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Found 12 results

  1. I'm currently in the midst of some soul searching as I try to figure out if I'm best suited for a clinical, counseling, or school psych PhD program. Pertaining to those programs, I would love to know as much as possible regarding the differences in research experience, job opportunity, annual salary, program structure, clinical training, acceptance difficulty...anything and everything! I'm very conflicted right now so any personal experience, or knowledge anyone has would be infinitely appreciated!
  2. Hello all, So my name is John Thomas, rising senior at Ursinus College. I am doing undergraduate research at both Ursinus and Temple, and doing an internship at a national taste testing facility known as RDTeam. I created my own major in Statistics here and am the first of my kind. Starting out as Bio, I had grades in the mid 2's , speaking GPA. I have climbed up to a 3.12 cumulative and will be taking probability in the fall. This is also when I will be applying but my fear is that I will not be considered since I will not have taken 3 courses in my major (Differential Equations, Mathematical Statistics, and Linear Regressions) at the time of my application. I would ideally like to get into a PhD program right out of college but I fear without these courses on my transcript I will not be able to. What are some ways I can overshadow this, or should I just put all my marbles into starting out as a Masters student? Also, if anyone has any east coast theoretical statistics programs, please list! Thank you all -John
  3. Hi everyone, I've been reading the threads from past years for those applying to School Psychology Ph.D. programs and they've been so helpful so I thought I'd make one for fall 2018 applicants! Hopefully we can all go through this process together Where is everyone applying?
  4. Hey everybody,,, While searching for universities & PhD programs to apply to - I search 1st for professors & then check up their universities -; I found a professor whose really like my dream supervisors, because his interests & papers exactly match the topic I want to research (which is interdisciplinary & I find very few professors with similar interests! ). But the university only offers PhD programs in specializations not much relevant to what I want (family science & human development, counseling, teacher education & development) - while I want to specialize in big history & cliodynamics, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, human evolution... So what's more important the supervisor or the program I apply to?!!
  5. I've been wanting to email a professor I am interested in working with and I am not sure how to format the email. I want to introduce myself and ask if there is an opening, however I do not know how to properly communicate that. Is there anyone who has any experience on this?
  6. I had my interview on the 17th and they told us we'd know in 1-2 weeks who got in or not. They had a delay because two people had to be interviewed over Skype the following Monday. The wait is killing me and I'm wondering if any of my fellow applicants might have heard something back. Granted, there was only six of us, so the pool is relatively small :"3
  7. I applied to a doctoral program in Louisiana. I love it to death, and gladly would go except the funding is very low. Especially coming from Texas, the funding for students here is over 2x the amount. I have talked to students in grad school in LA but I really don't want to accrue a large amount of federal loans. Does anyone have any ideas of the funding options in the state?
  8. Hello, I recently graduated from my undergraduate studies in December with my bachelor of science in psychology. I have some research experience and independent research experience as well. My GRE scores need to be better, but with this time off I am going to be focusing on bringing those scores up, but I am also wondering if I am making the right decision. I recently received a job offer to be an early childhood behavior coach through a program that assists children with autism. I am going to be receiving ABA training and I will be a BCaBA once I am certified. It is a full time job and I will be assigned my own children that I work with individually once I am trained. Since I do want a doctorate in clinical psychology and want to continue to work in the mental health field, is this a step in the right direction with taking this job offer? I know that research is key, but I am planning to try and volunteer and get more research experience once I am settled into this new job. Is this job going to be more than just something to put on my resume? Is it really going to help me get in a good PhD program? because by then I will have been working there for over a year. Please let me know all of your all's opinions, and even questions if any! Thanks so much.
