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  1. Undergraduate Institution:Top 3 in math/stat in India Program:Bachelor of Science Major:Math Percentage:74%(Major)(Known for grade deflation) Type :International Asian Male Math/Stat courses: Analysis 1(100),2(71),3(75),Probability 1,2,Algebra 1,2 ,linear algebra ,topology,optimization,differential geometry,differential equation,complex analysis,stat 1,2,3 Masters Institution:Same above Major:Math Percentage:73.6%(At time of application) Math courses:Measure theory,several variable calculus,algebraic topology,functional analysis... GRE(general)
  2. Type of Student: International south asian Undergrad and grad Institution: Top public university in Bangladesh Major: Applied Statistics GPA: 3.97 , class topper (BSc) GPA: 4.00 , class topper (MSc) GRE General Test: 152 V/ 163 Q/ 4.0 AWA IELTS: 8.0 overall Programs Applying: Statistics/ Biostatistics PhD Research Experience: 1. One project on structural equation modeling with application in econometrics ( published) 2. Thesis on bias reduction with penalized likelihood approach for small or rare event data in AFT models (under review)
  3. Type of Student: International (Canadian) Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Canadian University Majors: Honours program in Comp Sci. + Stats Minor: Physics GPA: 3.75 GRE: 160V/164Q/4.5 Research Experience: 3 REU's, two of which resulted in honours theses (one CS thesis and one Stats thesis). Although I have no publications, one of the REUs resulted in a paper that is currently being worked on and will probably be submitted post-application, if that matters. Also, I wrote a "project paper" that uses tools from stochastic PDE's, analysis, and topology to prove the
  4. Student Type: International asian female Undergrad: Top 5 U.K School Major: Mathematics with Economics GPA: 4.0/4.0 Math & stat modules: Analysis I (A/A*) Analysis II (A/A*) Complex Analysis (A/A*) Real Analysis (A/A*) Probability and Statistics(A/A*) Linear Algebra I (A/A*) Linear Algebra II (A/A*) Linear Algebra III(A/A*) Mathematical Methods I (=Calculus)(A/A*) Mathematical Methods II (=Calculus II)(A/A*) Mathematical Methods III (=Calculus III)(A/A*) Economics I(=Micro and Macro)(A/A*) Economics II(=micro and macro)(A/A*) Maths and Stat modules for next year:
  5. Hello everyone, I am aiming for my masters in Fall'21. Can someone please evaluate my profile and help me understand where I can improve to build a stronger application. Also, it would be really helpful if some one can tell me if I have any chance of getting an admit in the below mentioned universities.. Universities list: CMU, Masters in Computer Vision UCSD, MSCS UCLA, MSCS Waterloo, CS UBC, CS Georgia Tech, CS UC Irvine My profile details are given below: Undergraduate: One of the top-10 private university from India in Comput
  6. Student Type: Domestic White Male Undergrad: Top 5 U.S Public School Major: Statistics and a foreign language GPA: 3.5 (Statistics major GPA is 3.3) Math & stat classes: Calc I&II (high school), Calc III (B+), Differential Equations (B+), Linear Algebra (B), and a few more basic ones. I never got less than a B on any Stats or Math class, but I ended up with quite a few B+s. GRE: 167 Q, 161 V, 3.5 W Research: Did an independent research project with a professor my senior year. Not published or anything. Also participated in SIBS and a few
  7. Hello all, I'm a current final year biotechnology student and will be graduating in '21. I plan to do masters in US. However, after doing some research & going through universities and their courses, i have begun to develop interest in courses which are completely different from my undergrad. For e.g, i like Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA), Masters in Management Information Systems(MIS). I'm kind of reluctant to apply for MIS, MSBA...because 1)i feel my chances of getting selected in good schools are close to NIL (because my undergrad
  8. Hello all, I'm a current final year biotechnology student and will be graduating in '21. I plan to do masters in US. However, after doing some research & going through universities and their courses, i have begun to develop interest in courses which are completely different from my undergrad. For e.g, i like Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA), Masters in Management Information Systems(MIS). I'm also inclined towards Health Informatics (MHI) but not many universities offer them. I'm kind of reluctant to apply for MIS, MSBA...because 1)i feel my chances of getting selected i
