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  1. Hi everyone, Hope everyone is good - my name is Kas, and I'm new to the grad cafe. I'm also a student on an innovation course and looking to create resources to support early career researchers in dealing with challenges they face when it comes to supporting their mental health and well-being. If you're a student or early-career researcher (self-defined), I'd love to have an informal chat with you. It will be quick (~15-20 minutes), and we can do Zoom or any other platform you want. Please drop me a message or reply to this thread, if you're interested. The questions would be around things like your workflow when you feel stressed/pressured, what is/was your process for finding a solution, how did you find that solution, and what were the barriers to finding it. Your feedback will help to create resources and tools for early career researchers to deal with the crazy stress and pressure of academia. Thanks, and I hope to chat soon, Kas
  2. Thought I'd start the thread for prospective doctoral students applying to start in Fall 2021. I'm starting it early so we can discuss and support each other given the added challenges of applying during a pandemic. I'm applying for my PhD in Social & Behavioral Health programs.
  3. Debabrata

    PhD in Biology

    My GPA is not that good in my major but I have cleared highest level examinations in India CSIR NET & GATE how can I get admission in PhD in nuroscience? What exams should i take GRE Genaral , GRE Subject test, TOFEL, IELTS for PhD in USA?
  4. Hello, as I finished my junior year at my new undergrad university (came from average community college), I would like to start preparing and assessing what "level" I should most look into. Everyone has their dream school, and mine is UC Berkeley. Granted, my hopes of being admitted there are slim at best. Nonetheless, I would be remiss if I didn't try and apply. That said, I have some other programs I might have some shot at, even if it's a long shot. I would appreciate an honest look at where I stand, and then maybe some examples of institutions I should consider "reach", "within my reach" and also "safety." Type of Student: Domestic White Male Applying to: Pure Mathematics PhD Undergrad Institution: University of Washington (Tacoma Campus) Undergraduate Major: Pure Mathematics Undergraduate GPA(As of now, going into my senior year): 3.71 Overall, 3.58 Math Major GPA Work Experience: I work as a tutor for a well-known tutoring company and applied for a tutoring position through the university. GRE General Test: Not taken yet (July 14 test date) GRE Mathematics: Not taken (took a practice test, got a 440! Yikes! I am studying though, mostly needed a calculus refresher (integration)) Undergraduate Relevant courses: Community College(Freshman/Sophomore): Calc I,II (AP class), Calc III (sequences, series, convergence, basic vector functions) 3.0, Calc 4 (multivariable/vector calculus) 2.7, Differential Equations (2.0, but retaking this fall. I didn't do well in the class at community college but now that I am at university for my junior/senior year I thought I'd retake it), Linear Algebra 2.7 University(Junior/Senior) Prob. and Stat. for Engineers and Scientists 3.0, Math Reasoning (Proof writing class/formal logic) 4.0, Math Seminar (Capstone prep/ how to conduct math research) 4.0, Complex Analysis 4.0, Abstract Algebra I (Group theory with intro to rings/fields) 4.0, Abstract Algebra II(Ring/field theory up to field extensions) 4.0, Readings in Math (Independent study; Advanced Linear Algebra [non-matrix based]) 4.0. To Be Taken This Coming Year: Differential Equations, Geometry (Axiomatic geometry with emphasis on non-Euclidean geometry), Coding Theory (error correcting codes), Real Analysis I, Senior Seminar(Capstone presentation class), Topology, "Math, Power, and Society" (for graduation requirement), and hopefully another independent study on Galois theory. Capstone: Part of our graduation requirements require a capstone project. My advisor and I have decided to try and publish our capstone in an undergraduate journal by the end of summer. We will be working throughout the summer on the group structure of elliptic curves and its connection to RSA encryption. This will be my only research experience, and only at an undergrad level. Other Considerations: At my university (small secondary campus 1 hour drive from main state university campus) I am fortunate to have a great relationship with my professors. We are (for the most part) on first name bases and I feel very comfortable for them to be able to attest to my abilities and potential for graduate studies. Furthermore, my "ace-in-the-hole" (if you could call it that) is one faculty member is rather well known and has a good reputation. She is known mostly for her communications of mathematics, and is the President-Elect of the MAA (She will become official president soon). She has directed me in my linear algebra independent study and has had me as a student for my proof writing class. She is fully able to attest to my abilities, and hopefully she will be well known enough to give aid me in applying to my dream schools. Also, I have two other professors who I believe really know me and my abilities, and can recommend me enthusiastically. I am also a member of the MAA, Spectra the LGBTQ mathematician association, I was inducted to our school's Pi Mu Epsilon honor society chapter, and received department awards for "Best in Class: junior" and "math ambassador" Planning on Applying to: UC Berkeley(dream school), Princeton, Penn State, University of Washington, University of Virginia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Oregon State University, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, and anything you might recommend. I am really hoping for schools to learn a lot of algebraic number theory, especially in reference to Elliptic curves or group/field theory (I loved Artin's book on Galois theory). I would appreciate an honest assessment of my chances. Granted, I am still going into my Senior year in undergrad, but I wanted to start prepping now. I will of course dream big, but I would appreciate honest advice on schools I have a shot at, and then safety schools.
