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Found 31 results

  1. ABA vs. MA/PsyD Psychotherapy insights?

    Hello! This is my first post here and I'm looking for some feedback, advice, and your experience in the fields of behavior analysis and psychotherapy. I have a career dilemma. Long time ago I got a BS in Animal Bio, then became interested in Psych and behavior. Now I have been working as an RBT (registered behavior technician) for 4 years with children on autism spectrum, and provide in-home services related to problem behaviors, and debating whether I should get a masters in applied behavior analysis (ABA) or get a masters/PsyD and practice as a therapist. ABA is a fast growing and changing field right now, and supposed to pay better than an MFT/MSW for example. I am extremely conflict avoidant, and don't enjoy crisis situations, although I have become more or less accustomed to them, working with kids with autism and at a group home with troubled youth. While I understand all jobs have ups and downs, to be blunt, I want an "easy" job. I like the job of the LPC I see at the daycare who walks around and establishes rapport with kids, and counsels them on as needed basis. She does not do crisis intervention, or discipline them in anyway. I also LOVE the idea of working as a therapist and doing play therapy with kids, who come to my office, so I don't have to make house calls (and deal with the sometimes unstable home environment). The downside of that is that I won't know if the job of a therapist is really for me until I have the actual degree. The therapists that I've interviewed or have seen sometimes seem really burnt out. I don't want an MFT because the couples fighting can get pretty intense. I want to get an MA in Mental Health, but worried about state-to-state licensure, since I do not know where I will live yet (I currently live in Hawaii, but my husband is applying to jobs out of state, so we're not planning to stay here forever). I have a love-hate relationship with the ABA field (applied behavior analysis) because it is akin to animal training, and while effective, I feel it lacks emphasis on empathy and making a connection with the child (sort of what Dr. Laura Markham's blog talks about), but I feel it would be unethical for me to suggest this to clients, because it's not really ABA. To me ABA seems that it's lacking depth and is too robotic with it's reinforcement principles and constricted with its application in autism (supposedly it has other applications, but it's really rare to find a job outside of the autism diagnosis). I also don't like the possibility of injury - kids have hit, bit, spat, and swore at me, they may be teenagers and bigger than me - I am a 5'2 female with history of domestic violence, so this scares me. I can't tell you how many times I've come home crying because of these aggressive behaviors I've had to deal with, and I'd blame myself, there's little support within the profession, and it's just a very difficult job. I've had a PsyD therapist tell me my job is so much harder than hers. What I love about ABA is the one-on-one relationship I get to build with my client. I also love working with kids, especially younger ones, making that connection with them, being their coach, seeing them grow and overcome challenges with my help is SO rewarding. I'm also good at this job, I feel like I have a knack for it (I've had supervisors tell me this), and it is an in-demand field. SO I've been sitting on this dilemma for a year or two now, and feel a lot of pressure to make a decision already, I am 29 years old, and desperately wanting to to be financially independent and get on with my life with a permanent job, that I only see for myself after grad school. I know this was long, sorry about that. Really appreciate any help you may have, and feel free to ask questions.
  2. Nova PsyD Program

    Hey guys, so I just wanted to create a very specific topic for those who have applied to Nova's PsyD program. I know some people have gotten interview invitations and hope to hear from you. I have visited the campus and assisted an event about their Psychology programs so feel free to ask questions and I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my abilities.
  3. Which job is better?

    I am preparing to change my professional career of working with families and youth in community and recreation based programs to going back to school and doing a psyd in counseling psychology or a masters in mft. Since I need to prepare my application this year (online psyc. courses, gre prep, clinical work etc) I am at a crossroads. I have two jobs I can take: one is working as a behavior specialist at a children’s mental health facility, the other an aide for students with developmental disabilities. The first job offers a behavior tech certification and it is one on one with the student in a public or community setting. The second job is at a facility with a team, where I work with sub acute clients with their daily routine, do evaluations, intervention/de escalation,have weekly meetings/training opportunities, etc. The clients have more severe conditions than the aide job, which seems to be a more supporting/teaching role. I cant figure out if these jobs would be considered “clinical experience”, which psyd or masters programs would accept. I also can’t figure out which would be a better experience for me in terms of learning and exposure to different mental health conditions. Any advice would be great!
  4. Straight Outta B.A.... to PhD?!?

