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Found 12 results

  1. Next year I'll apply to political science Ph.D. programs. I am currently studying a terminal MA in Political Science, but my BA is in Econ. Since my background is more quantitative than qualitative (the MA program I'm studying is also fairly quantitative) I'm interested in applying to quantitatively oriented programs. I know that Rochester, WUSTL, NYU, and UCLA have very quantitative programs. Could you recommend me other programs with a similar focus? I'm interested in both American and European programs. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'd like some advice regarding decisions regarding graduate study. I will graduate in Physics from a university in India, and I wish to shift to social science, particularly econ/pol sci/quant sociology etc., where I can use quantitative methods but also have qualitative and philosophical arguments. I received admission to the Econometrics and Mathematical Economics MSc (10 months) at the London School of Economics, which is one of the best as far as I know if one intends to get into a top US PhD in Econ. I would however, prefer to be at the intersection econ and pol sci, or maybe some sociology departments. Specifically I want to: how will political economy adcoms (like the ones at Princeton, Harris, Harvard PEG) or pol sci departments look upon the Econometrics MSc? Do I stand a chance at top sociology departments? Should I consider a different masters program? PS: I am not considering 2-year masters due to funding constraints; 10-15 month programs are ideal. I am plan to get at least two years of research experience as RA before PhD, first during 2019-20 as I have deferred MSc by a year, and in the year after completing masters, so what kind of research would help my PhD application?
  3. All, Bottom line up front, I am trying to decide on exactly which side I fall of a particular line. My deepest interests lie in International Political Economy and Economic history, specifically sanctions, conflict in the context of the liberal world order (military, diplomatic and economic), American Grand Strategy, deterrence, foreign aid and the weaponization of second world countries by first world countries through investment, proxy players and their effects on the global economy, formation and break up of supernational government organizations and the reactions of G20 governments to global economic developments. I know there's a lot there but I promise it's very thought out and I believe I can make a life out of developing questions from this and pursuing answers to those questions. My academic background is as follows: Undergrad: Top 50 State school, Tier 1 Research, BS Business Management, 3.55 GPA, sufficient math Grad: Unranked program but decent institution (T40-60), currently pursuing MA Economics, expect to graduate 3.9-4.0 GRE: 164V/154Q/4.5 AW (will retake for quant, feeling confident) Research Experience: 1 semester paid RA with Insurance Professor working on government project, no publication (project got scrapped because of political unpopularity during election season) Professional Data: At time of application will have 4 years commissioned military experience LOR: It's a ways off but for this purpose let's assume I'll get 3 glowing recommendations from professors from my current program, well known Misc: No publications yet (hope to change by end of MA), graduated undergrad in 3 years, grad program is heterodox and applied My real concern is whether this is strictly a Political Science dream or whether Economics is a possible path forward. The question exists for 2 reasons: Economists like Michael Munger have made a name for themselves in Political Science contexts, but it seems harder for a PoliSci type to seriously break into Economics circles. Second, with my academic profile, getting into a top 40 PoliSci program seems iffy, but getting into a top 100 Economics program seems quite plausible assuming I perform well on the GRE retake and in my masters... and the current consensus seems to be that a top 100 economics PhD is more employable than a PoliSci phd outside the top 40. As an economist I would develop skills in quant areas and could use that to push the narrative of my research and as a PoliSci I might have more clout in the IR world at the kind of think tanks I'd love to work at. I'd also consider working in research for Congress or other parts of the government but ultimately this is an academic question. Perhaps the question can best be summed up as: Which field would professionally enable me to pursue the 'most' of my interests, with respect to my current qualifications and employability of the degree? -tanker12
  4. I'm a fairly advanced incoming student studying international political economy of finance (financial elite communities, global capital flows, banking regulation), with strong methods training I intend to build on. My final competing programs are UC Berkeley and Columbia, which each have solid merits for these focuses. The former has more senior faculty (VA, BE in dual appointment) where the latter has great new hires in that field (NG and AC, with ongoing searches, they assure me). Obviously the latter has an advantage of pedigree, but I'm looking for any and all advice on which program has a better fit for this field, and placement of students with this particular focus. Also interested in unspoken departmental norms (corroboration of rumors regarding Berkeley methods sequence incoherence, intolerable competitive environment at Columbia, etc.). Many thanks in advance, folks.
