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  1. "The evolution of liberalism after the Cuban Missile Crisis progressed to explain how the crisis came to an end and how realism failed to account for human nature, and duties to protect life, liberty and property, which is explained by the Lockean Liberal foreign policy perspective. Therefore, the end of the Cold war was what liberals predicted and what realists never expected." Does this make sense? do you agree or disagree?
  2. Hey guys! I hope you're all well. After I finish my undergrad in a years time, I'm really keen on doing a masters in political science focusing on International relations and American politics. I'm from Europe and hoping to do my masters in Columbia Uni. I know our education system is different to the American one so I was wondering what the work load is like as a grad student especially for people attending Columbia? How many hours of classes do you have a week and how many essays do you have a week? If one is organised and dedicated is it all manageable? What are your assignments like? I saw
  3. I want to apply to Ph.D. programs this fall. For better or worse, I have two fairly disparate research interests, either of which I would be very happy to explore further, but which seem like they would be classified in two different departments (Sociology, and Political Science). I found a university that offers strong programs in both disciplines, either of which I think might be a good fit. Is there any reason I should not apply to both the programs? I don't think the faculty who read applications are on both committees, but I don't know if this is taboo, since I would need to wr
  4. Hi, I am a student majoring in philosophy and politics at the university of hong kong and I am pursuing a career at US, either phd or JD. I haven't committed to either path, journalism interests me as well, that's why I took the master path for this year. As you could tell, I have relatively low interest/ credential in quantitative methods. My choices are listed below 1 Master of political science in Columbia with no thesis; and this year with no phd student, the master student size will be doubled. Though the director of master program said that the ratio of studnet/adviser would remain
  5. Just thought a separate forum area should be made for when the cycle is over for us each individually. Just like in previous years, we can post about our profiles, the various decisions we received, and any advice or insight we have regarding the application process! My cycle won’t be over until April likely, so I have quite a wait The following format is what has been used before regarding the profile: PROFILE:Type of Undergrad Institution: Major(s)/Minor(s):Undergrad GPA: Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: Any Special Courses:Letters of Recommendation:Teaching Experience:Other:
  6. Hi, I applied for political science PhD this year, and so far I'm considering from: Georgia Tech Nunn School George Mason Schar School University of Georgia SUNY Binghamton I feel ranking is kinda bogus. (Some rankings say Nunn's better, some say Schar, make me so confused) For now I feel George Mason matches my research direction (International Relationship) the most. But I also think GTech and University of Georgia are great program as well. Does anyone can provide any suggestion? Appreciate!
  7. Hi there! Posting to ask about recommendations of MA program in political science. International applicant here, with interest in democratic theory and ethnic politics. Currently received offers from U of Toronto MA in Polisci (1yr program, no funding, not thesis based program, 26k CAD tuition fee) and Georgetown MA in Democracy and Governance (2yr program, no funding, 120k expense for two years study including living expense) Still waiting for response from NYU, Chicago and UBC Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks!!!
  8. Hi! I am here to ask for help in choosing a good master program in political science. I have now received admission from Duke, UChicago, UCSD (MCEPA), and U of T. I am particularly interested in authoritarian politics and the political economy of development, with a specific focus on China. I can't decide upon Duke or UCSD. Here are the pros & cons of both schools. Duke: PROS-good placement (except for this year), small class size, good training. CONS-People studying authoritarian politics basically reach out to Professor Manion and Malesky. I am afraid that I can't stand out and get
  9. Decided to start a thread for those of us applying to Canadian international affairs programs this fall/winter. Post stats, advice, or anything related to this topic!
  10. Hi everyone, I noticed a few people had brought up interest in brainstorming backup plans for the current cycle, so I created this megathread so the information would not be lost in the main application thread. Good luck!
  11. (posted to the PolySci forum a few months ago, but I think it would be valuable to get input from people in sociology PhDs...) I'm hoping to apply to Ph.D. programs in 2-3 years (taking some time off after my undergrad). Broadly I'm interested in studying social movements, voter behavior, and political culture, and while I am not opposed to quantitative methods (and do already have some background in them), I really want to attend a doctoral program that is strong in its qualitative methods training, particularly ethnographic research - interviewing, observation, etc. I'm not sure how
  12. Hi all! I've been stuck home because of a health-related issue, so (in addition to watching a lot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine) I scraped the tables from the Grad Cafe political science results page since its beginning in 2006 and here are a few things I thought I'd share! I'm trying to set up a GitHub page to make the scraping code and data accessible if you guys want to play with it. Disclaimers: I only used data that matches "political science" and "PhD". So 1) these things don't apply to Master's degree applicants, and 2) the data is "biased against" (includes less posts from) Har
  13. Hello everyone, I have received some contradictory advice regarding whether I should mention professors in my SoP. I know that mentioning a few professors can be risky, but I was trying to mention professors who may share my research interests as a way of showing my "fit" and explaining why I chose that program. Of course, I am aware that my fit is mainly signaled by my research interests, but I wanted to say something about the department and program/why I am applying there. I would like to hear your opinion on this.
