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Found 366 results

  1. clinicalpsych20192020

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    We should be hearing about interviews pretty soon! Here's a template for the info to post that was used last year: School: Type: PhD/PsyD Date of invite: Type of invite: Mass email, email from POI, phone call, etc. Interview date(s): Good luck, everyone!
  2. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    Hi everyone! I decided to create a thread for the peeps applying for school psychology programs for Fall 2019! What schools are you applying to? Are you going for an EdS or PhD program? How did you pick your programs? In general, how is the whole process going for you all? I hope I can get people to add on to this because it would be nice to have people to relate to haha. I am personally applying for PhD programs. My finalized list (so far) includes: Northern Arizona University, University of Memphis, University of Washington, and University of Virginia. I am excited to hear about everyone else!
  3. Hey guys! Thought I'd make a thread for the Quant program applicants for Fall 2019. Feel free to post the number of applications you filled and how's the wait going. I'm an international applicant and I've filled 6 applications (5 US, 1 Canada) and I've been visiting gradcafe just to read how others are holding up. My anxiety is bad due to the wait.
  4. Hi all, I’m a current grad student going to school for my masters in school counseling. I majored in psychology in undergrad but for a while wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My undergrad GPA wasnt great (3.1). I’m on track to do well in my masters program (4.0 so far), but I also just started my program this past semester. I don’t have a lot of research experience aside from some typical undergrad research. I recently asked my current academic advisor how I can make myself a stronger PhD applicant (and if it’s realistic for me) so we will be meeting in the future to discuss. Part of my unpreparedness is the fact that I wasn’t sure if I definitely wanted to go this route until recently. It has always been in my mind but after starting my Master’s program, I realized this is something I definitely want to do. I live in Boston so I’d hope to apply to some of the schools around here (BU/Northeastern/UMB/Lesley) but open to applying elsewhere. I’m interested in developmental psychology/school psychology. However, will my GPA in my current program be enough to outweigh my undergrad GPA? What about research experience? I’m trying to find out how I can get more experience here. I did average on the GRE and would definitely retake them. I know no one can give me definite answers here but hoping some people can speak from experience!
  5. Anyone else already submit their applications, and are now wondering why they gave themselves the extra weeks of waiting????
  6. Hello all! I am applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs and I have a question about experiment descriptions for my research and subject experience. I was a research subject first, then I was a research assistant for the same study. I have separated my CV into research experience and volunteer experience. I explained the experiment in each section. Is it redundant to explain the same experiment twice, in two different sections if the description is the same? Or is it better to name the experiment in the first description and just list the name when I refer to it later in my CV, removing the repeated description? I don't want to waste their time, but I don't want to seem as though I wasn't thorough. Thank you!
  7. kiriamara

    University of Houston GRE?

    Has anyone been able to find the average or minimum GRE scores for the Clinical Psychology PhD program at the University of Houston??
  8. Oluwachristabel

    LIU Post Online Information Session.

    LIU Post sent out an invite to applicants saying there would be an information session for the University and that everyone should RSVP. I RSVP'd and still haven't gotten a response till now. The session will hold at 8:30pm est (2:30am my time) but I don't mind and I really want to show up for it. Is anyone else having this challenge?
  9. Hello everyone! I am applying for a Doctorate in Psychology at UBC. I have pretty much completed my application but for the funding section, though I am late to apply for a lot of the available scholarships, the site says I can apply for it after joining if I am accepted. Also, UBC has a minimum funding policy for all accepted graduates. There is a section in the funding part of the application that asks if I would join if I didn't get funding and I can choose 'likely' or 'unlikely'. Since I have funds available to fund at least the first year, after which I can apply for funding, I have chosen 'likely'. I am hoping I will be able to apply for funding late if I get accepted. My question is, would this factor into the selection process? I have listed all the scholarships I would be applying for in the future in my application. Is anyone else applying for PhDs in psychology at UBC? Help!
  10. kiriamara

    Average Clinical Psych Scores?

