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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I am looking to do my PhD in computer science, with a focus on AI and machine learning.I am lucky to get two fully funded PhD offer from Purdue CS and Penn state IST (information Science and Technology). Offered an RA ship in Penn state. The professor is pretty good. Offered TA ship from Purdue. Students usually have 2 years of time to explore before settling down with a professor. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
  2. If anyone here has applied to Penn State for their Ph.D. in English program and you know about this, please clarify for me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! So on the English department's website, it says that a SOP (1-3 double-spaced pages) is required. However, when I went to start the application, the portal says that part of the documentation required is a personal statement with the following prompt: "Why do you want to pursue a higher degree in English studies at a time when the Liberal Arts are often less valued than science and technology?" This doesn't sound like a SOP prompt either way, so I'm just confused. Do they want this in addition to the SOP? Also, it says that a CV is required when the website does not ask for one. I have already written my SOP, so it would really suck if I had to rewrite it based on this prompt or add a personal statement when it didn't even ask for one in the first place.
  3. Hello! I’m an Asian student with offers of admission to the counseling graduate program at both Penn State and UPenn. I’m having a hard time deciding. Penn State’s program is ranked among the top ten, but UPenn seems to be more reputed as a school. However UPenn’s program is only a year long including the practicum , while Penn State offers a two year program with a practicum of 1.5 years. My goal is to pursue doctoral study (not seek licensure for practice) so I’m wondering if I should go ahead with UPenn. I will have to take a loan for either (and the tuition is in the same ball park), so the financial aspect does not count. Plus I have professors whose research interests are closely aligned with mine at both universities, so I’m quite torn. What would you guys do or advise?
  4. I have been accepted in both Penn State University as well as Temple University for Master's in Engineering Management. However, I'm having a hard time deciding which university to choose. Temple is more towards the cheaper side in terms of tuition and fees and is also located in Philadelphia. Whereas, I got an admit from Penn State Great Valley which isn't the main campus and is located in a suburban area but students get part-time easily. I cannot find out information on both these universities much so I need a little help if anybody has some insights to share, that would be wonderful.
  5. I am applying for the ME PhD program at Penn State starting Spring 2019. I have only contacted one professor from the department. He has encouraged me to apply but has not yet set up an interview. Anyway, I'm planning to apply. I have a relatively good resume with a few years of research and teaching experiences, several published works including a textbook, some book chapters, and some journal papers and conference proceedings. I have received my master's degree in the US so the English proficiency exam will be waived for me. My GPA is 3.6. However, I'm afraid if my GRE score is not competitive enough as I've got 168, 150, and 3.5 in quant, verbal and writing respectively. I wanted to ask my friends here who just became admitted in this department for Fall 2019 or even the recent years look at my scores and let me know if it's competitive or not. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone, I’m a PhD candidate for 2019 Fall. I received 2 offers, from Penn State (Hershey college of medicine), Biomedical Sciences, and University of Utah, Molecular Biology . I feel they have similar program settings (similar stipend, and both schools require about 5.5 years to graduate, 3 rotations, etc.) so I really can’t decide now 🤯. Can I get some suggestions from you guys? Thank you so much!
  7. Hey guys! I recently got accepted into Penn State's Master's program for speech and I'm super nervous about committing. The program offers everything I want, but I am nervous about the town and housing. I am from NYC and I am nervous about moving to the middle of PA. Can anyone tell me some good things about the area (things to do, festivals, shopping, etc.)? Also was wondering if their downtown is fun. I appreciate any input!
