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  1. Hello Guys, Planning to apply for PhD program in South Asian History, but still confused which Universities have the best Programs and faculty for the field. Opinions and Suggestions are welcome.
  2. I am currently an associate level clinical social worker working in an inpatient hospital as a DBT/RO-DBT therapist. I still have about two more years until I become an LCSW in my state. I graduated with my BSW at GMU (3.89 GPA) and MSW at UW (3.98 GPA) with one co-authored publication from my bachelors around dementia care using music interventions. I am currently in a professional training program to become a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist on top of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My question is would I benefit more from a PhD in Psychology or Social Welfare/Social Work? My long-term goals are to open up an expressive arts therapy center catering primarily towards immigrants, first-gen, and international students that overall provides affordable mental health services for these populations as well as provide a space for social work students to develop themselves clinically as a practicum placement. I would also like to become a social work professor to teach and do research back in the DC area on top of working towards opening up a therapeutic center. Although these goals are ambitious, my main priority is to become a professor after getting my LCSW and REAT. My primary research interests would be revolving around parentification, mood & personality disorders, over-controlled coping mechanisms, culture shock, social withdrawal (hikikomori), and creating new interventions around expressive arts therapy. I am only 23 and a first-gen student, so a PhD sounds daunting, but I believe that is my next goal I would like to work towards after I obtain my licenses. I am just unsure if there are any true advantages for getting a PhD in Psychology compared to Social Work. I love social work's social justice foundation, but I believe psychology would help me develop a stronger clinical perspective. I was also considering University of Michigan's Joint PhD in Social Work and Psychology.
  3. Thought I'd start the thread for prospective doctoral students applying to start in Fall 2021. I'm starting it early so we can discuss and support each other given the added challenges of applying during a pandemic. I'm applying for my PhD in Social & Behavioral Health programs.
  4. I was wondering if it would be feasible to and would worth doing a MIA (Master of International Affairs) after a PhD in Contemporary History. A year ago I asked advice about a second PhD in Pol Sci (Chinese FP). Since then I have made some progress studying the language (now studying B1-HSK3 level) and I plan to take two Algebra and Stats online courses at an Extension school. As a second PhD is still part of my plan, given the difficulty of being admitted at a top program and being employed by a Uni after several years of studying I would like to have some advice on doing a MIA, at Columbia or UCSD for example, specializing in Chinese foreign policy. What would the employment prospects be, mostly regarding IOs in the US or Europe? Would it be realistic to look for a second PhD at a top program (top 20) after that, if I still want to? Last question; I did some research and 3-5 years of professional experience are required in order to be admitted. I have a year-long internship at my national Ministry of Foreign Affairs and my 7 years of master's and doctoral research in several countries, funded by more than two prestigious institutions. My research has led to presentations at international conferences and publications (one of which as a chapter in a collective volume by a prestigious publisher). Would this be enough? Thank you in advance.
  5. DeNovo

    French PhD 2021

    Salut! I know it's pretty early, but I thought I would get the thread started for the next application cycle. I haven't narrowed down my list of schools, but I study eighteenth-century literature, culture, and political thought with emphasis on trade and commerce. Excited to see who else is applying and what you want to research! 😊
  6. Hi All, I hope there is someone out there who can shed some light on my question. I am equally interested in the Business Economics and Business Administration (Strategy) PhD programs at Harvard University. When going over to each program's page on Harvard's website, I notice that the number of students in the Business Economics is significantly higher than in the Strategy program. Can anyone confirm if this means I would have a higher chance to be admitted in the Business Economics program? Thank you in advance for your info.
  7. Hiya, I am applying for microbiology/virology PhD programmes in the fall. Most applications require a minimum of 3 referees and a maximum of 5. I am on an integrated masters programme in the UK. I was wondering what the split between professors who have taught me (one to one teaching, so know me very well) and research supervisors? At the time of the application in Dec, I will have been about a month in into my masters year research project (start first week of Nov, Covid delayed everything). Should I ask my lab PI who is supervising my masters to write me a LoR despite the fact that he would have known me for a max of 1 month? Any advice would be appreciated!!
