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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone run into a program that requires statistics AND an additional math course? Worcester State requires stats and a seperate math course that is not at the remedial level to be completed by Aug. 31st.....I haven’t heard of any other programs requiring this!?
  2. Hi All,As a 28-year old attempting a career transition, with mind my set on eventually getting a PhD in clinical psychology, I could use some advice about the options available to me. At this stage it seems that I need to beef up my experience to be even considered eligible for a Phd. program: I have a BS in Econs but zero coursework in Psych and no experience with research or other psych related work. I have identified the post-bacc route as the most suitable for me to complete the pre-req courses and obtain lab experience and letters of recommendation. My concern now is that there are only a handful of suitable post-bacc courses, and together with my status of as an international student, I'm having doubts about getting accepted into anything at all.Other pathwaysMany of the suggestions from this forum, such as taking the pre-req. courses at a local college aren't an option for me. I live in Malaysia, and even though I have my heart set on the US, I'm uncertain about coming to the US just to take a few courses as non-degree seeking student. I'm not even sure how this would work with the visas; do you have to apply as a normal undergrad?The appeal of post-baccs is the structured format and access to the research positions on campus (an international F-1 visa only allows for work within the campus). I have also considered online learning. This would fulfill pre-reqs but don't help with getting research experience or letters of recommendation.MastersIf have already decided I want to do a Phd. a masters seems like a waste of time. Also, I don't think I would be eligible for a program of my choice for the same reasons I can't do a Phd yet: no pre-reqs, no research experience, and psych GRE.Questions1. I am looking for backup options in case I am rejected from all the post-bacc programs (full list of post-baccs im considering are below). I am looking at something for the upcoming academic year.2. Are there any other post-baccs I have missed or similar courses that offer a research opportunities, resident full-time status(needed for visa) and that don't require me to already have psych experience, or pre-reqs.3. Is my understanding of registering at undergrad level to fulill course requirements correct?4. I would be grateful for any other advice or pointers to resources.Thanks!List of identified post-baccs (distance learning has been ruled out)1. UC Berkeley2. Columbia3. Farleigh Dickinson4. Penn LPS
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