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Found 2 results

  1. PedsInTraining

    SLP vs OT

    Hi! This is my first post here on GradCafe, so if I mess up, please lmk! Anyway, I am a college student and am in desperate need of some advice. I have decided to pursue one of two career fields: Occupational Therapy or Speech- Language Pathology. I 100% want to work in Pediatrics; in OT I would prefer an Outpatient Setting, and in SLP I would prefer the school setting. I love the games and the mats in OT, but I don’t love their scope of practice. Daily living skills are incredibly important, and I have no problem with the thought of helping people develop them; I just don’t want to dedicate to it. For SLP, I love their scope and I would love to help those children learn to communicate correctly. I imaging that some of my students would, unfortunately, be bullied for their speech, and I want to help them. I also am interested in learning disabilities and the school setting in general. However, I am afraid that the therapy will be too repetitive. I also want to have fun with the children I treat, and fear they won’t enjoy it since it wouldn’t be as fun for them. I have shadowed an SLP in the school setting, and I observed my cousin’s OT Therapy in an outpatient setting; I loved both... I would love any advice that you guys have. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi guys! I'm new to gradcafe and really need some opinions that aren't from my mom (who tells me I need to calm down and that I'm so smart ). I'm going into my senior year of undergrad as a health studies major with a minor in communicative sciences and disorders. I have a major GPA of 3.74, cumulative GPA of 3.53, and minor GPA of 3.83. I've worked as an aide/companion for a 17 year old with Down Syndrome, as a nanny for 3 children, one of which who has sensory processing disorder, and as an on-campus tutor at my undergrad school. I've also accepted a job as a peer mentor for the school of health studies where I will work with freshman and sophomores as a support system and for guidance. I've interned at a pediatric facility since freshman year and have over 150 logged hours of observation, with a portfolio. My mentor at the facility has also brought up talking about a therapy aide job once the fall begins. I've run a book drive on my own to send books over to Africa and I've logged hours in hospitals in the areas of TBI and stroke. Basically, I do anything I have the opportunity to do and I do all of it well (somehow, I really shock myself.). I know my LoR will be really great and I'm hoping my personal statement will be too! What's really stressing me out is my GRE scores. I've taken them twice. So far my best is Verbal 150, QR 149, AW 4.5. I'm aware that these scores are not competitive, but do you think everything else will overshadow my less-than-stellar GRE scores? Any advice and consolation would be so appreciated!! Thank you in advance.
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