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Found 17 results

  1. "History of political thought with a touch of philosophy, economic history" is the best description I can give of my broad interests. Tracing the origin of ideas, their evolution and proponents, cultural impacts, and even some analysis of the ideas themselves is what I want to do. Particular interest in anarchist, Marxist, socialist and other ideas originating from labor movements in the 19th century. It seems like, given this interest, there are a number of different types of PhD programs I can apply to: history, political theory, political philosophy, intellectual history (in some cases there seem to be standalone programs for this). There might be some overlap in terms of my interests with economic history. I'm not really certain of which of these is most appropriate to apply to. Can someone give me a quick rundown? If you happen to know of particular programs to apply to, even better.
  2. Hi everyone. Currently I'm planning to apply for a master program in order to satisfy the degree requirement of PhD admission in the Europe. Since I already have several years' research experience and 10+ publications, I want to save time and get into PhD study ASAP. Thus my initial plan was to apply for an one-year master program this year and then I will apply for the PhD positions/programs so that I can start my PhD next fall. But something was wrong with my visa application and finally I missed the register deadline. Now I have two plans: 1. Apply for an one-year master program started in next spring. The problem is that I am not sure which countries in the Europe have such programs. 2. Apply for an one-year online master program. The problem is that I'm not sure if it is recognized in PhD admission in the Europe. Can anyone give me some advices? Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, I am applying for a PhD at universities in the UK. I have recently finished the first draft of my personal statement. I would like to receive some constructive feedback, so I wonder if there is anyone who could advise me on improving my personal statement. Also, I am happy to swap with someone else to help you improve your personal statement. Hope to hear back from you! Thanks.
  4. I apply for several graduate phd program this year, with normal GPA (not too bad), GRE (V 157 Q 165) and TOEFL (100 mediocre), but several good publications (3 yrs of research), as attached CV. My first author paper is featured as journal cover of Nature biomedical Engineering, with more than 100 media coverages. Other co-first author work was published on Science Advances, and Advanced Materials (IF~21). Some of other co-authored work is featured as journal cover of Nature Electronics. Anther one in Advanced Materials (IF~21). And one in revision by PNAS. And 3 strong LORs on my research. Does anyone think I can get good results? (I applied for Harvard Chemistry; Harvard Bioengineering. MIT Health Science Technology, MIT Mechanical Engineering, MIT Material Science Engineering; Caltech Medical Engineering; Stanford Material science; Northwestern Material Science. Berkeley EECS)
  5. Hey everyone I want to ask about RWTH Aachen university , I heard that it notorious for rejecting students from unknown places . that students must have connections in the university to get admitted . Is it true ? I feel like it is a lie from rejected students . I need someone to answer me please . thanks all
  6. I got accepted by the Lee Summer Fellowship at the Southern California Research Center for ALPD and Cirrhosis for this summer. Since I graduated with a bachelor degree in biochem, I'm thinking to work in the research lab for a year as a research associate if it is possible. Does anybody know what the possibility for an undergraduate to work in a research lab following summer research is? I also got accepted with a one-year master degree in global health. Does it worth to give up the Master degree and work in a research lab? I want a Ph.D. degree in the future. I need something to build my resume because of my poor GPA. Please write any related thought that you have. Thanks!
  7. It has been my impression that the GRE Lit Subject test has been slowly falling out of fashion. Despite that, we still have to play the game, don't we? From what I've seen, very few schools require it. Does anyone have a list of the schools that do? When I applied to UVA for my Masters, they accepted me without receiving my score, but since they technically required it, I needed to send my score anyway for administrative purposes. That sent a message to me: "We require this, but it is not that important." That being said, my score was...uh, not very good. I feel compelled to retake it before I apply for PhDs next cycle. But at the same time...maybe my poor score doesn't matter that much? Maybe it's just a formality? We know it's the writing and personal statement that stand out more to committees, but then why should we even bother? What are others' perspective on the importance of the Lit test? What were the best ways to prepare? How long did you study? Did you rely mostly on coursework/background, or additional study materials? Perhaps it would be more beneficial to have a separate thread for listing programs that require it, but I thought I'd give this a shot first.
  8. Anyone heard from the School of Public Policy at UMD?or anyone who also applied the PhD program at SPP of UMD ? I was interviewed nearly a month ago but so far haven't got the official decision letter. In order to wait for this result, I refused several offers of admission. Timeline kills me and this strong sense of uncertainty is killing me! Truly need some news whether it's good or bad....
