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Found 2 results

  1. I am wondering what institutions offer MAs in the Old Testament/Semitic languages, that have extensive amounts of Hebrew exegesis, ancient near eastern backgrounds, and even cognate languages (Ugaritic, Akkadian, etc)? I have found very few programs that offer this kind of rigor/coursework on a master's level. It seems like that you can't get to this level unless its on a PhD. Here's the ones I've found/am aware of. Any others? I'm giving a list of what I've found, but many may not meet what I am looking at (a pre-doctoral program you could go into straight from undergraduate; with possibly some Hebrew coursework in between). https://www.tiu.edu/divinity/programs/master-old-testament-semitic-languages/ - Probably the best one I've found, but the financial troubles at school concern me. https://semitics.catholic.edu/academics/graduate-programs/master-of-arts/index.html https://www.sebts.edu/academics/masters/MA_Research/MA-old-testament.aspx (not considered "prestigious" or "reputable" far as I'm aware). https://nelc.sas.upenn.edu/index.php/hebrew-judaic-studies Think they have an MA, not just a PhD? https://www.gordonconwell.edu/degrees/mats/ I think this degree would fit the academic rigor/reputation requirements? Believe that this previously offered program was folded into it? https://divinity.yale.edu/academics/degree-and-certificate-requirements/concentrated-master-arts-religion-mar/hebrew-bible https://www.brandeis.edu/near-eastern-judaic/graduate/masters/index.html https://catalog.wheaton.edu/graduate/biblical-theological-studies/biblical-exegesis-ma/#requirementstext Trying to focus on schools that would give education to prepare for academia, not necessarily pastoral ministry. Feedback on these programs I've found? Any reputable programs that I've missed? Any of these not what I think they are? Also interested/willing to hear about PhD programs that have a master's degree en route (as long as one could go directly from undergraduate). Sorry for dumping all of this. Don't expect detailed review of all of these links. I'm just trying to see if I am looking at the right places/thinking about the right kind of programs and any of them stand out as good options or bad choices.
  2. Over the past few days I've experienced a huge slump in my graduate career. I'm a first year graduate student in the social sciences who thought it'd be a good idea to apply for the Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral fellowship...boy was I wrong. I received a rejection a few days ago despite relatively high marks from reviewers and an application that I put everything I had into. No honorable mention, no waitlist, just a flat out rejection. What's worse is someone in my cohort received the fellowship that I wanted. I know for a fact that my work is at least as good as theirs if not better, so I'm struggling to reconcile the fact that some random academics deemed my project inadequate. Any tips for not going off when fellowship committees don't know what they're doing? Clearly I've heard all of the "many qualified applicants and too few awards" and "sometimes these things just happen" clich├ęs, but I'm looking for something more thoughtful, ideally from others who have been wronged and watch others take what they don't deserve.
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