  14. I'm hoping to apply to Ph.D. programs in 2-3 years (taking some time off after my undergrad). Broadly I'm interested in studying social movements and political culture, and while I am not opposed to quantitative methods (and do already have some background in them), I really want to attend a doctoral program that is strong in its qualitative methods training, particularly ethnographic research - interviewing, observation, etc. I'm not sure how to approach researching schools, since it feels like the topics I am interested in are more suited for a political science Ph.D., while the method train
  15. Hello all, I'm looking to apply to PhD programs in political science this upcoming cycle and I wanted to get a better understanding of what schools I should be targeting and applying to given the state of the application process right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to apply pretty broadly. I'm targeting schools in the Top 15, but also in 20-35 range. PROFILE: Undergrad Institution: Large R1 Top 50 Majors: Political Science and Economics Undergrad GPA: 3.7 overall, 3.9+ Pol Sci GPA GRE: 161-163V/162-164Q/5.5 AWA - My target schools
  16. Hello! Is anyone on this forum willing to review my statement of purpose? I am applying to Political Science PhD programs in the US. If you are willing to provide constructive feedback, please comment below and I will send you a PM. I am also more than happy to review other SoPs. Thank you!
  17. Hi everyone! I'm planning to apply to the MA in Political Science at UBC for the September 2021 intake (I've got everything ready but the three recommendation letters but that shouldn't be a problem) Here's my "stats": GPA of the last two years (BA degree): 3.73/4.0 and 3.8/4.0. My final grade was 110 cum laude which in my country (Italy) is the highest you can get TOEFL: 107/120 Extra curricular: sadly not much except for the fact I've spent a semester in China (my BA is in East Asian studies, so I want to conduct research into Asian politics at UBC as it's one of the
  18. Hey, I want to apply to an MA at UoT in political science for fall 2021 with the goal of following that up with a PhD in political theory in the same university. I tried applying to PhD programs in Sociology in multiple universities but I wasn't accepted and some one from a certain admissions office told me its because my grades in my masters were low. So I decided to start from masters again and be consistent since my actual interests are in political theory and not sociology. I want to know what my chances are of getting accepted in the MA PoliSci program at Uo
  19. Hey all! I haven’t seen a thread like this that is specific to Canada so thought I’d start one. I’ve applied to York, McMaster and UofT for 2020 admission to an MA in polisci. I hope this is an okay number of apps, I know some do a lot more. I’ve also got a few questions if anybody would be able to answer! How are the programs/depts at these unis, how do they compare to each other? York entices me due to it’s supposed left-wing nature but UofT is obviously much more prestigious. I’m unsure as to the quality of the specific programs, I find it’s hard to find info on thi
  20. Hello, I received offers from two universities. Both are PhD programs in political science. Political science at the first one is ranked 40, while that at the second one is ranked 61. The first one is ranked 57 nationally and 47 globally (which is weird). The second one is ranked 34 nationally and 105 globally. All the rankings are from U.S. News. Political science at the first one seems to have more influence than that at the second. But from the information on their websites, the most influential scholars at the first one have already retired. The political science at the second has mo
  21. Hey everyone, I'm a 2019 college grad with a degree in Political Science/International Relations and French minor. I'm passionate about international affairs, particularly international human rights and international humanitarian law, and I'm currently trying to decide the best MA program to continue my education. I've been researching schools abroad, and I'm very interested in The Graduate Institute at Geneva's MA in International Relations/Political Science. I lived in Geneva for 6 mos. in 2018 and had the opportunity to meet students and faculty from the school and really enjoye
  22. I am interested in University of Toronto's MA program in Political Science. Can you share your thought about the program?
  23. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place... but I might as well try. I'm considering applying to the Transatlantic Masters Program at UNC-Chapel Hill, more specifically the Turkish-German track. The program seems much more viable compared to any other American university in terms of obtaining an MA, however I would still need funding to undertake studies there. I have read into some of the funding opportunities available to European and German citizens (which I am). I was wondering if anyone had any other advice in terms of funding options or opportunities I could look into or qualify f
  24. Type of Undergrad Institution: #77 in US News, top 10 in IR (my undergrad major) Major(s)/Minor(s): Major in IR, minor in Spanish Undergrad GPA: 3.91 MA GPA: They don't give GPAs, but earned a Distinction at LSE and won the prize for "best overall performance" in my MA class GRE: 166 V, 160 Q, 6.0 W (second time), 166 V, 154 Q, 6.0 W (first time) Languages: Spanish, French (basic proficiency) Teaching: TA for intro world politics course, tutor and supplemental instructor for college-level ESL program, volunteer tutor for high school Spanish LOR: 2 glowing let
  25. Thread for MA Political Science applicants at Canadian universities! Let's wait it out together.
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