  9. Hi All, I am waiting for my application results to trickle down and since I haven't heard back from any of the 11 schools I applied to (I know it's a bit early). I would like realistic input on my prospect of getting to any of the programs I applied to from helpful folks out there. (Programs in brackets) Indiana University- Bloomington (Social Psychology) University of Oregon (Social Psychology) University of Cincinnati (Clinical Psychology ) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Social Psychology) Stony Brook University (Social Psychology) University of Rutger's (Social Psychology) University of Virginia (Social Psychology) University of Alabama (Social Psychology) Binghamton University (Cognitive and Brain Sciences) University of Oklahoma (Social Psychology) University of Memphis (Experimental Psychology Program) I went to U of I, psych major, Russian minor, undergrad GPA is lowish: 3.36/4.00 GRE is also lowish at 315 (Q: 158, V: 157) English is my second language, but since I'm a citizen and undergrad education was in US, TOEFL is waivered. Took 4 graduate level courses during 3rd and 4th year. Got 2 As and 1 B+ and 1 D in that. Other psych courses are mixed bags of A+ to Bs. I have co-authored a paper with significant findings in aging, social interactions, and exercise, published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. It's basically my undergraduate thesis (awarded with departmental distinction in research excellence upon graduation) with more extensive analyses. I also have poster presentation in a world conference presented in Prague (not presented by me, but am a first-author on the poster due to contribution in conducting the study and data analyses). Currently working as a full-time clinical research coordinator at a top 15 research university/medical school. Had both clinical/non-clinical research experiences at three other labs during my undergraduate years. I try my best to be specific in the topics I want to work on in graduate school and how they are a good fit with the respective professors' interests in my statement. Some labs I applied to are more related to the fields I did research in (all cognitive neuroscience/ neuropsychiatric research), other less related. I want to shift gears to focus on topics in social-cognitive psychology in graduate school (I know it's bit of a far stretch from the fields I have research experience in). I am very self-conscious about the following shortcomings in my application: Low GPA: In particular, I had a D in graduate level "Neuroscience of Learning and Memory" in my last year in college. I had many things on my plate at the time: 1. Working on data analysis, meaningful results, and paper for distinction recognition on a topic I wasn't previously familiar with (white matter deterioration of older adults). 2. Job interviews + extensive background checks for a federal government position I passed interview for. I did not seek enough help when I struggled with the course materials. I obtained notes from classmates on those days I must leave town for interviews and matters for my background checks. I know it's not an excuse, but I felt that the classes I missed due to job matters significantly impacted my performance in the course. Since I know I'm not the smartest kid in class, I felt shouldn't have minored in Russian as that took away a lot of time and effort from my research and psych major coursework. I couldn't have managed both the minor and stellar academic record for grad school. I was very interested in Russian language and culture at the time so I persisted to complete the minor (a lot of work for a minor). I regret not having planned a focused path for psych PhD back in my undergrad years, but that's the backdrop for my dilemma. I want to move forward from those poor decisions. In my statement, I addressed my low GPA and poor grade in the psych grad level class in my senior year (very bad for grad admission, I know), and emphasized that I took two years off to polish my research skills and knowledge in the field I did poorly by working in cognitive neuroscience research full-time. I am also very concerned about the fact that none of my recommenders are from my undergrad institution. I have never met any of the professors from the labs I worked in back in U of I. I tried to contact the graduate students/ post docs I used to work closely with but all have either graduated/ switched jobs that their old university emails don't work. I have four strong recommenders and try to put four in my application (if the system let me), since most schools only ask for three. All of them are either distinguished professors or physician/professors from a psychopharmacology lab I used to work in over the summer of my junior year and the current lab I work in. However, I am very self-conscious about the fact that I couldn't find any professors to recommend me from the labs I worked in back in my undergrad years. I’ve never even seen the professors in these labs in-person, and only email-contacted a professor once to ask him to review the distinction paper on his study, so they probably don't remember me. I also avoid asking for LORs from professors I only had classes with (but no experience working on their research). Does having LORs from undergrad institution matters to the admission committee? I also try to contact every professor I want to work with. There were only a couple I did not have the time to contact before app submission (mid Sept-end of Dec was also a hectic period at work unfortunately). I received positive responses and interest on my CV from most of the professors...maybe because I didn't include my low-ish GPA and GRE scores on my CV? I know I sound like I am simply lamenting about things that can't be changed with my wall-o-text, but I'm actually here to ask for honest, constructive advice from those out there who understand the PhD admission process. Do I have much of a chance to get in any of the program I have applied for? Should I start applying for Master's program now? Should I improve my GRE to compensate for low GPA? Should I take the GRE psychology subject test? Or if you think I'm not cut for a research career, any other meaningful career advice is appreciated! I try to be as specific as possible, but feel free to ask about any relevant details. ? Gracias!
