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Found 17 results

  1. Hello! I'm looking at both Portland State University and Pacific University (Forest Grove) for SLP Post-Baccalaureate programs (non-CSD major, planning to apply to 2-year grad schools). I've looked at some threads on here comparing the two, but haven't seen anything very recent. Is anyone in those programs who can give some insight? There are several factors that will affect my decision. For example, I'm leaning toward Pacific U academically because I read some posts about some great professors moving there from the PSU program, and I would expect smaller class sizes there. But I'm also limited by cost (out-of-state student who will hopefully be assisted by aid through FAFSA) and whether I can get a part-time job while doing the program. I would rather do in-person classes because I don't think I learn as well online. 😅 But of course, I would take any advice on this as well. Also, where I live is part of the question. I'm moving to the area after living overseas for the past few years. My current plan is to live with my friends near Downtown Portland, which is honestly a very convenient walk to PSU. It would be about a 30-minute commute over to Pacific U, but it would be going against traffic both ways. Has anyone done this commute/is it worth it? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!
  2. I'm finishing up my 10th post-bacc SLP leveling coursework and it seems it was a waste of time. I can't get a SLPA certificate here in California (they won't accept post-bacc coursework any longer) and I can't afford nor have the time to complete an MS/SLP degree (I am single and work full time and I just can't swing it). Would all these classes I took help with any type of SLP related job opportunity? I wanted so badly to be a SLPA so now what.....I can't do behavioral therapy any longer and just want to be involved in speech services in some way.
  3. Hi! Trying to find the right pos-bacc program (in terms of prerequisites fulfilling potential grad schools) and I need a bit of help. So, I'm wondering: 1. What post-bacc programs did you choose and complete? 2. What schools for grad-school where you accepted into? Was it conditional? 3. Did you take any prerequisite (SLP) classes outside of your post-bacc program? Also how did you decipher the prerequisite class names and descriptions? Any tips? Any class titles that you know are equivalent to each other? I've tried e-mailing and calling academic advisors but so far, I haven't received much help. Also I took a physics class on "Life in the Universe" in undergrad because I was told it would work for the ASHA physics requirement but, I'm not sure it will. Any experience with that? What physics class did you guys take? Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone! I am a 4th year neuroscience major at UCLA. I am hoping to apply to a post-bacc or leveling SLP program soon after I graduate; however, I am pretty concerned that my low GPA will hinder any chance I have at getting accepted into one. My GPA is currently a 3.14 (with only about 30 units left to make any difference), I am doing better in my classes this quarter but don't think I have enough room to get it much higher than a 3.2. UCLA's neuro undergrad program is notorious for being a GPA killer, would grad programs take that into consideration? I have interned for a year at a baby sign language company where I work with typical and atypical children between the ages of 4 months and 3 years. I have a few other things on my resume such as work, volunteering as an English instructor, being part of a capstone research team & I am hopefully going to be working at the UCLA Language Lab next quarter. I also plan to shadow in the next quarter as I won't be taking any classes. The only relevant SLP courses that I've taken are (1) auditory neuroscience of speech perception and vocal communication (received an A) & (2) a comm class called science of language (currently enrolled and on track for an A). I have not taken the GRE yet. I plan to apply to Chapman's post-bacc program later this year, and the rest of my list (i.e. NYU, CSUN, CSU East Bay, SJSU, University of Redlands, University of the Pacific). Can anyone tell how I fair as an out-of-field major? Do I have a shot? Also do you have any recommendations for what I should do to compensate for my low GPA and become a more competitive applicant? Please let me know, I would so appreciate any help!
  5. Hey! Was wondering if anyone had advice about a possible career change to SLP. I’m currently a teacher and have my masters in early childhood education and sped my B.S is in an unrelated field. I was considering switching careers to an SLP but I’m struggling with how to go about. I’ve looked up some masters programs that require pre-reqs that I don’t have and I’m iffy about doing a post-bacc online and then having to apply to a full master’s program. Has anyone gone about this route and started over again? Are their programs that include pre-req classes and a master’s program? I’m just looking for general advice and any guidance would be a huge help. Considering flexible programs and full time programs anywhere in the US (Cali would be ideal since I’m from there and can live and home to save $$ but I moved for my master’s and made it work so that’s also an option). Thank you!!
  6. Recent CS grad who is planning on applying to PhD programs in the near future. While I have some research experience (including an REU from this past summer), I'm currently taking a gap year to recharge before applications and was wondering if it is possible to gain more relevant experience in the months that I do have before applying. I have one work offer, and am interviewing for another potential company (software developer/consulting, not research related), in addition to sending apps for research assistant positions at a couple national labs. Any advice on a path that I could take for the next few months? I'm thinking of going on the research route, but any other suggestions? Should I keep applying to national labs? Would it be a good idea to try and ask professors at my previous undergrad for opportunities?
  7. Hey guys! So I am a graduating senior at Pitt. I am a pre-med sociology major and I'm looking into some post-bacc programs to go into next year to prepare for medical school. I have a 2.9 science GPA (thus the post-bacc) and a 3.3 overall GPA. I want to apply to 1-year programs that don't require the GRE or the MCAT and preferably have MCAT prep built into the program. I've already done lots of research on the topic was just wondering what info other people have about potentially good programs. Location in the US doesn't matter!
