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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm currently a senior planning on applying to PhD programs in statistics or any related field (eg. operations research) for Fall 2020. Undergraduate Institution: UCLA Majors: Mathematics, Statistics (Double major) GPA: 4.00/4.00 (cumulative) Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male Relavant Courses: Math: Calculus I, II, III (A+, A+, A+) Linear Algebra (lower & upper level) (A+, A+) Differential Equations (lower level) (A+) Honors Real Analysis I, II, III (A, A+, A+) Honors Complex Analysis (A+) Applied Numerical Methods (A+) Probability Theory (A+) Intro to Financial Math (A+) Statistics: Programming with R (A+) Intro to Mathematical Statistics (A) Linear Models (A) Intro to Data Analysis Regression (A+) Intro to Design and Analysis of Experiment (A+) Intro to Regression and Data Mining (A+) Intro to Computational Statistics with R (A+) Intro to Computation and Optimization (A+) Intro to Monte Carlo Methods (A) Python for Data Analysis (A+) Programming: Intermediate Programming C++ (A+) Java Language and Application (A+) Python for Applications (A+) GRE General: 165V/169Q/Writing unknown. GRE Math Subject: 940 (99%) Research Experience: No formal research experience, but will start a research beginning this fall under an assistant professor in the Stats/Communications department on computer vision A directed research project for two quarters under the guidance of a stats lecturer (more of a project than of research) on the topic of computer vision A Math Directed Reading Program for a quarter under a math PhD student on the topic of linear PDE. Work Experience: Three internships, one in finance, two in actuarial science (one in risk management with a ML project, the other is accounting related) One part-time job as lab assistant tutoring programing in a computer lab. Letters of Recommendation: Have not asked yet, but I am thinking about choosing from the following options: Three math professors that know me well from my Honors Analysis class (one is a tenure who taught me two real analysis classes, one adjunct who taught one real analysis, and one adjunct who taught me complex analysis) where I got A+ in almost all of them One stats lecturer with whom I did a directed research project on computer vision with and whom I took three stats classes (2 A+, 1A) One stats lecturer with whom I took two mathematical statistics classes with (I impressed him by getting ~90 on all the exams when the averages were all ~30) As you can see, the weakness in my profile is the lack of research experience, despite of good GPA, GRE and GRE sub. So I am wondering what level of schools do I have a good chance into? I don't have a school list yet, and would like to seek feedback of the range of schools you recommend (like for example, what is the chance of me getting into phd programs of #10-20 ranking schools or what are the specifics schools that I have a good chance for?) and if there are other programs that fit my background other than statistics (eg. should I apply to operations research or something else?). Thanks for your input!
  2. Hi guys. I need help in my profile assessment. Please suggest a few universities for MS in CS in both categories: safe and moderate. Would prefer if they were public universities. Term: MS in CS (or MCS, SE) Fall 2019 GRE: 322 (Q-170, V-152, AWA-4.0) TOEFL: 106 (R-25, L-26, S-27, W-28) Undergraduate: B.Tech in Electrical from IIT Ropar with 6.71 GPA (2013-17). Research Papers: 1 paper in Electrical Stream Internships: 1 Software Engineering Internship Work Experience: 1.5 Years, Currently working as a Senior Software Developer Hackathons: 1 Hackathon Win Extras: 1 own a blog and also have built a website SOP & LOR: Please assume they are really good and suggest. Also please suggest before when should the application be submitted and complete? What is the recommended deadline? Thank you very much for your help. I would be really grateful.
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