  10. Hi there! so I'm a senior in undergrad (sociology and psychology major) looking to apply to some clinical psychology PhD programs!From what I know, it's pretty taboo to talk about your own psychopathology on a personal statement. However, I have not so great grades from freshman year (a C+ in biology and a C in physics 2 and then a couple of Bs in social science classes), transferred to a better school, maintained a 3.5 GPA, and then this summer had to withdraw from a summer term so now I have two Ws on my transcript as well for linear algebra and intro to programming. All of this was due to my C-PTSD and subsequent alcoholism (which I am working on now). I'm pretty frustrated because I don't to leave this unexplained but I also don't want to cross a taboo subject. How should I address this in my personal statement? If it helps, here's a short list of the stuff on my CV: - GPA: 3.5, major GPA 3.9- worked in university's LGBT center for past year and continuing this year- worked in neuroscience lab for one year, presented poster- worked in clinical psychology lab for 21 months, presented poster- worked in child neuropsychology lab for a summer- worked with a professor at the school of social work for her poster and publications- presented at MBGLTACC, an LGBT conference for college students/staff on the intersection of hinduism and being LGBT+- presented at a LGBT POC conference on an independent research project- currently working in a social psychology lab that is related to my honors thesis, which is related to both social and clinical psychology- GRE scores: 162 verbal, 167 math, 5.0 on the essay. above the 90th percentile for all 3.
  11. I am a current MA student in School Psychology and will be applying for PhD in the same stream this fall. I need two academic references for most of my applications. I am guaranteed with a good reference letter from my MA supervisor, who can comment on my academic (two grad courses that I did well in) and research abilities (working on my thesis with her right now). My question is who to ask for my second LOR, out of the following two options: 1) My undergraduate supervisor, who is in the field of Clinical Developmental Psychology. I worked in her lab for more than two years and she was also my thesis supervisor. I am still working closely with her right now on publishing results of a project to which I contributed. I have gotten really strong LOR from her previously for my MA and scholarship applications. 2) Another professor from my graduate program. She taught two of my courses, where I did okay in the fall-term one (mid 80s) and better in my winter-term one (low 90s). I did really well on both of my final papers, but not so well on presentations (she has pretty high standards and presentations are definitely not my forte). Overall, I have a sense that she doesn't think of me as one of her top students. My first instinct was to ask my option 1 for the LOR, but she replied with the advice that reviewers of applications would expect more recent assessments of my graduate work. This has led me to question my choice - any thoughts/advice on who I should choose as my second reference?
  12. Hi guys, I am looking for some advice about applying to PhD programs. I don't want to go to schools simply because of their reputation or name, I really want to apply to places that will be the best fit for me and my studies. I am interested in Early Modern literature, Animal Studies, and the Early Modern drama (specifically the politics of the stage). Does anyone have any ideas about what programs would best suit that?
  13. Hi guys, I have received nothing but rejections this year with my sop. If you are willing to help me with it, I can send it to you through PM. Thanks in advance
  14. I came across this question during the application, i need your suggestions. Describe a personal experience that demonstrates your creativity in the solution of a problem(250 or less words)
  15. Hi guys I've applied to 14 schools for a PhD in biomedical engineering for the fall 2016. I've only heard from 2 so far and no news about funding. Should I worry? Aren't schools late for sending out admissions decisions?
  16. I am going to visit UVa on February 25th-27th 2016 for an interview. What should I prepare in order to get good news? Could I just wear jeans and T-shirts? Never attend an on-site interview before...
  17. Hello folks, I am applying for a PhD degree in Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. I submitted my online application and sent a package enclosed with all their required files to the department. I emailed them, asking whether my application has been processed, but no one ever replies since January. I checked the online system ten times a day but saw no updates of my information!!! I am totally freak-out!!! Does anyone hear from UPitt (Marsha Tsouris to be exact)? Or could anyone tell me what's going on there? I am in for the political science graduate program. So I am really worried about that. Could anyone HELP? Thanks.
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