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Found 38 results

  1. Hello! I'm wondering if it is normal and/or recommended to reach out to more than one professor within a department? I have reached out to the person I would be most interested in working with at the schools I'm applying to, but should I be reaching out to a second or even third? Should I reach out only if I'm not feeling confident about my first choice? Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Muse_

    Questions for POI on Visit

    I will soon visit my top option for Ph.D. studies. During the visit, I will have an individual meeting with both my likely supervisor and a likely committee member. I'm interested to know if anyone has any recommended questions. So far, I have the following: What approach do you take in supervising (more hands-on or more hands-off)? What do you see as the real strength(s) of the program? What current projects are you working on? Do your doctoral students help as research assistants? If so, what might my work as one look like? How have your supervisees fared in securing academic jobs? In your opinion, what does it take to be successful? Are there any shared traits among your most successful supervisees?
  3. scfree14

    Sending materials to POI?

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of researching and narrowing my list of programs/POIs for Sociology PhD programs for fall 2019. I got a response from one POI after an initial email describing my interest in his work, who said, "Feel free to send any materials along as you prepare to apply." This question may be naive, but what exactly would I send? How does that process work? Any information/clarification would be much appreciated!
  4. So I received an acceptance for my PhD, but it was a generic email from the admissions office. Neither my POI or the graduate department chair emailed me with any information. Should I contact my POI?
  5. nghiduong90

    Reaching out to POI

    I am applying for Master with thesis (UofT, U of Alberta, SFU). Should I write an email to professors of those that I am interested in working with them as research student? I have research experience with 2 companies., 1 published paper as a 2nd author and an internship in the well-known corporation in US.
  6. After a Skype interview with a professor, she said she would get back to me by the end of the week (I am assuming about a formal in person interview) but she did not get back to me then or the week after. Is it okay if I email her and ask for an update. I know it is a no but I just wish she would formally say she is not inviting me.
  7. Would it be inappropriate for me to reach out to a POI about something unrelated to my application? I had a Skype call with a POI at UC Santa Barbara back in November and email contact in the time since then (though not in the last month over the holidays.) She's my top choice for a lab/program and I think she was interested in me as well. I haven't heard anything about admissions yet but I'm not concerned at this point. However, I've seen in the news all the crazy stuff that has been happening there - the wildfires, mudslides, and winter storms. I kinda wanted to send an email to her and her research tech (whom I also had a fair amount of email contact with). Something like, "Hey, I've been reading the news about all of the things happening in SB right now, just wanted to reach out and pass along my concerns. Hope you are both doing well and staying safe if any of that is affecting you." or along those lines. Is this crossing a boundary? I'm not interested in asking her about my application status. I mean, of course I'm interested in it in general, but I don't want this email to be read as an inquiry into that. I'm genuinely concerned that they might have been affected. I'm just not sure if this is something I should reach out about.
  8. Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Thanks in advance! I have a few inquiries in regards to getting accepted into a clinical psychology program, specifically in Ontario, Canada. First, I think it would be a good idea to start off by describing what I have to offer to a Clinical Psychology program. I have a decent CGPA of 3.63/4 ( recent graduate from University of Toronto; 4.0 in all psych courses). Currently, I am working for respite care company building some experience in the field and paying back some my OSAP loan. However, I do not have any direct research , lab experience, or any notable references (I can probably obtain these with some ease). I am living at home and working a full-time and part-time job in order to pay back my huge loan, and it is a source of significant worry. The problem is there is no university near my home where I can gather some research experience, which I know is critical to admission to a clinical psychology program. Honestly, I don't know whether I will be able to live on my home with the cost of my loan each month and the uncertainty of finding at job at all. I'm looking for a realistic run down on what I need to be accepted at an Ontario Clinical Psychology. Please note: I have read the relevant university websites, but I am looking for an open and honest response for this question. Furthermore, if anyone can direct me to useful GRE resources, please link them or list them there.
  9. surprise_quiche

