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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I am an aspiring PhD applicant for fall 2018 and planning to put in applications in top schools in US/EU. My areas of interest include Gender studies, collective, culture and management. The main dilemma I am facing is, whether to apply in US universities or European universities including UK. When I look up rankings of development studies programs many UK universities come to top. I am still in dilemma what to do. My research topic is not yet decided but I have interest areas which makes applying to UK universities a bit problematic. I need some advise on how to shortlist the target universities for application. My profile: Computer Science grad, Rural development masters (from top institute in India)and 3 years of hardcore development experience based on tribal women collectives. I have no publication. I have average grades throughout, very active in extracurricular and sports. In current job qualitative research tools forms part of daily tasks. I am also capable of conducting quantitative research and can program models in various programming languages. I can get good LoRs as well as writing sample from masters projects. I would appreciate a frank response on how my profile looks and what message it conveys to people who want to make some sense out of it. Any tips for improvement will be a big plus.
  2. Hey all! I have been told organization is KEY when it comes to a successful application season. Does anyone who's been through the application process have any tips or any type checklist they found helpful when they applied? Or anything you would have done differently looking back on how you went about the application process? Thanks in advance!
  3. For those of you who are responsible for keeping track of student grades for the classes they TA: what method do you use to record grades? A paper gradebook? An Excel sheet? The gradebook function in your university's course management software (e.g., Blackboard)? I ask because I'm in the process of going through my student evals and pulling out the useful constructive criticism. I've used Excel spreadsheets in the past, but have had one or two students comment that they'd like to see their current grades online. Though I prefer using my spreadsheets and just telling students they can ask to conference with me anytime about their grades, something more transparent would have the benefit of simplifying homework grades (I could collect more electronic homework instead of having to hand back paper). So, yes, curious to see what others do.
  4. Hi all, I am a master's student working on a project to introduce/increase the sharing of digital tools within my department. I am looking for input from other students/faculty/anyone on how they research and manage their workflow. If you have anything in particular that you use and like, I'd love to know about it. It could be anything to: -filter news and information from wide world of the internet -amass information (esp. if you do any internet research) -organize information -analyze data -compile/write/edit -present information/data/research -collaborate with others For example, I filter news and current evens through Paper.li, and I am looking at NetVision as another possible option. I bookmark sites and articles with Del.i.cious, and Diigo is another great tool for annotating web pages and bookmarking. Del.li.cious feeds my bookmarks into DEVONThink, which is my main amassing/organizing tool. I also use Mendeley for PDFs. LiveScribe for recording interviews, ExpressScribe for transcribing them. I'll soon be assessing Dedoose for analyzing data, but am open to suggestings. OmniFocus for task managing (to-do lists, basically), although I'd love to know a free option (other than paper and pen). Scrivener for writing. Prezi for presenting. What do you use? Why? Do you follow twitter or blogs, and do they contribute to your academic work? I am eager and open to all suggestions!
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