  9. friend and i coauthored a paper thats currently under revision for a journal its the only academic writing that ive done, besides a basic lit review that has nothing to do with the field i want to study in can i use the paper that was coauthored? or are they looking for something else? the program just says that they require an academic writing sample, doesnt specify about it being independent or not field is io psychology, lit review is mainly cog psychology, if that makes any difference
  10. Hello I have just graduated Rutgers University the New Brunswick campus with a a major of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and minor of Statistics. My GPA at the end of college was a 3.3 out of a 4.0 scale. I know this is a very low GPA. I want to do PhD, in the life sciences, and have done research for the past two years and completed an Honors Undergraduate Thesis. I was planning on taking a year of, so i could study for the GRE in the summer and take them in September or October so I could try to get a great GRE score so it could offset my low GPA.During this time I applied for a masters program, M,A in biotechnology at Columbia University which did not require a GRE. I got into the masters program, however I am now unsure if I should still take a year off or i should rather take this prestigious opportunity and then after the Master program apply for PhD which would then enable me to get into a stronger PhD program which i would be unable to after just undergrad. I have also been told I might be published end of this year. I have listed the Pros and Cons below. Please let me know if in your opinon i should still take a year off or I should take the Master program and then apply to PhD program. i really want to attend Columbia but wanted to get others opinion.Pros:-Attending Columbia's Master program will ;provide me the ability to get into a top PhD program due to the prestige of the faculty and status of the school-Help me expand my network of connections-Expand my Knowledge-ITS COLUMBIA LOL-Columbia might give me that distinction which might differentiate me from other candidates when applying for PhD.Cons:-I will be spending 65K for a a`1 year master program. (Very expensive)My C.VEducation: Rutgers University, School of Arts and Sciences, New Brunswick, NJMajor: Molecular Biology and BiochemistryMinor: StatisticsRelevant Courses: Molecular Pathways, Gene Regulation in Cancer and Development, Special Topics in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: The Biology of Aging, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Introduction to Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Laboratory, Organic Chemistry, Computer and Graphical Applications Statistics, Regression Methods, Introduction to Experimental Design, Statistics for Quality Control, Basic Statistics for Research, Introduction to Computing Statistics, Basic Statistics and Probability, Calculus, Physics, Biology, ChemistryExperience1. Undergraduate Research Assistant at Rutgers University- September 2014- Current• Received Highest Honors after successfully defending my Honors Thesis titled, "The Role of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 1(GRM1) in Exosome Production and Melanoma Metastasis: Determining the Cellular Origin of Exosomes in Circulation".2. Research Assistant at Avatar Biotechnologies (Brooklyn) - June 2nd 2014- August 23rd 2014• Worked on an independent project to see if certain insertions in Influenza Virus’s Hemagglutin would provide an in-vitro headless HA molecule.• Provided assistance to an intern, on how to perform certain assays3. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Basic Statistics for Research (Rutgers University) January 2014-December 2014• Provided assistance to the professor in preparation of assignments.4. Worked for Barbra Buono for Governor Campaign (New Brunswick, New Jersey)- May 30th 2013- August 15th 2013• Voters were informed of Barbara Buono’s belief’s allowing me to develop strong communication skills.• Supervised volunteers and other interns.5. Internship at International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (Manhattan New York)- August 2011• Learned about the different components of a non-profit organization and learned how to apply money saving tactics in research.• Understood the process of quality control, writing grants, and the functionality of non-profit companies.Honors/Awards1. Highest Honors Awarded to my Senior Thesis (Rutgers University)• Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry awarded me highest honors after successfully defending my thesis and on the quality of my thesis.2. School of Arts and Sciences Paul Robeson Scholar (Rutgers University)• Distinction given by the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, to Undergraduates completing an Honors Thesis.3. Aresty Research Center Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Rutgers University)• Awarded funding allocated towards my Honors Thesis4. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (Earnest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University)- May-August 2015• One of the 24 students who were accepted into the program.• SURF fellow at Rutgers and also an American Society of Pharmacological and Experimental Therapeutics SURF Fellow.5. Dean’s List• Given to students who have obtained a 3.5 GPA at the end of the semester.6. Eagle Scout• Only 5% of boys entering Boy Scouts are awarded Eagle Scout rank. This status defines me as a strong leader, someone who can be trusted, and be given responsibilities. The two leadership roles I held were: senior patrol leader and troop guide.• Developed a project that would help beautify Edison High School, by planting plants around ten trees, using bricks to make a boundary around each of those ten trees and make a bench and place an Eagle Statue on pedestal.Projects1. Basic Statistics for Research- Fall 2013• Created projects which incorporated ANOVA, Regression Analysis, Pareto Analysis, and the Cause and effect Diagram/Ishikawa diagram was used to study various lecture topics.2. Computing and Graphics in Applied Statistics- Fall 2015• Worked in a group of three to develop a 30 minute presentation on the topic, Regression Model Building using Multiple Comparison Testing. In our presentation we built a regression model to analyze the relationship between the length of the cuckoo egg and the host bird species. We used ANOVA for our multiple comparison test for the four different variables, hedge sparrow, pied wagtail, meadow pipit and robin, to conclude which variable (bird) was significant to be included in the model. The conclusion the multiple comparison test lead to the rejection of the null hypothesis for Hedge Sparrow = Meadow Pipet. This allowed us to determine that the hedge sparrow and meadow pipit are significant in the regression model.Laboratory Skills• Total Exosome Isolation• Transform and Transfect Cells• Minipreps and Maxipreps• Genomic DNA Extraction• Protein Extraction• Polymerase Chain Reaction assays• Gel Electrophoresis• Immunoblotting• Elisa• Protein Assay• Spectrophotometer• Microscopy• Write research proposal• Knowledge of proper laboratory ethicsComputer Skills• Proficient in using ImageJ software• Proficient in the use of excel to do statistical analysis, using the tools data analysis and pivot.• Familiar with R- Programming and SAS-Programing• Proficient in using Microsoft Office, Google Documents.
  11. Has anyone heard anything back from Georgetown regarding admission into their Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Ph.D. program for fall 2016? The application deadline was December 1, and I have heard nothing back and my application status still says "submitted" on their webpage. I have a friend who said she was rejected without an interview last year right at the beginning of February with the same application deadline of December 1, and it is well past early February. No one on the results forum seems to have heard anything back either. Any interviews, rejections, or acceptances? Let me know! Thanks!
  12. Has anyone applying to US art history PhD programs had any news? I saw on the survey board that UCSB and Emory requested interviews last week. Just curious if anyone else has heard anything from other programs.
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