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Found 211 results

  1. Hello all! I'm looking for fellow Quantitative Psychology PhD applicants (so what- like 30 people :D). I thought it would be cool to make a thread and maybe get in contact with some other people going through a similar application process. Personally I am in a Master's program right now surrounded by Clinical Psychology applicants. There must be someone out there like me! Current quantitative psychology people are welcome to drop by and impart their wisdom as well. EDIT: Found a thread for this year. There must be some out there somewhere!
  2. So, I am a month into my first year of graduate school in psychology. And my adviser has just announced that they are retiring in a year. I have met with some program directors for advice on what to do, and revised my class/research plan so that I will be defending my MA thesis next fall semester, before I am left adviser-less. I have more higher-ups to talk to in regards to what this means for me on paper, but so far it seems that I have a few options for what to do: 1. Try to transfer now to another university 2. Try to transfer once I complete my MA 3. Try to continue on here without an adviser after my MA and complete my PhD on my own. 4. Quit and enter the job market after my MA There isn't really anybody else in my department who does the research I do, though there are others in the concentration but I'm not sure yet if they'd be able to take me on. Additionally, I thought I'd have the duration of the program to figure out my career goals. I am interested in research, but also interested in education/activism. But now, I actually need to make more of a decision about this because it'll affect what I choose to do. Sorry about vagueness, I didn't wanna make this post highly specific cause it's been an emotional few days, and yeah.....anybody further along who might be able to give advice?
  3. Master's programs in clinical psych tend to be research-oriented and focused on preparing students for doctoral training. Is anyone aware of master's programs that are applied/terminal programs that allow you to become licensed as a professional counsellor or psychological associate? I know of one, which I am currently enrolled in but am curious to see whether there any similar programs out there. Sidebar: I know that a master's in clinical mental health counselling is the alternative to clinical psychology programs for those who aren't interested in research; however, I'm focused on clinical psych programs that give you both the option of terminating or advancing to a phD.
  4. Choosing PhD Topic

    Hi everyone I'd like to ask your advice in this superb forum, regarding my hesitation between two specializations in PhD (I'm currently searching for fully-funded PhD programs outside of Egypt! & my Master's was in the field of political science). Generally, I have determined my future research agenda that I will focus on my whole life... & it involves two directions which I will try to interconnect: 1) Researching the impact of expanding children's knowledge paradigm (specifically children dis-attached from stable socialization - preferably in conflict areas, if I'd be able to get funding to go there) through the lens of Big History on their value & identity formation. 2) Researching human cultural evolution within Big History, specifically change of cultural values & identity, & their future directions. I realize that for my PhD, I must focus on one topic/direction only. So I figured that (since I plan to specialize in both tracks in the future), I must focus my PhD on the one that needs more training than the other (to make efficient use of the PhD-provided time & training). So I wonder if anyone knows which of these two directions needs more training? I speculate that the first direction needs training in anthropological & ethnographic research & psychological analysis... while the second direction needs training in mathematical modeling & analysis & cliodynamics... which would you think needs more essential training for the time being, while I can postpone the other to catch up with more easily in post-doc?
  5. Hello, I'm in the middle of the application process to several UC PhD programs in social psychology and I'm having a hard time with the personal history statement. I've already written my statement of purpose, but I'm really struggling with the personal history statement because I'm having difficulties organizing it and figuring out how to fit everything in that the prompt asks for. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knew where I can find sample personal history statements or if anyone is willing to share their own statements. Either will be fine, I'd just appreciate any direction anyone can offer. Here is the prompt for the statement: Applicants for our graduate programs are selected using a holistic evaluation system. This essay will assist both the admissions committee and fellowship review committees to evaluate your background and motivation for graduate study. In your personal history statement, please describe how your personal background informs your decision to pursue a graduate degree. A sample of topics that you might address in your statement is below. However, please structure your statement in any way that you feel best represents your personal history. Please do note that there is a 1200 word maximum for the statement. Any educational, familial, cultural, economic or social experiences or opportunities relevant to your academic journey Challenges and/or obligations you have had to address in order to achieve your educational goals and how you addressed them Employment while an undergraduate How your perspectives or activities contribute to social or cultural diversity and/or make you sensitive to the experiences of underrepresented groups This "Personal History Statement" is required for all applicants who are US Citizens or legal US Permanent Residents and is different from the "Statement of Purpose" that is required for all applicants. The "Statement of Purpose" is expected to focus on your academic/research background and interests while the "Personal History Statement" is expected to focus on your personal background.In addition to the "Statement of Purpose" and "Personal History Statement", some academic programs require applicants to provide a writing sample. Applicants will be notified about any such requirements by their program and will submit any additional items separately and directly to the program. Thank you!!
  6. Fall 2018 Canadian Application Prep

    Thought I might get this thread started for those prepping to apply in the fall.
  7. Unconventional Routes To Psy Ph.D.