  9. Hi All, I'm a pretty non-traditional applicant to Stats PhD programs -- I have a few questions, and am interested to see what y'all think of my chances! Student Type: Domestic White Male Undergrad: Top 10 overall (Private) (US News Rankings) Major: Physics (Chemistry minor) GPA: 3.88 Math Coursework: Calc 2-3 (A), Linear Algebra (A), Diff Eq (B), Complex Analysis (A), Numerical Analysis (A), Geometry Seminar (A) CS Coursework: Intro Programming (A-), Computer Architecture (A+ -- taken post-grad to prep for CS grad school) Other: Upper-level undergra
  10. Hello guys ~~ Quick intro: I am international Asian female who just graduated from undergrad. I was supposed to head for my investment banking full-time job in NYC (after receiving their return offer from my junior year's internship). Due to COVID-19 complications, I headed back home (another country) and reflected on my journey. Realizing IB is (affirmatively) not what I saw myself enjoy doing, I decided to quit the offer and planned to go back to school for a Master's in Applied Stats/Data Science (I have always wanted to pursue this route to later on work on social problems back in my
  11. Hi, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! I plan to apply to graduate statistics programs soon. I'm primarily interested in masters programs, as I don’t feel competitive/competent enough for a PhD. I would love if someone could help me understand where I stand and if my feeling is correct. I also am very nervous about the kinds of schools that are a viable, given my background. I‘d greatly appreciate any advice! Type of student: Rising 4th year domestic mixed male Undergraduate Institution: Large public, no grade inflation (USN top 20 statistics department) Und
  12. I'm about to start my junior year and would like to gain some insight into how I can be a more competitive applicant for statistics and biostatistics PhD programs during my final two years of college. I plan on applying for Fall 2022 but am considering taking a gap year to gain more research experience. My profile: Undergrad: Top 150 large state school Major: Mathematics GPA: 3.96 GRE: aiming for 167 for quant and 162 for verbal Type of Student: Domestic Asian Female (US) Math Classes: Calc I (A+), Calc II (A), Cal
  13. About me: White male US citizen, underrepresented minority affiliation Undergrad: Top 3 uni, BS Math, ~3.9. One summer of statistical computing research and another in an industry research lab. Linear algebra (Axler), calculus/ODEs, honors algebra+analysis, optimization, number theory, graph theory, full CS core + a good amount of CS theory. A-somethings everywhere but a B in analysis :'^( Masters: Top 3 program, MS Stats, ~3.95 Regression theory, data mining, sampling, PhD probability, statistical learning, stochastics, RL, bit of biostats. GRE, Recs: N/A (yet) I
  14. Hello, hope you are doing well. After looking at several profiles, I'm coming to the realization that my application is quite weak and I'm looking for the strongest schools I can get into. I graduated on May 2020, and I am currently waiting for OPT approval. I am applying for Fall 2021. Absolutely any help is greatly appreciated. Type of student: International Asian Male (Indian) Undergraduate Institution: Small mid-western liberal arts college (St. Olaf College) Undergraduate Major: Mathematics, with concentration in Statistics and Data Science GPA: 3.8 Overall
  15. Student Type: Domestic Asian Male Undergrad + Masters: Top 3 University with (a lot of) Grade Inflation Major: Mathematics (Masters in Statistics) GPA: 3.85 (3.93 Masters) Relevant Courses: Math: Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, Applied Linear Algebra , Complex Analysis, Analysis I , Groups and Rings, Galois Theory, Graduate Analysis I, Analysis on Manifolds, Graduate Probability I, Functional Analysis, Analysis II (measure theory) Stats: Mathematical Statistics, Stochastic Processes I and II, Regression Models and ANOVA,
  16. Hi, I'm planning to apply for a PhD in Statistics this year for 2021 fall, I would really appreciate any advice. Research Interests : Haven't really decided yet, broadly over statistical learning and statistical theory Undergraduate Institution: Best known in Korea Major: Statistics GPA: Overall : 3.9/4.3 (3.79/4.0 converting A+ to 4.0 for 4.0 scale), Major: 4.14/4.3 (3.97/4.0) (Excluding grad-level courses) Type of Student: International Asian Male Relevant Classes: Math Courses - Differential and Integral Calculus 1,2 (A0/A+) -
  17. My goal was to apply to Stats and CS departments and emphasize my strong desire to collaborate interdisciplinary on applying statistics/ML to problems in the physical and life sciences. I really loved that kind of work over the years of undergrad research and even now as I work post-grad on research on biomedical imagery. I graduated in 2020 and right now am in a gap year doing research with my old school. Student Type: Domestic Asian Male Undergrad: Top 30 University (USNews National Rankings) Major: Physical Chemistry and Statistical/Data Science double major GPA: 3.55/4.