  5. Greetings everybody! I am a second-year graduate student and I intend to apply for PhD programs in the 2017-18 cycle. I am specifically interested in the area of IPE. I would appreciate if anyone could evaluate my profile and give me some insights in application. Below are some of my experiences Undergrad: a Chinese university that is famous for IR research Major: English Language and Literature Undergraduate GPA: 3.60 Graduate School: a famous US university with top ten ranking in IR (according to Foreign Policy survey) Graduate program: MA International Trade and Investment Policy (Concentration: International Economic Policy Analysis) Graduate GPA: 3.80 (still in progress, hope to maintain and improve it) Quant prep: Statistical reasoning, a variety of economic courses, econometrics (plan to take it during the summer) Publication: One book review on a renowned peer-review Chinese journal; one article in an English academic journal managed by graduate students; one column article on a famous Chinese media outlet Presentation: Presented part of my research project in a graduate student club event at renowned international relations university in the US Research experience: BA thesis and a variety of papers for classes; plan to start a personal research project focused on IPE topics after finishing my studies Letters of Recommendation: Now I have four candidates: 1. My professor for international trade class. I am also doing program assistantship with her, so hopefully she will write me a good reference; 2. My professor for the class Corruption, Governance and Development who is a renowned scholar in the area of trade; 3. My professor for international finance who is among the top economists in the US (but I am not sure if it is useful for political science application); 4. My professor for international political economy. GRE: 151V, 165Q, 3.5W (plan to retake it and improve the scores) Scholarship: The Chinese government scholarship for graduate studies abroad; several scholarship of outstanding students in undergraduate studies SOP: Will start to work on it after graduation Writing Sample: Will be the personal research project focusing on IPE Field: IR, IPE, globalization, trade theories, China's role in the international economic system, identity politics and globalization Please give me some suggestions on how to improve my profile and what would be fatal disadvantages? Thanks for reading and evaluating my profile!!
  6. Hello everyone, So I am applying to PhD programs in Political Science in Canada as an international student. I already sent most of my applications but wanted to get some opinion from other people about my chances. I was accepted to all these schools that I applied for Master's two years ago but I couldn't attend since they did not provide funding for international students. I am trying again for PhD this time which is way more competitive than Master's programs. I would appreciate any kind of comment about my profile and possible chances. Undergrad/Grad: Top Research University in Japan (I am an international student here) Degrees: LLB in Law and Political Science, LLM in Law and Political Science (most universities in Japan teach law and politics together so this is not uncommon) Undergrad/Grad GPA: 3.94 out of 4.30. I don't know my major specific GPA but it is probably higher than this; Grad GPA is not assessed like my undergraduate but I received top marks from all classes except for one. I'd guess 3.80 out of 4.00. GRE: Schools that I am applying do not require it TOEFL iBT: 102 out of 120 (R:25, W: 25, L: 26, S: 26) Experience: TA for two Political Science related classes; internship at a leading think tank in Turkey for 2 months in which I began co-authoring an article, did fieldwork for my Master's thesis and other admin stuff; 2 internships at 2 large corporate law firms in Turkey and Japan during my undergrad years SOP: I think it is good. I outlined my research within 500 word limit and related it to my previous studies and showed how it fits to faculty's research interests. Writing sample: I am worried about this one. I haven't started writing my Master's thesis because we have to do this Joint Research in which we design a project, conduct a research and present the findings at a conference. My papers written in other classes were not really related to my proposed study. So I decided to submit parts of my undergraduate thesis which was well structured and won the faculty prize for best thesis. It is very related to my proposed research so I thought it would be better than submitting something unrelated and not as good. Recommendations: 1 Canadian professor who is well known in the area of political economy and published extensively on the subject matter (1 single authored, 3 edited books this year). He was my undergraduate supervisor and my aforementioned TA experiences were under him. We will start working on a commentary to be submitted a journal. 1 from a Turkish professor teaching in Australia whom visited my faculty for a visiting professor job in my final year as an undergrad. I took 2 classes and aced them both. She read my thesis and aware of my research. She has a lot publications in her own research area and is quite well known. 1 from a Turkish professor that I worked with during my internship whom I began co-authoring a paper with. He knows my research abilities. 