    My goal is to ultimately get into a clinical psychology Ph.D. program, but unfortunately, as I enter into my final semester of undergrad at UT Austin, I'm a philosophy major with hardly any psychology classes under my belt. It's too late for me to even squeak out a minor in it. I understand that it'll be an uphill battle considering my choices thus far and just how competitive the discipline is, but I'm looking for some creative solutions from anybody willing to help.More info: I'll be graduating with an est. 3.28 GPA, and I'll likely be able to volunteer for some psych research this coming semester. Also, let's assume I'll secure some solid letters of recommendation.Here were a couple options I was considering: Aim for a masters degree in Anthropology (perhaps psychological anthropology?) or even a religious studies masters program (would this help at all?) or any other masters degree that would facilitate the transition between philosophy and psychology as well as hopefully making me a more appealing candidate for the psych Ph.D. program.Thanks for your time.
  8. I was hoping for a little advice!! I am a senior psychology major and getting ready to apply for graduate school. I am tied between industrial organizational (I/O) psychology and counseling psychology. For a few years now my plan was counseling. I have a big passion for mental health. Recently, industrial organizational psychology sparked my interest. The idea of helping companies with employee productivity, job satisfaction and overall health seemed interesting. It seemed like it would be similar to counseling but in a workforce setting. So I started looking more into programs for I/O than counseling. However I also am finding that a lot of the jobs for I/O psychology involve more management/business skills than psychology. I'm seeing that the tasks of I/O psychologists involve a lot of programming and research. Also, I do not have business experience and I'm afraid that may hurt me in applying for I/O graduate school. I have had experience as a crisis counselor and mental health board member so I feel my skills and experience may be better for applying for counseling graduate school. What really grabbed my attention for I/O psychology was the expected job growth and bigger average salaries. After researching more, counseling psychology's job growth is about the same. And the salaries aren't much less. So I feel like my obvious answer would be to go back towards counseling but I'm still unsure about my decision and wanted to ask for any feedback or advice that anyone may have. Thanks! --
  9. I've done a bit of research but I was wondering if someone could inform me a little more. Very soon, I'm going to graduate with my undergrad in Liberal Studies ( I was planning on becoming an elementary school teacher), but I'm very interested in psychology now. I've been volunteering at a nonprofit agency that offers counseling services to family violence victims. I'm also working full time as a home health aide. Because of this, I'm leaning towards online masters programs. Is it true that a masters in general psychology will help you get entry level jobs in counseling? Or what else can you do with it?
  10. Hi everyone, I want to ask if anyone knows about any universities in Canada or USA who will accept directly into masters in psychology for students who don't have undergraduate degree in psychology. Without doing any additional courses. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Quitting a TA position for a Research postion

