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Found 25 results

  1. I have always wanted to go into education policy/the government side of education. I have bachelor degrees in both Elementary Education and History. I know I want a degree in Education Policy to move forwards in working as an analyst or a lobbyist. I'm currently a full-time teacher and am trying to decide which will be the best professional route for me: Ed.D. or a Ph.D. Any advice, personal experience, information is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, all! I'm new here 😀 I'm graduating from Russian top master's program this year, and wish to apply for Ph.D. in Computer science in US for fall 2021. I am interested in Computer vision. I am really looking for help from kind people of GradCafe with my profile evaluation. Particularly, I am worried about my low GPA at bachelor. Bachelor institution: top-ranked Russian university. GPA: 3.0/4.0 Major: Data Analysis Master institution: other top-ranked Russian university. GPA 3.92/4.0 Major: Computer Science IELTS - 7.0 Type of S
  3. I got accepted into North Caolina State University and University of Virginia. I'm going to organic or biological chemistry, and both departments look good to me, though UVA is slightly better (I judged it based on the academic history of PIs). NCSU offers a much lower stipend than UVA. I'm an international student so I have very limited budget and it seems that if I live in NC, I won't be able to get a car because the stipend won't be enough for the car expense. The reasons that make me lean more towards NCSU are that I think NC is larger state with a greater number of population
  4. Hello everyone, As get closer&closer to graduating from my MA, I am starting to worry about my prospects for a Ph.d and would like to hear your opinions on whether I can get into a Ph.d programme in English that is worth doing with my terrible gpa. I got my BA from a university outside USA that is not particularly well know but hugely respected country-wide with a 3.37 gpa, and continued into an MA in the same university, of which I will be graduating with an even lower 3.26. The reason why my BA gpa was not very high was that I was only successful in courses that I was really i
  5. Next year I'll apply to political science Ph.D. programs. I am currently studying a terminal MA in Political Science, but my BA is in Econ. Since my background is more quantitative than qualitative (the MA program I'm studying is also fairly quantitative) I'm interested in applying to quantitatively oriented programs. I know that Rochester, WUSTL, NYU, and UCLA have very quantitative programs. Could you recommend me other programs with a similar focus? I'm interested in both American and European programs. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I wanto to apply to various Ph.D's in Political Science (UCLA, UCSD, USC, UCI, UCSB, PITT) but I don't know how horrible are my scores to be accepted in those universities. My GRE scores are: 145 V 154 Q I also have an horrible TOEFL of 88 I'm going to take the TOEFL again in november and I am also planning to take again the GRE. Help, please
  7. Hi, I wanto to apply to various Ph.D's in Political Science (UCLA, UCSD, USC, UCI, UCSB, PITT) but I don't know how horrible are my scores to be accepted in those universities. My GRE scores are: 145 V 154 Q I also have an horrible TOEFL of 88 I'm going to take the TOEFL again in november and I am also planning to take again the GRE. Help, please
  8. My goal is to ultimately get into a clinical psychology Ph.D. program, but unfortunately, as I enter into my final semester of undergrad at UT Austin, I'm a philosophy major with hardly any psychology classes under my belt. It's too late for me to even squeak out a minor in it. I understand that it'll be an uphill battle considering my choices thus far and just how competitive the discipline is, but I'm looking for some creative solutions from anybody willing to help.More info: I'll be graduating with an est. 3.28 GPA, and I'll likely be able to volunteer for some psych research this coming se
  9. So I've gotten good offers for MA in economics from UofT (15K), Queen's (14k), McMaster (24k) and I'm expecting UBC soon. UofT is my first choice, mainly because of international reputation, however Im seriously considering McMaster. Funding aside, the program is very small and when I visited, seemed very encouraging . I am applying to both ph.d programs and law schools next fall (still undecided). For ph.d i want to place somewhere in the top 4 Canadian schools so I have to be near the top of my MA cohort regardless of where I go . My question/concern is, will attending McMaster (conside
  10. Hello all, I have a GRE Score of 294 taken in 2014. IELTS score is 7. Done Masters in Computer Science in USA with ~3.3 GPA with 3+ years of IT work experience and 6+ years of Leadership experience in different NPO's, Volunteer work and many achievements in the field of Social work. I wanted to do Phd in Business/Public Administration to do research on Self Sustainable model for very poor (low income villages) so that children in the village can go to schools and concentrate on education. I need help in selecting Universities in which I can admit (Looking for top schools). If I can g
  11. I'm surprised there wasn't a thread already for Yale's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Fall 2016 Admits. i'll be joining the Ph.D. program in the Yale BBS program, MCGD track. Would love to which departments and programs others decided on Yale are joining, and more importantly, where are you'll deciding to stayy?!