1 Japanese professor who is my current supervisor. She is aware of my research and published internationally. Publication: One piece in Japanese published for a business journal during one of my law firm internships Scholarships: Merit based scholarship throughout my undergraduate years which basically covered my tuition fees. Full funding of approximately 24,000 USD for my Master's with 5000 USD of travel grants for internship and research. It was renewed for my second year. Presentations: None I got accepted to two but did not receive the invitation letters on time thus I was denied for visa (one was in Canada, the other was in US). I will present my Joint Research in a conference; however the date it is not decided yet. Programs: York, Carleton, Toronto, McMaster, Victoria, Alberta, Queen's, Western Ontario, Dalhousie, Simon Fraser (PhD in Political Science) Field: Political Science with a focus in comparative politics and global political economy. I am basically combining my knowledge of law and politics to look at issues related to neoliberalism. I will use Turkey as my paradigm case for analysis. Languages: Turkish (Native), English (Fluent), Japanese (Advanced)
  7. Hi guys, I'd really appreciate it if someone could evaluate my profile for PhD applications at Political Science Departments. My background isn't exactly traditional (just left corporate job in finance) and I'm worried it will hurt my chances. Let me know what you think, please! Program/Institution: PhD, Political science/ political economics, HKS, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Brown, Rochester, Ohio State, NYU, Chicago Harris Interests: Political economy of development, economic growth in South Asia, Governance and role of private sector in economic policy Undergrad Institution: non Ivy top 10 LAC in the US, but international applicant Undergraduate Majors: economics, international relations Undergraduate GPA: 3.8, major gpa 3.9 GRE: 167 V, 170 Q, 5 AW ( not retaking) Age: 24 Research: 2 undergrad theses ( 1 in each major), $6k grant junior year for individual research (involving fieldwork) Quant: multivariate calc, econometrics, mathematical economics, statistics ( apart from normal economics courses) Years of Work Experience: 2 Work Experience: Currently engaged in freelance research and consulting for a public health university and a health policy NGO in India. Spent 1.5 years working at a top 4 management consulting firm in NYC (developed market strategy for big banks), hated my work and realized my professors were right and I needed to be in academia. Volunteer Experience:Current work at health policy ngo mentioned above,student volunteer helping rural poor cope with bankruptcy LORs: Econ thesis advisor ( endowed chair), IR thesis advisor (associate professor in political science), Chair of IR department ( I helped him write his last book) Concerns: My corporate experience is a huge red flag, I haven't talked about it in my SOP but it's in my CV. Advice on tackling this? Some programs require 2 semesters of calculus, but I was advised to just take the most advanced course in college ( I was pre-engineering in HS and curriculum included advanced calc, linear algebra and differential equations) and now I only have one semester :(( Since I wrote 2 undergrad theses my senior year, my last semester was horrific and I got a C+ on a political science course for not submitting a paper on time. I really don't want to draw attention to it, but should I ask my LOR to address it anyway? Any feedback would be highly appreciated! What should I highlight/ avoid?Should I be setting my sights lower? If yes, any program recommendations?
  8. Hello, I am an undergraduate looking to apply for political science or political economy phd programs this coming fall. I am a political science and economics double major, but have not taken many stat/math classes. There are online calculus classes available this summer, and I was wondering if taking such courses is significantly important in showing your quantitative research abilities and skill assets in the admissions process. As of now, I am working on my senior honors thesis in the econ department and studying for the GREs. As the deadline for enrolling in the online classes is very soon, I'd appreciate any advice!
  9. Anyone else here admitted to the Duke MAPE program? Wondering if the class size will indeed be 3-7 as mentioned on the website!
  10. Hello All! Thanks to all who share and contribute here. This is my first post here. I am interested in a PhD focusing on Political Economy of African Development with a focus more on economic development and growth, democraticization and governance. I am not particularly keen on the conflict/civil war aspect of political economy of African development. 1. What programs, institutions in the US are ranked highest? 2. What professors are the leading thinkers and researchers in the field? 3. Would you recommend pursuing this via a Political Science Phd or an Economics PhD? Thanks so much!
  11. Does anyone have any advice for good programs in political economy, specifically comparative? I have a list of a few schools, but I am trying to expand it a bit. UC Berkeley, Yale, Duke, and University of Michigan. These are all top ten schools, maybe someone can recommend a few others that I should take a closer look at (they do not have to be top 10!)
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew of good political economy programs for a PhD track? I have some interest in IR but really enjoy the economics part combined with polisci.
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