  8. Hello, everyone! I'm currently in the process of writing my SOP. If anyone is able to review my SOP and offer suggestions/comments, please PM me. I'd appreciate it! Best, The Sailor Scholar
  9. Hello everyone. This is a cross-post with a topic I made in the Humanities board. I'm currently a Junior in a BFA Creative Writing program; however, I studied English at my previous college. I need help deciding where to focus my academic efforts over the next 9 months so that I'm not applying to programs which are beyond my skill-set. I've considered pursing an MFA, but after speaking with my advisors I feel that a PhD program better suits my current interests. I'm much less interested in publishing creative work in literary journals than I am in understanding the rhetoric of artistic forms and the culture/experiences they encapsulate. I've been primarily looking into Comparative Literature graduate programs (the interdisciplinary potential excites me,) but I only have an intermediate level of French; I can read fluently and speak fairly fluidly, but my writing skills are comparatively poor. I'm very interested in Showa Era Japan, particularly post-war, and the cultural exports of Japan to the United States and France, but my Japanese is very rudimentary. My McNair advisor suggested I pursue the UCSC History of Consciousness program or another program rooted in Critical Theory. I really took to the whole 'liberal arts' thing and waded into every pool of the humanities (visual art, philosophy, identity, etc). My small college doesn't have much to offer me in this area so I'm researching this field on my own. I'd also be happy to focus on methodologies (Narrative and Rhetorical Theory, Marxism and Critical Social Theory, Writing Studies/Pedagogy, Cognitive Studies) so I'm open to English programs that allow me to focus on this aspect. My areas of academic knowledge are broad but very shallow. I'm not sure what level of experience in these areas I'm expected to have as an undergrad. I've only just started looking into some academic journals this year. My classes have focused more on theory and I've only written a couple of serious research papers. None of them have been in any of my areas of interest so far. The closest I've come was when I was translating Baudelaire, discussed its poetics, and mentioned its depiction in a manga/anime, Aku no Hana (this wasn't even a traditionally academic paper, more of a poetry/creative essay/academic hybrid.) Is it a bad idea to pursue academic research when I've been more trained to pursue an MFA? Would an MFA allow me to explore these academic areas without jumping ship into what's essentially another discipline? Is a bad idea to pursue interest areas in which I have only limited undergrad academic experience? Thank you for any feedback you can give me. I hope I have enough time between now and November to course-correct my time and studies towards a viable area of discipline.
  10. Hey y'all! I'm currently applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs for Fall 2021 admissions. This will be my first time every going through the application cycle, so yes, I'm very excited and very nervous Here's my conundrum though, I'm still not sure about my research interests. I just graduated from with my MA in Psychology this Spring, so I have had 2 years of 'official' psychology experience, if you may, and while I thoroughly enjoyed every core class I took (biopsych, ethics, cognitive, stats, etc), I'm still not sure about what exactly I want to research for the next 5 years... Almost every topic seems so exciting to pursue! And it's like this buffet where I want to eat everything (I mean, try every kind of sub topic haha). So, my main question is, how did you discover or get to know what exactly you want research? How did you know that a specific sub-field was 'the one' for you? Any advice or perspective will be really appreciated! Thanks y'all!
  11. Hi all, I'm starting a phd program in the US this fall and I am exploring FRQNT and NSERC doctoral scholarships opportunities for 2021-2022. My understanding is that you cannot hold both the awards. However, the FRQNT has an exception for students outside of Quebec whose tuition fees are greater or equal than the award itself but must not be covered by other organizations. My tuition fees are higher than the cost of this award but are usually waivered by my university as I hold a TA/RA position. However, I did some research online and from a few LinkedIn profiles it seems that some people were awarded both (although they could have declined it). This is rather unclear and I was wondering if anyone been in that situation and is able to give me some advice? Thanks.
