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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! Does anyone mind sharing his/her template used to contact professors whether or not they accept graduate students and that you are willing to work with them. I've mailed over 15-20 professors and none of them have got back to me. It's been very stressful. I don't know whether to send them a reminder again or let it be. Please any advice on this is much appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I just had a question. I currently have a BA and would love to go to grad school, but I can't figure out what sort of career path I would want to pursue. The reason for that is this: I am immensely passionate about and good at languages, and I love helping people learn them and walking them through grammar and conversation. I know I would love teaching at the university level (absolutely not high school though), but I have absolutely no interest in research or publishing. I don't mean that in a "lazy" sort of way; my interests simply lie in teaching rather than publishing. The languages that I would consider teaching would be Latin, German, Spanish, or a Scandinavian language(s) (or any combination of those). The problem is that all of the jobs for languages seem to be either tenure-track faculty positions (which require publishing and research) or adjunct positions that pay like $7000/year. Is there any place for people like me at the university level, or should I try to find something else? Thanks all!
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm wanting to do speech but i'm scared that I will fail. Can anyone help me understand the curriculum at Emerson and University of St. Augustine. How are the classes? How many chapters did yall have to read? Were the exams hard? How can I make a B? Are the classes proctored?
  4. I am wondering which professors I should mention in a particular statement of purpose. I already mentioned three professors, whose work is directly related to what I want to study. However, there is also another professor at the school, whose work I love in a different subfield area. I'd certainly want to take classes with him and his work connects to what I studied in college, but not to the focus of what I would want my PhD research to be. Should I mention him, too, or does that dilute things? Thank you so much! I have to submit this in a few days....
  5. Hi everyone! I'm an undergraduate SLP student and I am about to complete my first semester at a cal state since I'm a community college transfer student. I feel behind because I did not put in the effort to meet with professors all semester and get to know them. I participate and ask questions in class every once and a while, but I'm simply just another student. However, I need a faculty member for programs and scholarships to be a recommender by late January. How should I approach them without being too pushy? I understand it's very late & I should have been putting in the effort. Any tips?
  6. Hey all, Some people have told me that, before applying to PhD programs, it's a good idea to contact the faculty members with which you wish to work. I was just wondering what types of things people generally say or ask while reaching out to potential faculty. Thanks in advance!
  7. I am really confused in selecting a specialization course for my graduate program. What is the difference between a M.S. Biomedical engineering and selecting any specialization courses. Can i do specialization course by selecting M.S biomedical engineering? Please help me with the doubt...
  8. Hi all, I'm wondering if those applying this cycle or others who are already in graduate programs might be wiling to share their experiences with contacting POIs, even if the school has a "no contact before admissions rule" ? I am wondering about this because I want to be respectful of these policies and not to bother anyone, but I've heard from others that some department faculty will speak with potential candidates, despite these rules. Would anyone be willing to share their experiences with this? Thanks so much!
  9. Hey everyone,,, I'm currently looking for PhD scholarships abroad. My desired research is multi-disciplinary & specific, so it's not easy to find professors who are specialized & willing to supervise me. It's something about human cultural evolution, & children's value formation. My current scheme in searching for scholarships is: search for professors who have relevant research interests --> find their universities --> find out if their universities offer fully-funded PhD programs & stipends so I can apply to them --> email the professor to see if she's interested, so I can apply to the university. However, sometimes I find announcements about university scholarships, like for ex., the Swiss government scholarships for international students. Do you think if I apply to such scholarships, & if I get accepted, would it be easy to find professors then (assigned in the university(s) of that scholarship) who are specialized & willing to work with me in that kind of research? Or should I only stick to the first scheme of applying to universities?
  10. This is a question I am trying to get legitimate, non judgment answers to. I'm not trying to debate anything. I just want kind, honest opinions. I have two medical conditions that qualified me for medical marijuana in the last state I lived in. It really helped me when I needed it (for the severe migraines especially). I've tried several medications from my doctors, but they did not help me. Now that I am looking into getting a PhD in criminal justice/criminology (yes, ironic, isn't it?) I'm wondering what percentage of college professors and researchers ever use marijuana. What do you think would be the likelihood of a PhD holder getting drug tested, (assuming they are not licensed in the medical field or something similar). I am by no means letting this impact my decision of applying for PhD programs, but it would be a comfort for me to know that if i once again obtained a medical card, I could use it and not worry a ton about my job. I am aware if I was a researcher for any major government departments I'd likely be drug tested initially. But what about professors? Thank you all!
  11. Wanted to share a computer science resource a couple of us in the HCI group at Brown have put together. It’s a crowd-editable spreadsheet of data of ~3,600 computer science professors. For example, where they got their degrees, subfield of expertise, their join year and rank, etc... http://drafty.cs.brown.edu It might be useful if you’re applying to Ph.D. programs or faculty positions, seeking external collaborators, or just to better understand hiring trends in CS departments.
  12. So I am between two programs, one has more of a theoretical focus and the other is more practical. So I asked my mst advisor and the mst director which they would recommend. They're response? "They're both great programs" and "Good Luck" Thanks, guys. That's a big help. Anyone else getting similarly unhelpful advice? (I do appreciate that they are willing to offer advice, I just want more. In all fairness the director did give a hint towards the program where he knows the director- which of course he does, he knows everyone. I hate decisions.)
  13. my professor said in his recommendation letter he has to write that i have a history of not completing courses. he said it is necessary and that because of it they will take the recommendation more seriously. he said he would not dwell on it and focus on discussing my excellent work, essays, and presentations. he told me to dicuss reasons for some incompletes on my transcripts. now im scared...my gpa is a 3.5 but ive had to retake some courses. my mother was ill and i was away from school alot and had to drop some courses or i failed them... i plan to address this in my statement. does anyone have any advice? is this going to seriously jeopordize my chances? my SOP is good and so is my writing sample...
  14. Can anyone elaborate on the proper protocol for contacting professors? I'm applying to film/media PhD programs. I have researched and chosen the specific professors that my interests align with... I just don't know what I should say exactly... aside from mentioning their research and what I like about it, my interests, etc. How should I phrase all that? Thoughts?? Maybe a sample email? THANK YOU!!!
  15. I wish to apply for a PhD program in Computer Science next Fall. For personal reasons, I want to stay at a specific geographic region, so there are a small number of Universities that I can apply for. I was thinking about writing to some of the professors of those Universities whose work I find interesting. My academic record is good, but not extraordinary, and I have a few papers published in local journals. My GRE is scheduled in October. What should I write to the professors? Will it be something like an SOP? What things should I highlight? Or should I wait for my GRE score and then write? Your help and advice would be very much appreciated.
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