  8. Hi I have been extremely lucky in being accepted into two great universities for my masters. Before I provide the details of the programmes, here is a little bit about my background. I hold a Bachelors in Business Studies from a reputed Indian university. My interest in economics is mostly fuelled by textbooks, online courses and, a few introductory courses at college. I plan to get a job after my master's programme somewhere in the development policy sector. Georgetown University: Pros: DC hence internship opportunities, math camp, more quantitative courses Cons: Expensive, not a lot of research opportunities Penn State University: Pros: Cheaper, a thesis component, PhD level courses- they are taught separately to masters programme. In the second year, can choose from PhD field courses. Cons: Small city, new programme Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You
  9. Hello! I'm an international student applying to MA programs in rhetoric and composition. I got 2 MA-only offers (which I've declined), and 2 MA --> PhD offers, from Penn State and UW. The MA-PhD offers are the ones I am still considering. This morning I woke up to an e-mail from the DGS of the University of Washington saying that they can now offer me funding for 5 years. I was originally on the waitlist for funding, with only a "small chance" of getting it. Now the funding comes in the form of a fellowship for the spring quarter of my first year, and TAship for the rest. It's upwards of 20,000 for 9-month academic year and includes health insurance. I'll be teaching 1 class per quarter. The problem is, I had just decided on accepting Penn State's offer before this happened. I was just about to formally accept, but this sudden funding offer from UW just threw me off-balance and now I don't know what to do. Penn State doesn't offer me funding for the MA, but I have funding from my government for the 2-year MA. It's USD 1,500 per month (a total of USD 18,000 per calendar year), though it will only kick in next year, so I've deferred my Penn State offer to 2019. And Penn State told that if I'm allowed to proceed to their PhD program, there will be funding for 4 years, though I'm not told how much that's gonna be for me. Meanwhile, admission Previously, I decided against UW because of some concerns I had after talking to some of their grad students. A student said that the course offering for rhet/comp was kind of limited, and that there had been cases of students having difficulties with finding dissertation committee or getting time for advising because the professors were overwhelmed. I've also heard tales about the competitive and sometimes toxic atmosphere of the cohort/program. Penn State, on the other hand, has a stellar reputation for rhet/comp, offers really interesting and varied coursework, and has this mentoring program where I'll be matched up with 2 more senior grad students and a faculty member. The program also seems to have a more supportive and friendly culture. The good thing about UW is their location. As an international student, I feel like I'll be more comfortable in a big city with good public transportation system, more diversity, and what I hear is a more progressive political view. Not to mention its natural beauty! Besides that, their funding offer allows me to start school this year, while going to Penn State means I will have to wait for my government funding next year. However, though it's good to start as soon as possible, accepting their funding offer might mean that I'll have to give up my government fellowship, which is a prestigious program that offers quite a good networking opportunity with the people that matter in my country. Moreover, I've personally gotten so used to thinking that I'll leave next year that the prospect of leaving this year scares me a bit. My boyfriend was planning on resigning next year so that he can come and stay with me for a month or so as I adjust to my new life, but going this year will be difficult if not impossible for him. I'm afraid that leaving so soon will strain my relationship with him, something that I don't want because he's an important support system for me. Both schools fit reasonably well with my research interest, though I suspect that Penn State will have more support for me if I do decide to be in the rhet/comp path as planned. I realize that I'm very fortunate to be having this problem, but still, it's literally 3 days before April 15. UW has given me more time until April 23 to accept or decline, but that's still so soon. Any advice will be much appreciated! If you have more info about the two programs that I should consider, please also feel free to share it. I didn't get a chance to visit either school, so any info will be very useful to me. Sorry if this is long, and thanks for reading!
  10. Hi guys! I'm having a really hard time deciding between Purdue, GWU, and Penn State. If there are any graduate students who are in these programs or simply if you have any insight I would greatly appreciate it! Purdue and Penn State are ranked super well but I'm mainly worried about the surrounding areas being too rural and then GWU sounds great but is definitely the most expensive option. Please help me decide, thanks!!
  11. I have PhD offers from Princeton, Maryland, Penn State, and UC Santa Barbara. I feel blessed to have the offers I do, but I have no idea how I am going to decide between them. Help!