    I've taken the GRE twice, the first I got 159V, 153Q, 5AW the second I got 156V, 156Q, 5AW. I am planning to submit both, but I don't know how competitive I am in clinical psych PhD programs with those scores. I'm applying to these programs and I think they fall in the following categories of my chances: Long shots: University of Minnesota, University of Oregon, University of Houston, Florida State Somewhere in the middle: Florida State, University of Utah Better chance: Virginia Tech, University of Whyoming, University of Tulsa Thoughts? Does anyone know of programs with lower GRE requirements?
  11. Hello! I'm wondering if it is normal and/or recommended to reach out to more than one professor within a department? I have reached out to the person I would be most interested in working with at the schools I'm applying to, but should I be reaching out to a second or even third? Should I reach out only if I'm not feeling confident about my first choice? Any advice would be appreciated!
  12. I'm applying to at least two, potentially more Clinical Psychology programs through PSYCAS. Does anyone know if, when I request my references through PSYCAS, they will have to submit one letter that will be then sent to each program, or if they will have to submit a letter per each school applied to? Asking because it will potentially impact how many schools I apply to. I don't particularly want to burden my references with having to go through 15 different reference letter links through PSYCAS if I decide to be ambitious and apply to that many - but if they only need to submit one, then it's just more work for me and not them.
  13. Hello! I am applying to Ph.D. programs in psychology (mostly developmental) and hoping to have my Statement of Purpose reviewed. I have a few people from my undergrad university giving me feedback, but I'm hoping to get a few more opinions. It's currently 3 pages single spaced, so any advice on where to cut back would be useful. Reply if you're willing to help me out! I'll swap if you have an SOP you want to be reviewed.
  14. Red21

    Help me for a research study!

    Hi Everyone! I need your help/guidance to think of a research topic that I may conduct for my thesis/dissertation. Although my class will not start until November, I want to think of my topic as early as now so I can do a thorough research. I have listed interesting topics below within the specialization that I am going to take but I don’t know yet what exactly I want to study on those topics. Can you help me to think of a good research topic or maybe give advice on the topics that I listed below? 1. Employee Satisfaction 2. Learning styles (Visual, auditory) 3. Leadership styles 4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – How effective and accurate? 5. Employee Experience (EX) 6. Skill competency needed in the workplace 7. Appraisals 8. Job Satisfaction Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you in advance! ☺️ Ryan G. D. (Masters in Psychology – Specialization: Industrial-Organizational Psychology)
  15. Sorry in advance for the long post. Also posted on reddit. I am applying to psychology PhD programs (non-clinical) for fall 2019 admission and hoping to ask some former professors and others for LORs in the next week or so. In part to help myself think through my options, I wanted to open my thought process up to you guys. Below is a list of people I'm consider asking to some extent and how I know them/have worked with them, in order of who I feel carries the most weight: PI of undergrad research lab: I worked in his lab for 4 semesters, wrote a senior honors thesis using some of his old data, he won an APA lifetime achievement award, endowed professor in the department at a top 20 university, co-authored a theory, 60 pg long CV, you get the picture. Didn't work too often with him 1:1 but he definitely really likes me, would love to accept me into the program at my alma mater (but probs not applying), advised me somewhat closely on my thesis, has said he'd write a rec, etc. Senior Honors Thesis professor: I took a year-long course to help guide me through the process of writing my senior thesis and he was the professor for the course. Lesser known in the field but very well-regarded as a professor and mentor at the university. Did many thorough readings of and provided thorough feedback on my thesis, advised on grad school admissions process, etc. Doesn't know my academic interests super well (they've changed since I wrote my thesis), but knows my writing and motivation Undergrad advisor: Director of Undergraduate Studies for Neuroscience (my undergrad major), knows me well personally, taught a lab class and another course in which we wrote weekly "popular press" science articles based on primary literature so knows my writing and academic aptitude well, we've talked frequently about my goal to pursue a PhD and the types of questions and research that motivate me to pursue a PhD. Doesn't know my research experience very well Summer research experience PI: worked two summers (2015, 2016) for him, MD not a PhD and studies Alzheimers through basic biology research (western blots, IHC, etc.), really likes me and said at the time he could help with recommendations, but haven't talked much since. I think he'd still be willing to write if I got back in touch but I wonder if those experiences seem too outdated/tangentially related now PI of lab I now volunteer for: well-regarded professor in human development/developmental psych, hasn't worked with me since I initially met with her but could maybe ask lab managers about my skills, most recent academic I've worked with. I haven't done any writing or data analysis for this lab yet, so she would just have to go off of my general data collection skills, motivation, interests, etc. Volunteering 6 hrs/wk Current boss at work: I work as a direct care staff at a residential psychiatric facility for teens, my boss would be able to speak to my work ethic mostly bc there is no academic or research aspect to my job. I took the job hoping to see whether I wanted to go into clinical and the answer is no lol but it is a neat experience. Doesn't seem like a good fit for LOR to me but she's who I work most closely with at this point so thought she'd be worth mentioning. Any help/advice in how to sort through these is much appreciated. I'm applying to programs that accept anywhere between 2-6 letters, so I would love to hear what people think as a "cut-off" if I were to submit only some of these (like do I only have 2 solid LORs and if I'm able to only do 2, I should stick to only 2? Or do I have 3-4 solid ones that I should include if I'm able?) Final question: Is it appropriate to ask a PI to collaborate with a lab manager on the letter? I worked more closely with a lab manager/project coordinator in most labs, so I think they'd best be able to speak to my abilities but wouldn't carry the weight of a PI. tl;dr: help me sort through my LORs and order them from strongest --> weakest with a cutoff of how many I should use if I could choose anywhere between 2-6. THANK YOU!
  16. What kind of positions are there for an organizational psychologist whose primary interest is leadership and organizational ethics?
  17. Hi guys, As the title suggests, I have some questions about re-applying to schools that you have previously been rejected from (after an interview). If it helps, I am in Canada and applying to clinical psychology programs. If anyone has been in this situation, please let me know!!! Thank you.
  18. Would anyone who got in/applied to grad school be willing to provide me with an example of a statement of purpose? Is there a difference between a personal statement anf statement og goals/purpose? Also, do you typically include all your research experience? Thanks!
  19. Hey everyone! I just had some questions about the application process and thought someone here might be able to help! I am new to the site so please let me know if I posted this in the wrong place, thanks Some background to give you context: I applied to a bunch of Clinical Psychology Master's programs last year and although I received some interviews, I did not end up getting accepted anywhere. My question pertains to this year's applications and how I should approach applying to those schools that I have already applied to. Here are some of my questions (hopefully they can also help anyone else that is in a similar situation): 1. How much should my statement of intent differ from last year? I plan on adding some extra things that I have done in the past year but I don't have much to add other than a new research assistant position so I was wondering how I should address that in my statement. 2. When emailing professors that I already applied to last year, should I mention that I applied last year? It feels kind of weird given that I wasn't accepted but I am not sure! Specifically, for those schools that I was invited for an interview but was not accepted, how would I approach this? 3. Regarding funding applications, how much should the research proposal differ from last year? I am still interested in researching the same things so I wouldn't want to change it too much but I am not sure how wise it would be to submit the same research proposal again. Sorry if this is too long; if anyone has any advice at all about the application process (even if it doesn't specifically answer my questions) please feel free to share!! Thanks in advance
  20. tapw22

