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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I applied to 8 MFA programs. I have been granted interviews from 4 of them so far, as a finalist. I have been accepted to two and am still waiting on the others. I have had 3 interviews so far, all skype. I am wondering how much weight does the 15 minute skype interview actually have? How much does it affect your chances? What are the most important factors in a school's decision? Is it the overall application (statement, portfolio, recommendations) or does the interview have a significant spot in determining the decision? Help! I'm freakin' out Thank you!!!
  2. Why I am putting myself through this again? I do not have an answer, but I am here. Anyone else out there going through the portfolio/statement of purpose process, still? My first application goes out next week (University of Arizona). I am beyond nervous. How do you decide when everything is "done"? When is anything ever done, haha
  3. Hi All! I'm new to this forum and am an aspiring candidate to an MFA program. The problem is, I don't know which one or what to look for! I'm sure there are a million of these threads and everyone has a different story. I'm just trying to get some guidance for my particular scenario. I'm finishing my BA as a non-traditional student. My educational background was studio art, but this year I H ad to switch to a Graphic Design program and will be finishing in that program. So, my BA will be in graphic design but I want to get into an MFA studio art program - this is where my focus is even today while I'm finishing my BA degree. So, I don't have a large body of work and this is something I'll be working on over the next few months. So, first - as an online student who is working on entering a program outside of their final degree program, are there any resources for helping me to build a portfolio? Peer groups or anything? Are there programs that might be more appropriate for me than others based on my situation? My primary focus is drawing/painting and encaustic painting (using mixed media interdisciplinary). Is there a list of mixed media/interdisciplinary MFA programs across the US? To be honest (except maybe NYC), I'm open to almost anywhere. Just looking for a good program where I can learn and grow. Any guidance you can provide for me? Thanks in advance and have a great day! Phil
  4. Hi, I'm applying for furniture design and applied craft MFAs and am wondering if anyone has an idea of the acceptance rates at some of these places, or has attended any of the below schools and could shed some light on how difficult it is to get in? PNCA, Cranbrook, VCU, OCAC, SCAD Thanks! Sally
  5. Good evening, this is Steve. I am currently an upcoming high school senior and interested in applying for Architecture and Urban design major. I understand that I'm posting this on a Grad forum I think that people who are in this community will definitely be more experienced and know what kind of portfolio a college professor/admission department is more likely to prefer. Could someone please tell me some general things that I should definitely include in my portfolio? Or which kind of direction (either more artistic or more design based) should my portfolio be composed of? Thanks so much!
  6. I am applying to interdisciplinary programs with an emphasis on photography. I have an installation of 5 videos, with photos of the installation. Should each video represent one of my portfolio submissions? Where should I put the photo of the installation since is is purely to provide context for the videos. How should I count the videos? I appreciate any suggestions.
  7. Hello, I graduated last May with a BFA after attending 3 different undergrad schools. I had a diverse education over the course of 6 years and feel ready and excited to attend grad school. I have a very loose, expressive hand that relates to Abstract Expressionism. I would not call my work conceptual, however it is not realistic or naturalistic either (NY Academy, for example, would be too geared towards anatomy). Basically, my paintings are about the burden of having a perishable body. I express this through loose interpretations of the body and abstraction. I am not sure what programs are the best fit for my aesthetic. Many of my professors suggested PAFA. Currently, I own an apartment near NYC, so it would be really great if I could find a program here. However, I would relocate for the right program and do not want to limit myself. I would really like some feedback on what would be a good fit for me. Right now NY Studio School, Pratt, PAFA, and Boston Museum School are high on the list for me. Also, I was wondering about Bard. I can't seem to get a good feel for the type of work the students make. Sorry, that was long. Anyway, take a look and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  8. Hey everybody! I'm applying for an MFA in Sculpture starting Fall of 2012 and would love to hear some thoughts about my work and where you think it would fit. graceleelawrence.com At present I'm thinking about the following schools: VCU Carnegie Mellon MICA Columbia Maybe Yale? Any suggestions for back up schools? I'm trying to stay near the east coast but will go wherever works out best. Thanks!
  9. I am preparing my portfolio for late winter submission in an MFA studio art program. I want to stay in my Chicago area, which shouldn't be hard since there are a number of good schools. My first question to all those who are already accepted into grad programs of their choice; What do you put in the portfolio? If you have just finished your BFA, then what do you have besides your senior year show stuff? Or, if like me, you have been out there working for many years at as many art-related jobs as possible, what will assure your chances of getting looked at? I will attend the grad portfolio day that is in November here. I need to get some ideas before I even do this. Advice? I have many paintings in series, realistic, and figurative paintings on canvas. I have very little gallery experience to put on a resume. I have only been in 2 curated shows. And what I showed is probably not going to get a look at a serious MFA program. So it needs to be something else. I have a lot of work that I could possibly put out there. I am not a "Sunday painter" but I have been kind of a recluse. Besides hanging out at the local colleges, I haven't made many connections in my local art world. Help me, I am new to this. I welcome advice.
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