  12. Stats so far: UG GPA: 3.6 (have recently graduated) Major: Biological Science (BS) with a concentration in Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry University: Lower-mid tier state school (San Jose State University) GPA for last 2 years of UG: ~3.5 Research experience: So far, minimal. Have completed a 10 week internship, have been volunteering in a research lab for 7 months. By the time I apply, I will have about just below 2 years of research experience. Info about me: Latina female, 23 y/o, will be 24 y/o when I apply No GRE score yet, I will aim to sco
  13. Hello everyone, I am an undergraduate student in Turkey and I am going to apply to Political Science Ph.D programs for the 2017 cycle. My research areas are contemporary political theory, comparative neoliberalism(especially economic inequality), democratic theory, progressive era and new deal politics, pragmatist political theory(dewey, james). I have also been nominated as a Fulbright scholar. Which political theory programs should I apply to and how much does a fulbright scholarship improve chances of admission to top tier programs? My Toefl is 116(ibt), Gre is 165 Verbal, 164 Quant, 4
  14. Hey all, I'm a long-time lurker, first time poster. I'm applying to Ph.D. programs in political science this fall. Unfortunately, my advisers/faculty mentors are mostly old-school guys who got into grad programs in the 70's--a very different environment. Tell me where my file looks strongest, where it looks weakest, and how I can improve! PROFILE:Type of Undergrad Institution: Small liberal arts college in the South. Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science and Economics (double major) + Philosophy minor. Undergrad GPA: 3.99GRE: 170V, 161Q, 5.5AWAny Special Courses: Research Methods in Politi
  15. Hi I'm looking for phd programs in the international relations area. However, in most universities i only found phd program in political science. I'm an international student, currently studying outside the U.S so it may seem a rather stupid question but is the political science program include an international relations subfield or focus that the student may choose? I looked it up on google and most of the results directed me to political science programs instead of IR's. Best regards, Ran
  16. Hi! I'm an Indian student interested in biochemistry/bio organic chemistry. I have received 3 Ph.D Chem offers and am really confused! Any input would be really appreciated. The universities are U of British Columbia Vancouver campus (Canada) , Ohio State and University of Florida (US). UBC is ranked top 50 in the world for my program and is much more reputed than Ohio State. However, I'm having a tough time deciding between a few things - 1. US versus Canada. As an international student, Canada offers a better deal in terms of VISA conditions both during and after my PH.D. But
  17. Okay folks, I need some help from the more seasoned among you (ie current grad students, or professors). I am down to two schools that I am considering attending, and cannot decide. I will briefly outline some of the details about each, but please ask me for more details if needed. First program (P1) is gonna give me a lot more money than the other program (P2), while also having a lower cost of living than P2. They are also a smaller department, implying a closer relationship with advisers. Additionally, P1 places better than P2, and has better NRC rankings on all measures. The only
  18. Hey all! Anyone else out there applying for Communication Studies or Media Studies Ph.D programs for Fall of 2012? What are you doing while you wait it out, and where have you applied? I applied to UNC-CH, UT-Austin (RTF), and Georgia State University (Moving Image Studies) for my communication schools, and then a variety of other programs in other disciplines. Just wondering if there's anyone else out there waiting for decisions. Also, what kind of research do you want to do?
  19. Anyone else out there applying to an AfAm Ph.D program for Fall of 2012? Which programs did you apply to, and how are you surviving the wait? I applied to Northwestern, Yale and Brown AfAm, and then a bunch of interdisciplinary programs, most of which seemed like a good fit (I use "good" loosely! ). I don't think my chances are so high at the Ivy's but I figured it was worth a try!
  20. Hey guys, I got a TA from UNC Charlotte and an RA from Nanyang Technological university(in Singapore), both are Ph.D program in Mechanical Engineering. I am an college senior in China, and the United States is my dream country, I always hope I could one day be there. However, UNC charlotte ranks pretty low both in discipline rank(90+ in Mechanical Engineering) and in overall rank(almost 200), I am afraid it would be very difficult for me to find a good job in the US after I graduate, or even come back to China. I want to listen to you guys' advice, and I think they will mean a lot to me.
  21. Is it true that if you are in Berkeley EECS honors program, maintain good gpa (i.e. >3.9/4.0), and successfully complete research requirement, you will have very high chance of getting into Berkeley CS Phd? I know Berkeley CS Phd is extremely difficult to get in, as much as MIT or Stanford, but I heard some of my friends (I go to Berkeley) saying this, and also it is shown on the website that many of the EECS honors program alumni do go to Berkeley grad school (although it could be masters or EE program...). Does anyone know about this?
  22. Hi all, I have a few programs I'm applying to that don't fit neatly into any other category so I made one up. They include Emory's ILA program, UC-Irvine's Visual Studies program, Berkeley's Performance Studies, and Duke's Literature Program (I know, I know, check Literature. But I think Duke's program is a little bit unique). Anyone else applying to interdisciplinary programs for Fall 2012 and waiting to hear back?
  23. I am planning on applying for a Ph.D (and maybe an Ed.D program) in Curriculum and Instruction (with a sub-interest for urban education) for Fall 2012. After spending countless hours researching on the web, I cannot find out whether or not I have a competitive chance of getting in. I feel like I have to much I can offer the field and it is so depressing that I am capable of delivering research to panels of people, yet I freeze up and bomb the math section of the GRE and now my aspirations are potentially crushed. Basically, I think I have a pretty strong application overall, but I bombed
  24. I am planning on applying for a Ph.D (and maybe an Ed.D program) in Curriculum and Instruction (with a sub-interest for urban education) for Fall 2012. After spending countless hours researching on the web, I cannot find out whether or not I have a competitive chance of getting in. Basically, I think I have a pretty strong application overall, but I bombed the GRE. I know that many of you are going to say re-take it, but while I have proven that I am pretty successful academically, I simply freeze up on standardized tests. =( Below is my application information: Undergrad GPA: 3.
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