  18. Hi Everyone, Undergrad Institution: Large Public School with a top 20 math department (US news) Undergrad Major: BS in Statistics GPA (Undergrad): 3.9 overall Type of Student: First Generation Asian Female (Permanent Resident in US) Relevant Courses (Undergraduate): Calc I/II/II (A, A+, A+), Analysis I/II (A-, B-), Applied Linear Algebra (A+), [proof-based] Linear Algebra (B), Abstract Algebra (P), Applied Probability Theory (A), ANOVA (A), SAS course (A), SQL course (A), R studio course (A), Numerical Methods (A), Partial Differential Equation (A)
  19. Hi all, I’m getting really anxious as application season comes and new semester starts. I don’t have a very strong statistics undergraduate background so if someone could please evaluate my profile it would be much appreciated! Type of student: International Asian Female Undergraduate Institution: large public university (US news top 30) Undergraduate Majors: CS + Psychology, minor in statistics Current GPA: 3.99 GRE: 170Q + 167V + 5.0AW Relevant Courses: calc 3, intro probability, linear algebra, discrete math, psyc statistics, data structure, algorithm, bioinfo
  20. Hello! Student Type: Domestic Caucasian Male Undergrad: Top 40 university, not well known for the math department Major: Math, Economics, and Computer Science (triple major) GPA: 3.92 Relevant Courses: Probability, Statistical Inference, Econometrics (Graduate Level), Computer Science I & II, Information Theory, Systems & Networks, Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Games & Strategic Behavior, Stochastic Processes (Graduate Level), Algorithms, Topics in Mathematical Econ GRE: 164 Q, 165 V, 5 W Research: Summer REU working with a well know
  21. (Please consider scrolling to the bottom for some of my concerns. I suffer from anxiety and I know I'm needlessly stressed, but any pointers are immensely helpful.) Student Type: International Asian (Brown) Female Undergrad: Small university known in academic circles Major: Computer Science (might complete my math minor next sem) GPA: 3.91/4.0 (Major GPA 3.94/4) Relevant Courses: Calc 1, Multivariable Calculus (2&3 combined), Linear Algebra, Probability & Stats, Intro to ML, Advanced ML, independent study (somewhat of a research project, basically assisting a
  22. Background: Graduated in 2019 with double major in Math and Computer Science and then worked in finance industry for a year. Returning this fall for a masters in the computer science department (at my school most statistics is under computer science) and will focus on some combination of machine learning / inference. My areas of interest in statistics are bayesian inference, causal inference, theoretical machine learning, and theoretical statistics. I am also interested in applications to healthcare. I would like to evaluate my prospects for applying to PhD programs in the fall in Statisti
  23. Hey everyone, I would appreciate a rundown of my profile and would love some advice/tips. Thanks. I'm entering from a mostly unrelated field. Undergrad Institution: Large State School Major(s): Criminal Justice/Criminology Minor(s): Mathematics (Post-bacc mostly) GPA: 3.5 (4.0 since start of Junior year) Type of Student: DWM, LGBT but I probably won't be mentioning that in my application. GRE General Test: I'm a very bad test-taker and will be retaking. Q: 157 (62%) V: 161(88%) W: 4.5 (80%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:n/a TOEFL Score:n/a Grad Institution: n/a Co
  24. Howdy, I am a rising senior and am planning to apply for PhD and masters programs in Biostatistics for Fall 2021. However, I currently do not know where I stand and whether the schools/programs I have chosen are realistic. I would love to go straight into a PhD program, but I am unsure of if this is feasible and would love feedback! Undergraduate Institution: Top 60 LACs Majors: Biomathematics Minor: Urban and Community Health, Music GPA: 3.80/4.0 Major GPA: 3.76/4.0 Type of Student: Domestic White Male Courses taken: Math: Math Modeling w
  25. Hi! I'm a rising senior this upcoming semester and planning to apply for Stats PhD programs (possibly Biostats as well). I'm mostly interested in doing research in bayesian statistics / machine learning and survival analysis, but that could change. I'd appreciate any suggestions on reachable schools with my application. I prefer programs in East Coast, especially New England and West Coast. Thanks for your input! Undergrad Institution: top 30 LACs Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Computer Science GPA: Current 3.83 (might be able to reach 3.86 by the time applyi
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