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  1. Heyo yall, I'm currently applying to some PhD programs in stats and I'm trying to gauge how competitive I will be. Undergraduate Institution: R1 state school, top 100ish US News, not particularly well-known Major: Mathematics and Economics Minor: Data Science GPA: 4.00 Type of Student: Domestic white male (I am not straight tho I have absolutely no idea if I should include this on my app) Research Interest: Econometrics, applied statistics in social sciences, ML GRE Score: 168Q/160V/4.5, no math subject test cause it was canceled Math classes: Calc III (A), Basic Concepts in Ma
  2. Undergrad institution: NYU Major: Honors Mathematics GPA: ~3.7 Domestic/International: domestic. Research Interests: Probabilistic time series analysis, bayesian stats, reinforcement learning, deep learning. Humanitarian slant. Undergrad Math Courses: Honors cal III (B+), honors LinAl (A-), Indep Study in classical diffgeo (A), ODEs (A-), honors analysis I (A-), honors algebra I (A-), independent study in representation theory (A), honors analysis II (functional analysis and measure theory, A), honors algebra II (B+) independent study in wavelet analysis (A). Grad
  3. Hey, I've been browsing this forum trying to get an idea of where I stand. Eventually I realized I should just post my own thread. Thanks in advance for any help. Undergraduate Institution: large state flagship ranked around 150 Major: Finance, Math Minor: CS, History GPA: 4.0 Type of Student: Domestic White Male Graduate Institution: Same university (dual degree program) Masters in Applied Statistics GPA: 4.0
  4. Hello everyone, I am planning to apply for PhD programs in Statistics and/or Biostatistics. I am seeking advice about the programs I should target. I would like advice based on my background below. Thank you a lot for your time! A quick summary about me - I have undergraduate degree in environmental science and master’s degree in applied stat. I graduated in 2019 and have one-year work experience. I attach my questions at the end. Type of Student: International, Asian Undergraduate Institution: Asian, top-50 by US news ranking Majors: Environmental Science
  5. Undergrad Institution: University of Washington Type of Student: asian male, International (undergrad in US) Major: Data Science and Statistics Minor: Computational Finance GPA: 3.8 (Major is 3.7) GRE General Test: Q: 166, V: 157, writing 4.5 Research: Some research on COVID-19, no publication. Working on honors thesis. Teaching: TAing an undergrad course Experience: Statistics related volunteering, data science blogger Awards: 1st place in a Datathon (~60 participants). A programming certification by Google Letters of Recommendation: 1 from resea
  6. Undergrad Institution: Big state school (CSU) Major: Economics Minor: Math GPA: 3.835 (Magna Cum Laude, 4.0 if looking at just last 60 units) Type of Student: Domestic White Male GRE General Test: Taking it in a few weeks, have done very well on practice tests so I believe I can get 165+ Q and 160+ V at the very least - AWA probably 4.0+. Also willing to retake it if necessary. Programs Applying: Statistics PhD (but not necessarily opposed to biostatistics) Research Experience: Nothing unless you count an econometrics capstone project. Only decided to
  7. Type of Student: International (Canadian) Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Canadian University Majors: Honours program in Comp Sci. + Stats Minor: Physics GPA: 3.75 GRE: 160V/164Q/4.5 Research Experience: 3 REU's, two of which resulted in honours theses (one CS thesis and one Stats thesis). Although I have no publications, one of the REUs resulted in a paper that is currently being worked on and will probably be submitted post-application, if that matters. Also, I wrote a "project paper" that uses tools from stochastic PDE's, analysis, and topology to prove the
  8. Undergrad Institution:- A State University in India ( Country Rank:- 151-200) Program:- Bachelor of Science (Hons.) [ 3 year ] Major:- Statistics Minor:- Mathematics, Economics GPA:- 10/10 (Major), 9.6/10(Overall) [ Best Science Undergrad Award ] Type of Student:- International Asian Male Math & Stat Courses:- Classical Algebra+Trigonometry(9/10), Coordinate Geometry+Vectors(9/10), Calculus(10/10), Mathematical Analysis (10/10), Diff. Equations (9/10), Abstract Algebra(10/10), Linear Algebra+Mechanics(9/10), Numerical Analysis (10/10), Probability-I, II, III,
