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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! Hoping to get an idea of the strength of my application and chances of getting into some of the schools below for a PhD. Left school to work at a management consulting firm which I believe is a bit untraditional. Would also appreciate any school recommendations/adjustments to my current list, any thoughts welcome! Thanks Undergrad Institution: Top 10 University in Canada Major(s): Data Science GPA: 3.96 (Last 4 Semesters/2 Years), 3.96 (Major), 3.89 (Cumulative) Type of Student: Black International (Canadian) Male GRE General Test: Taking summer 2022 Programs Applying: Computer Science (PhD), Statistics (PhD), Operation Research (PhD) Research Experience: 2 first-author ACM conference papers (1 applied machine learning and has been cited, 1 data/text mining) 1 last-author conference paper (data/text mining; awarded Best Track Paper in Data Analytics and Big Data) 1 journal publication in geospatial statistics (submitted) Other research in applied machine learning and finance (no publication) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Gold Medal (graduated with the highest GPA in Major, top of the class) Undergraduate Fulbright Fellowship Letters of Recommendation: One strong letter from an Associate Professor in Statistics & Management Science who I wrote the geospatial statistics paper with (not well-known in CS) One strong letter from an Assistant Professor in Data Science & Business Analytics who I published two papers with in data/text mining (not well-known in CS) One decent/strong letter from an Associate Professor in Economics & Statistics who I performed research with (~1yr together) but no publication One strong letter from a Partner at my management consulting firm (relevant for Operations Research programs) Computer Science Courses: Intro CS I & CS II, Data Structures & Algorithms, Software Tools & Systems, Discrete Structures/Discrete Math, Analysis of Algorithms, Databases I, Data Science I Math/Statistics Courses: Probability & Stats I & II, Statistical Programming, Calc I, Calc II, Intermediate Calc I, Intermediate Calc II, Linear Algebra I, Linear Algebra II, Numerical Analysis, ODEs, Modelling and Simulation, Regression, Generalized Linear Models, Advanced Statistical Computing, Statistical Learning Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Particularly interested in doing research within the field of Machine Learning (and potentially NLP), still figuring this out. Not particularly interested in CV or RL. Would have spent >1 year at a management consulting firm at the time of applying and >2 years by matriculation (a advantage/disadvantage?) Applying to Where: In no particular order here, CMU - PhD in Machine Learning University of Washington - PhD in Computer Science Columbia - PhD in Computer Science MIT - PhD in EECS Princeton - PhD in Computer Science Cornell - PhD in Computer Science NYU - PhD in Data Science UIUC - PhD in Computer Science UT Austin - PhD in Computer Science UPenn - PhD in Computer Science UC San Diego - PhD in Computer Science UCLA- PhD in Computer Science Georgia Tech - PhD in Machine Learning UMichigan - PhD in Computer Science CMU - PhD in Statistics University of Washington - PhD in Statistics Stanford - PhD in Statistics* Cal Berkeley - PhD in Statistics UPenn - PhD in Statistics Yale - PhD in Statistics & Data Science Stanford - PhD in Statistics Cal Berkeley - PhD in Statistics UPenn - PhD in Statistics UMichigan - PhD in Statistics CMU - PhD in Operations Research MIT - PhD in Operations Research Georgia Tech - PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering UMichigan - PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering Thanks again!
  2. Hi Folks, I will be applying for MS in CS related course starting in Fall of 2019. It will be of immense help if you could help me in evaluating my profile and suggest if the selected universities are achievable. Also, please suggest any other universities as per my profile. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Degree Goal : MS in CS Area of Interest : Area of Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Undergraduate Education: Electronics Engineering from IIT (BHU), Varanasi. CGPA : 8.37/10 (More than or around 9 in last 4 semesters) GRE : 322 (Quant 167, Verbal 155, AWA 4.0) TOEFL : Yet to give but expecting >105 Work Experience : Around 3.5 years as a Software Developer in Citibank India (Full Stack Web Developer and some minor work in DS) Publications : No Publications Research Work : None Recommendations : I have strong recommendations from Vice President designation manager in company I have moderate recommendations from college profs. Awards : 1. NTS scholar 2. Appreciation for various activities in office. 3. High score in 10th and 12th education ( both greater than 95% in ICSE board) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preliminary shortlisted/interested universities : 1. ETH Zurich 2. EPFL 3. University of Edinburgh 4. Ga Tech 5. NUS 6. University of Texas, Austin 7. TU Munich Please suggest some good universities as well which would fit my profile. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, hoping for some help. Need to know my chances to get into these universities. UBC Canada [MS in Data Science] - My Dream University SFU Canada [MS in BigData] - Second Rutgers USA [MS in Data Science] Living in NJ, so in my list. Waterloo Canada [MMath Computer Science] - Can ditch others If I get this Now here is my BackGround: I have studied in India, now living in USA for sometime. Undergrad:74.8% BCA (HNBGU University India) 3 years Degree Grad: 6 CGPA MS in SoftwareEngineering [BITS Pilani] {Work Integrated} Work Experience: 70 Months, Developer in DataMining Projects for European banking Clients [Big Banks] GRE: 302 [Q-158, V-144, AWA- not yet received] , Toefl: 98 [R-20, L-27, S-26, W-25] (I need 2 more in reading section for UBC) LOR : Strong (Yet Only from my managers, no academic contacts) So now what do you think, how much potential my profile has for such universities.
