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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone!! I've been accepted to my dream school, UTD, with in-state tuition, but I've also been offered a graduate assistantship at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) that offers full tuition and a monthly stipend. I am still considering the other schools I've been accepted to, but these two schools are my top choices especially because of funding. I'm an out-of-field applicant, and at UIUC I would need to be in school for 3 years instead of 2 years at UTD. Even with in-state tuition for UTD, I'll have to take out many loans to pay for tuition and my living expenses (Dallas is so much more expensive than Urbana-Champaign). But still, UTD is my dream school and I really, really want to go there. I'm also already in a long-distance relationship and don't want that distance to be any longer than it needs to be, which makes UTD look that much nicer (3 years total of long distance vs. 4 years). I've already met the students and faculty at UIUC; I feel like I would fit in really well there and the funding is SO good. I know this is a really good spot to be in, but I just don't know what to do. Is anyone else in this position? Thoughts? Will I kick myself in the foot later for not taking the best financial offer? Will graduate school go by so fast that it won't even feel like another year of long distance? H E L P All advice is welcome
  2. I'm currently applying as an out-of-field (psychology and Spanish double major) student to graduate programs that offer 1.) the opportunity to complete prerequisites upon admission and 2.) bilingual opportunities, whether that be through a specific certificate program or they verified that they offer bilingual placements. I obviously have no idea where I'm going to get accepted, if anywhere, but since I won't have much time and all the schools are far from me I want to have an IDEA of where I want to go and what I want to base my decision on once I know where I have been admitted. How important should I make each of the following factors in my decision? 1. Location (I'm from PA and go to school in OH, so I won't be close no matter what, but I'm thinking more in terms of where I'd be most happy) 2. Ranking (does this matter for SLP grad school at all?) 3. If they have a separate 3 yr program vs. just allowing me to take prerequisites with undergraduates (I think the former would be better, personally) 4. If they have a separate bilingual certificate program vs. having bilingual placement opportunities (again, the former would be better I think, but not 100% necessary) Thanks in advance! My family members didn't go to grad school so I'm not really sure what's most important.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm an out-of-field applicant and applied to only 2 in-state graduate programs that accommodate students like me! I'm currently looking to attend an online post-bac program in the event that I do not get accepted into either of the programs. I heard that Idaho State and Northwestern had great online programs to complete my pre-reqs, but was hoping to hear other people's personal experiences! I also saw UW-EAU Claire as a top link when searching for online programs but don't know anyone whose taken courses online from any of these schools. I'd appreciate any advice/comments!
  4. Hi guys! I am an out-of-field applicant applying this fall to start a leveling masters SLP program next fall. I do not want to do a post-bacc program I would rather go straight into a masters program and do my prerequisites within the program. I will graduate with my B.S. in Psychology and my current GPA is a 3.89(I am hoping it goes up a bit more this semester). I have yet to take my GRE but I have a feeling I'll get pretty average scores on the verbal and writing sections and slightly above average on the quantitative portions. I currently work in the field of ABA as a senior habilitation provider with kids with Autism. I volunteer at the children's hospital as an administrative assistant and in the playroom with the kiddos and I just recently completed 100 volunteer hours combined. For extracurricular activities I am currently in an environmental club. I have shadowed SLPs in geriatrics and in pediatrics and will soon start to volunteer with an SLP working in pediatrics. I am currently a research assistant for a program that works with middle schoolers and their parents to increase academic engagement and prevent adolescent health programs. I work directly with the participants and collect data from them (collecting saliva samples, their heart rate, asking questions, etc.). I will also begin to volunteer with the children's hospital in research. The options for my LORs are my anatomy, calculus, developmental psychology, research methods professors and the SLP I shadow offered to write me one as well. What are my chances of getting into a leveling SLP program? What can I do to increase my chances? Who would be the best options to write me LORs since I am an out of field applicant and I do not have any speech and hearing sciences professors? What are some schools that accept out-of-field applicants who haven't taken any prerequisites? What are some exampled of leadership experience or what can I do to get some leadership experience? Sorry I know there is a lot of questions but I am so worried that I will not get accepted for next fall.
  5. Hi! I'm an out-of-field SLP applicant and I'm having a tough time deciding between schools. I've been accepted to both UVA and Syracuse University and I keep wobbling between them. They're both really great programs (as far as I can tell) and both would mean myself and my husband moving from the DC area, but we're prepared for that. I'm wondering if anyone could shed light on what being in either program would actually be like, or if anyone has been accepted to one or both schools and why they did or did not accept them. Also - I've been out of school for several years, so any advice from folks who went back to school after a period of time would be very welcome
  6. After researching for places to take pre-requites, I landed on a nice surprise! University of Northern Colorado had a FAQ where they had listed places to potentially complete pre-requisites online. I thought I'd share as I know many of us are looking and it can be a real headache trying to comb through all the information. The FAQ was last updated in 2013 so I'm not sure how valid the information is but at least it gives you a list of potential schools to further look up rather than being on a wild goose chase. ---- ***The list provided below does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of any of these programs and may not be comprehensive. It is provided for informational purposes only. Eastern New Mexico University http://liberal-arts.enmu.edu/health/cdis/online.shtml Idaho State University http://www.isu.edu/csed/progOpp/opp.shtml Longwood University http://www.longwood.edu/socialworkcsds/SLPonline.htm LaSalle University http://www.lasalle.edu/schools/snhs/pre_slp/ Red Rocks Community College http://www.rrcc.edu/communication/index.html Texas Women’s University http://www.twu.edu/communication-sciences/5950.asp University of Colorado at Boulder University of South Florida http://www.sarasota.usf.edu/academics/CAS/academics/nd_lsh.php University of Wyoming http://uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu/comdis/info.asp?p=12471 Utah State University https://comd.usu.edu/htm/online-education/online-post-bachelors-degree Western Kentucky University http://www.wku.edu/chhs/cms/index.php/pre-slp// Florida State University https://commdisorders.cci.fsu.edu/academic-programs-admissions/graduate-prerequisites-bridge-program/ Again, this list is not comprehensive and if you have experience or know of other schools that offer online courses, feel free to comment below and I'll add it to this list
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