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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, I am half way through my PhD in Philosophy. I had a discussion with my PhD advisor several days ago, and his opinion is that PhD students should wait years until they decide to send any material off to journals for publication. His view is that it's better to wait until you have had years of study to distill your work into top-quality material before you submit anything. He said "bad publications are worse than no publications," and that "once you publish something it is out there forever." This seems a bit out of touch and dated advice, in my view. I understand his point about wanting to have better quality material, however with the level of competition these days, and post-doc or tenure-track position requires multiple publications at minimum. Newly graduated friends of my mine who have turned their PhD dissertations into books have told me that even having a book published in your field is no longer than impressive. Of course quality is better than quantity, I completely agree - but I feel as though the idea that students ought to wait years before submitting anything to journals seems antiquated. A lot of the PhD candidates I know are sending off articles to journals as well as working hard on their PhD research project. Why not do both? I should add that so far, I have 2 official articles published in two different journals. I personally would like to increase that number before I complete my PhD, but my advisor seems to think that it's better to wait. If I wait, I will be behind all the other newly minted PhDs who have more article publications. Thoughts?
  2. I am going to start my PhD in Chemistry in Michigan State, however as I am looking for a place to rent I don't know what should be my limit for the rent as I couldnt find any avarage cost of living. They told me that ''The current annualized stipend for first year graduate students is $25,924, paid on a bi-weekly basis.(for 2019-2020) '' and '' Based on the anticipated increase, a 12-month stipend for the 2020-2021 academic year will be $26,442. ''. But I also couldn't find any information about taxes as I am an international student. If anyone with experience would help me, I would be glad ^.^
  3. I graduated with my Bachelor's in Biology last May, and am currently about 4 months into my new PhD Program. Honestly, I am feeling extremely lonely and bored. Everyone in my cohort is much older than I am (worked a couple years in industry or already have their masters), and they are definitely not interested in making new friends. My life consists of classes in the morning, followed by lab, and going back home around 6 or 7 with not much to do aside from reading papers or studying. It's so different from my chaotic days in undergrad where I was working/taking classes/doing lab work/ volunteering etc. yet I got along with everyone and enjoyed what I was doing. I still love what I do, but it's starting to feel pretty isolating. Has anyone else felt this way during grad school?
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