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Found 11 results

  1. I'm about to enroll in a University of Phoenix online "Fundamentals of Physics" course. Does anyone have experience with this class (quality of teaching or difficulty?) or any other prerequisites with University of Phoenix? I've seen plenty negative reviews on Univ. of Phoenix, but since I'm just doing a single course, I'm hoping it won't be too bad. The math placement exam was HARD for me! Is the difficulty of that test indicative of the difficulty of the course?? Thanks!
  2. Backstory: I have obtained a bachelors in speech pathology. I really want to go to grad school. I’ve tried at many schools and have been rejected. I have narrowed down my mistake as being my prerequisites. I have two Cs, and I know how competitive grad school is. My question, does anyone here have experience with post baccalaureate courses to retake the prerequisites. If not post baccalaureate then how can I retake those two classes from undergrad in order to boost my chances of acceptance?
  3. Hello I am a prospective MPA/MPP/M.Dev student and I have applied to a couple of policy and administration programs for the Fall 2019 session. My grades in my earlier education are not good especially in Statistics and Calculus. I am not too hopeful that I will be getting admits at good colleges this session as my essays were also not upto the mark. I am ready to put in serious efforts for the next year application cycle and I want to start with the prerequisite courses (Stats and Calculus). I was wondering where can I take such courses for which credit are accepted by colleges like HKS, WWS, Chicago, Sanford etc (Coursera and eDx are not accepted as mentioned in the college websites). Although open to both online/offline, my preference remains online courses as I am located in India. Please let me know Thanks
  4. Hi there, After many years of considering applying to an MFA in Visual Art, I've come to the conclusion that I would rather return for an MA in Art History. I am carefully thinking all of this through because my educational path has been long and confusing due to naivete and lack of quality advice. For instance, when I first considered returning to school after earning a minor in the Arts, a teacher informed me that I could not earn a second bachelors of arts after earning one degree already (in English). Following that direction, I enrolled in a studio program that did not include any art history courses. I went on into a Post-Bac program that also did not emphasize art history, though I've taken a couple of art theory courses between both programs, and a couple art history courses to fulfill my minor. Throughout this time, I had many long discussions with professors who gave a lot of haphazard advice on how to shape my educational path in order to prepare for entrance into an MFA program. If only I could have steered my younger self. I'd like to say that I'm not bitter, but I sort of am. My original objective was to work in academia after earning an MFA, but after finishing my post-bac, I decided to enter the workforce full time and pay off some loans. This turned into many more years due to an illness in the family, and also my hesitation to spend more money without some solid guidance. Finally, I've connected with people who are well equipped to advise me on my next steps, and I am much more savvy in my ability to navigate this situation. I'm still considering a role in academia (if I am so lucky), and also positions within a museum setting. Luckily, almost all of my jobs have been within an art setting though not related to curation. I spend a good deal of personal time researching and writing. The magic is still there whenever I enter into a museum, and I run-walk around like a kid at a candy factory. I've also maintained my artist practice, listen to podcasts, and read about art on an ongoing basis, so I know this isn't a passing passion. I know taking more art history courses is essential for me to gain entrance and succeed in an Art History Masters program, though I feel confident that I can also leverage my studio art background in my application. I will follow the basic canon of any BFA program, with a focus on Contemporary and American art. I am giving myself two years to take courses, reorient myself to academia, research programs and grants/funding, and cultivate my network for support and recommendations. I am also looking for a job within a university so I can take courses for free - I've worked within educational institutes for five years and assume that will make my application a bit more competitive. I am also going to apply for a volunteer position within the curatorial department at a nearby visual art museum (I wish I had done this sooner). As soon as I am more set on a few programs, I will reach out to their faculty and current grad students. I am also beginning to research various organizations and networks. Lastly, I have a big pile of books in art history and the humanities I am slowing working through. I am excited to take more art history courses, though I am not psyched about the price since I've made so many misinformed choices in the past and foolishly accrued debt through the process. Are there any suggestions based on what I've shared thus far? I'll be digging into past conversation threads and posting more, but am so eager to connect with others on this journey. Please let me know if you see gaps in my thinking or if there are other suggestions for paying for the prerequisites. Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Hello people of gradcafe! After hours of searching the internet with limited results, I figured it's best to turn to the knowledgeable people here for help (= I'm an international student with a BA in history and am planning to apply for art history programs in the US. I found that some programs (such as Hunter's MA art history) require art history credits prior to enrollment as well as reading knowledge of a foreign language. There was only one art history course in my university and a credited internship at an art gallery (of which I both did). So now I'm panicking with a bunch of questions, I understand the best route would be to ask the schools directly but I thought I'd get a more general idea from applicants in the know here. So: 1) How "required" are the art history credits and language requirements for MA art history programs? Is it usually possible to take them during the program? 2) There's no community college credits in my country where I can make up for the prerequisite credits, does that mean I would have to sign up for online classes in the US? If so, does it matter how/where I take them? 3) Seeing that the US offers limited terminal MA in art history, how do people usually go about applying straight for PhD? It seems I'm not even eligible to apply for MA? I've read on here that arts/humanities don't usually expect you to have research/published paper in undergrad, yet it seems pretty required for PhD so I'm a bit confused. I apologize if my questions seem ignorant, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi guys! I was accepted to NYU's on-campus program for Fall 2018, and am very seriously considering it. I'm an out-of field applicant, though, and right now I'm missing 4 prerequisites. I'm wondering -- do any of you know how their online prerequisite system works? Like, what is the structure of those courses? And would I have access to those courses during this summer, prior to starting the on-campus program? Any information would be much appreciated!
