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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I have been accepted at Texas State University and Texas Tech University for MBA program. I would like to now make a decision which MBA program has good standing globally and across the US. Texas Tech University for Professional MBA Once a Month Weekend Tier 1 School Texas State University for evening flex MBA (Twice a week Class) Tier 2 School
  2. I have received an offer for the professional mechanical engineering masters course. I wanted to get more information regarding the course along with future prospects. I believe this is a recently launched course and in results search, people were calling it a cash cow. Not sure what they mean. Any light on the topic will be helpful.
  3. Could definitely use some advice. I'm applying for PhD programs in Urban Education/Sociology and Education with the goal of working as an education researcher. I am currently working as a Senior Research Associate at an educational nonprofit and I basically want to be able to continue to do my job at a more advanced level. I have two of my recommenders secured: the first is my immediate supervisor of 2 years, who holds a PhD herself and can speak to my capacities as a researcher and passion for education. The second is a Research Director of a institute at a nearby university, who I have collaborated with through my current position on a few conference presentations and a peer-reviewed article. Now, I graduated undergrad 10 years ago and finished my masters 3.5 years ago. I did well in grad school academically but I'd be very surprised if any of my professors remembered me personally from class. My original plan was to ask a professor who wrote truly glowing things on every paper I wrote for her class and even assigned a group paper I worked on as assigned reading the following semester. In response to my request, this professor wrote, " I can’t say how you will perform at the doctoral level for several reasons: 1. Masters level work is indicative but not predictive of the quality of doctoral work; 2. I can only speak to your performance based on one class; and 3. Your final paper was excellent but it was a team effort." ... ?‍♀️ I definitely assumed too confidently that that professor would have agreed to recommend me. So now I'm freaking out a bit with only 5 weeks til my first deadline and I think I have 2 options: 1) I can go ask one of my other grad school professors. I got A's in most classes but do not have personal connections with any professors and haven't spoken to most people in this category in 4-5 years. 2) I can ask the VP of my organization, who also holds a PhD and can speak much more specifically to my unique strengths and abilities, but she would be a third person who knows me primarily from a work context and not as a professor. What do you think? Better to go with a so-so academic recommendation or a strong professional one, given that I have already committed to 2 recommenders who are not former professors? Thanks!!
  4. I am a Masters graduate in Engineering (electrical) and I've been working at a hardware company since my graduation about 1.5 years ago. I'm planning to apply for PhD (US & international). I did not do a thesis for my masters - my degree was coursework based. My question is- can I submit LORs for PhD programs in engineering from some of my supervisors/managers/mentors at work? I've interned at work at a couple of companies in highly technical roles. And since I haven't done thesis in my masters, I have better chances of obtaining strong LORs from work than school. I have this question because, from what I know, PhD program is largely academic/research oriented and I'm worried if the LORs I submit through work will even be valued at all. BTW, my supervisors/mentors are PhD holders as well. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, Just some quick background. Long story short, I went to college for undergrad full time up until my first semester senior year. Due to personal reasons, I left to take a 2 year break. I went back in Fall 2017 to finish up my requirements and graduated in December. I am planing to apply to graduate school in the next 1-2 years. The school that I am definitely interested in requires a writing sample that is 15-20 pages long from undergraduate work. I have a sample that meets the length requirement. However, it was written about 3 years ago and my writing has evolved since then. I don't have any other recent samples (the final classes that I took were in French and Math). So, I would like to edit the paper that I do have. I was considering reaching out to students in the English department at my local hometown college for assistance in editing my writing sample to make it application ready. Since it is a lengthy paper, I figured that I would likely need to pay said editor for their help. I am not a current student, So I am not eligible to use my alma mater's writing center. Has anybody ever gone this route before? Does anyone have other suggestions for help with getting my paper edited? Does anyone know what a fair price might be for someone to edit a 20 page (about 6,000 words) paper for graduate school admissions? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Ok so 1 school in the state I wish to attend in states, "provide 3 Letters of Recommendation" and the other, "provide 3 professional letters of recommendation." Ok, I'm an artist, and this is about art. Am I really expected to have 3 professional letters from employers/art galleries, etc... for my art? I'm a stock artist, most of my art is sold self employed through websites. I cannot get professional web site mgr.s to give me recommendations. I really want to be accepted at this second school, but I'm uncertain they will accept professors letters of recommendations at all? I am asking 3 profs., and 1 art gallery Dir, and hoping to get the Art Gallery Dir., and 2 Profs. to agree to write them for me. (sigh).
  7. Hi all! I have a stupid question about a matter that I don't usually care about: clothing. I am going to start a PhD in History at Cambridge (it doesn't matter where) and I was wondering if I have to start wearing different clothes to look more professional, to care more about what I wear. I don't dress in a bad way but usually, I don't put too much effort into it. From what I recall from my MSc in Edinburgh, people in UK seems more relaxed on the subject than in Italy. Any thoughts?
  8. Some individuals heard a decision by Ryerson for the same program i applied to today. However I did not hear from them at all , no email nothing. Is this a bad sign? getting very worried...
  9. Experts/Aspirants, I could really use some help. I have been offered admits from UI at Urbana-Champaign (for Professional MCS degree) and UC San Diego ( for MS in CS). I understand that UIUC is ranked higher than UCSD, but then I have some apprehensions regarding professional MCS degree when pitted against MSCS. Not too sure if this degree is considered equivalent to MS in CS, and likewise revered and valued in the industry. In UIUC's defence, the coursework and degree requirement for MCS is exactly same as the MSCS research program at the university(except that the 4 credit thesis is replaced by a course). UCSD on the other hand -has the 'Californian' location advantage and San Diego is a burgeoning tech city. -slightly less expensive of the two -climate round the year is mild and pleasant, unlike harsh winters in Urbana. As of today, I am not very keen on going for research profile with my master's program. This puts me in a fix. If you happen to have pertinent context on this, please feel free to chime in and share your valuable suggestions. Thanking in anticipation Profile (if matters) - Papers/publications - None TOEFL - 112/120 GRE - 329/340 (Q: 168, V: 161, AWA: 4) College - IIT Patna CGPA - 9.35/10 Work Experience - 3yrs as SDE at Microsoft India Development Center
  10. Hello, Heard some individuals got acceptance letters today...however I did not receive one yet. is this a bad sign?
  11. Hello everyone, this is my first post down at the grad cafe. At the moment I believe that a PhD is what I'd like to go for, but given my interests (development, human security, etc.) I'm not wiling to discount the possibility that I may find my calling in a more professional environment where I would have access to the resources to potentially embark on a career. Testing the waters, if you will. I'm aware that GSPIA is a more professional-oriented school, but for a variety of reasons it is where I would very much like to do a Master's if I don't go straight to a PhD. I know this topic has probably been covered a hundred times, but what exact advantages would a Master's from a professional-oriented school confer during a PhD application process (probably for poli sci, but possibly for cultural geography, economics, or another field related to global affairs), specifically a master's from GSPIA? Of course I'm going to set my sights high, but in today's competitive graduate-level playing field I have made my peace with the fact that I may only receive a fully-funded PhD program offer from universities outside of the top 10-20, the realm that Pitt and GSPIA seem to reside in for Poli Sci and International Affairs. How would a degree from GSPIA help in that tier? Thanks a bunch in advance!
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