  12. Hello, I want to work at UN/ government related positions after studying international relations/affairs or security. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get help choosing an appropriate school considering employment rate, prestige, and network. Thank you all very much in advance! Schools I got accepted into: 1) Fletcher (MALD) 2) GWU-ESIA (International Affairs) 3) DU - Josef Korbel (International Security/Relations) - 30k scholarship 4) Penn State - SIA (International Affairs)-25k scholarship
  13. I went onto my Penn State application today and it said they made a decision and were in the process of notifying students. Turns out I got a letter in the mail at home and didn't get in. As an undergrad student here it's super frustrating lol but if anyone is waiting and wondering, PSU has started rejecting
  14. So does anyone know about this fairly new Masters of Science in Additive manufacturing and Design program (established 2017)? I applied to it and got accepted as a self-supporting student. Did anyone else apply to it?
  15. Just got an email from Penn State saying to check my status page, which says this: "Your intended program/PLAN of study has completed the first step of the admissions process and has offered you admission pending an eligibility review by the Graduate School. To begin the second step of the admission process, you now need to accept or decline the graduate program offer of admission using the buttons below to notify the Graduate School of your decision.The Graduate School will complete the review of your application and communicate with you in the near future." I am confused! If I hit the accept button does it mean that I'm committing to attending? Anyone else in this boat?
  16. Anyone applying for Petroleum Engineering PhD programs for Fall 2018? Which schools are you considering? Anyone who has previously applied and got accepted, can you provide some feedback on chances of getting into TAMU/Penn State/UT Austin/ U of Houston/Stanford: Undergrad: 2.9/4 (India) MS: 3.33/4 (UK), with thesis GRE (321, 5.0) What kind of profiles get admitted to above mentioned schools?
  17. Hi everyone! I'm very interested in Penn State's (not UPenn) Bioengineering PhD program, but I have not been able to find much information regarding admission stats or applicant profiles. If you have been accepted to this program or know any info about the selection process, replies would be great! I'm looking to apply for the Fall of 2018. I also have heard that some applicants to this program that were rejected were offered admission to Penn State's 1-year non-thesis masters program in Biomedical Engineering, which I wouldn't mind at for a back up situation. Have any of you participated in this program? I ultimately want to get my PhD, so I'm curious if this program would be a good segue into Penn State's PhD program. Also any opinions on how I stack up among the applicant pool at Penn State or other PhD bioengineering/biomedical engineering programs would be great. Here's an overview of my application: Overall GPA: 3.6 Major GPA: 3.8 GRE: Taking in August Research Experience: 1 semester of nanotech research for drug delivery applications summer undergrad research assistant for unrelated field (don't even know if I should include on my application) summer research assistant for bio-membrane science lab (professors both very established in the field of membrane science) will be starting and completing my honors thesis this fall (use of polyelectrolytes for virus inactivation, applications in downstream biopharmaceutical processing) Publications/Conferences: None. Honors thesis will be submitted for publication at time of application. Letters of Rec: 2 Strong LOR from well-known professors in separations science, 1 strong LOR from post-doc (probably not as strong since not from professor?) Grants/Awards: Several university scholarships and prestigious state government scholarship in my state, no grants. Don't feel competitive enough to apply for grants, thoughts? Research Interests: Biopharmaceuticals, drug delivery, regenerative medicine Extracurriculars are mostly related to leadership experience: tutor within sorority, peer mentor within College of Engineering Other schools interested in: Rutgers CSU - Fort Collins University of Arkansas Duke? Still looking around, if you have others that you think would be a good fit let me know Any input is appreciated!
  18. I'm currently deciding between Penn State MAS program and the Cornell MPS program. Both will be a one year program because I did my undergrad at PSU. As a current Penn State undergraduate I'm leaning towards the staying here because I'm familiar with the area, the professors, have a job, research hook ups, ect However, I know Cornell has very good name recognition. My main goal is to go straight into industry. I looked over the post graduate survey for Cornell and was unimpressed with the average salary (70k) seeing as a few months ago I turned down a 63k a year job hoping to get accepted into graduate school. I'm not aware of any Penn State version of post graduate survey. The price tag is about 22k for Penn State and Cornell is 52k in tuition alone. I could probably afford Cornell without too many loans (coming out of undergrad I have no loans) but I feel that the average starting salary should be higher to justify the double price tag. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into which program could be better for me. I'm an American and I know most of Cornell MPS students are chinese internationals so I'm wondering if that's bring the average salary down significantly and that for a domestic student, the salary prospects are much better. Thanks in advance for any help.