  7. Hi all! I am planning to start a CSD Master's program this fall, but I am missing several prerequisites. I'd like to do at least a couple of them this summer -- whatever I don't finish, I'll take alongside my master's. Do any of you have recommendations of where I could take these courses online this summer? *If you've done these courses online before, please tell me how heavy of a workload it was and what the cost was! These are the courses I'm missing: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Swallow Mechanisms Introduction to Audiology and Aural Rehab Language Development and Disorders in Children Speech Development and Disorders in Children Any info would be much appreciated!!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a senior SPED-General Curriculum undergrad here in the Carolinas. I'm currently doing my student teaching and unfortunately, I'm starting to realize that it is not something that I want to do. Certainly, I love working with my students with disabilities but I can't see myself long-term doing this profession. I can see with my cooperating teacher how much work she does and the amount of work she takes home (too!); to the point that she gets burned out. Also, even with my county being in the city, the pay is very low (Thanks NC.....). I'm interested in shadowing an SLP since I don't really know what it will be like anyway. On another note, I'm doubting myself if this is only because I'm starting to student teach and do the responsibilities that a SPED teacher does. It frustrates me how I thought I want to be an EC teacher and eventually realize that it isn't something that I want to do long-term. All the help that I can get will be appreciated!
  9. Hello! I am planning on applying to MPP/MPA programs this fall. My question is: will one lower-division and two upper-division statistics courses, plus a lower division economics course look good for top programs? My GPA will be above a 3.7.
  10. Hi! I'm a junior psychology and Spanish major with a 3.84 GPA. I haven't taken the GRE yet but I will in July and I think I'll get around average, hopefully a little bit above, but I'm not that great at standardized tests (I'm studying REALLY hard). I want to apply to bilingual speech-language pathology programs, but I also need a program that has prerequisites. I think I have somewhat of a chance to get into these schools, but I'm not certain and it terrifies me how there are only 8. These are all schools with a bilingual emphasis program AND prerequisites where you do not have to reapply after taking prerequisites. Columbia Indiana University New Mexico State University Marquette University of Minnesota Arizona State University of Redlands University of Arizona University of Virginia seems to have a bilingual focus but it's in the works so I'm not sure if I'll apply there. Should I also apply to schools like these, that I would apply to take prerequisites, and then not be guaranteed a spot in the graduate program afterwards (post-baccalaureate programs)? I just feel like that's a HUGE disadvantage, especially if I don't get into the grad program, because other grad programs may not accept other schools' prerequisites. These are just programs that I know of that have bilingual programs that I could potentially do after the prerequisites if accepted as a grad student- I know that there are other post-baccalaureate programs. Florida International University Portland State University University of Texas at Austin Thank you so much in advance! I can give more info about myself if needed, I just didn't want my post to be ridiculously long.
  11. Hello, I am applying to M.Arch programs for the fall of 2012 and need only to fulfill the Physics and Calculus prerequisites for matriculation (not all require it, but most). There doesn't seem to be a specific requirement other than "one semester of college level physics" and the same for calculus. However, there are many different calculus and physics courses available at my community college (conceptual physics, intro to physics, elementary physics). The same is the case for calc: short calculus, calculus I, etc. There is even what seems to be a combination of the two: Intro Physics-Calculus Supplement. Not sure what qualifies here. Was wondering if anyone who has been through this could shed some light on this topic. Thanks
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