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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am a student majoring in philosophy and politics at the university of hong kong and I am pursuing a career at US, either phd or JD. I haven't committed to either path, journalism interests me as well, that's why I took the master path for this year. As you could tell, I have relatively low interest/ credential in quantitative methods. My choices are listed below 1 Master of political science in Columbia with no thesis; and this year with no phd student, the master student size will be doubled. Though the director of master program said that the ratio of studnet/adviser would remain roughly the same. The project is really expensive but I get to do what I like in political theory and I got access to great job opportunities in NGO or jounalism stuff- placement record ok, I guess? total expense around $ 85000 2 Master of political science with a pre-phd track in NYU. half of the tuition provided, total amount of tuition+personal expenses roughly $60000, also great job opportunities, but less credentials compared to Columbia as in Ivy League, right? 3 MAPSS in Chicago, many teachers I like, great phd placement record- but not in NYC. And attention-related issue seems to be troubling for polisci. total expense roughly $60000 as well. Thanks guys! I have been struggling with making a decision for so long!!!
  2. Hey, I want to apply to an MA at UoT in political science for fall 2021 with the goal of following that up with a PhD in political theory in the same university. I tried applying to PhD programs in Sociology in multiple universities but I wasn't accepted and some one from a certain admissions office told me its because my grades in my masters were low. So I decided to start from masters again and be consistent since my actual interests are in political theory and not sociology. I want to know what my chances are of getting accepted in the MA PoliSci program at UoT are and what can I do to improve them in your opinion(s). I would appreciate your comments on whats below. Here's a list of my qualifications: BSc Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, International Politics major, with a Certificate of Regional and Arab Studies thesis. 3.48 GPA. Merit Scholarship recipient. MSc in Culture and Society (Sociology) The London School of Economics and Political Science, graduated with a pass. Full Chevening Scholarship recipient. Published an academic article in an academic journal briefly after finishing my BSc. Worked as a Course Assistant in Georgetown University after finishing my masters from LSE. Bilingual, and currently learning french as a third language. I did the GRE three times last year and my grades were: first attempt: writing 4.5 / quant 146 / 157 verbal second attempt: writing 4.0 / quant 151/ 156 verbal third attempt: writing 5.0 / quant 146/ verbal 155 For recommendation letters: Last year I had two professors from my masters program write me letters, but it seems they are declining this year (since they ignored my emails), which leaves me with A professor from my undergrad school who was also the dean for academic affairs in the same school and later for a graduate program in the same university (I did very well in his class and he was enthusiastic about writing me a letter in the past). He wrote me letters in the past. A professor from my undergrad school whom I took multiple courses with and got As in all of them. She wrote me letters in the past. Finally, the director of the econ department in my undergrad school who offered to write me a letter out of his own will last year and I took him on his offer this time. I never studied with him. I would appreciate any comments, advice, and questions. Thank you.
  3. I was recently offered admission into Laurier's MA in Applied Politics in early March. Since then, I have been trying to search for tips about the program but found very little information. I graduated with a BA in political science and obtained a post-graduate certificate in Public Admin at a local college. I worked 3 years at non-profits as project coordinator and a constit assistant to a MP in my area. Can any current or past grad students in this program share with me some tips/insights about the program? In particular, I wish to learn more about the following. Research practicum: What are the criteria for getting into the practicum? What exactly did you do at the practicum? Living Accommodations: How much on average should I expect to spend for living rental payment (for a bachelor apartment/a room with bathroom included)? Course suggestion: How helpful is the policy analysis research project in terms of getting a job related to policy analysis? Do employers take into consideration of the project you did when you apply for a position as a policy analyst? Other: anything that you wish you know before taking the program? Any tips and insights would be helpful, thanks!! 😀
  4. Waiting for an MA pol sci result after rejection from PhD at Columbia University. Can anyone share if they got funding for MA Pol Sci at Columbia, and how much? Also can you secure an RA job in Masters
  5. Hi I am a native Chinese and a senior undergraduate studying a top 4 university in China. I will apply to several terminal MA programs in Political Science (Duke, UVA, GWU, UC Riverside, Syracuse, and NYU IR), and East Asian Studies (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Duke, USC, GWU, etc). Could you please evaluate my profile? I would be extremely grateful if you could give me some suggestions. Major: Japanese Studies. No double majors or minors With relevant coursework in political science all passed with A+ GPA: 3.91/4.00; rank: 1/22 Study abroad: One exchange semester in Japan Two winter/summer sessions in South Korea TOEFL ibt: 109 (R30, L30, S23, W25); I was disppointed by the writing score so I have retaken it and I am waiting for the score. GRE: V 164 (94%); Q 163 (84%); AWA 4 (60%) Research experience: RA for a professor of international relations in South Korea: IR realism theory and relevant case studies; RA for two professors in my home university: contemporary Sino-Japanese relations; One undergraduate research program in my home university: ethnic and national identity issues in China. LoR: It is said that letters from Chinese professors would not be trusted. I am planning to have one Korean professor, one American professor and one Chinese professor to write letters for me. I am not sure whether or not their letters will be very strong. Research interests: IR theory (realism); East Asian International Relations; Ethnic politcs in China Language skills: Mandarin Chinese(native); Japanese(nearly native); Korean(novice) Technical skills: R I have yet to start working on my writing sample......
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