    Recent graduate with my BA in Sociology, really looking to get my phD in Clinical Psych with a Law emphasis so I can become a psychologist within the law enforcement career. BUT due to certain circumstances while enrolling in uni, I wasn't able to take any psychology undergrad courses along with my sociology degree, so I have very minimal psych background--like maybe 5 classes in total. I have no research experience in psychology, and I'm currently looking at taking a post-bacc program at UC Berkeley. I might have some connects in getting into a lab for research experience, but it's not solid. Regardless, my question is: should I go get my Master's first--and put myself in further debt--and add two years to my already 4-6 years of schooling for my phD? OR Find some research experience, take this post-bacc program at Berkley &apply for my phD for fall 2020? ANY TIPS ADVICE ETC will be so beneficial. Even if its the harsh truth! I will love to hear stories about what others did, especially if it was someone in a non-psychology background to see what challenges they've faced etc. All is welcome though! sidenote: I might have to take the post-bacc program regardless of which path I take. Thanks.
  5. Preparing for PsyD Interview

    Hi! This application season, I applied for both PsyD and PhD Clinical Psychology Programs. I have quite a bit of experience prepping for PhD interviews, particularly with a specific POI. Because I did not apply to a specific lab for the PsyD program, I'm feeling a bit at a loss for how to prepare for my interview. Rather than studying up on specific research, should I be looking at the program more broadly? Do I need in depth knowledge of each professor's research, etc? All advice is welcome!
  6. Hello! I thought I would start a new forum for PSYD interview invites. I have followed the other pages and tried to pick through to find the PsyD posts, so I figured this may be easier! If you could please post the following information: School: Date of Interview notice: How the notification was sent (email, check portal, phone, etc.): Interview dates: Concentration: I know some PsyD programs have concentrations so if you would like, it would be great to also post your concentration! As of now I know the following schools have sent out initial invites: Baylor University Pepperdine University University of Indianapolis William James College Widener University Indiana University of PA Adler University (Chicago) Hopefully this helps!
  7. Hi all! Since most apps are due, I thought it would be nice to have a place to post as interview invites start to come in (in addition to the results page)! Here's a template for the info to post: School: Type: PhD/PsyD Date of invite: Type of invite: Mass email, email from POI, phone call, etc. Interview date(s): It looks like there's also a thread that's been started in SDN: in case anyone follows that site as well. Good luck to everyone!
  8. I am in need of some advice regarding my unique (as far as I can tell) situation. Basically, I am in the middle of a PhD program in Molecular and Cellular Biology, but would like to switch to Clinical Psychology. I have done some reading on Psy.D and PhD programs in Clinical Psych, and feel I would be much better suited for this field rather than my current one. Without getting too deep into personal matters, I essentially no longer find any joy in my current field of work, and I believe I would find much more meaning and fulfillment as a clinical psychologist or licensed therapist. I doubled majored in MCB and Psychology in undergrad (Top 40 school), and the PhD program I am currently in is consistently ranked #1 or #2 for MCB. I have done molecular bio research more or less full-time since my senior year of undergrad, but have ZERO experience in clinical psych. I spent a semester in undergrad working as a research assistant in a Cognitive Psych lab though, and did win a departmental award for my research there. Still, this feels very minor compared to what I imagine other applicants have in terms of research experience. I have tried to be as honest with myself as I can, and I do not believe this is just a case of getting cold feet as many people experience during their PhD years. My dream has been to get a PhD for a long time, and I do not want to give up on this. I just do not want it to be in a field where I see no future for myself. The reality is, I absolutely do not want to keep doing benchwork science in academia OR in biotech, and I do not want to settle for an alternative career (consulting, teaching) that I am not truly passionate about. For me, the bottom line is I want to help people with mental illnesses live better lives, whether that is through clinical research or as a licensed therapist. Mainly I am interested in hearing about what a typical to exceptional applicant to Clinical Psych doctorate programs looks like (GRE, research experience, etc.). I would also like to get a feel for what programs I might expect to get into (if any...) if I were to apply literally right now without doing anything else to add to my CV. What were your top choice schools? What do you think I would need to do in order to get into those programs? Relevant stats: Education/GPA: Currently a Molecular biology PhD candidate at top ranked university, 3.8 GPA. (Technically I would have a masters if I were to drop out of my program now as I have already passed my qualifying exam). Bachelors in MCB and Psychology, 3.7 GPA overall (Psychology GPA is higher) GRE: 170 V / 158 Q Research experience: 7 years of molecular bio, 1 semester of cognitive psych research. Currently in a neurobiology lab (albeit with no particular focus on mental disorders), although I rotated through one lab where my project dealt with genes involved in schizophrenia, and another lab where my project dealt with neurological correlates of depression. Teaching experience: 1 semester teaching a general biology course to ~100 students. Have also volunteered at elementary and middle schools as a science outreach instructor, as well as a science summer camp one year. Thank you in advance for your input!!
  9. Psyd Application Advice

