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Found 5 results

  1. I'm a student of Electrical Engineering at Jadavpur University, India. My profile being as follows, please indicate if my research experience would outweigh my pretty average GPA : GRE: 323(160v+163q) TOEFL iBT: 107 CGPA: 8.2 /10 Research Experience: 4 Separate research projects : 1 in condensed matter physics, 2 in Optics , and 1 in High Voltage EM computation. Publications: 1 Publication in Frontiers in Physics ( impact 1.89) on condensed matter physics ( jointly first-authored ),1 pending Publication in SPIE photonics ( submitted for review ) Schools I am considering: I am primarily interested in gaining a good understanding of Electronics and Photonics with Optics. Hence both ECE courses in some univs and Exclusively Photonics masters courses match : European Masters in Photonics at UGent + VUB Europhotonics Masters degree programme MSc at Imperial College London Masters at UCL EE at UMICH ECE MS at UIUC ECE at Georgia Tech ECE at UCSD EE at UCLA Optics master at Univ of Rochester MS in Optics at Univ. of Arizona MS programme, CREOL, UCF Abbe School of Photonics, Jena, MSc MSc in photonics in Univ of Jena Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, MSc Masters of Light science and Tech, Univ Bordeaux. Mc Gill University MS EE As you can see I seemingly have a large number of choices of varying difficulties. Please help me cut down the list by difficulty. Any Insight on Good courses in ECE that suit my profile and I might have missed would help too. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been having trouble lately matching my profile with potential MS ECE programs and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me with shortlisting potential MS programs to apply to. I aim to apply mostly to universities in Canada and Europe, basically anywhere but the US (as I won't be able to take the GRE in time). I am also mainly looking for research/thesis based degrees, and preferably RA/TA funded degrees. My profile: Undergrad: B.Sc. ECE from an unknown institution internationally, but known regionally and undoubtedly one of the best nationally, Score: 83%. Research Interest: Electromagnetics and optics. IELTS: 9. Publications: 1 Accepted international conference paper in my field of interest. Research Experience: A few undergrad RA experiences/internships (summer internships during undergrad). I have been working as an RA for the last few months, potentially a couple more publications are in the works. Which Canadian/European/Australian/Asian universities can I target with this profile for example for a funded research based MSc. degree? I don't want to waste time and money applying to prestigious institutions where I have no chance, so I would like to know where my 'level' is so to speak. I am an EU citizen if that makes any difference. Would really appreciate any feedback, please let me know if any extra info is needed. TIA .
  3. Hi everyone First post. I am senior EE undergrad student specialized in photonics, currently in the process of looking for graduate programs (mainly masters programs) to apply to next year. I recently came across the MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT scholarship and am very interested in pursuing a masters degree from the University of Tokyo. My problem is that I can't find much information about the structure of the EE masters program at U.Tokyo online, or at least not in English. I have read somewhere (one of the few scraps of info I've come across) that it is very research based, with almost no taught component (courses). Is this true? And does anyone have any information on the program (Tokyo EE masters) in general? Is anyone here currently enrolled in the University of Tokyo (in any grad or masters program)? Any info or useful links? Thanks
  4. I have been admitted to the following (along with conditions and offers) (International student). I had applied in the field of Optics/Photonics 1) Boston University ECE: PhD with fellowship 2) Institute of Optics, University of Rochester: MS with 40% fee waiver 3) UIUC ECE (MS/PhD): Tuition fee waiver with RA ship. Although my current field is nonlinear optics, I have intentionally not finalized my sub-field within optics & photonics, for graduate studies, hence had applied to places having good diversity. All three of these have it, however, in UIUC, I have already received an RA ship with a prof, for 9 months. Confused, as to whether I would be able to choose a different guide at UIUC, if my interests change. I have heard that at UoR, it is very difficult to get into PhD after 1st sem of MS (which is largely coursework, not much enthu about doing only courses), (only about 2/~30 students getting PhD). At UIUC, if it is not that commonplace to switch guides, I may run the risk of having to stay in the field in which my RA ship is. Need some advice!!
  5. This is a tad premature seeing as I have not been accepted to Maryland yet, but I am curious if I am missing something here. My research over the last couple of years has focused on developing components for integrated plasmonic devices. I hope to stay in this field or closely related fields in graduate school (integrated photonics/quantum optics). I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to Purdue (fellowship) and UIUC (RA). I am seriously considering only one other school - the University of Maryland. So here's my question - UIUC unquestionably has a better reputation than the other schools in general, but it seems like a really weak choice for my interests. Aside from Kwait at UIUC, no one else seems to have a group churning out research on the level (as measured by the imperfect Google Scholar h-index) of Shalaev/Boltasseva/Bermel/Weiner/Qi or Waks/Hafezi/Munday/Murphy. Plus, Purdue comes with all the resources behind its Purdue Quantum Center and Maryland has the Joint Quantum Institute. I am open to an academic career but I am by no means gunning for it. UIUC is the odd man out, right? It sounds stupid when I say it out loud, but I think this is right. This is obviously a different calculation if I was biased toward electronic devices/semiconductors. Any advice will be appreciated. - Entangled
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