  12. I graduated this past spring with a BS in pharmacology and I'll be applying for fall 2021. I want to pursue a career in R&D in the future. I'm especially interested in joining a PhD program for neuroscience tied to pharmaceutical sciences, but I don't actually have much background in neuroscience. It would be super helpful if I could get some insight into where I would be standing in regards to applying for graduate programs. I was a transfer so I did 2 years at a community college (got a 3.83 GPA) and then graduated from a university with a 3.83 GPA. I did undergraduate research for almost 1.5 years where my project was involved in studying a chronic disease and its metabolic changes. There is a paper still in the works that I will be published in, but not as first author. It's also been delayed due to Covid-19, but I'm hoping that it will be out before I apply. Besides this, I don't have any publications. Since graduating, I've been working as a staff research associate at my current lab, so that's what I will be doing for the next year. I have two professors who I will be asking for a letter of recommendation from. One is my PI, who I know will give me a strong letter. The other is a professor who I have taken 5 classes with (both lecture and lab courses), but they do not know me nearly as well as my PI. They basically only know my name and face, and that I have had As in all of their classes. I'm not too sure where I will get my third letter of recommendation, but I'll likely ask another professor who I've taken classes with. I go to school and live in California, so I'd prefer to stay here. I am thinking of applying to UCSF, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, and Scripps. I will probably also apply to some out-of-state places. These are just some schools that I've been thinking about, but definitely not the only ones I'm open to applying to. I know it's hard to gauge how PhD programs will choose their applicants, but I'd like to get a general idea of what sorts of schools would be my reach schools and my safety schools. Thanks in advance.
  13. Dear all, I'm currently doing bioinformatics research in human genetics in a niche area (neuro-genetics). I have had a great opportunity to research on some threatening public-health topics with genomics as tool to address them. Now, I definitely come to a point where I enjoy doing what I'm doing, in and out intense amount of data cranking. It is all hunky-dory, however I'd like to progress my career for several reasons: a) I'd like to do something more b) I'm stuck in middle of the hierarchy with my current education degree c) circuitous immigration paperwork that adds more complexity to point b. I'd like to make progress policy making or towards to the finance side of the system where tonnes of data are used to reach to decisions and those policies affecting millions of people out there. But I don't know how to proceed. What PhD programs to aim for. I'd like to keep two components: 1) genetics as that is the backbone and would assist me to have an entry towards health policy making part. 2) policy or economics side. Below is my a brief outline of CV: Education: MS (US) and UG (Asia) in Bioinformatics; CGPA: 3.8/4.0 in MS, 7/10 in UG Work experience: 7 in total: 2 in IT, 5 in research (so far) Research work experience Human genetics: 3 years Bacteria: 3 years Research Papers: Few second author, one first author, 2 first author in preparation. Decent impact factor for both second and first author Posters: 3 first author, 2 second author miscellaneous: R library Package development, Web skills minimal, Latex beginners' level, bash scripting, python beginner level and few other. I'm based out of the US (east coast), would like to aim for Columbia, Harvard, Princeton (or that league). I did my MS from one of the top tech institutions (in the US). I've GRE score valid 315 (Quant: 160, Verbal: 155, AWA 4.0). I'm in early 30s if that is an important factor.
