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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, This is my first time posting here, but really need advice. I graduated in 2017 with a BS in biochemistry and minor in psychology. After graduating, I wasn't really sure how I wanted to move forward so I got a job in a biochem-based wet lab at a top medical school in my city where I'm a research tech, but I am basically treated like a masters student. I have my own project that I am the sole researcher for and do all of the work and present it to my PI. I'm hoping to start writing a manuscript soon. So basic breakdown of my college years: I started off okay, but then in my sophomore year I lost my grandma and that kind of hit me hard. I spiraled a little and put little effort that year. I focused a lot on extracurriculars and research. I have a lot of extracurricular hours, president and treasurer of sport organizations on campus, but most of my time was spent in psychology based research. I started with a PI who worked at a hospital who then joined a top-tier university in my city. His work focused on a mix of clinical and neuro psych. I worked with him for 3.5 years, although I didn't work closely with him, but his project manager. I mainly worked with data and human volunteers for his project. I was able to administer some tests with the assistance of doctoral students, etc. However, I did not get a publication from this lab or was able to present any posters. After graduating and working around a year, I started taking courses at a local community college (online because I work full-time and community college because I really needed to save money). I've been doing really well in all of the courses, except for cal II, but I've been taking extra psych courses and bio courses. My stats: Undergrad cGPA: 2.806 --> my school did grade replacement for this cGPA Undergrad cGPA w community college: 3.00 --> this is after taking 27 extra credit hours Psych GPA (undergrad only): 3.383 Psych GPA (w/ cc courses): 3.630 Last 60 hours (undergrad only): 2.889 Last 60 hours (w/ cc courses): 3.058 I am studying hard for the GRE and the psych subject test because I know I need an amazing score. So, all this to say, my questions are.... 1. Will the community college courses actually help me when applying? 2. Is applying to a masters program my best bet with where I am at right now (and is it even possible that I'll find a good one to accept me)? 3. Is it possible to email the dean of admissions in a school you're interested in to see their opinion on my situation? 4. My end goal is phD or psyD, so if I get into a masters program and do amazing, will that help me get into a professional program? Sorry for the long-winded question. I'm just in a rut about what my next step is (besides taking the GRE). Thank you!
  2. Psych master's students - has anyone ever encountered the issue of unqualified professors and unresponsive administrators? My story: I am in a general psych master's program. The academic rigor of my program is lacking, and I knew this when I entered. I'm nearly done with the program now, but last semester I came up against a class-wide altercation with a professor (who displayed associated inappropriate bxs on numerous occasions). Letters were written and submitted to the assistant dean, yet no action was taken. Now, I believe a different professor who has been selected to teach the program's pilot I/O into course this summer is woefully unqualified to do so (meaning teach any I/O course whatsoever in a graduate environment). On the basis of her CV and the quality of her education, several students do not believe her to be qualified (or competent, actually). The assistant dean to whom I reached out does not appear receptive and is defending their selection of this professor. Furthermore, he is "making me no promises" that someone other than this person is going to be teaching the course in the fall, which is when I am set to graduate. Therefore, I am either running the risk of waiting for the course to be taught by somebody qualified and then having to delay my graduation if they do not choose to select somebody else in the fall, or I am being forced to take the course with this person this summer. Does anyone know if it's worth reaching out to Division 14/SIOP to inquire as to their standards in this case? Do they even have set standards for master's programs? Is there any way for me to trigger an independent review? Do I have any recourse whatsoever? Pardon my complete and total ignorance on this subject. PS. The majority students in my clinical-focused program are sadly plagued by apathy. Is this common too? How are you going to advocate for patients when you can't even advocate for yourself? -- Desperate grad student
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