  5. Hey all, I'm a Fall 2020 Genetics PhD applicant for the University of Cambridge. I've had a Skype interview with a POI 2 weeks ago, and I realized that my status on the portal changed from "under review by the Department" to "under review by the Degree Committee" just yesterday. Anyone know what this means? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hiya, I am applying for microbiology/virology PhD programmes in the fall. Most applications require a minimum of 3 referees and a maximum of 5. I am on an integrated masters programme in the UK. I was wondering what the split between professors who have taught me (one to one teaching, so know me very well) and research supervisors? At the time of the application in Dec, I will have been about a month in into my masters year research project (start first week of Nov, Covid delayed everything). Should I ask my lab PI who is supervising my masters to write me a LoR despite the fact that he would have known me for a max of 1 month? Any advice would be appreciated!!
  7. Hi! I'm planning on applying to clinical psychology phd programs in the fall, and I was wondering if anyone has heard if PhD programs have waived the GRE due to COVID (like many schools are waiving the SAT/ACT for undergrad)? I emailed ETS about their testing centers being open but I haven't heard back... To be completely honest I don't even feel comfortable going into a testing center with the current covid pandemic 😕
  8. Hi all, I just wanna start this topic for those who are in the same situation (or was) so that we can share the experiences, learn from each other or just to make this waiting less like eternity. So about 3 weeks ago, I received this e-mail from EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), to which I applied for a PhD in Computer Science (the EDIC program). I was really euphoric... "We would like to inform you that your application has been accepted by the EDIC Admission Committee and that you are admissible to the program. The next step for being admitted to the program is to be hired in a lab and to have a Thesis Director. Your application is now available to the professors. You may be contacted directly by a professor for further discussion or for an interview invitation. Should a professor be interested in your file, he/she will most likely contact you within the next two months." And I have been waiting for the "next step" ever since. I was really patient in the first 2 weeks but now I'm like sitting on fire. So now I wanna start by introducing a bit about my profile: Master's in Math [graduating this year] and Bachelor's in Computer Science, both from NTU (Singapore), decent GPA (but not really high, I suppose), got 4 papers (1 journal + 3 conferences) --- my selling point, I guess + half a year working in Switzerland (in a software company in Zurich) as an intern during my Bachelor's study. I know from the Results that there are some people who are in the same situation. So I wanna pose some questions: Have you got contacted by the professors there yet? If yes, when? How was the interview like? What is the outcome? Can you share your profile? ;-)
  9. Hi all, I look for the advices about my profile for applying Ph.D. in Statistics in Fall 2021. I am so nervous about the incoming application season since my GRE score in Verbal part is pretty low. I took it many times but my score didn't go up. Currently, I am master student majoring in Statistics in the US University. Type of Student: International Asian Male Applying to: Statistics PhD Undergrad Institution: Top 5 public university in my country Undergraduate Major: Mathematical Statistics Undergraduate GPA: 3.8 Graduate Institution: University in the US (Ranked between 11 - 20, according to the USNew) Graduate GPA: Currently 4.00 Graduate Major: Statistics Work Experience: I worked as a Data Scientist for 1 year GRE General Test: Q167 V147 W3.0 I also have a question here that should I retake it? GRE Mathematics: Not taken Undergraduate Relevant courses: Math: Calc I (A), Calc II (A), Calc III (A), Calc IV (A), Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics (Learning about how the proof) (A), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Equation (A), Introduction to Numerical Analysis (Pass; I audited this course) Stats: Intro to Regression (A), Design of Experiment (A), Categorical Data Analysis (A), Introduction to Multivariate Analysis (A), Probability Theory (B+), Statistical Inference (A), Introduction to Stochastic Process (A), Time Series Analysis (A), Statistical Quality Control (B+), Statistical Simulation (A) Others: Data Mining (A), Data Science Practicum (A), Operation Research (A), Research Methodology (B+) ** Calc IV at my university is studying about the Sequence and Sequences and series of functions, uniform convergence, tests for convergence of improper integrals, vector-valued functions of several variables and surface integrals. Graduate Relevant courses: Stats: So far, I have taken Regression, Multivariate Analysis, Probability Theory, Statistical Inference, Design of Experiment and Bayesian Modelling (All of them are Master's level) I think that I will take the Regression, Statistics Inference (Ph.D levels) and some Computational Statistics course. Research Experience: I have done a research with the Statistics Professor for 8 months about the EM-Algorithm. Recommendation Letters: 1 of them will be from my professor who I work with and the other 2 will be from the professors who I took his course at get A/A+. Planning on Applying to: Actually, I wish for Standford, UCBerkely, UMich, North Carolina State, Colorado State. However, I'm open to all. I just wonder that what should be some good safety university for me? Thank you in advance for your suggestions
