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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone here have any experience with the Northwestern MPPA program (online version)? I have been working with the UN for the last 5+ years mostly in Programme/Project Management. My goal is to transition into a policy role, not necessarily in the UN but at a more policy focused organization. I am quite interested in it as it merges both policy and admin together - which is quite rare. The courses seem interesting and relevant with a good focus on analytical skills. Another +ve is the online option so I can continue to work. Compared to other online programs I also found this one relatively cheaper (45k USD). Please do share any thoughts or research anyone has done on this program and do recommend any similar online programs. Based on the forums I have seen there are mixed reviews on whether the fact that its a Professional school program makes is less valuable. I am still not sure if this is a personal preference or an actual issue with 'professional schools'.
  2. Creating a thread for those waiting to hear decisions from Laurier for the online part time MSW to begin in May 2021.
  3. Hello I am Kay, an Electrical Engineer with 3 years work experience. I have a Masters in Electrical engineer from University of Cincinnati. I am looking to pursue part- time MBA (weekends). Applied to only two schools that I can travel to as I work in Cincinnati. 1. Fisher College of business (OSU) and Carl.H. 2.Lindner School of business ( U. Of Cincinnati). Have received admit from both and I am looking for some suggestions and opinion to guide me choose between the two. I seek to specialise in Supply chain and logistics. OSU has 48 credits to graduate / max of 6 credits a semester (part time ) UC has 36 credits to graduate / max of 9 credits a semester ( part time) OSU cost per year is 32,250$ Approx. ( part time In state) UC cost per year is 18,000$ Approx. ( part time ) Thank you
  4. I am a non-traditional student (in my 50s) looking for a part-time online MSW program that I can afford. It must be 100% online. I will be working days, so asynchronous classes are important. I have been accepted to U of Louisville for Fall 2018. I'm looking into Western New Mexico University as a very affordable option, with a more realistic time frame for completion (6 credits a semester). Does anyone have any experience with WNMU? How about Edinboro? I am looking to specialize in military social work after graduation. Thanks for sharing any insights!
  5. Hey all, I'm writhing in the end throes of application-cycle purgatory over here and was hoping for a little bit of advice. (Going for an MFA in Creative Writing - Fiction.) I've been accepted to Northwestern's MFA program so far. However, it's a part-time program, which means funding is limited or nonexistent. The part-time thing isn't really a deal-breaker for me; I was planning on working during school anyway, so in that sense it might be a good fit for me. I am worried, though that I won't get the full MFA experience that I'm looking for. I'm also not opposed to taking out more loans, but I'd rather avoid those to the extent that it's possible. I'm considering deferring til next cycle to apply again and hopefully make it into something full-time with more funding. I guess I'm looking for advice/guidance on full-time vs part-time programs, insights on Northwestern's program in particular, and information about alternative sources of funding (such as private scholarships/grants). To complicate the situation even more, I'm still waiting for an admission decision from the University of Washington in Seattle. I'm thinking that the fact that I haven't heard anything this late in the game probably means a rejection, but still...
  6. Hey everyone! I'll be attending BC in the fall to get my MSW. I'm very excited because it means taking out minimal loans as long as I find a part time job. I'm not worried about being able to juggle school work and class work (as I am juggling 35 hours a week at a preschool, 10 at a crisis hotline, an internship and 9 academic credits currently). However, I currently work in a field that is loosely related to social work as I'm working with children. I would most prefer to work in a field that is also related during my masters program in Boston, but it doesn't seem like child care will be possible with how my weekly schedule is going to look and the fact that I don't plan on taking my car. This leads to my question. Those of you who are currently in an MSW program or are planning to attend one while working part time, what kinds of jobs are you going to be looking for? i have worked as a server and other unrelated type jobs before, but I would really like to stay within the field if at all possible. I'm sure there are other jobs out there other than childcare that are related to the field. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  7. Hi All - I've been accepted to two great MA programs, and am in the process of deciding between them. The financial scenarios have become a bit tricky, and I am hoping you can provide some feedback/thoughts on this current situation. Background: I currently have a 9-5 job that could potentially reimburse 50% of my tuition (if I am able to successfully argue why the degree is related to what I do - frankly, it has nothing to do with what I do, but is a means for me to eventually leave me job!). This job cannot be done part-time or on a free-lance basis. I am financially independent (paid for my BA on my own via scholarships, etc) and have no backing. Both schools are the same tuition (roughly 60K total for a 2 year full-time program). School A has yet to send me my financial package (but is OK with waiting for me to accept until I receive this package), and School B is eager for me to make a decision BEFORE I receive any information from them regarding the financials. School A: This is great program and I am excited by the prospect of studying there. It is a LARGE institution and, therefore, there is NO money to be had departmentally. Therefore, I should not expect any financial assistance - they have been honest about this from the beginning (which I appreciate). They offer an EXTREMELY flexible part-time program that would allow me to keep my current 9-5 job (which, again, could potentially reimburse 50% of my tuition). However, after my first semester/year, if I find keeping my job and doing 6-9 credit hours per semester is too much, I would have to leave my job. That means I cannot depend on the school to provide me with any supplemental monies. I could look for a part-time job if I find the 9-5 is too much, and, would continue to look for funding elsewhere (i.e. scholarships/grants). School B: Also, an equally great program and I am excited by the prospect of studying there. It is a smaller program and they have advised that they DO have departmental money allotted for the students in their program. They also have a part-time program, however, it is not flexible enough to keep my current 9-5 job (I would have to get a part-time job). This would all be fine, however, I cannot petition to receive any of their departmental money until AFTER I accept their offer and pay the enrollment fee. This, to me, seems out-of-the-ordinary - a bit like being offered a job, but being told I can't find out how much I would make until AFTER I accept. OVERALL: I love both programs and could see myself at either. I also am trying to embark on this career change as fiscally responsibly as I can (even if it takes 4 years). I am 30, I have no financial backing, and would rather not put myself into 60K of debt immediately without any income - especially since the kinds of jobs I'll most likely be walking into are in the 40-50K/year range (the MA is in a social science) and MOST IMPORTANTLY because of the state of the current economy/job market. I would rather NOT make this decision all about money, but, unfortunately it has become the paramount thing in this decision-making process. Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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