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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! I am preparing the UX/HCI graduate school for 2022 Fall semester My background is marketing experience(promote, research, commercial design), web-developer and design website. (I am not Computer Science major my undergraduate degree is Bachelor of Art, I learn the coding skill through boost camp - I know Javascript(react) , Java, database, CSS, html and I also know how to use adobe tools and Figma which I took through the online classes ) The reason for graduate school is to study the design. Because I never had a regular course of Design and want to be a UX designer. However, I am still interested in coding, even Arduino and technology Currently I think about applying SVA interaction design, Parsons(The New school) design and technology , Pratt Information Experience Design, MS and NYU ITP or IDM. But I don't know which one is suit for me.. Especially NYU ITP or IDM. Can you give me advice to choose the school??
  2. hello hello! I have been trying to decide between SVA and Parsons MFA Fine Arts. I wasnt able to find a lot of information online for these fine arts programs. Has anyone attended these programs or have any info that could be helpful. Any help much appreciated since I am running out of time to register! thank you all!
  3. Hi guys, I posted a topic a few weeks ago, and now I am posting again because the decision gets harder...... Now I have got the following admissions, and all are STEM programs: Pratt - Information Experience Design (IED) Parsons - Design and Technology (DT) SVA - Interaction Design (IXD) NYU - Interactive Telecommunication Programs (ITP) California College of Arts - Interaction Design (IXD)* *= 1 year. The rest are 2-year programs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ My goal is to become a UX / Interaction Designer because I enjoy the process of turning an idea into a usable/ helpful reality! So, I think Pratt, SVA and Parsons may suit me more than the NYU, which is very artistic and experimental, and the 1-year CCA may be too rush for me to polish my skills and establish myself in the field. Has anyone had any advice on choosing the program to get to my goal as a UX/IXD designer? Thank you guys for your patience! Please don't hesitate to enlighten me if you have any ideas!
  4. Hi! First time posting here. I applied to SVA’s IXD, Pratt’s IED (Information Experience Design), and Parsons’ DT (Design and Techonology) programs for the upcoming fall 2020 semester. I’m still waiting for the decision from SVA, got waitlisted at Parsons, and got accepted at Pratt with no scholarship. Is anyone still waiting for SVA? I know the april 15 deadline is coming up and I feel like I might not get a decision email by them.. I wasn’t able to get a decision letter on March 16 since I didn’t deliver all my materials before Jan 15. Even so.. do you think I will still get a decision before the deadline? I also got accepted at Pratt’s IED program but I’ve read alot of negative reviews about them. Does anyone have experience or thoughts they could share about the program? How is the job outlook after graduating? Is the program really research heavy? (Because I do want to be able to have more hands on experience with design.) How are the courses? And lastly, I got waitlisted at Parsons. Which probably means I won’t get accepted even if I stay on the waitlist. If I don’t get accepted from SVA, should I choose Pratt? I do want to study in the UX/UI field, but I do want more hands on creative experience. So, not sure if Pratt is the right choice for me. Just curious to know what you all think of my situation.
  5. Finally got the decisions, accepted with no merit scholarship probably because I applied very late (25th Feb). I love the fact that it's in NYC and I have relatives there who can accommodate me for free during my studies, which will save me a lot of $$$. After some research on courses offering and faculty backgrounds, I realized a lot of teachers are part-time recent grads. I am concerned whether these people are experienced enough to lead graduate level courses. Also, what exactly do people do in the major studios and computational labs? Who teach these classes? I came from a liberal arts background and I am interested in UI design and web design. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! I got into the following programs. My favorite program is SVA as it seems like the most well-rounded program and that is important to me as someone coming without a design undergrad degree. But the price tag is very high... Anyone else thinking of these programs? SVA Products of Design MICA Social Design with $15,000 scholarship Parsons Design and Technology with 20% scholarship
  7. Hello everyone! Just wondering if someone has applied to Parsons Paris for Fall 2018. I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from them regarding the MA Fashion Studies.
  8. Just found that the status was "accepted student" on my personal page of Parsons the New School in NYC! Program: MFA Design and technology 2017fall
  9. ASU (industrial design) Vs. Parsons (industrial design) Vs. Art Center (environmental design) Which one would you choose? I need some advice ..
  10. At this moment, I am left to decide between ACCD MDP Program(Media Design Practice) and Parsons Design and Technology Program. I know ACCD is pretty hardcore, future-oriented. Also it emphasis on theories and conceptions more. While Parsons DT is computer science meets design. Also it is more finance-oriented. Can anyone give me more comparisons between these two? Also the MDP is a 3 year program. Is the extra year worth the $50000 tuition? Will the essential skills such as graphic design and aesthetic design be emphasized in the project-oriented courses. How are the new ideas and conceptions brought out of the course put into practice? Let me ask in another way, Is there any project running in the campus making profit right now?Will the Critical thinking course provided by ACCD extremely hard for International students?
  11. I received my acceptance letter to Parsons last friday, and will be pursuing MA in Fashion Studies. Here's the thing, applying for the school was easy, the difficult and migraine inducing part has just begun. All teh visa application stuff are very confusing and here's hoping someone out there who are also from Malaysia or international students enrolling in Parsons could help me out a little. I've tried making enquiries to the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) but it's not helpful as all my calls went unanswered and my emails were ignored.
  12. How would you compare Parsons (Design and Technology) vs Mass Arts (Dynamic Media)? Parsons is way too expensive but everybody I know has a high regard fro the program. Plus, being in NYC, there might be internship opportunities available that might help meet some costs. On the other hand, Mass Arts has an excellent program and is half the cost as that of Parsons. Boston is a great city and there may just be a chance to collaborate with MIT Media Lab. Any thoughts will be highly appreciated.
  13. I have been accepted to two MFA programs and am facing a dilemma in deciding between the two. I would love to hear any advice anyone has to offer. The first program is an MFA in Interaction Design from the School of visual arts and the second is an MFA in Design+Technology from Parsons. SVA is my dream school and definitely has the upper hand in terms of quality of faculty, and student work. Parsons on the other hand offered me a scholarship worth 50% of my tuition. It is still a good program, but i have some serious reservations about it, namely its size (90 per class as opposed to 15 for SVA) and that i have been somewhat underwhelmed by the quality of the majority of student work. My current employer has been kind enough to offer me a part time position so i can at least count on covering a good portion of my living expenses while at school. Part of me thinks i should just bite the bullet and go for SVA. The prospects of landing a well paying job right out of school are very high, and the faculty there are truly some of the best practitioners in the field today. But then again, 40K in student loans sounds a lot better than 70K in student loans Any thoughts?
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