sure if I'll enjoy the field. Has anyone ever been in this situation before, and what did you do? I think there is no clear choice here. I'm leaning towards a masters, but I'll admit it seems a bit more uncertain than the flexibility a JD may provide me.
  2. Anyone having hard time doing on the application
  3. Going into my 5th year of Honours Economics, with a minor in Maths. Planning to apply for MA in Economics at UofT, Western, McMaster, Laurier and McGill. First and second year GPAs aren't the best: A in intro and intermediate Micro, B in intro and intermediate Macro C in Calc 1, F in Calc 2( but retook and upgraded it to a C-), C in Lin alg 1, D in lin alg 2. Grades got gradually better in upper years, and took more advanced Econ and Math courses: A in Advanced Micro Theory 1, 2 and all other 3rd and 4th year Econ courses(Research methods, Intl trade, Monetary) B+ in Econometrics 1 and 2 C+ in Calc 3 A in Calc 4. Professional experiences: Worked as a Research Assistant this summer with a Professor in the faculty of Economics. Had 2 summer internships as a financial analyst for a tech firm in Toronto. Extracurriculars: Research analyst for a student - run investment club in the university. Representative with the Economics society. What are my chances of getting into these schools, given my improvement in the final 2 years?
  4. Hi all, I wanted to make a thread for students applying to geography programs in Canada. I'm currently waiting to hear back on admission decisions and would love to hear where everyone has applied/what you're hoping for!
  5. I have an MA in Clinical Psychology from an Indian university. I am planning to apply for a second Masters - MA in Psychology at Brock U and MSc in Psychology at Western U. One step that I am the most confused about is the scholarship application. Can you direct me to a step-by-step procedure for scholarship application as an international student? I have so many questions, but I don't know if they are the right questions. The following are ones I can think of right now: - Should I start the scholarship application before or after college application? - What do I write in the university application about scholarships? - How do I approach a university to nominate me for, say OGS, when they have not accepted me yet? - How to I fill THIS FORM when I don't know who would take me in? - Do I have to apply for funding before applying to the university or is it possible to apply after getting enrolled? ---- I am sorry if the questions sound dumb, I really have no idea about this process.
  6. Hello fellow MSW colleagues, I have created this forum as a way for MSW students and graduates to share their placement experiences with one another. I would appreciate it if people can share their experiences at school boards, hospitals, counselling and advocacy agencies. More specifically, if anyone did their placement with Peel Children's Centre, Peel District School Board, or the Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board, I would be very interested in hearing how your experience was. Thank you!
  7. Hey guys, I am PR in Canada and I have completed my medical degree from Pakistan. I graduated in 2016. I have two years of work experience in hospital and community health setup, 2 years of experience working in NGO, and I am currently volunteering in Long term care center in Ontario. My cGPA is 3.3 and my last two years as well as last 20 credits GPA is 3.18. I am planning to apply at Guelph/McMaster/Lakehead/Saskatchewan universities. I know my grades aren't competitive but I am trying to improve my work experience. I am also planning to take statistics course in June. Can you guys please share your experiences of you went through similar circumstances? How did you guys improve your profile? What suggestions can you give me to improve my profile? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering about who has applied to bachelor of education or teaching programs in Ontario! I have some questions: Which schools have you applied to? For what age concentration? What are your teachables? What was your GPA? What relevant experience did you have? I've applied to OISE, UOIT, and York for intermediate/senior. My teachables are biology & social science. I had a ~4.0 GPA in my last 2 years. I worked in a local high school for the past 2 years.
  9. Hi, I am a postgraduate in Molecular & Cellular Immunology from University of Aberdeen, Scotland (2009) and a graduate in Biotechnology from Bangalore University, INDIA. I have acouple of years of teaching experience in the related field and good amount of experience in customer service related jobs. What programs (masters)other than MPH could suit my profile to get some field related jobs in Canada. I am looking to apply for 2019 fall.
  10. Hi Guys, I have been working in telecommunications as an engineer and looking to do my Masters or MEng. to be exact in Ontario. Instead of an M.Eng.in Computers etc. i am interested in Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship kind of a program. I have seen McMaster, Ryerson, UoT, Carleton and a few others with such a program. Please guide what would be a better choice looking at employability later on and other factors. Appreciate the help.
