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Found 8 results

  1. Anyone applying for Petroleum Engineering PhD programs for Fall 2018? Which schools are you considering? Anyone who has previously applied and got accepted, can you provide some feedback on chances of getting into TAMU/Penn State/UT Austin/ U of Houston/Stanford: Undergrad: 2.9/4 (India) MS: 3.33/4 (UK), with thesis GRE (321, 5.0) What kind of profiles get admitted to above mentioned schools?
  2. Hello, fellow undergrad/grad students, I am a student at Arizona State University. I will be graduating next semester (Spring 2017), and I have decided to go for Grad school. After weeks of research, intospectoon, and thinking, I decided that I want to go for Petroleum Engineering in June of this year. I have been hard at work since then on my Resume, Statement of Purpose, GRE, Letters of recommendation, University selection, and other procedures. I have selected the universities I want to apply and here is the list, 1: University of Texas, Austin 2: Texas A&M University, College Station 3: University of Tulsa 4: University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus 5: University of Alaska Fairbanks 6: University of Wyoming, Laramie 7: Standford University I put Stanford at the bottom because I am not sure if they would want me. So, it is just like a blind shot; I do not want not to try. Here is my UG profile: Undergraduate College: Arizona State University Major: Astrophysics Undergraduate GPA: 3.67 (Top 10% in my class, Graduating with academic honors, Magna Cum Laude) GRE 328 (Verbal: 163 (92nd percentile), Quantitative: 165 (90th percentile), AWA: 5 (93rd percentile)) Research Experience: Not exactly research, but I have many major projects under my belt. Some of them include building a rover for a well-known space organization, Studying the surface of Mars and searching for signs of water, Building a miniature spacecraft, etc I am aware that I have a more than decent profile, but my only problem is that I am an Astrophysics major applying for Petroleum Engineering Masters and I want to know how big a problem that is going to be. I would like to inform you guys that I was a Mechanical Engineering major before changing my major to Astrophysics. So, I do have a lot of Engineering courses under my belt. So, What do you guys think? Can I get in to UT Austin? Feel free to share your stories, profiles, and scores. I would be glad to help in any way I can. Let us help each other.
  3. Hello, people, I am a senior Astrophysics student at Arizona State University and I am curious about my GRE score. I took the GRE general test on October 8th and received my scores last week. Now, I know that the admission process is subjective and GRE score is only one part of it. So, I would like you guys to answer my question based on the assumption that the rest of my profile is good enough. Here is my question: Is my GRE score good enough to get me into the University of Texas-Austin with a scholarship/assistantship? My GRE Scores Verbal: 163 (92nd percentile) Quant: 165 (89th percentile) AWA: 4 (60th percentile) Also, I would appreciate it if you can comment on my chances at other universities such as, Texas A&M, College Station University of Oklahoma University of Tulsa University of Alaska, Fairbanks University of Wyoming Thank You.
  4. Did anyone apply for PhD in Petroleum Engineering at University of Wyoming? If you did, heard anything back? Seems like a good program and really hoping I get in this coming Spring.
  5. Hey All, Just starting a topic to display our Petroleum Engineering applications info for Fall 2016. Tried to get it going in engineering forum, but no activity. Here is Template: GPA: Undergrad Institution: GRE: Q: V: A: Experience: Research Interest: Schools Applied: Admitted: Rejected:
  6. Some of the fundamental questions constantly asked by engineers include how do things work, why do they do what they do, and how to make things better. Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed making things, interacting with people and learning about the world. As I have grown older, I have realised I am constantly asking myself the same questions, and this is one of the reasons I have decided to study towards a chemical engineering degree at the University of AAA. To realise my life-long goal of becoming a professional petroleum engineer, I hope to be considered for a place on the MSc Petroleum Engineering Programme at the University of xxxx. My interest in this area was first aroused during my undergraduate studies where I sought out every opportunity that I could lay my hands on to learn about the role of chemical engineers in the oil and gas industry. Studying Introduction to petroleum engineering module gave me a strong foundation of the field of petroleum production and a systemic understanding of the surface operations. Furthermore, Refinery and Petrochemical Production module has given me a comprehensive understanding of steps, technologies and economics that comprise a modern refinery and the immediate downstream petrochemical processing complex. In both of these modules, I have managed to maintain very high marks (90% and 70% respectively) and earned the respect of my professors and colleagues. My initial interest was further propelled after visiting Offshore Europe 2015 in Aberdeen where the theme of the conference was: inspiring and encouraging next generation of talent into the industry to secure future success. Together with the sheer amount of innovations and technologies displayed in the exhibition, have both reinforced my intense interest for the industry. Nothing excites me more than the thought of focusing my energy on topics like Reservoir Simulation, Well Testing and Completion Technologies and Enhanced Oil Recovery which will all broaden my knowledge and understanding of the topic as a whole. I am particularly keen to study at the school of engineering in the University of xxxx because it is the only School of General Engineering in USA, making it a unique place for postgraduate student to gain insight across the whole range of oil and gas industry. The university’s enviable international reputation across it is research portfolio together with its strong tradition of success attracts such a variety of students and I believe it will be a stimulating environment in which to study at master’s level. XXXX University also provides excellent working and recreational facilities for graduate students which demonstrates your commitment to the graduate student body. My fascination with the richness in the field of petroleum engineering has encouraged me to join the Society of Petroleum Engineers and IChemE’s special interest group for oil and gas to learn more about the technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources. I want to be part of new age where petroleum engineers are at the forefront constantly pushing boundaries of technology to solve today’s toughest operational and commercial challenges. And joining your highly-esteemed programme and working with the guidance of your devoted faculty will give me the necessary tools to realise my life-long of becoming a professional petroleum engineer.
  7. I am an international student with scholarship that will cover the cost of attendance in any of the chosen school. Please, I will kindly need advice on which to go with.
  8. Hello, I'm an international student with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from a reputed Indian University. I am my batch topper with a GPA of 9.43/10. Subsequent upon on completion of my studies, I worked as Production Engineer in India's Oil and Gas E&P company for 4 years. I have a decent GRE score of 167/153/4.0 and TOEFL score of 105. I applied for UT Austin, TAMU and Penn State. But, all universities rejected my applications. The reason is unknown to me. Kindly guide me to apply in more effective way for Spring 2017.
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