  14. Dr. Dingwen Tao from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University invites applications for Ph.D. studies in the areas of high-performance computing, parallel and distributed systems, and distributed deep learning. Students will be fully funded by research/teaching assistantship. Dr. Tao has published many papers in top HPC and Big Data conferences and journals, including ACM HPDC, ACM ICS, ACM ICPP, ACM PPoPP, ACM PACT, IEEE/ACM SC, IEEE BigData, IEEE CLUSTER, IEEE DAC, IEEE IPDPS, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), IJHPCA, etc. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Xilinx. More details of Dr. Tao's research and projects can be found at: https://www.dingwentao.com/research Qualified candidates are expected to have strong programming experiences in C/C++ and Python under Linux platform and good English writing skills. Students with prior research experience in parallel computing (MPI/OpenMP) and/or acceleration technologies (GPGPU/FPGA) are preferred. Students with strong CS, Math, EE, or Physics backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants should send their detailed CVs, all transcripts, G/T scores, and other supporting documents in one pdf file directly to Dr. Tao at dingwen.tao@wsu.edu and apply online at https://gradschool.wsu.edu/apply/ 120 days before the beginning of the semester for full consideration. Please indicate Dr. Tao as your potential advisor in your statement of purpose. Why WSU EECS? Ranking: WSU is an R1 public research university and has high CS rankings: According to Washington Monthly, WSU ranks #47 in the list of top national public universities in U.S. According to US News Rankings, WSU CS graduate program ranks #75 in U.S. According to CS Rankings, WSU ranks #7 in design automation, #17 in HPC, #54 in database, #57 in AI, #61 in all system areas, and #74 in all areas in U.S. Faculty: 90% of WSU EECS junior faculty members have received prestigious federal young investigator awards, such as NSF/DOE/DOD Early Career Award. Students in EECS also won highly competitive PhD fellowships such as Microsoft PhD Fellowship. Job Opportunity: WSU is also close to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and has a joint program with PNNL, providing many collaboration opportunities with high-impact, national science and engineering research, especially HPC. Dr Tao's group has close collaborations with many national research laboratories such as Argonne National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab to develop emerging research and technology into real-world applications. Most PhD students have opportunities to intern at these national labs to work on fantastic collaborative projects. Location: WSU is located in Pullman close to several big cities including Seattle, Portland, and Boise, which have many giant IT companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Intel, Micron. Living cost is quite reasonable. Pullman has generally nice climates, safe neighborhoods, and beautiful outdoors/scenery. Graduate students can enjoy an excellent quality of life.
  15. Hi! I am applying to biostatistics/comp bio PhD and MS programs for Fall 2021. I spent two years studying bio and then transferred to statistics. I am kinda of worried about if I am qualified enough for PhD, especially that I didn't take many grad level math classes. I am gonna take some this fall but some schools have very early deadline so they won't see my grades. My GPA is not super high either ( The school I went to is famous for low GPA ). So I am applying to some MS programs as well, in case I cannot get into phD. Please let me know if the schools that I apply are too high or low for my profiles. Thank you so much! Student Type: International Asian Female Undergrad: Ivy Majors: Biology, Statistics Minors: CS Math GPA: 3.73 Math courses: Calc III(A), advanced linear algebra(A-), advanced probability with calculus (A+), Stats(A-), Linear models(B+), analysis (B+),Data Analysis using R, Grad level statistical computing Going to take this fall: grad level real analysis, grad level statistics, probability with measure theory, grad level theory of linear models, numerical analysis CS courses: Java OO Programming (B), data structure(A-), Python (A), Unsupervised Machine learning (A+) Going to take this fall, Supervised machine learning GRE: haven't taken yet, but soon. My expectations are: Q 170, V 160, W 4 Research: 6 month quantitative genetics with a US National Academy of Sciences member (Not sure if this title is gonna help in any way). No published paper 9 month quantitative genetics, mainly using machine learning. One 1st author paper 1 year with computational neuroscience. Present in two conferences. One 2nd author paper, One 1st author paper Letters of Recommendation: PIs of each of my research projects (3 different professors), Dean of the statistics department at my school who taught me statistical computing class. Work experience: 1 semester as a TA for a stats class, 1 semester as a tutor for academic writing Schools: Reach: 1. Weill Cornell Comp Bio phd (Two of my PIs are in this institution, one of them is in the admission committee. I don't know if this is gonna help. They also accepts an updated transcripts for the fall semester.) 