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Found 22 results

  1. Hi Everyone, My last open house visit got cancelled as more places take precautionary measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus. I was really counting on this visit to help me make a decision between this program and one other, and now unfortunately that won't be possible. Does anyone have any advice about how to make a decision without actually seeing the department and getting a sense of the vibe there? Information about the program and city is easy enough to come by, but it doesn't really tell you what life is like there as a student IMO. Has anyone had to make a "bl
  2. It would be helpful to the community for current and future applicants if students admitted in this cycle could share their experiences at the Open House events held by the departments. Admitted students should use the Open House events and other interactions with the Department (faculty, students, administrators, etc) to provide their views on the PhD program and the department. Please provide this information in this thread. Thank you for contributing to the community.
  3. Hi, In general what are the odds of getting into a PhD program with funding if you were invited for a graduate recruitment event? Has there been a case where a school paid for your visit and later on denied you admission into the program or is being invited for an open house subtly implying an automatic admission? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I’m a current grad student who will be speaking during a Q&A for prospective students. Regardless of the program, for those applying to programs what kinds of questions do you guys have. Related to classes and clinic, grad school life, etc. I just want to see what kinds of questions you guys have so I can have some beneficial answers
  5. I have been invited to interview for 3 schools with no choice in the dates and unfortunately, the first interview is my first choice program (Applied Developmental Psych at Fordham). I feel like I have a fairly decent grasp on how to prepare and feel comfortable with the interview process itself, but I have no idea how to dress. I have read so many conflicting reports ranging everywhere from business casual to "it would have been embarrassing to not be in a suit". As a female, the breadth of outfit types is stressing me out more than anything else! Also, what can I expect from an open hou
  6. Hello. I have a phone interview for a masters program I’m applying to (in education) since I’m currently abroad (but not international student). I have a phone interview coming up in a few weeks. In the email, I was told which two people (one professor and the other a faculty member) will be speaking with me, and it was just a confirmation of the date and time for the Skype interview. The person who emailed me didn’t give me the emails of the interviewers (though I guess it’s available online) and just told me if I had any questions to let them know. It seemed kind of generic, except that
  7. If you get invited to an open house / interview event, is that a good sign? But an interview is required for all applicants to that particular masters program, and the event is listed on their school calendar so that anyone can RSVP to attend. So in that case, would you say that the invitation email is just sent out to everyone who applied for that program and doesn’t really mean anything more?
  8. Greetings! The Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP) at UC Berkeley actively seeks to reach out to various communities to diversify our Master of City Planning (MCP) applicant pool and the profession. To get to know us, we invite you to attend our upcoming Fall Open House on Monday, October 8 (registration begins at 8AM). During the half-day event, you will learn about our graduate programs, talk to current students, meet with faculty and audit courses. If you are interested in attending, please reserve your spot by Monday,
  9. I am attending an accepted students event and am looking for suggestions of general questions to ask. What are some things to look out for/inquire about? What sort of things do you wish you had asked before making your grad school decision? For reference, I am hoping to specialize in voice and swallowing, as well as gain more experience in a hospital/clinical setting (rather than education). My undergrad program was focused heavily on SLP in education settings/working with children and I am trying to avoid falling into a program geared in this direction. Thanks!
  10. A few questions on visit days: - Are these more of a laid-back affair, or are we expected to be prepared? For instance, I haven't read any of the faculty research in detail. I was just planning on doing a lot of listening and little talking. - What sorts of questions should we ask during one on one meetings? My baseline expectation is that I'll just ask about the professor's current research, is this about right? Any summaries, tips, or insight on post-admissions visit days / faculty meetings appreciated. Just want to know what to expect.
  11. I am wondering if jeans and a nice top is good enough for an open house for admitted students. Or would business casual be a safer bet? I really have no idea what to wear! Thanks for the input.
  12. Hi, I recently got accepted into Ph.D. program at the University of Rhode Island and received an invitation for the graduate open house. The event will be for 2 days. It's important because funding decisions will be made after the visit. Can anyone give some idea about what one can expect in such events and is there anything important I need to focus on? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi folks, Does anyone have any good tips or advice for how to make the most out of an open house weekend and potential interviews with faculty and grad students? I currently have different files on the faculty im supposed to meet, with their main research, publications, and interests. I plan on famiarlizing myself with all of them and preparing some questions. Any help or advice would be much appreciated! Im currently heading up to boston for northeastern's sociology phd open house. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi folks, Does anyone have any good tips or advice for how to make the most out of an open house weekend and potential interviews with faculty and grad students? I currently have different files on the faculty im supposed to meet, with their main research, publications, and interests. I plan on famiarlizing myself with all of them and preparing some questions. Any help or advice would be much appreciated! Im currently heading up to boston for northeastern's open house.
  15. Hi! Is anyone else going to the open house at JMU next Friday? I'd love to meet other applicants!
  16. Greetings from UC Berkeley! The College of Environmental Design (CED) actively seeks to reach out to various communities to diversify the urban design field, planning field, and related graduate studies at UC Berkeley. We invite you to attend our Fall Open House for Prospective Masters Students on Monday, October 9, 2017 from 9:00AM-12:00PM (registration begins at 8:30AM). Come meet our faculty, current students and staff! Sit in on classes and tour Wurster Hall’s computer labs, fabrication shop, CAD/CAM lab, research facilities, library and archives. To RSVP, please comp
  17. Anyone going? ? I haven't received a decision from them yet so I'm wondering if I should go...
  18. Hey all, I was wondering whether it looks bad to reject an open house from a university that I applied to. I have received offers from 2 of my top choices and really do not see myself going to this university that is hosting an open house. The two other programs just have so much more in terms of resources and professorship, my application to this university was a back-up application to a similar field. I RSVP'd a month ago before I got my other acceptances, but I feel weird going to an open house that I have a 99% chance of rejecting. My thought process is that they still have about 10 b
  19. Hello prospective grad students, I'm applying to several MFAs in drawing + painting this year. What's especially difficult about the process is visiting campuses that are far away. I know that most of us work, and dropping your life and your job to visit a campus is a STRUGGLE. I'm organizing a few visits, and my dates are fairly limited. I've had a few campuses tell me, "Oh, it would be better if you came to our graduate school open house." For folks who have been through this process before, what is your opinion on this?! It seems like some open houses are a little bit of a waste of ti
  20. Hi everyone, I will be applying next fall and will be visiting open houses and taking tours of about 20 schools this summer. A handful of which will be next week during spring break. Do you have any advice on what questions to ask them while I'm there? I'm the only one who's ever gone to college in my family and I applied blind to my undergraduate school so I'm unsure of what to ask to get the most information in such a short amount of time. I really appreciate any help you can give! (:
  21. I know it's early, and if this is the wrong place for this feel free to remove it. I was wondering if anyone who has been admitted had started to get invites to open houses, and how you're deciding about which ones to attend. Is it better to go to each invitation weekend (since the price is being reimbursed) and make a decision after, or only go to the one you're most sure you want to go to? Also, what sorts of questions are good to ask at these events? And dress code?
  22. Hey fellow SLP applicants, I applied to Northwestern University's Master's program (among many others), and I got an invitation to their March 2nd open house in the mail today. What's more, they said they were impressed with my application, so I'm assuming mine survived some cuts. Did anyone else get one, or do you know how many people did? I'm just wondering because I have already visited the campus, and I have two shifts that day and I work all weekend. I just want to know if it will improve my chances to get two shifts covered and fly to Chicago (from Georgia) just for the day...
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