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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm graduating from a MFA program in Architectural History next year (spring 2021) and have been seriously considering applying to PhD history programs, most likely for admission in fall 2021. I'm an older student (late 30s) and my career has been focused in architectural history up to this point. I love research and writing, and have done a significant amount of it in my career, but I've lost my interest in the built environment. I've always been an amateur social and cultural historian and want to focus on that in a professional capacity. It seems that going on for my PhD is a means of achieving that. I do have a strong desire to educate; I'm very into public history (researched and developed my own historic walking tour, started a history podcast, etc.) as I feel it is integral to making a traditionally stuffy topic more accessible to the general public. To that end, I'm flexible about how my future career takes shape. I understand that history teaching positions are drying up, so I would be equally happy in a museum setting. I'd like my primary field to be women's history (late 19th and early 20th century America and Britain), with secondary fields in social and cultural history (American, British, European). Primarily, I've been looking at schools with women's history faculty. I have a running list of programs and the professors that I would want to work with, and general idea of the requirements. But am I wrong to assume that getting into a top 25 program is an absolute necessity for obtaining a teaching job (if I were to pursue that route)? I've been using US News' list of top history PhD programs to do my research--is that list valid? Right now, my top choices are Johns Hopkins (my professor "spirit animal" is there) and UNC-Chapel Hill (all around strong women's history program). I know University of Wisconsin is known for its women's history program, but I have been a little reticent about that due to the location. I'm on the east coast would prefer to stay there or at least be able to fly back and forth regularly. Are there other programs I should be considering? Now that I've read some threads on here, I'm definitely more nervous about applying. The only way for me to do this is to be fully funded (tuition waiver and stipend). My undergrad GPA was 3.45 (3.8 major), which I thought was good, until I read on here that it might not be? So far, my GPA in my masters program is 4.0. I should note that the school that I'm doing my MFA at is an arts school that is well regarded...but it's an arts school. I haven't taken the GRE yet (it wasn't required for admission for my MFA) and I'm terrified. Honestly, I'm a terrible test taker and know that my math scores will stink because there is a giant black hole in my brain where anything beyond basic math skills should be. My verbal should be good. I hope to take and pass the reading exam for French before applying. I've presented a paper at one conference and am applying for others--will that help my application? Any other suggestions for ways to improve my chances at acceptance? Do I need to start reaching out to the professors that I would like to work with? It seems that gaining their favor also improves acceptance chances? I feel like I'm very prepared for all this but then some days, I feel like I've got a blindfold on. Any advice and/or suggestions are appreciated.
  2. So it looks like a few people have heard some positive news from grad schools about upcoming interviews starting next month. How is everyone preparing? I know that I did some initial preparation when I was completing my applications, but I'm not too sure where to go from here. Every POI has published material, ongoing grants and recently completed work, lab websites/department biographies... But what is interview day/weekend really about and what kinds of questions should we be preparing for and what questions should we be asking as we are on these interviews? Happy Holidays!
  3. Hi everyone, Has anyone ever started preparing to apply to grad school (PhD more specifically) and then decided to not apply or decided to apply the next year? If so, what was the reason?
  4. What do people recommend as far as preparing for interviews? Obviously, know your own research. I know the work I've done at 2/3 institutions like the back of my hand. The 3rd was a 3 month internship I'm more vague on, but am currently reading the publication that came out of it. I have my first interview next week, and I know I should know the research of the people I'm interviewing with (I have my itinerary). 1/5, though, works on something pretty removed from my interests, and another works mostly with techniques I've never used or read much on. Should I have talking points for each person, or is it okay to not know as much about some if they weren't people I requested/aren't doing what I'm interested in? Also, generally, what should one do to prepare? I'm interviewing for neuroscience programs, by the way.
  5. Dear All, This is my first post on this forum. I have been working in Global Health for past 6 Yrs. and now decided to get my second masters in Public health. The first one I have is in International Business. I got accepted in the PG Certificate, Public Health long distance course at London School of Tropical medicine and Hygiene. My goal is to eventually roll this certificate into an MSc in Public Health. I am looking for recommendations on how to prepare for long distance courses, how many modules are doable per year? Any suggestion and your personal experience stories are much appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Okay, I got into the program I wanted, and Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I'll be starting in the fall. Now what? I work full time and have community commitments, so I'm plenty busy, but I still have graduate-school on the brain and want to direct that energy somewhere useful. My experience with grad school is based on those I interacted with 5 years ago as a physics undergrad. Now I'm going for a PhD in science education, and the world of social science is new to me. From what I understand about the program, it's all classes first year, then classes & TAing second year, then after that research. But all the big grants one might want to apply for (NSF fellowship is on my radar for the future) expect you to already be involved in research. Should I be trying to set up an "in" in research before the program starts? Would it be appropriate to start contacting professors now, or should I wait until the fall? My only thought so far is to email the profs I met on the interview day and ask if there's a book they'd recommend I read. Any thoughts or insights are much appreciated!
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