    Unofficial Interview

    So I had contacted one of my POIs separately to arrange a meeting to discuss some interests in the department. They just emailed me back confirming their interest and we set something up for next week. This is one of my top choices, and I'm wondering if anyone else has done this, or any other suggestions for meeting with a POI. Thanks!
  10. Also, what do I say other than - my interests align with his/hers?
  11. Hey everyone. I'm applying for counseling psychology Ph.D. programs, and have received two interviews thus far (yay!). The first one is in just under a month, so I've decided to start getting ready by getting super familiar with my POI's most recent first author publications. Is there anything specific that I should be paying attention to? I've heard that some professors will ask how you would improve/add to their research, but what else should I be reading for? Does anyone know common questions that professors may ask in regard to their research?
  12. I would greatly appreciate some advice/input here. I'm applying to a few clinical psychology PhD programs this season and all of them have professors who are accepting students for fall 2018 listed on their websites. When I was initially writing my email drafts to POIs a few weeks back, only one of the universities' websites had this information listed and the other universities have since updated their websites with this info. I got a bit busy with working on a publication and my master's thesis in that meantime, so I am just now revisiting my email drafts and application materials. However, I'm beginning to question whether I should even email these POIs now, given that they're already listed on the website as accepting students and my email drafts have followed the format of "I am currently studying X and researching Y at such-and-such university. I am writing to inquire if you anticipate accepting students for the fall 2018 term, as I am very intrigued by your work on Z. [Details about the project and why I am interested]. Short explanation of my previous work and how it relates, blah blah blah. I have attached a copy of my CV for your consideration." (oversimplified, but you get the point.) I actually already sent my first email to a POI last week (literally the day before I noticed the website was recently updated with professors taking students too) and I got a response back almost immediately (within 1 hour). It was nicely worded and enthusiastic, but the professor didn't respond to my question regarding their research, nor did they directly address anything else that I mentioned in the email, just said "It looks like you have had wonderful training experiences and it sounds like your interests could fit well with the ongoing projects here at [university]. It is likely I will be taking students for fall 2018. As you are preparing your application, feel free to check my lab's website for more information at [website]." The font size for the greeting was different from that of the body of the email too, so I can't help but assume this POI just copied and pasted this generic response to my email and others. (It's quite obvious from what I wrote that I had already checked the lab's website and read quite a few of their papers, so that last sentence kinda bummed me out. I was hoping to speak with this professor about their research a bit and if the email interaction went well, I was considering possibly even requesting to schedule a skype meeting or something if they were willing to discuss their work and lab opportunities in more detail with me.) What I'm wondering is, should I even bother sending any more emails to POIs that are already listed as accepting students? I know it's generally a pretty good idea to email POIs, especially because program websites often don't list professors accepting students, or if they are listed, there's a chance the information may not be current. However, in my case, I know the information is current since I have been checking these websites fairly often throughout the last year and noticed the updates, and now I just feel a bit awkward emailing a professor knowing they are already planning to take students. My whole approach to this process was going to be: 1) see if they are taking students and demonstrate good fit, 2) discuss their work and potential projects in more detail, and 3) if all goes well, see if they would like to arrange a skype call or meeting to discuss things further. Trying to write the initial email without asking about whether they are taking students just feels awkward. Taking that part out just makes me feel like I'm skipping a huge step and saying "Hi Professor, here's my background and my CV, I will fit well with your lab." I don't know, I just don't like it no matter how I word it. I also don't think that it will give me any huge advantage in the admissions process if all of them respond in the same manner as the professor I've already contacted did either. I mean, I highly doubt this person is going to remember my name or anything about me if all they did was copy and paste a reply to my email. I can't really blame them for doing so because I'm sure that they get a lot of these emails, but I kind of feel like contacting these professors could even be a waste of my time. What do you think? Should I still contact these other POIs? Do you think it would necessarily decrease my admission chances if I didn't contact them, but rather mentioned a few names in my essays?
  13. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any advice about if it is good, bad, neutral, etc. to contact a faculty member of interest for a Masters program in Psychology? (Especially if that program offers guided study or a thesis?) Obviously there are many more MA applicants per year to a given program than PhD applicants, and I would understand if a faculty member would be annoyed at receiving inquiries from a Masters hopeful. In general, I would like to ask faculty I am interested in whether: they will be teaching the year(s) I plan to attend whether, in their opinion, I am a good fit for the program (given attached CV) whether they have any current or former students I could reach out to for more information Please let me know if you think this is overkill! I just don't want to waste an application on a program only to find out that I was never a "good fit"
  14. hungrybear

    When and how to contact POIs

    Hi y'all, I was wondering when a good time to contact (by e-mail) each of my POIs? I've already e-mailed some graduate students asking specifics about the program and their opinions on certain areas within the program, but that's about it. It's summer now, so I imagine my POIs are busy/relaxing. Nevertheless, I don't want to wait too long. My next question is: what is a good way to approach the e-mail? I'm a first-generation college student, so this particular step is incredibly vague. I don't want to send an e-mail saying, "Hi, my name is _____ and I admire your work. Don't keep reading this e-mail as this is obviously just a way to suck up to you." Some ideas I have come up with are: Introducing who am I and basically why the particular program interests me. Asking if they are accepting students. ...and that's about it. So how does one navigate this process? Thank you in advance.
  15. hungrybear