  8. Hi Everyone! I just want to chime in here as this application season has been very overwhelming. I am applying for the fall 2019 for grad school in speech language pathology. The road to getting here has been very long as it took me a while to get in this career path. I am currently finishing up some pre-requisites online, studying for GRE, and working on grad school applications. Is anyone else on the same boat? Also, I am 29 years old and the thought of turning 30 in grad school is sometimes a bit terrifying. However, I am determined to defy all the odds and give it a shot to get in a program. I am applying for 13 schools. Anyone else like this? Thoughts? Concerns? Thanks.
  9. Hi all! So I have a bit of a dilemma - I'm a non traditional student (majored in Business during undergrad), and am intent on pursuing a PhD in Psychology. I'm not entirely sure what area specifically I want to go down yet, as I'm interested in both Clinical and Neuro Psych at the moment. In order to apply to either, though, I obviously need to take some pre-requisites, get involved in research work and try to get in some publications/posters. I've been accepted to the Masters program in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College (Columbia) as well as to the Post Bacc program in Psychology at Columbia. I'm trying to figure out which is a better option for me, as both seem to pose good advantages. If anyone has any thoughts on this or any advice they could share, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for reading through this
  10. So I'm in the process of picking graduate schools to apply to and Im having a hard time of getting past the mentality of applying for the best schools in my field and seeing what happens? (Yale BBS, NYU, Northwestern, Princeton, Brown-basically all the reaches). I can stay a second year in my current postbacc fellowship and have been advised to do so if i want a shot at these schools, but as i have fee waivers and the worst they can say is no, my head is stuck on aiming high and just taking feedback this round. Wondering what some match schools would be though! Also, unsure if id have a somewhat better shot applying to biology umbrella programs for neuroscience or straight into neuroscience? Undergrad Institution: Big stateMajor(s): NeuroscienceOverall GPA: 3.3, in major probably around 3.05 (pretty average student except for chem/ochem-mostly B's, pretty much few equal in science A's-C's cancelled out)Type of Student: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?): Domestic, female, Puerto Rican & African AmericanGRE Scores:Q: 156/61%V: 159/83%W: 4.5/82% Other: Several extensive research experiences, (3 academic years, 2 summer fellowships, presented posters at 2 university conferences and won awards, ABRCMS national conference poster award, 2 travel awards, 1 middle author publication in submission, writing a review paper with a well known PI now), 3 pretty good LORs, and the typical grad cv full of extracurriculars I held 2 jobs most of my 3 years of undergrad, and graduated in 3 years rather than taking the 4th to improve my gpa due to financial considerations. Im currently in an NIH funded postbacc at Mayo Clinic. Bless you for reading this far, any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hello! I couldn't find a thread for postbacc options, so here we go! Im graduating early, so decided a postbacc would be a great way to spend the year before applying to PhD programs. Ive applied to the NIH PREP program at Yale, Northwestern, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Brown, and possibly one more!
  12. I know there's been a few posts about this already, but couldn't find any recent ones. Any current/past students that can give any insights on either school? Thanks!
  13. Hi all! I am about to apply for the Post bacc program in Communication Disorders at SUNY New Paltz. Anyone who applied before notice that the app doesnt require a letter of rec? Am I reading it wrong? Just want to be 100% sure. Any tips for writing a good statement of purpose? I have never written one before. Also, any other speech post bacc programs online that allow start in the Spring or late fall? I only noticed Northwestern but that one is too expensive. Thanks!
  14. It just started up last year and there are four courses listed (intro to language science, phonetics, hearing science, and anatomy and physiology of speech). The coordinator says to hope to open up all the classes within the next year as long as demands are met. You can take whichever courses you need as long as they are available They are 8-week long online courses. SDSU's graduate program (not to be confused with the essentials) is known to be #1 in California and #24 in the nation. It doesn't require application, but it doesn't guarantee acceptance into their graduate program. I'm not quite sure if I should do the essentials program or just apply for postbacc program. My GPA isn't the highest, so this seems like a good option, but I don't know when all the classes will be available... and I don't know if all the classes that will become available will fulfill the prerequisites and/or qualifications for other graduate programs. I have at least three possible choices: 1. Keep applying to Post-baccs. 2. Take courses through SDSU SLP Essentials and hope they'll offer all the courses. If they do, eventually apply for graduate school. 3. Take courses through SDSU SLP Essentials and continue to apply for postbaccs. (In this situation, will the classes I already took be taken off of the list that I need to take in the postbacc?) Please let me know what opinions you have on my situation. If you have any suggestions, or if you would like to share your own experiences, I'd be happy to read them. Thanks! Click here for information on the SDSU SLP Essentials Program
  15. pinoysoc


    Does anyone have suggestions for post-bacc programs??? I have a BA & MA in Sociology. I only finished Bio 1 with lab in undergrad.
  16. What are your thoughts on Post-bacc programs for Anthropology? I know Columbia and UPenn for example offer Post-baccalaureate Studies/ Graduate Foundations programs for non-med disciplines such as Anthropology. I am wondering if it is worth it to pursue for someone like me, who is interested in pursuing an MA in Anthropology but has never taken an Anthro class in my life.
  17. Hello! I am currently finishing my undergrad degree in biology and I have a few summer classes to finish with, but does anyone here know any postbacc online programs in new jersey that i could apply to for the fall that are fairly easy to get into? I have a pretty low gpa because I majored in biology but i was wondering if i do really well in the prereqs for SLP during my postbacc if I have a better chance of getting into a masters program?
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