2. Columbia biostats phd (also agreed to receive an updated fall 2020 transcript), 3. University of Chicago statistics phd (they have a very late deadline so gonna see my grades in the fall) 4. Upenn biostatistics phd target: 1. Vanderbilt biostatistics phd (they have a very late deadline so gonna see my grades in the fall) 2. UCLA biostatistics phd 3. Upitts biostatistics phd 4. UTexas Houston biostatistics phd 5. Georgetown biostatistics phd (they accept updated transcripts of this fall) 5. UC berkeley, JHU, Harvard, UW Seattle biostatistics MS Safe: I haven't decided, need suggestions
  16. I just finished my first week of a PhD program straight out of undergrad. I had some research experience in my B.A. and while I found it tedious, I figured a PhD would be worthwhile for the future job prospects. Besides, my parents both did it, and most graduates of my college go straight on to grad school. (Not a good rationale, I know). My major was interdisciplinary, with a science focus but no set career path, so I wasn't sure what else to do. I also wasn't/am not sure what exactly I want to work in (other than "not in academia"). I ended up throwing applications in several directions and seeing what I could get into with my major, figuring that'd be the best option. So, I ended up moving halfway across the country to a state I've never wanted to live in, to do a project I don't love, in a field that's just "okay". My lab group are all lovely people, my courses are fine, and I'm no longer having panic attacks about TAing, but I don't think I'll be happy staying here for four years (especially since my advisor is one of those "well I worked 70-80 hours a week" people). I want to at least stick out the semester (get some course credit, pay for my lease, don't leave my students in a lurch, give my advisor a manuscript draft), but I also don't look forward to faking my way through talk of the future and feel really guilty because I know my advisor will be FURIOUS if(when) I spring it on her in November, and she's really a good person. I don't want it to reflect badly on people from my (small) undergrad college or people without a master's who apply to the program in the future. I'm also homesick and in the throes of post-graduation depression, so as much as I'd like to go home this instant, that would be unwise. Part of me wants to suck it up and stay in the program all four years because that's stability. On the other hand, I don't enjoy the research process enough, I don't want to work super hard for nothing but a title, and I think if I ever go back to school later it'd be a master's, after enough work experience to know what I actually want. Is it ethically okay to still want to get something out of being here even if I don't want to stay? Do other people know they want to leave basically from the beginning? Do other people actually like the research process? Is there a future for PhD dropouts?
  17. Hi all, I will be second-year master student this upcoming semester and am really willing to pursue my Phd degree in statistics field. (For stat and biostat, I prefer to biostat). But I really do not know if these school I've already chosen is fit me well. I will really appreciate that if you could give me some advice! Thanks for your input! Type of student: international male (Asian) Applying to: stat/biostat Phd Undergrad institution: Central south university (Top 30 university in China) Majors: statistics GPA: 3.2 Main Math/stat course grades(undergrad): probability(A) / Advanced algebra I (B) / mathematical analysis I(B) / sampling techniques(B) / stochastic processes for application(B) / regression analysis(B) / data mining(B) / statistical analysis of industrial economy(A) / principle and technology of database(B) / matlab mathematical experiment(B)/ multivariate statistical analysis(B) / computer programming(C) / mathematic and physical statistics(C) / time series analysis (C) / (only have A B C D grades) Master institution: university of connecticut Majors: statistics GPA: 3.71 for first two semester Main Math/stat course grades(MS): Applied statistics I (B) / mathematical statistics I (B) Applied statistics II (A-) / mathematical