  11. Hey, I am wondering who else has applied to the MT program at OISE! What concentration did you apply for, what teachable(s), and what did your application look like? I applied to intermediate/senior for biology & social science. I had volunteer experience in a high school and ~4.0 GPA average in my last two years.
  12. I have selected Waterloo to pursue my MPH, but this forum is open to anyone who is starting in Waterloo in the Fall 2018! Feel free to join, chat, and ask questions in this forum!
  13. I was just rejected for the OGS and I'm feeling pretty down. I thought I was a good applicant. I had a fair bit of research experience, good GPA, and my proposed masters advisor even helped me with the research proposal (I haven't officially been accepted into a program yet).My average may have been holding me back (I think I had an 82% in my 3rd year and 84% in my final year). So I'm just wondering, what do the stats of the students who win it usually look like?
  14. ML_93

    Required Courses

    I'm an Ontario student going into my 3rd year in hopes of getting in a masters program in molecular biology or food science. This semester I am taking a biochemistry course. With this course there is also a complementary lab course offered that is not required in my program, however, most other programs in my department need to take it. I am unsure if I should take this course as it may be looked for during admissions, although if I didn't need to take it I could use this additional time to volunteer in one of my professor's lab to gain experience. I have looked into the admissions of these programs in my area and the minimum requirement is having a BSc along with the required average and letters of recommendation so It seems like not taking this course wouldn't affect me. Although, even if this course is not required for my Bsc, I feel as if not taking this course will heavily hurt my chances. Should I take this Biochemistry lab or use the time to build my research experience?
  15. Hi All, Everyone who is joining western university computer science can gather here to discuss. Thanks!
  16. This might sound like a really stupid question, but I don't know when the deadline to accept my UWO offer is. There is nothing about this on the departmental website OR on the graduate admissions website as far as I can tell. I emailed the grad admissions office, who told me to contact my department about the deadlines. The department contact person in turn told me that I can find all the information in the admission letter. But the deadline is not there! I checked the letter three times now: all it says in terms of dates is I need to complete any outstanding requirements (i.e. send official transcripts) a month before commencing my studies and get a study permit. I am a little afraid I'll annoy the program coordinator if I email them again. I also don't want to just poke around on the portal because the system UWO uses is not the most user-friendly, what if I accidentally reply to my offer before I am ready? So what do I do now? Wait a while before asking again? The programs I have not heard from yet release the decisions very late, in early May, so I really need to know if I can wait this long before deciding. Western folk out there, when was/is your deadline to accept? Is it universal across the university? I am not sure: is April 15th a thing in Canada? Does it matter if your offer is funded/unfunded?
  17. Hi there, I want to apply for Clinical Psychology at various schools across Ontario for this coming fall. I attended McGill University in undergrad majoring in Psychology, and did not obtain a high GPA (3.23). I have had over a year of experience working as Research Analyst and Assistant at Sunnybrook, contributed to a publication, and have had one of my own independent research projects published in the Journal of Psychiatry. I have certifications in both CBT and Talk Therapy. Right now I have taken an additional 10 undergraduate courses at Ryerson to improve my GPA, which is now at a 4.0. I wondered if anyone could provide me with any advice on how I can proceed further, or the likelihood of my acceptance given my initial undergraduate GPA. Thank you so much!
  18. The wait is over and I have officially accepted my offer to begin a Master of Media in Journalism and Communication at the University of Western Ontario this Fall 2016! As I am just finishing up my undergrad at UBC and planning to spend the summer working in Vancouver before making the move, I'm now facing the task of trying to find housing in London, Ontario for September. If any other grad students at Western are also seeking housing or looking for a female roommate, let me know and we can team up preferably looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom place close to campus with other grad students or young professionals.
  19. Hi guys! I got accepted to a couple of journalism grad programs in Canada and I'm torn which one to choose. So, I desperately need input and advice to put things in perspective and hopefully, make a logical decision that I won't regret. Anyway, I got in to the Master of Journalism program in UBC, Western, Ryerson, and Carleton. What are the pros and cons of each program? Which one is better? Should I attend the one that offers me the most funding or choose the one I really want to attend? Feel free to response! I'm just desperate as deadlines to accept/decline offers are coming up. Thanks!
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