  9. Student Type: Senior Student. Undergrad: US News top 40 private university Major: Economics, Mathematics, International Studies GPA: 3.96 Math Courses: Cal I, II, III; Differential Equations (A), Probability (A), Stats Theory (A), Linear Algebra (A), Introduction to Proof (A) Also took Econometrics (A). GRE: V 164 Q 169 W 4.5 Letters of Recommendation: two academic recommendation letters from my econometrics professors. One that taught me econometrics and one that I TA-ed for. One professional recommendation letter may come from my previous supervisor in th
  10. Hi everyone, I finished undergrad in Spring 2018, have been working in consulting for 2 years and am looking to enroll in either a masters or PhD program in Biostatistics. I would prefer the PhD route upfront in the interest of funding. I've been preparing for the last year or so, and I would appreciate some more guidance on setting expectations and moving forward. My math courses are a little light, but I did have exposure to some statistics applications in finance/econ courses. I studied chemistry my first two years of undergrad and have some background in medicine / public health from
  11. Student Type: Domestic Asian Male Undergrad: Top 5 U.S Public School Major: Statistics GPA: 3.63 (Major GPA is 3.8ish) Math & stat classes: Linear Algebra (A), CALC III (A-), Differential Equations (A), Data Science (A), Optimization (A), Probability (A), Advanced Linear Models (this fall), Machine Learning (this fall), Stochastic Modeling (this fall). Intro to Programming (C+) I goofed in my Intro to Programming course (took it Freshman year), but I've done well in all my higher level stats courses that have used R so hopefully that makes up for it!
  12. Forgot to tag my previous post, and couldn't figure out how to add the tags, so I'm reposting. Undergrad Institution: Smaller school (St. Louis University) Major: Math Minor: CS GPA: 3.97 (Summa Cum Laude) Type of Student: Domestic White Male GRE General Test: Have not taken yet, though I expect high scores. Programs Applying: Statistics PhD or Math PhD Research Experience: Some in Number Theory. Was working on a paper, but COVID interfered big time. I'm working on it again now. Hopefully I can finish soon. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Received our school
  13. Hey everyone, I just graduated college, and due to COVID, my plans have changed. Originally, I was going to work in a sports analytics role for a professional baseball team this summer/winter with the chance of being hired full-time if I performed well. Then, after a year or two of work, I was going to apply to grad school. But, my job got canceled, and so now I've been home coaching pickleball (no lie, it's been a fun experience) and have decided to apply to grad school this winter. Thanks for any help you can offer! Undergrad Institution: UC Berkeley Major: Statistics GPA: 3.743
  14. I graduated this June, currently working as a software developer at a top 5 bank. I'm interested in doing research in bayesian statistics / nonparametric statistics. Something bad happened in my first year so I got only ~3.8 in first two years of uni. Undergrad Institution: Canada top 3 Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Computer Science GPA: 3.89(last two years 3.97) Type of Student: Asian Female GRE General Test: Q:165 V: 161 W: 4.0 Applying to: Statistics PhD Research Experience: One year at a relatively large hospital, worked mainly wi
  15. Hi, I'm planning to apply for a PhD in Statistics this year for 2021 fall, I would really appreciate any advice. Research Interests : Haven't really decided yet, broadly over statistical learning and statistical theory Undergraduate Institution: Best known in Korea Major: Statistics GPA: Overall : 3.9/4.3 (3.79/4.0 converting A+ to 4.0 for 4.0 scale), Major: 4.14/4.3 (3.97/4.0) (Excluding grad-level courses) Type of Student: International Asian Male Relevant Classes: Math Courses - Differential and Integral Calculus 1,2 (A0/A+) -
  16. Hi all, I’m getting really anxious as application season comes and new semester starts. I don’t have a very strong statistics undergraduate background so if someone could please evaluate my profile it would be much appreciated! Type of student: International Asian Female Undergraduate Institution: large public university (US news top 30) Undergraduate Majors: CS + Psychology, minor in statistics Current GPA: 3.99 GRE: 170Q + 167V + 5.0AW Relevant Courses: calc 3, intro probability, linear algebra, discrete math, psyc statistics, data structure, algorithm, bioinfo