    Currently, I'm a graduate teaching assistant which for my school means I teach the lab for the statistics course. There are currently 5 graduate teaching assistants, and we teach two labs sections each. I applied for this position at the end of last semester, and I was selected out of a pool of 10 or so graduate students. Things seem to be running smoothly, although I don't particularly like to teach. However, today I was speaking with a brand new professor for the department, and he said he wanted to take me on a research assistant for the Spring semester. If I took this position, he would have several papers he's working on and would be happy to make me first author for. He just needs some one to do the data analyses and writing. The catch is I would have to quit my teaching position and focus on working in his lab. This seems like a good idea because publications are really important. The thing is the professor in charge of the graduate teaching assistants and the one who selected might be offended if I just quit at the end of the Fall. I get along with her really well, and I've submitted a paper with her (plus I'm working on another). I can't afford to have her not like me or think less of me. Should I quit the teaching position? Do you think she would be offended? Is there a way I can handle this in which she doesn't feel offended? I need advice on the best way to manage this situation.
  12. Hi all, I'm a rising senior this year double majoring in Statistics and Psychology. I really love both of these fields and want to pursue doing statistical research in the social sciences in graduate school (specifically masters programs). The only problem is I'm not sure what programs or field would best combine statistics and social science for me. From what I've seen, most psychology/stats programs are about psychometrics which mainly concerns working in the field of education which I have no background in and know very little about. I've taken a class on networks and social network analysis and I'm very very interested in that, but unsure what graduate programs would specialize in that or what kind of career that would lead to. I excelled in my Psychology Research Methods courses and really like doing that kind of research, but there are very few quantitative psychology masters programs. Does anybody have any advice for potential career options and for strong masters programs? Again I'm really interested in applying statistical modeling and methods to study human behavior and population trends. Thanks for your help!
  13. I am considering going back to school for an MFT or MSW here in California so I can practice as a therapist. However, I am an American and British citizen who will likely move back to England at some point given I have some family in the country and was partially raised there. So I am just wondering if there's any American therapists on here who have moved to England and managed to qualify with the BPS, and how that whole process worked? If not, does anybody have an idea what to do in my situation? Are the qualifications about the same? Or would I have to re-train entirely/do a year extra if I moved back to London? If anybody could give me any advice, that would be brilliant. Thanks so much!!!
  14. Taking the Psychology Subject GREs

    Hello All, I'm applying this fall for a few PhD and Masters programs. Only one of my schools (CUNY Grad Center BASP program) even recommends taking the subject test, but it's one of my top choices so I was just going to go ahead and do it. Apparently, the deadline to apply for the 9/16 test was yesterday, so I would have to take the 10/28 test. So I have 2 questions: 1) Should I even bother taking the test if only one of my schools even recommends it (I have an BS in Psych)? 2) If I should I take the test, will 10/28 be too late to meet the 12/1 application deadline that all of my PhD programs have? Thanks!
  15. Hello. My name is Madhuvanthi. I am from India. I really need some help/advice regarding my Graduate applications. I am looking forward to apply for PhD in behavioural neuroscience for the fall 2018 batch. I have a BA in JPE ( journalism, psychology and English) where I scored 69.43%, and have pursued masters in psychology( MSc Psychology) with a CGPA of 7.14, both from India. I have a master's dissertation which i wrote during my final semester. I worked for a year for an IB school. I am taking the GRE in September mid. I am really confused about several things. I don't really know how strong my profile is. I did find a few universities which aligned with my interests but i want to know whether i have a chance to get into those universities. Some of those universities are Stony brook university, Northeastern university, Arizona state university and Boston university. it would be helpful if you could rate my profile and suggest me a few universities in the US.
  16. M.Sc. vs M.A.?

