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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm wanting to do speech but i'm scared that I will fail. Can anyone help me understand the curriculum at Emerson and University of St. Augustine. How are the classes? How many chapters did yall have to read? Were the exams hard? How can I make a B? Are the classes proctored?
  2. Anyone have any advice to read papers quickly while still retaining the details? I'm mostly talking about scientific papers but this kind of advice can probably be extended to any field.
  3. Hey there, I am an Australian Psychology student and I decided that I didn't like my papers just sitting on my hard drive after I had submitted them. The content is mine and I own the copyright of my papers so I thought I may as well use them and post them to my blog. I'm looking for more content so if you want to give some life to your old papers then get in touch and I'll host them for you. If you're currently studying then some of the information may be of use to you. Happy reading, studying and living http://psychologyaustralianstyle.blogspot.com.au/
  4. I don't think this has been covered (based on my search of this site) yet, but I am wondering about entering student paper competitions. My field has smaller divisions within our main association and I belong to several of them. One division recently announced a student paper competition (to coincide with the big national conference in the fall, which I'm attending) and I'm wondering whether or not to apply. I have a paper that will be done soon that I'm writing with my PI looking at a research question using her data. I will be first author and of course she will also be on it (we have d
  5. Hello Everyone! I'm pretty happy to have been given permission to share my grad school application process with you guys here. I've been meaning to blog about my experiences with the application anyway, so it's nice to have an audience waiting. To introduce myself my name is Jenny hence the username, and I am in my fourth year of my Honours B.A. with Specialization in Psychology. This means not only am I applying to grad school for the first time, but I'm (attempting) to complete my final year of my undergrad which has unfortunately been the hardest year yet. Maybe it's the pressure I'm
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