    Any Lewis & Clark applicants?

    Curious to see if there are any other Lewis & Clark Marriage & Family Therapy applicants on here who have heard back. I was just offered an interview yesterday! I'm not sure what to expect. Anyone know how group interviews generally work in such a program?
  21. I'm confused on what to do next within my career. I hold my Bachelors in Speech Pathology and have been a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant since Aug 2013. I'm currently in school for my M.Ed in Special Education and will be done next year. The reason why I went back for a Masters in Special Education was because Autism and Behavior are very intriguing to me. The Behavior Analysts Certification Board website says that one must hold a Masters in Education, Psychology, or Behavior Analysis in order to sit for certification as a Behavior Analyst. Therefore, I figured instead of going back for a Masters in Behavior Analysis, I would go back for a Masters in Special Education since I like working in the Special Needs field and then go back for certification in Behavior Analysis; plus I didn't want to put all of my eggs in one basket. I want to be able to go into different paths in the future if I want too. I also decided to pursue a Masters in Special Education to help make up for my not so good GPA from undergrad in Speech Pathology which was embarrassingly a 2.7 when I graduated (please don't judge me). However, even though my GPA in grad school right now for isn't the best (3.32) I think it's enough to show a grad committee that I am capable of successfully completing graduate course work. I don't really want to be a teacher but I like learning about what they do; it is soooo interesting. My dilemma right now is I kind of want to go back and get my Masters in Speech Pathology after I graduate with my Masters in Special Education, then I would like to go back to get my Certification as a Behavior Analyst; Behavior Analysis paired with Speech Pathology would be beneficial when working with the pediatric and school age population. This a goal I really want to achieve. However, I feel self conscious at times because I have a few dysfluencies when speaking and I feel that doesn't look good for someone whose title is a Speech Therapist; but what most don't know is Speech Pathology has to do with a whole lot more than Speech . I absolutely love my job and love what I do, but I just feel self conscious at times which makes me feel I should choose another career path. That is where Nursing comes in, because I love helping people and the field seems fairly interesting. I've also thought about Psychology and Social Work as well because they seem interesting too. I've already started the application process for a Masters in Speech Pathology at 3 schools, however, I just feel I shouldn't be having second thoughts about it. I can honestly say the main reason I feel I shouldn't do it is because I feel self conscious about my Speech at times. Any insight you guys? Thanks for reading this long essay
  22. jake1321