    Hi all, I am interested in pursuing a doctorate in Psychology and after doing a lot of research on psychology programs, the Psyd is definitely the best fit for my educational and career goals. I am hoping to compile a competitive application for the Fall of 2019 and I am looking for some advice & feedback. Given that some Psyd programs are quite costly, I am targeting more competitive programs that offer at least some funding. As background: I graduated in 2005 with a bachelors in Psychology- not a stellar GPA, 3.3. I then completed a Masters in Social Work in 2007, with a GPA, 4.0. I worked in a research lab during both years of my MSW program doing qualitative interviews, participant outreach and some data entry but have no other real research experience, presentations, or publications. I worked in the field of social work for 6 years after graduating with my MSW and then took 4 years off (by Fall 2019, it will be 6 years) to stay at home with my small children. I have a lot of clinical/hands on experience to highlight in my application from my work experience. I am starting to study for the GRE and am hopeful that with the ample amount of time I have to study for it, I will be able to score well. Advice/Questions: As I have been out of the workforce for the last several years and out of school for much longer than that, my references are quite stale at this point. I especially hesitate to contact previous professors as it has been so long. I am considering taking an undergraduate psychology course at a local university to get an updated academic reference. Any out there have experience in getting some updated references/recommendation letters, particularly academic references, years after graduation? Any advice for me? If I were to take an undergraduate psych class, any recommendations on what would be particularly helpful to have refreshed for a doctoral program (ie. statistics vs. a intro psych class vs. a random class of interest)? Secondly, I am considering volunteering in a psych lab at a local university (if this is possible to do) to obtain more research experience and for another updated recommendation letter. Any advice on what types of research tasks/experience would be most useful? Any other general advice you might have for me in compiling a competitive application- given a lower undergrad GPA and a period of being out of the workforce? And any recommendations on Psyd programs that offer funding? Also, are there any Facebook groups for individuals going through the process of applying to doctoral programs in Psychology? Thanks so much in advance! Christy
  10. Space Psychology?

    This is a totally out of reach post (lol) but anyone here interested in space psychology? I.e. how do, or would, astronauts live in space and what will happen to their minds psychologically on a long term space mission? Would love to connect with like minded folks with similar interests!
  11. Research Participants Needed

    Hi All, As part of a research project for my doctoral program I need participants for an online survey. The survey takes LESS THAN 5 MINS to complete and you can be entered in to a raffle for a $50 gift card as thanks for participating. The survey is on therapist's views of authenticity in the therapeutic relationship and includes a short demographic questionnaire as well as a brief multiple choice measure. Anyone who is a practicing psychotherapist (either licensed or in a training program) is eligible to participate! Here's the link: Thanks! Jamie
  12. GRE time managing

    Hello everyone! My GRE test is May 20th. I picked up the ETS GRE book of their website and I purchased an analytical writing online tool. How should I go about studying? I have a full time job so I wanted to know exactly how many hours a week should I be putting in? I want to organize myself and build a structured schedule to follow.
  13. M.A vs. PsyD

    Hey all, I'm basically looking for input and advice on my current situation: I was accepted to The Wright Institute's PsyD program and I'm really excited about it. I know the most about their program as compared to other schools I applied to and love their practicum opportunities and the vibe of the school. I also like that I'd be getting a doctoral degree. However, I've been living in the bay area for a while and a big part of me really wants to get the heck out of here. I've generally been really unhappy in this location and feel ready for change. I was rejected from Yeshiva University's PsyD program in New York, but just got accepted to their M.A program in Mental Health Counseling and I have to say it's tempting for a few reasons - 1) It's a university, not professional institute, 2) the program is a bit shorter and I believe a bit more affordable, and 3) the location!!! All the same, I wouldn't want to regret not going for the PsyD for kind of shallow reasons. What do you all think? Any insight especially on what an M.A in New York can do for you vs. a PsyD from anywhere...not as familiar with the job market in NYC. Thanks!
  14. Hey all, Is anyone else who applied to Yeshiva University's PsyD having an issue where the PSYCAS application still has your application marked as incomplete? For me, everything is complete but it says they are still waiting on my official undergrad transcript. However, I sent my transcript a while ago and the admissions office, when I called, even confirmed that they had it but said it wouldn't update on the psycas application website right away. It's been over a month now though, and since other people have received interview requests I'm worried something was processed incorrectly. So I'm wondering if this is normal and also happening to those of you who received an interview or admission? Thank you!
  15. PsyD Thread