  19. Hi you guys. I'm an international student, applying for PhDs in political science. I have been rejected by many of top choices, and what I have now are UC Santa Crutz and Penn State. Both are PhDs. Regardless of their positions, living expenses, can anyone please give me some comments on these two departments. As I said at the begining, I'm an international student who don't know much of these two programs. I browsed their websites and it seems like Penn State was quite a quantitative-centered department, but UCSC did not provide much information. UC system is much more famous in my country, but Penn State seems better in PoliSci. I applied to these programs because my professor recommended strongly, and there is a very possibility that these will be my only offers. So, could anyone please tell me more about them and which offer should I take? Thanks very much and wish all you guys good luck with you application.
  20. I'm in GIS. I've been offered funding from Penn State (RA) and UGA (TA). Do any of you guys know the strengths/weaknesses of these two departments? I'm more inclined towards Penn State since it is considered to have a better program. I know Penn State has geoVista Center but not entirely sure what it has been focusing on.
  21. Hi everyone! I really need some advice. I have been accepted into two PhD programs and I am now torn between which one to pick The programs are both Biology PhD Programs at Penn State University and McGill University. They also would both involve working with animal/plant genetics and evolutionary biology. Here are some pros and cons that I have considered so far... McGill Pros: - It's in Montreal... - The biology program collaborates with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) - so I would be associated with STRI and receive funding from there - I am in love with the research projects! Cons: - Offered a lot less funding than Penn State, (just enough to live on and pay tuition with) - I am worried that a Canadian university could hurt my prospects of returning to the US to go into academia? Please tell me this is untrue.... - The school name/brand is perhaps not as well-known as Penn State Penn State Pros: - They have offered me lots of funding - It is in the US and, from what I understand, a well-rounded public state school. It might be easier for me to stay in the US afterwards too. - Advisor is extremely excited to have me join his lab. Also, the program and faculty seem very invested in me Cons: - I am not a fan of the location. My family lives in Europe and Montreal is much easier to travel from than State College. - I will admit… I just don’t feel as excited about this program as McGill. My ultimate long-term goals are to continue on to a good post-doc position in the US and then eventually build my way up in academia. Which program would be the best option for me? Or would it be better to wait another year and gain more experience and apply to stronger programs? I am starting to realize how competitive academia is, and I am worried now that I need to go to more prestigious schools to even have a chance in the US. Also, I am worried that since McGill is in Canada, it might hurt my future career in the US. Please! Anyone out there – help me make the best decision for myself!
  22. Hi, I am undergoing the application process for Counselor education program at Penn State currently and I completed my interview. However, I have to write a writing sample for the same.I would be given an hour time after I received the topic to submit the sample. Any idea what the contents of the topic would be?
  23. Just wondering how many people (if any, on here) have heard back either way from Penn State's Geoscience department? I applied right before the deadline (December 15th) and have not heard anything yet. I'm guessing / banking on not getting in, but still antsy to know either way. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hey guys! I emailed Penn State at the beginning of March to ask about admissions decisions.. here is the answer I got back. "No need to apologize for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we have already made our first round offers of admission. At this point, you have not advanced to the final round of applicants. I hope this information helps. " What does this sound like to y'all? Waitlist? Rejection? Thoughts?
  25. Hi folks, I have applied to PhD programs in iSchools for fall 2012 and have heard good news from them. I am now facing problems as which one to choose. Any one here facing the similar issue? Any one studying in these schools? What factors would you put in priority when you want to do your PhD and are looking for a research career in a top research university or a company like IBM, Microsoft, etc.? How important ranking is? Ranking of the program or ranking of the school in general? I would really appreciate your inputs!
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