  10. I have received admission at WVU in Computer Science PhD starting Fall 2020 with full funding and tuition waiver (of 9 credits). I still deciding whether or not I should I attend WVU. What worries me is the reputation of the university - "Party School". I am not sure if this title suits the grad school at all. Does anyone have any review about the program? This would help me a lot in making a good decision. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone!I am about to enter my 4th year of my psychology BA at SDSU. I plan on taking the GRE in the upcoming months. I currently have a 3.9 GPA. My plan is to eventually get a PhD so that I can become and educational testing psychologist (psychometrician) to help kids get accommodations in school.Apply to grad schools will be difficult for me because my dad was planning on helping me but he unexpectedly passed away in March. So now I have to figure everything out for myself. Here is what I have planned for applications so far-SDSU- Psych MAUCSD- Psych MAUC Merced- Psych PhDUC Riverside- Psych PhDI am doing MA for the more competitive schools and PhD for the less competitive schools. I am happy with my choices so far but am concerned that grad school apps will be too competitive and I will get denied from all four. Does anyone have any recommendations for other schools that I can apply for? Here are some of the important things--General Psych for MA or Clinical Psych for PhD-Low tuition around $10,000 or lower per year (my dad was the breadwinner in the family)-Preferably near San Diego so I can visit home every once in a while (SoCal/ West Arizona) I am willing to consider further school as long as they are low tuition (around $10,000 per year)I am just a little overwhelmed having to do this search by myself now.P.S. I would add CSU San Marcos to the MA list but I am not sure if the grad school acceptance is similar to how they do undergrad (if you apply to both CSUSM and SDSU then you would be accepted to CSUSM since it is the less competitive school and you would be denied from SDSU).
  12. Hi. I'm a rising senior (undergrad) planning on applying to doctoral programs this fall in need of some guidance. Right now, I am leaning towards applying to Psy.D. programs. I just don't love research. I am pretty neutral about it, but I know it is something I don't want to do for my career. I know all about the funding situation, but I am fortunate enough to be in a financial position where that is not a major concern. Obviously, I would still prefer funded programs. Because of my neutral feelings regarding research and my preference for clinical work, I have been pretty set on the Psy.D. for Clinical Psychology. However, am I limiting myself? I know a lot of people do Ph.D. and don't end up going into research. However, am I competitive enough for Ph.D. programs? Further, is taking a gap year absolutely necessary? I really wouldn't want to work as a research coordinator. Many people have advised me to take a year or two to gain more clinical work, thereby having a stronger application. Is there any shot of me getting into Psy.D. or Ph.D. right from undergrad? Honestly, my plan right now is to apply to some Psy.D. programs (only a few/reach schools), kind of hoping for a miracle. Then, I will take a year off when that miracle doesn't happen and get more clinical work and apply again. Does this sound good? Am I limiting myself? Do I have no shot? If I have no shot, please tell me. It's really hard to understand where I fit in compared to other applicants. GPA 3.91/4 Taking my GREs this summer. Probably a little lower on math. 1 year as a research assistant in psychometric lab. Leader/trainer for school's crisis/listening hotline (3 years) This summer I had an amazing internship at the Child Mind Institute, but it was delayed until next year. For the summer, I have taken up remote positions. Remote Summer RA at Montclair State (College COVID study) Remote Summer RA at Rutgers (Social-Emotional learning/school intervention lab) Remote Summer RA at Rowan (anxiety + depression research) Writing a psychology thesis next year about college admissions (def psychology based, but not really THAT clinical) School extracurriculars: multiple leadership positions in sorority, Psi Chi secretary Past jobs: Summer camp counselor for 3 years, summer internship at school in education technology.