    Just curious, but if Psychology is a science, why are the graduate degrees offered by some universities a Master of Arts and not a Master's of science? Does that mean a master's of Arts in psychology is less scientifically based or the courses in a master's of arts are not as statistically heavy? Is it better to do a master's of science in psychology? As isn't it better to do a degree where psychology can be more empirically supported?
  17. Hi all, So after taking two years off after completing my B.Sc. in Canada, I'm preparing to apply for graduate schools for a clinical psychology doctoral program specializing in neuropsychology. I know these sorts of programs are extremely competitive, so I will likely be applying to 18-20 schools, but thought I would post some of my application credentials and get any advice from anyone willing to give it! Education: B.Sc. with Honor's in Psychology, Minor in Biology. Completed an Honor's Thesis in my final year in cognitive neuroscience. GPA: Overall: 3.3 (first 2 years of B.Sc. were as a Biomedical Science major, which I did not enjoy, and my GPA reflects this). Major GPA: 3.8 Last 2 years/60 credits: 3.8 GRE Scores: Psychology Subject GRE: 750 (91st percentile) General GRE (taking this in the next few weeks, likely will be around 156V/160Q/5.0AW) LOR: 2 clinical neuropsychologists (Honor's thesis supervisor and current work supervisor; both on admissions committees for CN programs at 2 different schools), 1 supervisor who is also a clinical psychologist (supervisor from Developmental Psychology lab mentioned below) Experience: 4 poster presentations Honor's thesis (supervised by a clinical neuropsychologist, see LOR above) and Independent Research Project (supervised by Neuroscientist) Volunteered at 2 hospitals, 3 different research labs in my last 2 years of undergraduate studies Moved from Toronto, Canada to San Diego, California after graduating with my B.Sc. to work as a Lab Manager in a Developmental Psychology lab and then as a Research Coordinator in a Neuropsychology lab (multi-site project; still currently here - see LOR above). I guess I am worried that my GRE scores will make my applications less competitive. I feel as though my applications are well-rounded elsewhere and my time off and additional experience has helped me. I do not have any location preferences and will be applying all throughout North America. Any and all advice or insight is welcome! Also, please don't hesitate to mention any schools that you guys know of which are very reputable for CN! Some on my radar include: SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program, Drexel, Boston University, Northwestern University (Feinberg), University of Florida, University of Houston, University of Wisconsin... Thank you!!
  18. Hi all! I know there's a general Fall 2018 thread, but I wanted to make a counseling specific one (since there's fewer of us). I'm only applying to one program (I know) - but my potential POI is in the exact geographic and subject area I'm interested in. Even doing some research that I've only dreamed about. Plus, I'm a bit of a transition student. I was psych undergrad but haven't touched it since. GRE: Average - 155+Q&V. Undergrad GPA - 4.0 Grad GPA (Masters in CJ) - 4.0 also, graduating from law school this December (FINALLY) around top 25% of my class. Too bad it took longer than first year to figure out I shouldn't have gone to law school. Tell me about you! Schools? Research Interest? Worries? Personally, I'm worried my JD will hurt my application, instead of hurt. My research interest is an intersection of psych, CJ, and law - but lawyers have a bad reputation.
  19. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any advice about if it is good, bad, neutral, etc. to contact a faculty member of interest for a Masters program in Psychology? (Especially if that program offers guided study or a thesis?) Obviously there are many more MA applicants per year to a given program than PhD applicants, and I would understand if a faculty member would be annoyed at receiving inquiries from a Masters hopeful. In general, I would like to ask faculty I am interested in whether: they will be teaching the year(s) I plan to attend whether, in their opinion, I am a good fit for the program (given attached CV) whether they have any current or former students I could reach out to for more information Please let me know if you think this is overkill! I just don't want to waste an application on a program only to find out that I was never a "good fit"
  20. Hi all! I'm a newbie here at gradcafe, and I have to say it's been super helpful (and encouraging!). I would like some perspective from current and prior MA/PhD Counseling Psychology applicants on the strength of my qualifications for competitive MA programs in Counseling Psychology (with the hope of going on to a Counseling Psychology PhD.) If anyone has any input on how to strengthen my application, it would be extremely appreciated! Strengths/qualifications: Summa graduate of top 30 liberal arts college with 3.84 GPA (3.9 Psychology) Dual major in Psychology and Health Policy RA for two undergrad research labs, one in social psych and one in health psych for a total of 2 years research experience undergrad. 9 months clinical supervised experience in practicum undergrad. TA three semesters. Honors thesis in psychology (received high honors within department). Research coordinator for 1 year (in middle of 2 year agreement) at a major research hospital. Strong LORs from senior psychology profs as well as current PI Potential Weaknesses: Potentially poor quant scores on GRE - I haven't taken the test yet, but my SAT math was only average even though I scored 800 verbal. I'm guessing those results will be similar. No poster presentations or publications Somewhat older applicant - took gap year before college and would matriculate at 25 if accepted this cycle. Questions: Is it recommended to contact a POI even as a MA applicant? Would it be better to take a moonshot and apply for PhD directly despite lack of publications? Thank you so much if you have read this far!
  21. Statistics/Social Science Fields?

    Hi all, I'm a rising senior this year double majoring in Statistics and Psychology. I really love both of these fields and want to pursue doing statistical research in the social sciences in graduate school (specifically masters programs). The only problem is I'm not sure what programs or field would best combine statistics and social science for me. From what I've seen, most psychology/stats programs are about psychometrics which mainly concerns working in the field of education which I have no background in and know very little about. I've taken a class on networks and social network analysis and I'm very very interested in that, but unsure what graduate programs would specialize in that or what kind of career that would lead to. I excelled in my Psychology Research Methods courses and really like doing that kind of research, but there are very few quantitative psychology masters programs. Does anybody have any advice for potential career options and for strong masters programs? Again I'm really interested in applying statistical modeling and methods to study human behavior and population trends. Thanks for your help!
  22. Disheartened