    Differing historical opinions w/ POI

    I was wondering what you all thought of a writing sample that slightly (but respectfully and with evidence) disagrees with part of a POI's work. Basically, the argument is like this: My POI says X happened Y way from the 1830s onward. I say X happened Z way from the late 1840s onward. We both submit to the same idea, but just differ on its time frame. Do you think they would stop reading? Take offense? Have their interested piqued? I imagine they will respectfully disagree with me (and rightfully, they wrote a whole peer-reviewed book on it), but does that adversely affect my chances at admission?
  16. I have two offers I'm torn between. Offer 1: slightly better reputation with mentor whose research interests align better with mine. Tuition remission and $18k stipend as an RA with option to renew yearly for up to 4 years; more remote location, no "guarantee" on amount of future years of support--year to year budget Offer 2: slightly worse reputation (as compared to offer 1) in my field with a mentor with research interests further outside of mine. Tuition remission and $25k fellowship (no work required) for the first year with option to renew annually as an RA (more likely guaranteed funding for up to 4 years than offer 1); more urban location, would allow my spouse better options for finding work. What are your all's thoughts? Thanks!
  17. Hello, I am currently on a waitlist for a Clinical Psychology program and I am wondering if I should email my POI just restating that I am still interested in the program and to also ask if there is anything I can do to help my application. Thanks
  18. I contacted the POI and had an interview with him at the end of February. He said he would tell me the results within ten days at the end of the interview. But I have not got the results from him till now (end of March). He replied to my inquiries about the decision, saying that he is waiting the funding and he thought there will be an opening position but he is still waiting to confirm it (before April 15th). Does he just put me on the waitinglist but does not tell me the fact directly? And I also noticed that he was awarded a funding recently.
  19. lkay16

    emailing POI for PsyD

    I'm applying for the first time this application cycle for Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology programs PhD and PsyD. I know the two programs are different and I'm more interested in the practitioner side although, I have some research experience and I am interested in doing more. Do you need to email POI's for a PsyD the way that you need to for PhD in Psychology? I've heard that PsyD programs match applicants more to their program than a specific faculty member. Any suggestions or experience would be helpful! Thanks!
  20. I'm applying for the first time this application cycle for Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology programs PhD and PsyD. I know the two programs are different and I'm more interested in the practitioner side although, I have some research experience and I am interested in doing more. Do you need to email POI's for a PsyD the way that you need to for PhD in Psychology? I've heard that PsyD programs match applicants more to their program than a specific faculty member. Any suggestions or experience would be helpful! Thanks!
  21. What to do when a POI doesn't respond to your email? I've emailed quite a few faculty members from various universities introducing myself and asking whether they are accepting students, and while some have been super keen to reply and send a nice message within 24 hours of my emails, others just don't reply at all, even after several weeks have passed. Would you still apply to work with this person? I'm hesitant because you can't even be sure whether they are accepting students so you could really be wasting over $100 for nothing. Frustrating! What have you all done in situations like this?
  22. I've been sending out emails to POIs and most have been very friendly, suggesting things to put in my SOP and other professors who I may be interested in working with. One POI said "I hope you join us" I'm feeling like a teenager dissecting a text from a crush and seeing if he realllllly likes me or not I know that a friendly response doesn't mean I'll get into a program, but should I at least put in more effort based on the level of attention I got in these correspondence? Argh... So anxious.....
  23. sjcAustenite

    Emailing English/Humanities Faculty

    Hi all, I've seen a lot of discussion on here regarding reaching to potential faculty advisers to see if they are taking on new students. For the hard sciences, I think that makes total sense. I, however, am applying to English PhD programs, and I was curious if anyone had tried this (successfully) as part of their application. Several of the programs I have looked at have made it clear that, until you've made it through two years, don't even think about dissertation advisers. Additionally (surprise second question), I am already acquainted with several members of the English grad faculty at one of my top schools. Is it kosher to reach out to them in any way, or what that be inappropriate? Thanks!
  24. I'm in the process of writing emails to POIs (not going to send them until after finals are over, though), and I have some questions about etiquette. 1. Can I send emails to more than one professor in the same department at the same university, or is that frowned upon? 2. How much familiarity should I demonstrate with their work? Like "I've read some of your recent articles and they're really cool and intersect with my own interests," or "I've read everything you've ever written"? Somewhere in between? 3. How much should I include on my own work? "My undergraduate thesis was on......and I'm interested in studying.....as a PhD student," or should it be more in depth? I've had literally no guidance in this process, and I really want to do it right this time, so any help you can give me would be much appreciated! -Rosali
  25. Hi, I'm curious to hear what people think about this situation in general. I've narrowed it down to two universities, both with POIs who fit my interests really well and with whom I think I'd get along in the long-term. Professor A is an older, bigger name in a lower-ranking department with a lot of resources. Professor B is very new (hired in the past 2-3 years) but probably up-and-coming name, and in a higher-ranked department. I've heard that bigger names may be a better bet for external grants, research opportunities, etc., but I've also heard that younger professors might have the advantage of being more energetic and in-tune with more recent work and where the field is going. I'm leaning towards Professor B's school for reasons mostly unrelated to the POI decision. Has anyone here had (or heard of others having) really wonderful or horrible experiences with a younger/less experienced adviser?

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