  13. I am a graduate student in my second year and would like to apply for PhD programs in Statistics. I am uncertain about how successful my applications will be as I don't have a Stats background, but a couple of professors at my grad school told me I should give it a shot. Undergrad Institution: International private institution Undergraduate Major: Electronics and Communication Engineering Undergraduate GPA: 3.57 Graduate Institution: Private school in Southern California Graduate GPA: 3.85 Graduate Major: Business Analytics Type of Student: International Female Work Experience: 3 years as a Business Analyst GRE General Test: Q:168 V: 170 W: 4.0 GRE Mathematics: Not taken Applying to: Statistics PhD Research Experience: doing quantitative research with a professor in the Marketing department. It is application oriented and will involve time series analysis to solve a use case Letters of Recommendation: No one well-known, but can get 3 decent ones from school (one with the Professor I am doing research for) and corporate Math/Other Relevant Grades: Undergrad (International)- Engineering Mathematics I (A), Engineering Mathematics II (A), Engineering Mathematics III (B), Engineering Mathematics IV (C) Statistics/Other Relevant Grades: Grad (USA)- Statistical Computing and Data Visualization (A-), Marketing Analytics (A), Data Driven Decision Making (A), Business Analytics (A-), Fraud Analytics (A), Text Analytics and NLP (A), Applied Modern Statistical Learning Methods (A) Planning on Applying to: Dream schools: UC-Berkely, UCLA, University of Washington, CMU, UPenn, Cornell, Duke What would be some good safety schools? Is it worth applying to a PhD program in Statistics with my profile? Which schools can I target? Thank you for your help.
  14. Hi all, I am not going to ask you guys to chance me, as I know the application cycle will be an uphill battle for me from a low GPA and non-traditional background. I majored in Economics at an Ivy League with minors in Math and Statistics. I didn't do so well in the Economics with a few C's, a few A's, and mostly B's,(major GPA ~ 3.1) while my Math (mostly A's with an occasional A-), Stat, and other STEM courses such as CompSci and Econometrics was around 3.75. My cumulative GPA including the 'general ed' courses was right below 3.40, with the lowest semester being the first semester of my third year. I finish both my senior semesters with a 3.9. It seems that my GPA progression is hyperbolic and concaved upwards over the semesters. I will have taken up to Real Analysis, scoring A-/A in my math courses from undergrad and graduate institutions. Now, I am enrolled in my final year in a statistics masters program at a mid tier state school (to be specific - mid tier for statistics) and will be expecting a final GPA between 3.8-4.0. I will also be completing a master's paper on the topic comparing multivariate time series models using foreign exchange data (not a publication in a journal). My interest lies in financial engineering and multivariate statistics. My GRE is V:160/Q:166/W:4 (I plan on retaking. Also I am taking the GRE Math subject to hopefully scoring between the 50th to 70th percentile. The higher the better but without the math major, I don't know how feasible it is.) I have around 1 year of work experience in finance and data analytics (business strategy) as I recently finished my undergrad. So my questions for PhD programs are: 1) Besides the big names such as Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, and Berkeley, where else offers such programs with respect to my interest in financial engineering and high dimensional statistics? I'd like to stay on the coasts. 2) Which schools are more reasonable to be set as target schools? 3) Is it worth my while to work towards a post-bac in math to compensate for the GPA and gain the necessary coursework? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  15. Hello everyone, I have just started the process of looking at grad school and there's so much info it's overwhelming. So I would really appreciate if you can give me some insights if my profile is competitive enough. I am applying to developmental psychology programs with close connection with education. Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Honors from a liberal arts college GPA: 3.60 (cum laude) Major: Psychology, Minors: Education, Sociology and French, TEFL certificate Relevant courses: Statistics and Research Design in Psychology (in which I was a TA twice), Capstone classes in Cognitive Neuroscience (B+) and Cultural Psychology (A), International and Comparative Education (A), Psychology for the Public Good (A+) GRE: retaking this summer but I expect V:160/Q:162/W: 5.0 LORs: - Psychology Advisor: with whom I've taken 2 classes with (A & A+) and conducted 3 research with. Should be really good - Sociology Advisor: has known me for 4 years. Glowing LOR - Supervisor: knew me for 3 years. Very good LOR about my professional exp Honors project: establishing reliability and validity of a well-known theory about the relationship between parental rejection and adolescents' psychological wellbeing in another language Experience: - First author of research about Guatemalan adolescents - Corresponding author of research about Vietnamese adolescents - 2 year experience as Research Assistant - 3 year working as a counsellor at an enrichment program for elementary school children - 1 year experience as TA for stats class - Admissions intern for a university - 1 year working as a liaison between school administrations and international students Study abroad: 1 semester in France and 1 summer in Korea Languages: Vietnamese, English, French, Korean, Japanese Reach School: Stanford GSE, Teachers College at Columbia Fit School: Penn State, McGill University Safe school: UConn, UPittsburgh My absolute dream school is Stanford GSE (DAPS), so if anybody got any insight into admitted students profiles, I'd really appreciate it!!!