statistics II (A) / design of experiments(A+) Analysis of survival data / linear statistical model / epidemiology (next semester) GRE general test: Q:166 V:152 W:>3 (I don’t know exact score for this test yet but the least score I got past is 3) Research experience: Accomplish two Applied statistics course project. (although I do not think they are research) (during master program) Biostat summer camp project (something about phase II experiment design, primary and secondary endpoint analysis). (during master program) Letters of recommendation: Non strong recommendation. I believe I could get three decent recommendations from professor. Planning to apply: Reach: Georgetown university / ohio state university / GWU / Michigan state university / Umass Target: Oregon state university / university of south Carolina / UC-denver/ virginia tech Safe: George mason university / university of Kansas medical center / medical college of Wisconsin
  18. Hello! New here and would appreciate a feedback on my profile. Applying to: PhD in Business/Management (track in Organisational Behaviour) at private schools (Columbia, NYU, Yale, University of Miami, University of Chicago, McGill University, University of Toronto, Cornell University, Duke University, Emory University, University of Washington in SL) as an international student Undergraduate school: university in the top 300 in the world for economics (location: Southern Europe) Undergraduate GPA: when I try to convert my local GPA to a point 4.0 scale, it is underscored. Anyway it should be 3.26 and I graduated with a final grade of 108 out of 110. Undergraduate major: economics and business Study abroad experiences: one summer school in South Korea and then one semester always in South Korea Undergraduate thesis: yes and passed with a grade of 6 out of 6 Graduate school: top 3 university in South Korea and top 60-70 in the world Graduate GPA: 4.4 out of 4.5. 1 B+ (in my last semester), 2 As, 11 A+ Graduate major: international business Graduate thesis: yes (Grade: A+) Research experience: I have written two thesis and currently I am writing a paper with a Professor at my graduate institution related to what I want to research during my PhD. Obviously the goal is to publish this before I send the applications and send it as a work example. Research methods courses: yes. Statistics (27 out of 30), Econometrics (28 out of 30) and Qualitative Research Methods (A) Scholarships: got a scholarship during my undergrad for the entire duration of my studies + another scholarship (always given by my university) to study abroad. During my master degree, I have also gotten a scholarship for two years. Work experience: before I started university, I did an internship at a local accounting firm for around one month. During my undergrad, I also did a 2-months internship in Malaysia. Currently, I am working in South Korea as a Business Development Manager for a Korean SME (will have one year and half experience once I apply to schools) GRE: not taken yet but I expected an overall score between 320 and 325 TOEFL: need to take it. I took it three years ago and got 115 Language skills: Italian (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Korean (high intermediate), German (advance beginner), French (beginner) Strength of SOP: haven’t wrote it yet but I guess my entire academic career and work experiences have been very “international” and I wanna focus on the international side of OB. Plus my ultimate goal in life is to be a Professor and I think my background is quite rare for an European/Italian. Strength of LOR: I will ask to 1) a professor I studied with during my exchange program in South Korea that has written me a really good (and touching for me) LOR before 2) my advisor at my graduate institution with whom I am writing a research paper now 3) another professor that knows me well from my graduate school Others: 1) worked for one year in my local AIESEC (largest student organisation in the world) 2) was student assistant twice during my undergraduate 3) volunteered for a Korean NGO that helps North Korean defectors to settle down in Korea for around 4 months 4) was vice-president of the student council and a student-led society at my graduate school
  19. Hi everyone! I'm applying to clinical psychology programs this fall and I'm getting my list of PI's together in order to narrow down my list of schools and I have a question.. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about applying to a program and indicating two mentors? Some of my schools have two PI's that are taking students that i'm interested in working with. Does that look bad to indicate two different PI's on my application/statement of purpose? Thanks everyone and good luck!!!!