    Hi there, I am new, and I apologize in advance for breaking any conventions in bloggery/forum posts, etc. I applied to two PhD programs in Clinical Psychology, both of which are very competitive. I am in an awkward position- one part of me "feels" I have what it takes to be an outstanding Clinical Scientist. The other side of me is discouraged. I do not have a great GPA nor GRE scores to make up for it-- so I decided upon submitting my applications that I probably will not hear back. ... And indeed, I have not. Profile: GPA: 3.29 (Institution within the Top 10 - US National University Ranking) Dean’s List: Fall 2011, Spring 2013 GRE: Q/V/W : 152/158/4.0 3 excellent letters of recommendation (including 1 from a PI I applied to work with) 6 research posters 1 first author & oral presentation at a leading scientific conference in the field of behavioral medicine 1 publication in a leading Obesity journal 5 years research experience combined (undergraduate + post-baccalaureate) B.A. Psychology, Biological Bases of Behavior (concentration) Spanish (minor) Fluent in 3 languages, 2 graduate-level classes -1 Undergraduate honors Thesis (I was overzealous in this project as an undergraduate student-- I took on too much and was sleep deprived during my last semester- Alas, the project was not where it needed to be in order to defend it. I am now working on an update of this project with my former mentor, and we plan to publish!) Very brief description of interests: I want to go to grad school so I can conduct interdisciplinary research and obtain clinical experience in the fields of stress/depression, eating disorders, obesity, addiction, and related psychopathology. I am so eager to contribute to the academic community and can see myself teaching, generating and disseminating clinical science, while gaining clinical skills and learning advanced statistical techniques for identifying predictors of treatment efficacy and multi-factorial processes through which complex conditions can worsen or improve. I am currently working at the Medical Center /Department of Psychiatry of my undergraduate institution, in a slightly different field than my undergraduate pursuits. I continue to be engaged in scientific inquiry, and I just know that this is the field I want to be in. when I look at my profile, I just cannot see how any admissions committee would even pick up the application. I emailed 2 PI's at each institution that I applied to, and I heard back from each when I first wrote them. They have not written back, and I am truly embarrassed that my PI recommended me and I wasn't even considered for an interview. (It looks like all invitations have been extended in both institutions). Any advice, encouragement, perspective, or opinions on my situation would be greatly appreciated. I think that my wonderful and over-sharing coworkers have heard enough of me, and so has my partner. Should I give up? Is it ridiculous for me to think that I have a chance? I just want to go to grad school and work with a mentor that is happy to have me and work with me. That's what I had in undergrad and I wish I could just extend that to gradschool. Sorry. I had to vent. the waiting game is eating me up. I welcome your thoughts/ideas -- please do not hesitate to be straight forward and honest. ps: I might add that I took a Medical Leave of Absence due to psychological/medical reasons in the middle of my undergraduate career. I returned after 1 year of treatment and was successful; I was asked to become a student ambassador for the Office of Student Returns, which was pretty sweet. In my applications I had to explain (NOT in my SOP, but in a separate document) what happened, and I did it in a brief, earnest and mature way. I can explain in more detail if needed.
  23. Hi everybody, A friend of mine is desperately seeking participants to fill out a very quick questionnaire for her MSc thesis. I'm sure many of you realise how difficult it is to find willing participants so I'd be forever grateful is you can spare 5 minutes to complete the survey! Here is the link to the questionnaire: The study is very interesting, aiming to uncover the importance of parental influence on alcohol addiction. Many thanks
  24. Hello, I am wondering if there are any Canadian students out there that have applied to Masters programs at the University of Victoria, OISE, UOttawa, McGill, or any other universities that offer this program. I am currently an undergrad student finishing my last year, doing my honours thesis, and would like to gain insight on what applicants experiences have with applying, attending these schools, what professors they would recommend, any other universities they would recommend, etc. Personal details such as GPA, honours thesis, references, etc would be great to hear about so I can judge my chances! Just a little bit of guidance throughout the process would be great!!! I appreciate the time!
  25. Space Psychology?

    This is a totally out of reach post (lol) but anyone here interested in space psychology? I.e. how do, or would, astronauts live in space and what will happen to their minds psychologically on a long term space mission? Would love to connect with like minded folks with similar interests!