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Found 9 results

  1. So, I am currently in a master's program and my goal is to gain admission into a clinical psychology program (to specialize in Neuropsych). However, I JUST landed an RA position to gain research experience (my master's is not research, it's more clinical emphasis). I got my BA this past summer '19. Option A: Apply to PhD programs this fall (2020), where I'll be in the lab for 10 months by the time I submit my apps (1 yr & 7 mo. by the time I matriculate). I will also most likely be able to get LORs from professors at my master's program. Option B: Apply to PhD programs next fall (2021), where then I'll be in the lab for 1 yr & half by the time I submit apps (2 & half years by the time I matriculate). Extend my MA graduation until spring 2022 (i can slow down the course load, it's not a problem from that side), so then I can still get LORs from professors within the program in addition to my PI. Option C : Same as B except that I will finish my MA in spring 2021 & spend the rest of gap years doing just my RA position alone. So I am considering the plans above, I obviously would prefer option A (the quicker the better). However, I am just not sure on two things 1) if PhD programs would calculate "research experience" by what you have by the time you apply or by the time you matriculate? I am afraid that 10 months into my RA position would not be taken seriously (also for an LOR request from PI!). 2) If I went by option C, then I am afraid that i will run into an LOR dilemma. Sure by that time my RA PI can give me one (which is the most important I believe), but what about the other two? can I reach out to my MA professors a handful of months after taking their courses to request LOR? is that common or do you think its inappropriate? Also, I would like to add that I already have a year and half of undergraduate RA experience if that also counts! I would like your insights on which plan is a "usual" plan and also which is most favored or the least problematic! Thank You all, Yoyo
  2. Hi fam. A good friend of mine asked me to look at his application profile. He will be applying for PhD programs in cell and molecular biology this year. Hope you can take some time to proffer some advice on his profile and other schools he can apply to. GPA:: 3.62 GRE: 158 V; 165 Q Internships: One year at a regional teaching hospital Positions: Research assistant at the biomedical science department of a major university Research experience: three years (2 years at a university laboratory, 1 year at a research hospital ) Publications: 4 papers (One first author) Areas of interest: Pathogenesis of diabetes, microbe-induced cancers Programs applying to: Molecular biology (Univ. of Utah, Univ. of Texas), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Michigan Technological University), Molecular Bio-sciences (Univ. of Kansas), Biomedical Science (Univ of Iowa), Pathobiology and Molecular medicine (Univ of Alabama, Birmingham)
  3. Due to overwhelming myself and severe depression, I will get not one but TWO failing grades this semester. I'm graduating in six days and have absolutely no chance of dropping the classes or getting an incomplete or anything like that. I am a biochemistry major and neither of the classes are in my major, but I only have a 3.3/4.0 GPA and I've been in undergrad for 5.5 years. Also, when applying for PhD programs I really, really overestimated my intelligence and chances and basically applied to top schools like Chicago and Penn. I applied because that's where I want to go, and that was a huge mistake. So now even if I get accepted into any PhD program, they are likely to revoke acceptance because of my two failing grades. The grades can't be changed and will be on my transcript forever. Should I just give up on trying to be a scientist?
  4. Hello all, I have been trying for PhD positions for a year now in UK, Germany and Switzerland. I finished master's in biotechnology from one of top colleges in India. I took a year off to apply for a PhD while working as a project assistant in a lab . My master's dissertation is a very good work pertaining to microbiology and immunology and I am getting a second authorship in the paper that's under review now. I have a very good Gpa decent GRE TOEFL . Last year when I applied for grad schools I could not get admit in any. After a lot of stress and work demands for the project in the middle, I started shooting mails to professors again about a month ago. I have not got any responses. Could someone please advice me on where possibly I am going wrong? How should the content of my mail be, so that I could impress the prof to go through my CV.? To go through this cycle of rejections n uncertainty is too depressing and frightful. I hope people in this forum can understand how it is to be in this situation.so I request you to kindly advice me on what I can do? Thank you for your time Ramya
  5. Can anyone share experiences with applying to PhD programs with a non philosophy MA degree? Specifically those with interdisciplinary backgrounds or those involved with the arts. My undergraduate degree focused upon philosophy, sound, and technology, while my masters is similar but with visual studies. Both of my degrees are from strong institutions and my undergrad has very high acceptance rates into phd programs, however I am coming from an arts school currently with my MA.
  6. Hey all--I recently graduated with a master's in English and am trying to switch disciplines and apply for a PhD in history instead. After graduating from my MA program, I audited 3 graduate history seminars and quickly realized that history is the right discipline for me. I really want to apply to a PhD program but I'm not sure I can really get anywhere because I have no history courses on my transcript. I double-majored in English as an undergrad, and then again as a master's student. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do to strengthen my history PhD applications before december? Would you recommend paying to take some courses in a continuing education department? I saw Columbia offers this, but it is REALLY expensive, so I want to make sure it's worth it before doing it. Thanks in advance for your help with this!
  7. I am planning to apply for PhD in Physics (2017 Fall). My research interest lies in Cosmology and Particle Physics (Theory). Last year also I tried to apply in the same field but got all rejections. This year my friends and seniors are suggesting me to apply in experimental physics and then change the field after getting admission as it is easy to get admission in experimental physics. But I don't have any research experience in experimental Physics. Any suggestions? GPA : 7.29/10 (overall) and 8.29/10 (physics) GRE: 302 Physics GRE: 720 TOEFL_ibt: 106
  8. What is the best way to determine your chances when applying for PhD programs? I'm using the US News rankings to create my list of schools to apply to, but I'm not sure how far down the list I should go. I'll be applying to top-ten schools but I don't know what would be reasonable "safe" options for me. I'm sort of thinking of applying to schools in the #30s ranking as my backups. Any thoughts on this question?
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