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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Questioning, 


    I don't know if you feel a little bit better some years out - but if you feel ok responding - was this the MFA at the UO? Regardless - if you still check the thread at all how do you feel over five years later? 

  2. I've had the good fortune of being accepted to two incredible programs: a PhD in Logic & Philosophy of Science, and a PhD in Cognitive Science. Both programs are at UC Irvine. I'm having an incredibly hard time choosing between them. The LPS program is really amazing, and I see it as the best intellectual/cultural fit for me. The CogSci program is great too, and I have several fantastic PIs in the department interested in taking me on as a student. I think the two programs would be very different experiences since the CogSci program is structured more like a STEM program while LPS is, well, a philosophy program. Finally I am also concerned about job prospects (esp. with the oncoming worldwide recession/depression). I do want to stay in academia and become a professor (that's the dream), but I'm not naive enough to think that is a guarantee. The CogSci program would allow for much more job flexibility, while from what I can garner, the LPS program is really designed to train future professors and not much else. I know that this decision will ultimately come down to what I want to do in my career, but I'm hoping that getting some advice from you lot will help me collect my thoughts.
  3. Hi, I've been accepted to the above three programs, that is, to the MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge, the MSc in Philosophy of Science at LSE, and the MLitt in Philosophy at St. Andrews. They are all one year programs. I graduated from an Ivy League school in 2016 with an AB in Philosophy with about a 3.8 average (3.7 in philosophy), but haven't had luck with philosophy PhDs. My plan is indeed to apply again for a PhD in Philosophy and/or History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) beginning in 2021, ideally with a superior writing sample. I anticipated that I would have an easier time with masters programs than PhDs given the length of time I've been out of school. I'm curious to know whether some folks with familiarity with philosophy PhD admissions have an idea of what might be best for me this year. Some thoughts: 1) I am most excited about Cambridge HPS just from an objective perspective. It is an exciting program and is relatively prestigious by my lights. There are some caveats, however. Notably, there is no coursework. Basically you write three research essays and then a lengthier fourth "dissertation". The papers make up the entirety of the grade. This, I would imagine, will allow me to put together a solid sample during my first semester, plus solicit a good recommendation from my supervisor. That being said, it's possible I may need coursework to prove my "bona fides". I have a very solid background in philosophy personally, but I don't necessarily think it's reflected in my eclectic undergraduate transcript. 2) If coursework seems important, some part of me thinks that St. Andrews or LSE might be a better fit. Both are taught. Perhaps both are viewed more favorably for philosophy PhDs given that they are straight philosophy masters rather than HPS. Imagine that I'm fully funded at all these programs for the purposes of discussion, and let me know what you think. Thanks.
  4. I wanted to start a thread for those of us applying to programs under the umbrella of Science and Technology Studies and History/Philosophy/Sociology of Science, Technology, and Medicine. What programs are you applying to, and what are your interests? My main area of interest is the DSM as a site of conflict and negotiation between sexual & gender minority communities and mental health professionals. I'm applying to: Indiana Bloomington HSPC, Cornell STS, UChicago CHSS, UPenn HSS, UCSD Science Studies (Sociology), and Northwestern Sociology dept. I'm still considering adding one or two more to that list.
  5. Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum so apologies if this thread is in the wrong section. I’m currently applying to the following schools and just wondered if any of you have also applied to any of these programs, and if so, have you heard anything back yet? Or if any of you have previously applied, what time-frame did you receive your answers by? As of right now, my primary concern is for Princeton, Yale, and Cornell. I’ve read a lot of theories on whether or not hearing anything by late February is a good sign or a bad sign— but I’m not sure if these theories hold any water. I’ve only heard back from NYU so far. Princeton: PhD Phil - Logic & Phil of Sci track Yale: PhD Phil Cornell: PhD Phil Columbia: MA Phil NYU: MBE (Masters of Bioethics) - Accepted with Scholarship on Feb 15th UPenn: MBE Johns Hopkins: MBE Stony Brook: MA Med Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics Temple: Dual MA Phil/ MA Urban Bioethics
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