  20. This is a cautionary note to the shiny-eyed prospective graduate student that dreams of actually learning something in this pile of steaming hot shit. If you have any self-respect and dignity, I entreat you, do not waste precious years of your productive life in this hell hole. Stay in your home country instead and learn from online courses, trust me, you'll learn more. You'll be lucky if you escape this farce of a department unscathed. The tenured professors sit on their fat asses and shit on the graduate students because that's how they can validate their miniscule ego. Some little shits have left but nonetheless let me illustrate my point with some examples. Layne Watson: This old fart still lives in the 1980s projecting handwritten transparencies and giving you grades for attendance, I kid you not! Numerical methods my ass, 70% of the class dropped out in the first week because looking up wikipedia would be more helpful than attending his class. Cliff Shaffer: This condescending prick doesn't even know his own subject. When questioned by students, he gave such a stupidly wrong answer that was instantly refuted by another student. Do yourself a favor, just buy Udi Manber's book on algorithms and learn on your own. His slides are just copied word-by-word from the book anyway. Godmar Back: I don't know if this POS has removed the stupid, condescending algorithm from his door that literally tells you fuck off if you don't qualify his whitelist. If you like being the submissive in BDSM, he's your guy. Some idiot in Stanford told him, "look Godmar, if you don't act like a jerk all the time no one will believe you're worth anything" and he's made it his Gospel. He's the epitome of a brilliant jerk. Naren Ramakrishnan: Omg this guy! He thinks he's a nobel laureate and he will treat you like a worm he found on the sidewalk. Most of his funding comes from the military and his research is aimed at helping governments quell civil unrest. For this glorious reason, he's been given a longass title. You wanna work for this scum? Wu Feng: This is the devil incarnate. Looking at his scheming face on his website should instantly give it away to the astute observer but I'll elaborate nonetheless. If you have the misfortune of joining his lab, at the least you're going to have to join alcoholics anonymous. He will pit you against your fellow lab member just like the colonial english. Divide and rule is his motto. When he's busy with his media appearances you'll be working 24/7 in his sweatshop producing the research that fuels his Mordor. Denis Gracanin: He should be the ambassador for advil PM. Puts you to sleep instantly. His slides are literally copied from the book. He might have been a good teacher once but I guess he gave up somewhere along the way. Stephen H. Edwards: This guy is a joke. He publishes research on computer science education but can't teach for nuts. One day you'll be his best friend and confidante and the next day he won't even recognize you. He has a problem with immigrants and will sabotage your career if he's bored. THEY KNOW YOUR VISA SITUATION AND THEY WILL EXPLOIT YOU FOR IT! THEY KNOW YOU HAVE DEBTS BACK HOME AND THAT YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO GO! THEY KNOW THAT THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO YOU WITH IMPUNITY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  21. Hi all! Hope you all are safe and healthy! I'm an undergrad Indian student currently pursuing a 5 year Integrated MS program in Pure Mathematics. I'm currently involved in a research project as part of my MS Thesis under the supervision of a Prof. at Penn State. Hopefully, we'll have 1-2 joint works published by the time I apply. He is very happy with my work so far and has agreed to be one of my recommenders for grad applications for PhD studies beginning Fall 2021. Penn State is one of my top choices and indeed, I wish him to be my advisor in future! So, is it possible for me to ask him for a reco for applying to Penn State, given the fact that he himself is a Prof. at Penn State? I'm feeling a bit awkward. I haven't yet submitted him my final list of preferred choices of universities. Thank you!
  22. Hello, I am a prospective PhD applicant to public policy programs and am curious about how much calculus is expected (if any at all) from programs that do not specify any calculus prerequisites. These would include schools like CMU Heinz, Texas LBJ, Brandeiis, ASU, Cornell, etc. Is there a silent requirement that we are just expected to know? Thanks for all your help in advance.
  23. Hello, Is there anyone applying to Canadian universities for a PhD in Health Sciences for 2021 intake? I am a Ghanaian looking to apply for a PhD in Health Sciences, 2021 however all the supervisors i have contacted in my field of interest in five schools are not accepting students. My research areas are HIV, adolescent sexual reproductive health, lower middle income countries. I need some comfort or advise. Thank you
  24. Is there a list that can be shared of fully funded English PhD programs? Does anyone know which programs are fully funded? Any info would help! Thanks, The Maritime Scholar
  25. To set the scene, I'm from a pretty much third world country, so I guess this story isn't all that surprising. I'm applying to STEM PhD programs in the US. The thing is, I had a quarrel with my research supervisor right before graduating with my MSc. As a result, I was expelled (even though I was top of my class and my thesis was ready). I can't go into details to stay anonymous. I can only tell that the lab in which I was working was beyond abusive. Afterward, I collaborated with some friends and published a couple of papers. Is that OK if I request LORs from them? They are only grad students at the moment. I don't really trust my previous teachers, because it's a small university and all the staff members there are basically close friends. I've been told that the rest of my application is strong enough for top schools. Will this problem seriously hurt my chances? I've read some stuff about it on gradcafe but that situation was a bit different...
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