  17. (Please consider scrolling to the bottom for some of my concerns. I suffer from anxiety and I know I'm needlessly stressed, but any pointers are immensely helpful.) Student Type: International Asian (Brown) Female Undergrad: Small university known in academic circles Major: Computer Science (might complete my math minor next sem) GPA: 3.91/4.0 (Major GPA 3.94/4) Relevant Courses: Calc 1, Multivariable Calculus (2&3 combined), Linear Algebra, Probability & Stats, Intro to ML, Advanced ML, independent study (somewhat of a research project, basically assisting a
  18. Undergrad Institution: Top 20 Public US School Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Math GPA: 3.61 Type of Student: Hispanic Domestic Male, in-state Georgia GRE General Test: Q: 160 V: 159 W: Unknown (expecting a 4.5) Applying to: Statistics Masters Research Experience: 1-year research study in time series and forecasting Work Experience: Math/Stats Tutor, Technical Consultant for company providing business intelligence solutions for gas and electric utility companies LOR: One from research advisor, one from department head, one from either advanced mat
  19. Hi, everyone. I'm applying for statistics PhD programs for 2021 fall, and would greatly appreciate any advice! Research Interests (currently a little broad): - Methology and applications on social science data; especially economical and political data - Financial mathematics (from a stats related view; volatility and uncertainty) Undergraduate Institution: Best stats program in Korea Major: Statistics + Mathematics (A minor in Financial Economics) GPA: 4.01/4.3 (converted to approximately 3.85/4) Type of Student: International Asian Male Relevan
  20. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if I could get some advice on what tiers of schools I should apply for? I am going to apply for an MS in stats OR CS (Fall 2021). Demographics: Eastern European Undergrad: McGill Major: Joint Honours Mathematics and Economics GPA: 3.72 overall, Math major GPA: 3.73, Econ major GPA: 3.65 Coursework: MATH: Calc 3, Advanced (A,A), Honours Algebra 1, 2, 3, 4 (A,A-,A,B-), Honours Analysis 1,2 (A,A-), Honours ODEs (A), Honours Probability (A-), Honours Nonlinear Dynamics (A), Honours PDEs (B), H
  21. Hi all, I look for the advices about my profile for applying Ph.D. in Statistics in Fall 2021. I am so nervous about the incoming application season since my GRE score in Verbal part is pretty low. I took it many times but my score didn't go up. Currently, I am master student majoring in Statistics in the US University. Type of Student: International Asian Male Applying to: Statistics PhD Undergrad Institution: Top 5 public university in my country Undergraduate Major: Mathematical Statistics Undergraduate GPA: 3.8 Graduate Institution: University in the US (Ranked between 11 -
  22. Hi all! Like many others, I am seeking some guidance on my overall profile and would appreciate any feedback. Undergrad: Nothing Great but reasonably known Course of Study: Computational Math Major and Stats Minor GPA & GRE: 4.0 GPA ; 162V 167Q 4.5AWA Coursework: Single and Multivariable Calc, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Stat Inf, Intro Proofs, Scientific Computing, ODEs, Math Methods in Physics (Covers LARGE variety of topics), Complex Analysis, Number Theory, (May take Real Analysis or a Data Analysis class), Applied Dynamic Systems Research: Nothi
  23. Hi everyone, I applied for masters in applied mathematics (mathematical physics concentration - GR and physical cosmology) for fall 2020 after much consideration but I'm having doubts about whether I'd get into any of these programs. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on my chances for these programs and if it's looking pretty bleak, what I should do to better prepare for Fall 2021. Undergrad institution: No reputation Indian university Major: Electronics and Communication engineering GPA: equivalent to B in the USA (first class) Background: Internatio
  24. Hey Guys! I know we have a lot of experienced members here who see these kind of posts very often. Can someone please have a look on my following scenario and recommend some programs/schools that seem reasonable for my profile? Please help me out here and feel free to be brutally honest!! Program of Interest: MS Statistics (smth more inclined towards applications especially in data analytics) Undergrad Institution: #218 National University US News & World Report (a US public school) Major: BS Mathematics, Minor: Economics CGPA: 4.00/4.00 (Last 60 hours) Type o
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