  16. Hi all, I'm graduating from a MFA program in Architectural History next year (spring 2021) and have been seriously considering applying to PhD history programs, most likely for admission in fall 2021. I'm an older student (late 30s) and my career has been focused in architectural history up to this point. I love research and writing, and have done a significant amount of it in my career, but I've lost my interest in the built environment. I've always been an amateur social and cultural historian and want to focus on that in a professional capacity. It seems that going on for my PhD is a means of achieving that. I do have a strong desire to educate; I'm very into public history (researched and developed my own historic walking tour, started a history podcast, etc.) as I feel it is integral to making a traditionally stuffy topic more accessible to the general public. To that end, I'm flexible about how my future career takes shape. I understand that history teaching positions are drying up, so I would be equally happy in a museum setting. I'd like my primary field to be women's history (late 19th and early 20th century America and Britain), with secondary fields in social and cultural history (American, British, European). Primarily, I've been looking at schools with women's history faculty. I have a running list of programs and the professors that I would want to work with, and general idea of the requirements. But am I wrong to assume that getting into a top 25 program is an absolute necessity for obtaining a teaching job (if I were to pursue that route)? I've been using US News' list of top history PhD programs to do my research--is that list valid? Right now, my top choices are Johns Hopkins (my professor "spirit animal" is there) and UNC-Chapel Hill (all around strong women's history program). I know University of Wisconsin is known for its women's history program, but I have been a little reticent about that due to the location. I'm on the east coast would prefer to stay there or at least be able to fly back and forth regularly. Are there other programs I should be considering? Now that I've read some threads on here, I'm definitely more nervous about applying. The only way for me to do this is to be fully funded (tuition waiver and stipend). My undergrad GPA was 3.45 (3.8 major), which I thought was good, until I read on here that it might not be? So far, my GPA in my masters program is 4.0. I should note that the school that I'm doing my MFA at is an arts school that is well regarded...but it's an arts school. I haven't taken the GRE yet (it wasn't required for admission for my MFA) and I'm terrified. Honestly, I'm a terrible test taker and know that my math scores will stink because there is a giant black hole in my brain where anything beyond basic math skills should be. My verbal should be good. I hope to take and pass the reading exam for French before applying. I've presented a paper at one conference and am applying for others--will that help my application? Any other suggestions for ways to improve my chances at acceptance? Do I need to start reaching out to the professors that I would like to work with? It seems that gaining their favor also improves acceptance chances? I feel like I'm very prepared for all this but then some days, I feel like I've got a blindfold on. Any advice and/or suggestions are appreciated.