  4. Hi. I am looking for Masters in Electrical Engineering (energy sector). I request a profile evaluation. GPA (3.8/4; BATCH TOPPER) (TOPPER GRADE- 3.8); (AT MY COLLEGE THERE IS ALREADY OUT OF 4 GRADING SCALE.) INTERNS-4 .Papers- (1 national , 1 international) Projects- (2 at national level AT UPES; 1 at international level at Tomsk Polytechnic University; Russia) work experience- 7 MONTHS; RELIANCE POWER, OPERATIONS ENGINEER LOR- STRONG SOP-STRONG COMMUNITY SERVICE- 3 MONTHS AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL NGO Achievements= -Topper of the batch. -Awarded with University Scholarship. -Selected for a semester exchange program at Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia. -Received Excellent Performance grade in all subjects taught at Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia. -Received Appreciation Badge for outstanding performance in academics at Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia. -Received Appreciation letter from 2 foreign professors. -Received University Medal for securing the first rank in B.Tech Power System Engineering batch (2013-2017). -Received University Scholarship cheque for securing first position B.Tech Power System Engineering batch (2013-2017) and for academic excellence DETAIL OF INTERNS---- 1) Reliance Power Supply Corporation Limited Duration: 4 weeks Project Title: Project on Electrical Maintenance of RPSCL (2015) Description: Study of protection and maintenance of Alternators and Transformers, Generator Components, Transformer components. Cooling techniques of transformer used. Speed Control of Induction Motor and DC motor. Methods of improving the transmission efficiency and the operating power factor. Description of generator cooling. Designing of switchyard area, the essential equipment required and their working methodology. Transmission line designing, conductors used and calculations involved. Underground cable transmission system explanation, their types and laying methodology and fault detection methods. Types of insulators and their voltage withstanding capacity limits. Designing of line supports as per different transmitting voltage levels. Description of Class A and B trip. Overview of HVDC and HVAC, their benefits and disadvantages. 2)Reliance Power Supply Corporation Limited Duration: 4 weeks Project Title: Project on overview of RPSCL (2015) Description: Overview of RPSCL was given. Study of Boiler, Turbine and Power Quality Improvement techniques.Selecting an ideal plant location. SOP to be followed for boiler startup and for boiler maintenance. Efficiency improvement techniques of a boiler. Purging of furnace methodology. Description of turbine rolling process. Coal handling system, description about coal mill and crushers. Ash handling system, fly ash and bottom ash treatment methodology. DM water plant, chemical treatment of mechanically treated water steps. Steam and flue gas circuit and methods to improve steam parameters and dryness fraction. Cooling water system, condenser description and method of operation. 3)Adani Power Limited, Mundra Duration: 1 week Project Title: Simulator Training on Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Description:The simulator training held at ADANI POWER was on the Basic Operation and Maintenance of Power Plant by using a simulator. It helped in getting practical knowledge about the working of 330MW and 660MW thermal power plant. SOP of plant startup, on load activities, loading, offload activities and shutdown explained. 4)Thermax Limited Duration 6 weeks Project Title: Experiments on cold flow model of CFBC Boiler. Description: Study of Fluidized bed combustion boiler and its types. Experimental analysis and detailed study on Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler. Overview of design calculations & drawings of scaled down model. Study of transformations from one hydrodynamic regime into another. Description about the modifications necessary in the model so as to stabilize the system. DETAILS ABOUT PROJECTS- 1)Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia Mentor: Mr. Konstantin Obraztsov (Assistant Professor, Institute of Power Engineering, TPU, Russia) Project Title: Speed control of dc motor by using Fuzzy Logic Controller Description: Study Fuzzy Logic Controller, Designing a Fuzzy Controller and controlling speed of DC motor via it. Comparison of results of speed control by PID and Fuzzy Controller. 2)MATLAB – Based Photovoltaic System Management for Smart Home Energy Management System Description: To turn our house into a smart home, in which subsides a photovoltaic system management. This system uses solar energy, which is a renewable source of energy, to produce electricity, which is then provided to our “smart homeâ€. Thus, we are producing electricity for our “smart homes†with the help of a renewable source of energy, thereby, saving the nuclear and fossil fuels, which are non-renewable sources of energy. By the use of above concept, we can turn a normal city, to a smart city and save nation’s nonrenewable resources by large percentage improving our country’s economy. Also proportion of pollution content will be reduced by much large amount thus minimizing global issues of Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming and Climatic Changes. 3)Fractional Frequency Transmission Description: The methodology behind fractional frequency transmission uses a reduced frequency level for the transmission of the power. The frequency of the transmission is reduced to one third the original value i.e. 50/3 Hz. Now at the generating end, once the voltage level is stepped up by using a transformer there is a cyclo-converter system which is placed next to the transformer. The power then reaches to the cyclo-converter where the frequency is reduced to 50/3 Hz. The power at the output of the cyclo-converter is fed to the transmission line. The power signal then reaches to the receiving end where it again undergo a frequency conversion and the frequency of the power is stepped up to 50 Hz so as to make it usable for the transformer which is designed to work on 50 Hz. This technique reduces the electrical length of the ac power line, and thus, its transmission capability can be increased several fold. Please provide valuable suggestions. list- 1.TAMU 2.North Carolina State University 3.University of Wisconsin-Madison 4.University of Minnesota Twin cities(UMNTC) 5.VIRGINIA TECH 6.Michigan Tech 7.Arizona State University 8.Iowa State University 9.Ohio State University 10.Univ of Colorado boulder 11.University of Texas at Austin 12.University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 13.Georgia Institute of technology 14.University of Massachusetts--Amherst 15. Pennsylvania State University 16.University of Florida - Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Thanks in advance.
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