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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I may have posted this on the wrong section of the forum. I am an international prospective student studying my PhD in NA ( USA or in Canada), and I would like to know visa applications, types of visas, and a pathway for a PhD student to fully immigrate and settle after finishing the program. I'm from SE Asia, so any resources will help. Thank you, always stay safe and wear your masks!
  2. Hi! I am new to this site and just created an account, so apologies if I am doing this wrong or posting in the wrong area! I am a rising senior and I am pretty certain that I want to do a masters program in PR and corporate communications wanted to ask if anyone with experience in or knowledge of these programs would be willing to share some insight into your graduate school admissions process. I am looking to apply for the Fall 2018 or Fall 2019 start dates and would love to go to NYU, but am still discovering all of the other top programs (any recommendations or insights into programs would be much appreciated, too!). I'm at the very beginning of the admissions process--I haven't begun preparing for the GRE or anything yet and am still trying to figure out the lay of the land for these programs--and I wanted to know if there was any advice you would pass down to someone in my position. -Did you use a test prep service for the GRE? -What was your GRE score and how important was the GRE in your admissions? -Were there any other forums or websites you found valuable as resources when you were doing the applications? Just trying to figure out how to get started. Any help or insight you can give me is appreciated!
  3. Hello! I've received offers from NYU and Boston University, both programs are master in Piblic Relations. Meanwhile I am waiting for the IMC program of Northwestern U. As a graduate student majoring in foreign languages and without PR related working experience, I intent to gain some professional experience while studying. Personally I don't think Northwestern wants me because they usually require experience; and I am not confident enough to choose its IMC program because a lot of courses are about finance and statistics. Boston U is good, but when talking about internships and job opportunities as well as related industries in the city, isn't NYC a better place? I guess BU is more academic. As for NYU, I really want to go there but I worry a little about the name of the school to which the program belongs. School of continuing and professional studies... Will it cause some misunderstanding? Another concern is the quality of the program. Some say it is highly practice-based, which is exactly what I want; but others say that it accepts too many students so it becomes less valuable. Could you guys share share some experience and give me some advice? Thanks a lot!
  4. What will be the ranking for photonics- Caltech, Princeton, Cornell, UCB, UoMich, UIUC, Gatech, Purdue, UCLA, UCSB
  5. Hey all,I am an Architect from India. I completed my bachelor's degree in Architecture ( B.Arch ) in 2017 which is a 5-year degree.I have many backlogs and one year drop. My final grades are 7.8 CGPA ( i.e 7.4 x 7.8 + 12 = 70% )equivalent to 3.7/4 Canadian GPA according to this calculator > https://www.greedge.com/blog/fall-2018-convert-cgpa-usa-germany-canada/ ( scroll down two pages for Canada Gpa calculator on the page )I have 7.5 overall scores in IELTS academic.I have 2.5 years of work experience.Is my profile eligible for pursuing masters in Canada?The degree I want to pursue is1.Masters of Urban Design2. Masters of Planning3. Masters of ArchitecturePlease do not suggest diploma courses. These are the final courses I want to look into.I was talking to an agent earlier who said my profile is low and he suggested considering Australia.However, I am not quite sure whether my profile is a low one as the yeard drop was due to a significant health issue I faced in the 2nd year.I have all my documents ready including ( Portfolio, writing samples, CV, transcripts, LOR )With the deadline being 15th Jan 2019 for most of the Canadian Universities, I am in a panic mode and don't know what to do really. I also want to be eligible for PR later.Any suggestions, please?Thanks in Advance.
  6. Hello all, I am a former international student who completed an honours ba degree in Canada, and I am currently on post-graduation work permit. As you might be aware, there are not many funding opportunities for international students. So, I was wondering, is it better to become a Permanent Resident first and then apply to grad school (hence more funding, more spots, less competition) or should I go for grad school as an international student if I get admitted (limited spots, more competition, higher tuition)? I have already applied to 6 schools this year and I started working in January. After I complete 1560 hours (around Oct-Nov 2018), I'll be able to apply to PR through Express Entry. Should I wait for PR or go for grad school as an international student in Canada?
  7. As shown in the title, I got graduate program admissions from 3 universities: (1) Georgetown University (Public Relations & Corporate Communications) (2) New York University (Public Relations and Corporate Communication) (3) Boston University (Public Relations) I'd like to know if there's a huge difference in their education quality? If so, which one is considered the best? I didn't do much research in the preliminary stage for I had been fully occupied by work then, and I consider them more or less the same. So would like to have suggestions from those who are familiar with this area. Thank you for your assistance~!!!
  8. I've been researching USC's MA in Strategic Public Relations and am wondering, what is the difference between that degree and the MA in Communication Management? So far, the differences I see are: The MA in SPR requires 6 courses, the MA in CM requires 3; SPR is 40 units, CM is 36; Not sure how many units can be taken outside of Annenberg with SPR, 8 can come from other depts with CM. Can anyone offer some clarity of what are the hard differences between these two programs? Is one more rigorous than the other? Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  9. I did several career tests and based on the results of what might be an ideal role for me, what role/industry/function do you think best unites the following? - work involving lots of public relations and presence at events, trade shows, conferences; - highly autonomous work rather than teamwork. The most obvious answer to me is being self-employed (I don't want to be, see my other post with negative entrepreneurial experiences...) or an academic/research professor who does most of the research by himself or at most with a really small team, but after that moves a lot to present the work, travels around the world to discuss the ideas and always maintains a huge network of contacts. At the moment, I am quite interested in that option, though I know it means taking a hard path (postgraduate, PhD, etc.). Do you know of any other jobs/careers/roles/functions that fit the criteria I mentioned above? Thank you
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