  17. Hello all, I am applying for F1 visa from Mexico city as a third country national. I am studying in Mexico and staying in Mexico on a student visa. I was filling up the DS160 and I encountered confusion in a few questions. I would appreciate if you can share your opinion/ideas/experiences on them. 'Intended length of stay ' : I talked to a professor and he said that the average time for completion of the PHD program is 5 years. It's also the same in an image describing the timeline of phD, on the website of the univ. But the program duration given on my I-20 is 8 years. So what to write as the answer to the question "intended length of stay" : 5 years or 8 years : as mentioned in the I-20 ? It asks for home address and mailing address. Is 'home address' supposed to be the same as permanent address, as mentioned on my passport, or the temporary one here in Mexico city ? That's all. Cheers
  18. Hi all, I hope this finds you well. I am currently writing my PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology. I used a very useful database that helped me organising my data. I thought that might be of interest for some of you. I think it could be also used to record finds on excavations. I am not sure if I can post the link to it in here? Otherwise I am happy to provide a review. Stay safe and take care
  19. Howdy! I'm currently looking into graduate schools to apply to. My career goal is to become an academic neuroscience researcher, but my specific interests are rather niche and I am having difficulty finding professors who match my interests well. I am interested in the evolution of distinctly human behaviors such as theory of mind, consciousness, and ability to comprehend reality. However, I am particularly interested in studying why mental illnesses occur that distort these uniquely human cognitive processes. I would like to study the genetic basis of psychological disorders such as anorexia nervosa and schizophrenia that impair one's ability to exercise these uniquely human mental capabilities. I want to study what genetic/neurochemical processes lead to the these mental disorders to better understand what selective pressures led to the development of these capabilities in the first place. Does anyone know any schools with professors who study this??? I don't even know what to label it, but I was thinking that maybe researchers looking into primate models may be my best bet?
  20. Hello there, I have a PhD offer from UT-Dallas and another one from University of Rochester. Both are funded- UTD(stipend around 1.8k and UR stipend around 2.3k) I think both are great offers but I'm confused as to which would be better for me. for University of Rochester, I have a supervisor while for UTD, I do not have a supervisor yet, and I'll have to find one after I start classes. My interest is in NLP and ML, but I have not been able to narrow it down any further. I think that talking to alumni or current students of the institution would help immensely. Is there anyone here who have attended either of these programs? If so, what did you or did not like about your program? How are the programs viewed in terms of career opportunities in the industry and academia? How helpful are the professors and what is expected of you in terms of research? If there is anyone who's going to either of these programs this time, what are your reasons for attending this program?
  21. I'm in the process of building a free GRE study resource for myself and others aiming to improve their GRE scores (you can check it out here: [removed]). I'm looking for resources to add to the different sections. I'm looking for notes, lesson plans, readings, websites, etc. So long as the material is something you can find online or that doesn't require copyright permissions forms (like notes you've taken from a published work and are willing to share)--I hope you all will be willing to share or suggest. Thank you!
  22. I'm finishing my final semester at college from a pretty good university (top 30 for undergrad). I would eventually like to apply to grad school for a PhD in Economics (perhaps Fall 2021 or Fall 2022) and I wanted to know if anyone has any advice for what I could do in the meantime. I was pretty late to the game, and am only now looking for jobs. I'm not really sure what kind of jobs to apply to, or what to expect, really, given the pandemic, etc. I'm also considering applying to an online Masters in Statistics simultaneously but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Below is a rough overview of my profile. Mathematics and Economics Double Major. Statistics Minor. Cumulative GPA: 3.67 | Economics GPA: 3.97 | Mathematics GPA: 3.65 Undergrad Teaching Assistant for 2 years Honors Thesis in Economics: Graduating with High Honors, and trying to get it published I have really good relationships with a number of my professors from the Economics and Statistics departments, but I haven't asked for any letters of recommendation yet because I'm not sure what I'll be doing in the next year. I am yet to take the GRE. I'd really appreciate any advice on what would be a good use of time/ what I should focus on now to eventually get into a good program. Thank you!
  23. Hello everyone, Seeking advice, opinion and guidance upon my recent decision to pursue my PhD. I have a Masters in Theatre and Literature and built (and ran) a theatre department within a classical music school for many years. I have also lectured in poetry and film and ran art exhibitions for local artists. Because of these varied immersions, it is my true desire to seek a PhD that has intertextuality as its point and purpose. I won't go into the details of the core of my intent but I am wondering if anyone can provide advice on the feasibility of approaching a specific area of theatre by intrinsically connectingand comparing it to film, art and literature. All general advice I have gleaned and deciphered seems to purport the narrower the scope the better ... am I mental to desire breadth and random alignments?
  24. Anyone applying for a PhD in social work? What is your story?
  25. I am second year political science PhD student at Texas. This evening my varsity decided not continue my funding for Fall 2020. I am an international student. Is there any graduate program at any US PolSci department where I can transfer my course credit or apply for PhD now (for Fall 2020). Urgent feedback required. Thanks in advance!
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