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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, I hope everybody is doing great. I was wondering if anybody got a decision for PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering program at the University of Pittsburgh? One of the schools I applied to, is the University of Pittsburgh, and I had a positive interview with one of the faculty members. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I was recently accepted into both Fletcher's MALD program and the MPIA program over at Pitt/GSPIA. Unfortunately, my chances to visit these campuses were dashed by the COVID-19 outbreak. With that in mind, I was wondering if anyone could provide any insights into these programs, life in their respective hometowns, and opportunities for post-grad work, as I am weighing my options and exploring each potential path. As of now, I'm quite interested exploring how the topic of health fits into the field of security studies, especially when it concerns natural or man-made disasters including war and conflict. To sort of map out my decision process, I've been arranging my thoughts into categories in order to weigh the pros and cons of each program: -Program of Instruction: Fletcher appears to be a lot more flexible than Pitt when planning your graduate education. However, I see Pitt having a more robust set of course offerings. Moreover, Pitt offers courses in both IR and Public Policy which I find to be quite valuable. Both also offer their own in-house research institutes/initiatives. As of now, the projects that Pitt is focusing on are a bit more enticing to me. Nonetheless, I've still got to do some more digging to see what Fletcher + other schools in Boston are working on. -Cross Registration: Fletcher offers cross-registration with all other schools at Tufts plus HKS. Pitt offers the same in terms of intra-school registration and also has a deal with CMU. -Environment: Both schools are some distance away from DC. However, I feel like Boston and its various schools make it a bit better for academic/research experiences/opportunities. In terms of cost of living, Pittsburgh is more affordable than Boston hands down. -Career Opportunities: ??? I know that both require a professional/intern experience in between school years. That might help when looking for more permanent employment. -Cost/Benefit Analysis: Cost is a big one, especially considering that I plan on getting some more professional experiences before even thinking about pursing education above the MA level. Just trying to figure out if it's worth making a massive investment into something like Fletcher.
  3. Hey guys, not really sure if I should post this in a different area, but I figure maybe someone else applied and was accepted to University of Pittsburgh or can relate. I received an acceptance email from the Director of Graduate Studies in French at Pitt letting me know the admissions committee decided to accept me. This was back in February. He mentioned that they have a holding pattern on funding and that it would be a few more weeks until he can let me know any funding details, and that he would get back to me when it's settled and just let him know if I receive other offers. But I haven't heard anything since. I know things are probably chaotic rn with covid (I'm working in South Korea so I haven't experienced the American craziness first hand but yikes), but usually the acceptance deadline is April 15th......I know on the results page some other people posted results so if anyone has heard anything pls let me know. Anyone else waiting on funding info from their schools? Do you think I should contact the director?
  4. I couldn't find a thread about GSPIA Fall 2019, so I figured I would start one.
  5. Hi, I'm debating whether I should go into CMU-Pitt CompBio PhD program or UofToronto CS for Masters, with conditional offer for PhD after completion of Masters. In short, I'm currently in UofT, working with my possibly future advisor if I were to stay. I really like my lab and my advisor, but I do feel that the UofT CS courses are not as instructive/organized/structured as CMU-Pitt ones, esp in ML and computational genomics. In point-form: UofToronto CS: pros: - like the lab/research advisor a lot - current grad students in the lab are very helpful and friendly - I'm already a UofT student - my family and friends are here cons: - courses are not as helpful and students are not as guided - may take longer to complete a PhD - not as much emails about internship/work postings in comp bio CMU-Pitt CompBio: pros: - the directors of the program seem to care a lot about the student - students seem closer to each other since they all have to take the same courses in 1st year - courses seem very structured and can give comprehensive view of the field - they also have courses on writing a journal, etc, so I would say they guide the students a lot - students get email about intern/work postings all the time cons: - I don't know what it's like working with the possible advisors/the culture of the labs. There are rotations though - away from family and friends -> this might be good thing due to less distractions Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any insight regarding PhD programs at Pitt, Ohio State, or Kansas University. I had initially wanted to accept an offer at Pitt, but was offered a spot at Kansas University and Ohio State. The funding packages for these 3 programs are relatively similar. None of the programs are particularly engaged in research with the population that I have an interest in, but all have stated that they are willing to help me explore ways in which to get my needs met. Thank you!
  7. I'm currently trying to build my resume before applying to grad school for the 2019 year and I'm looking for advice to boost my chances for acceptance. Thus far: Program: MPA & MIR in Security and Economics Schools considered: Syracuse Maxwell, American SIS, Pitt GSPIA, UMD Major: International and Comparative Studies. Minor in Criminology GPA: 3.5 Undergrad school: Tennessee Years since UG: 1 year Work experience: Peace Corps Volunteer (Currently). Transitioning to Fulbright in Ukraine Language: Intermediate Georgian & Russian. Elementary Ukrainian LoR: My Peace Corps Country Director Other: Taught English in Georgia and worked with various NGOs in country. Studying for the GRE for the next year before taking the test in Ukraine. Advice on needed GRE scores for the listed schools? Any advice to be more competitive would be appreciated.
  8. Hello to the board, I have my list of programs pretty much tied up, but my conscience is nagging. My interests are, generally speaking, political sociology, social change, and social movements. I'm currently applying to all of the "obvious choices" for those topics, but I have decided not to apply to Pitt, simply because it is ranked below my profile's "punching weight," or so I like to believe. USNWR has Pitt at 54. From trolling this board, I have gleaned the advice that one should not apply to a program one has no intention of attending and rank is decisive in the hiring process. At the same time, people in the know recognize Pitt as having a highly notable faculty, at least for its contingent of social movement scholars, and that having a well-connected advisor can take you far if you produce quality work. At the same time, Pitt's placement record does not seem to be too stellar, at least from my neophyte perspective. Does anyone care to weigh in on Pitt, its faculty, the quality of its training, or the marketability of its graduates?
  9. Hello everyone, this is my first post down at the grad cafe. At the moment I believe that a PhD is what I'd like to go for, but given my interests (development, human security, etc.) I'm not wiling to discount the possibility that I may find my calling in a more professional environment where I would have access to the resources to potentially embark on a career. Testing the waters, if you will. I'm aware that GSPIA is a more professional-oriented school, but for a variety of reasons it is where I would very much like to do a Master's if I don't go straight to a PhD. I know this topic has probably been covered a hundred times, but what exact advantages would a Master's from a professional-oriented school confer during a PhD application process (probably for poli sci, but possibly for cultural geography, economics, or another field related to global affairs), specifically a master's from GSPIA? Of course I'm going to set my sights high, but in today's competitive graduate-level playing field I have made my peace with the fact that I may only receive a fully-funded PhD program offer from universities outside of the top 10-20, the realm that Pitt and GSPIA seem to reside in for Poli Sci and International Affairs. How would a degree from GSPIA help in that tier? Thanks a bunch in advance!
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