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Found 11 results

  1. A poll to assess where in the interview notification process Pacific University currently stands.
  2. Hi! I got accepted to Pacific University (my number one choice) but I just got an email saying the audiology course I took in undergrad does not meet their requirement. I am freaking out because I don’t think they offer this course over summer and I need to have it completed by August. Diana emailed me a ‘course matching’ document, where I input the details of the course I took and the admissions committee will decide to accept it or not. Has anyone else been in this position and can give any recommendations or advice? I fear I may not be able to start grad school this year for a dumb reason. Please help!
  3. Anyone else get notified of an interview via email? I was wondering when we have to confirm that we are attending by? and any interview tips would be great! Thanks!
  4. Hi! Im currently waitlisted in tier 1 for pacific university and was wondering if anyone knew how many people they take off the waitlist? I know they probably get back to us after the 15th but I am debating if I should accept another school just incase I don't end up getting off the waitlist.
  5. Hi guys, I was recently waitlisted at Pacific University in tier 1 and it is one of my top choices. I just had a couple questions regarding some stuff since i wasn't able to go in person. - Is the university affiliated with any hospitals in socal? and is it easy to find a rotation in another state if your not from Oregon? - Also how is funding like? are you able to get federal loans to cover everything? or did most people take out private loans?
  6. Hi everyone! I got an email yesterday afternoon to interview at Pacific University on 2/15/19, and I'm super excited! Has anyone else heard back / confirmed that interview date yet? For applicants who have interviewed in prior years, what tips do you have? Thanks!
  7. I received an interview from this school but I am scheduled on the 23rd instead of the 15th. Does this mean anything? Like the ones interviewed on the 15th have a higher ranking than those on the 23rd? Or is it totally random? I'm overthinking everything, I know, but I am still super excited!
  8. For anyone that has been accepted or waitlisted to clinical psychology PhD programs, would you be willing to share your GRE scores? I am applying this fall for the Fall 2019 acceptance cycles and am eager to know how my GRE scores compare to those who have already been offered acceptance to programs. I have an excellent GPA (3.97) and 2 years of research experience, one project in which I was a principle investigator and that was presented in a national honors conference in Seattle, WA, thus I am just trying to get a better outlook on my chances of acceptance to my top programs. My top 6 choices are U of Houston, U of Texas- Austin, Texas A&M, Pacific University, Northern Illinois University, and Suffolk University. If anyone could share their experience or any information on these particular programs that would be much appreciated!
  9. HI! So I'm new to Portland and I just got accepted to Pacific University! However, it's in Forest Grove and I've heard ppl dont live there usually if in the masters program. So I wanted to know what areas do you current students live in or suggest? THANKS
  10. Post your current status and any questions or comments here! Interview dates on 1/27, 2/17. 3/11 My interview was on 1/27 and I am currently on committee hold.
  11. Has anyone been to the Pacific University Speech Pathology Interviews yet? I'm curious about the set up and if they were group interviews or individual. It didn't look like they set aside a lot of time for the interview portion of the day!
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