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Found 8 results

  1. This is about the NIH prep program. Its just a place for us to come and talk about different programs and where we are applying and what we end up doing. ****No display of stats please, if you need to know ask the person in private chat or something. I will start, I am applying to 7 schools, why? Because 7 is my lucky number, actually is 14 but 7 was more doable. My schools: Harvard, Brown, UIC, Uchicago, UGA, UMAssmed, Tufts. Harvard is my top choice, but all other schools are great and I will love to attend any of these programs.
  2. Hey Guys, In your opinion what's the best GRE prep service? I'm looking to strengthen my profile for the next cycle and I think higher GRE's will do just that. The last time I took it I did fine on the V but bombed the Q, so i'm looking at prep services to get both up, but mainly focus on my Q grade. Anyone have any recommendations for good prep services? I've heard good things about Princeton Reviews, any one have any personal experience with it? or Kaplan? Thanks!
  3. Is anyone out there able to give feedback on practice GRE essays? I would be happy to do the same for them!!
  4. I created a multiplayer vocabulary quiz web application. It is live at grequiz.com. In this quiz, you challenge your opponent with a word and answer their challenge question. Whoever gets the highest score in a round of five wins the game. Check it out at grequiz.com. I would love your feedback.
  5. Hello all! I'm trying to study for my 2nd time at the Biology GRE subject test and am looking for more interactive, class or video study sessions. Simply reading doesn't seem to be doing it for me. If only there was actually a test prep course out there! Any suggestions? I had seen a review here: http://study.com/academy/course/gre-biology-study-guide-test-prep.html#courseNavigation and was wondering if anyone had feedback about review courses on there as well.
  6. Has anyone used the gre prep courses through study.com? For example I am prepping for the Biology GRE Subject Test and the link is: http://study.com/academy/course/gre-biology-study-guide-test-prep.html#courseNavigation Thanks!
  7. Hi potential grads--I am seeking other GRE test-preppers to meet in town once or twice a week over the summer to prepare for GRE examination. Flashcards, math drilling, practice tests, etc.
  8. Sorry for all of the new threads lately but I wanted to know if anyone has had experience with the Manhattan GRE prep books? If so, how thorough are they?
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