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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am a prospective graduate student for the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley ( Cal ). I am still waiting for an acceptance letter. I'm Speaking Acceptance Into Existence (i.e my user name ) Have you been accepted, rejected, still waiting? Any news on when your department will release decision letters? Lets Discuss! <3
  2. Hi All, I posted the following questions in another location but I figured this would be a more fitting place (i'm new here). In addition maybe we could all post our stats so we know what our future cohort is looking like! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello! Im currently just in my last year, finishing my undergrad. Once I graduate I hope to attend a school in western Canada to get my MPH or MSc with a public health/health focus. I've heard that MPH programs in Canada are insanely competitive and i'm getting concerned at my chances of getting in. My choice school is UBC followed by SFU and lastly U of A. I've talked to UBC and SFU about average ages and GPAs/average grades of the most recent cohorts (an A- and 3.66 respectively) so i'm curious how these programs can be SO competitive with rather meh (if I can say that) average grades, how much do they consider grades... can my GPA make up for my lack of experience? My stats are as follows: -Bachelor of Nursing, GPA 3.90 (i've done a lot of my practicum in community settings with focuses on immigrant/ community health) -Various Research Assistantships with areas of research focusing on health experiences/nursing/health care utilization focuses -I volunteer in the hospital -Worked consistently throughout my undergrad (in an unrelated field albeit, however its brought some concerns regarding social inequity to light for me) -Member of the undergrad nursing committee at my school I feel like I would be able to get fairly good letters of reference and could write a pretty great LOI but i'm so concerned with my chances! If anyone has some insight that has been accepted or is in the process I would greatly appreciate it. Additionally if anyone has insight into UBC's MASTER OF SCIENCE IN POPULATION AND PUBLIC HEALTH (MSC) vs. their MPH as far as how competitive it is pros/cons I would greatly appreciate it! If anyone had advice to up my chances of getting in I would really appreciate that as well Thanks in advance Cheers!
  3. Hello fellow users, I am a recent graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I received my undergraduate through the Liberal Arts College and majored in Individual Program of Study in Neuroscience, a major that I tailored with my research professor since a neuro degree wasn't actually offered yet at U of I for undergrads. I graduated with a 3.2 GPA due to a lot of personal events and stress that occurred during my undergrad, along with being diagnosed with anxiety/depression at the end of my junior year. Despite my low GPA though, I do have about 3 years of research experience in a neurophysiology lab. I am currently living in the Bay Area, CA and my stress levels have stabilized since graduating about 6 months ago - I am currently studying for the GRE and looking at graduate schools to apply to. I am also very interested in furthering my studies internationally. I'm very worried that my low GPA will have a huge negative impact on my application. The schools I am looking at applying to are: - Berkeley and UCSF (I know these are a huge stretch) - U of I in Chicago and U of I in Urbana-Champaign - Rush University - Northwestern University - University of Washington - University of Minnesota - University of Toronto - McGill University - University of Edinburgh - University of Glasgow - Trinity College Dublin I feel like I am aiming too high for these programs, but I am extremely interested in their labs and they deliver high-quality education for postgrads. I am feeling pretty intimidated though, any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for listening.
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