    GRE retake question

    Hi, I recently look my GRE and received a 310: 157 V and 153 Q, AWA I am estimating between a 4 -5. I am planning on applying to clinical psychology programs in two years. I am unsure whether or not it is worth it to take the GRE again considering I seem to be at the cutoff, although at the low end for most clinical programs. I have 3 years of undergrad research experience and served as research coordinator my last year. I have two current publications, one of which I have first authorship on, poster presentations, and potentially another first authorship manuscript. I also have one year experience post bac as an RA with an IVY league clinical lab and recently accepted another 2 year clinical neuropsych RA position that could lead to publications in my areas of interest. I also have a very strong extra curriculars and volunteer experience. My undergrad GPA was a 3.44 and major GPA of 3.9. I was wondering if I should focus more on publications and clinical involvement with my current position or is my GRE not competitive enough. I am open to hearing any input you have for me. Thank you.
  23. laura_potter

    Best Psyd Schools

    Hi there, I'm looking to apply to PsyD (not PhD) programs this coming fall and was wondering if anyone here had a good idea of which ones have the best reputations. I know to find APA accredited schools, but beyond that, it is hard to tell which are most favorably viewed by leaders in the field. Thanks!
  24. Hey Grad Cafe, Hope you all are doing well; I could use your all's advice and knowledge! I recently graduated undergrad with a major in communication and a minor in psychology. However, since being out of school, I've been reflecting on how I want to continue my education specifically in psychology, with my main interests particularly in counseling and clinical psychology. I want to start developing my skills and experiences to best prepare and apply in the Fall of 2019 for Master's programs. I have a couple questions about these: How should I best approach the fact that I want to continue education in psychology despite not majoring in it? Are there people among gradcafe psychology who decided to commit to higher ed in psychology after not majoring in it? How did that go? Would it be worthwhile to spend significant time prepping for the GRE Psychology Subject test as a potential route to alleviate the concern of me not having a major in Psych? Or, would that time be better suited in taking extra courses in psych at a nearby university, or should I do both? IDK! lol Furthermore, I have received advice that it may a better route for me to apply for master's programs instead of PhD's since they would better develop my research interests and alleviate the difficulty that may be faced (were I to even get in) of being in a PhD program that I didn't major in in undergrad. Should I even consider PhD applications? Some of the key goals of this year are getting involved in research projects at a nearby university, getting a job specifically getting clinical experience in providing mental health services (applied to several and am hopeful that I will get a job as a psychiatric aide or a counselor aide), taking the GRE at the end of 2019's Summer, potentially taking extra courses as a part time student to further round off my psych background. Additionally, if there is any other advice that you all want to contribute, I'd very much welcome it! What do you all think? Thanks for reading! I am excited to see what others have to say.
  25. I recently completed my MA in psychology and am finalizing my application list for the Fall, 2019 semester. The research that I've done in my MA, and which I'd like to expand upon at the doctorate level, focuses largely on reproductive health, and doesn't fit squarely into the focus of most psychology programs. I've found the faculty interests of those at public health programs to be more resonant with my research interests, but given my background, I'm not sure if I'm a competitive enough candidate for public health-oriented PhD programs. I have solid research experience, six conference presentations during my master's (ranging from psych conferences to conferences focused on behavioral medicine), received full funding to present a paper at an international conference focused on reproductive health, will have two papers submitted and two papers in prep by the time applications are due. 3.97 GPA, a range of teaching and programmatic experiences at my former university (all in psych, though), volunteer experience in a healthcare/clinical setting, and am anticipating great letters of recommendation. I applied to a small handful of clinical psych programs last year, and had interviews and an offer that I turned down (once I realized that my interests were guiding me more toward research), so I'm fairly confident in the merits of my application. So that's all well and good, but the research I've done in my former lab, which all falls under the umbrella of "gender and health" has been exclusively qualitative, and the journals I'm submitting papers to are either feminist psych or health psych oriented. I have a basic (quite basic) understanding of statistics (and did receive an A in the only stats class I took at a graduate level), am basically proficient in SPSS, but not in any software more useful than that. As much as I would like to think of the work I've done thus far as public health oriented, in essence, I think, what my expertise really is in is: feminist, qualitative psychological perspectives on topics relevant to public health concerns. A mouthful! Health psych programs seem like a good solution, but I haven't found many with faculty who focus on reproductive health. An MpH would also be a great solution, but I need to be funded. As such, I've been looking at Behavioral Health Sciences and Social & Behavioral Sciences programs, all of which sound ideal, but require either an MpH or something comparable. I'm just not sure if my MA is comparable enough? I'll also note that I'm currently interviewing for public health-oriented research positions, so I may be able to speak to that on my applications (though obviously will not have held a position for long). Any insights or advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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