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Found 3 results

  1. I have always been interested in my pursuing Machine Learning when I was in college. However, I was really disappointed in the quality of teachers in my undergraduate college. I grew disillusioned in what was being taught and decided to pursue my own interests in college; I researched topics by myself, made projects, learned stuff from the internet. Eventually, I was able to secure a pretty good internship as well because of my efforts. But my academics did suffer because I invested my efforts elsewhere. Now I want to apply for a master's in the specialization for ML. If possible, I will also like to pursue research opportunities in this field. No matter how passionate I describe myself in my SOP, the admissions committee is going to be skeptical of my commitment because of my low grades. I may be wrong about this, but I think it will improve my chances if I acknowledge my poor academics in my SOP, but I don't want it to overshadow my accomplishments or the hard work I put in to follow my interests. People who have faced this problem before ( or actually, anyone who has experience with these things) what would be the best way to address it in my SOP? How should I phrase/word it? Any examples are of course appreciated. Anything I should be careful of/steer clear of? Thanks
  2. I finished my BA last spring and I am applying for graduate programs for the fall of 2020. I am interested in studying metaphysics and logic. I am a big fan of David Lewis. The analysis of possibility, ontology, formal systems, and the metaphysics of science are each contenders for my chief philosophical interest. I do not know which programs I should be applying for. I plan on applying to a couple of terminal MA programs for general philosophy. I would like also to pursue MA/PhD programs and those programs with a strong faculty for metaphysics. Most of the programs I would like to apply to, given their faculties best suit my interests, are quite nice. That's a problem for me. My credentials are a mixed bag. GPA BA -3.27 GRE 168/165/5.5 I seriously doubt the letters will be that strong. I had no issues in my courses but I withdrew for an extended period of time as per my financial disposition. While away from school, all my best candidate letter writers either passed on or moved out of the discipline. The rest just haven't instructed a course with me in too many years. I am confident in the quality of my writing sample. I plan on applying to the following schools: Syracuse Norther Illinois Houston NYU Tufts Rutgers Southern California I am under the impression I should apply to more schools. I don't know which ones though. I have already done considerable research (mostly by reading phil articles in journals) to find good matches at say Syracuse (Dowell, Heller) or Tufts (Denby). Now, I am running short on ideas. Also, I don't even know how practical or strong my list really is. Am I applying to too strong of programs? Should I give up on PhD programs? Does anyone have any input otherwise? Any is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone! I just graduated college with a degree in Biology with a gpa of about 2.7. My gpa didn't end up so well because of a bunch of reasons depression, transferring schools, didn't really know I wanted to do until it was already too late among some other things. My passion is set in marine biology and have been pursuing that since I graduated. I would definitely say if college went differently I would had no problems getting the gpa I needed. I plan on going for a masters and possibly a phd. Unfortunately, all the masters programs I've seen require a 3.0 just to apply. I've read that I could get a second bachelors degree to improve this but other than that I'm not sure what I can do to get in.
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