    Wondering if anyone else here applied to PsyD programs? If so, let's post where we applied and any updates! School: The Wright Institute Program: PsyD Status: Received invitation for interview last week. I have my interview on Saturday. School: Yeshiva University Program: PsyD Status: Submitted my application but haven't heard anything. Nervous since they said they would extend interview invites in January. School: Trinity College Dublin Program: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Status: Still figuring out if I am going to apply. Nervous about the work visa issue so not sure if it's worth applying. Any thoughts?
  16. Hello, I have scheduled interviews in January and February at numerous Clinical Psychology PsyD programs around the country (Baylor, JFKU, Marshall, IUP, etc). My question is whether or not I should be clean shaven for the interviews. I have a full and well manicured beard. It is always well kept, trimmed, and groomed and I have always received many compliments on my beard. I have gotten mixed reviews when asking professors and professionals about what to do with my facial hair situation. Some say to play it safe and shave it off and some say that it would be something that could potentially make me more memorable. Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated!
  17. I'm wondering just how competitive is Rutgers PsyD program? And admitted or current students here on the forum that can shed some light on the process please? It's definitely my dream school to enter but I want to strategize myself effectively and plan ahead. Would love any opinions, thanks!
  18. emailing POI for PsyD

    I'm applying for the first time this application cycle for Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology programs PhD and PsyD. I know the two programs are different and I'm more interested in the practitioner side although, I have some research experience and I am interested in doing more. Do you need to email POI's for a PsyD the way that you need to for PhD in Psychology? I've heard that PsyD programs match applicants more to their program than a specific faculty member. Any suggestions or experience would be helpful! Thanks!
  19. I'm applying for the first time this application cycle for Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology programs PhD and PsyD. I know the two programs are different and I'm more interested in the practitioner side although, I have some research experience and I am interested in doing more. Do you need to email POI's for a PsyD the way that you need to for PhD in Psychology? I've heard that PsyD programs match applicants more to their program than a specific faculty member. Any suggestions or experience would be helpful! Thanks!
  20. Hi everyone, I am new to this whole blog and website and just really need some solid advice. I am applying to Nova Southeastern University for the Psy.D. program with a few other Master's as a back-up. I am pretty much discouraged to even finish my application at this point because I took the GRE (for the 3rd time) and got a combined score of 293. (Verbal-150, Quant: 143, AW: 4.0) I know this is a low score and is not competitive enough. I was hoping some other aspects of my application would come in and save me from the rejection pile. They have a strong "preference" for a GRE score of 297 or above. A little info on myself: -3.72 GPA -Over 3 years of research experience. Started as an Undergraduate RA, was hired as the assessment specialist for my lab and am now the research coordinator for the new grant. -I was a counselor for an intensive 8-week intervention program for children who were obese and at risk for comorbid disorders such as depression, anxiety etc. This totaled out to over 340 hours of clinical work. -3 very strong letters of recommendation I appreciate honesty and any advice you have to offer. I am retaking the GRE in December one last time, but I fear there won't be a huge change in my score.
  21. So, I am currently in a specialist level program in school psychology (69 hours, SSP | MA/CAGS level). When I went into the program, I was uncertain about ever getting my doctoral degree, for various reasons, so I decided to go into the specialist level. Now, I am more sure of what I want. My ultimate goal is to go back to school after this program and get my doctorate in psychology (PhD/PsyD). I am hoping to get it in either school psychology or counseling psychology. I am leaning heavily toward school psychology, obviously. So, my question is, how many of you guys have gone this route (getting the specialist or masters degree first and then going on to a PhD in school psych)? Do you have any advice for someone looking to go this route? I have seen / spoken to a few programs (such as UNC-Chapel Hill, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, St. John's University, and a few others) where they have said that having the specialist degree will give me advanced standing and I will be able to complete the program in a shorter amount of time. The program at UNC-Chapel Hill is designed for students who already have the specialist degree, so it is a shorter program to begin with. Do you guys know of other schools like this? Any help is appreciated.
  22. Hello, My name is Greg and I'm currently an undergrad at UC Irvine working towards a BA in Psychology and Social Behavior. I'm an older student, 33 years old and am taking my life in a new direction, inspired by numerous things to do so including that I'm a recovering alcoholic. I'm also going to school at a community college that I transferred from working on a second AA in an Alcohol and Drug Studies program so that I can work as a counselor part time while going to school, and to gain experience. Mental health and substance abuse are the areas that most interest me and I wish to devote a good portion of my work in the future in those arenas. So that's a little about me and where I am at now, and I could really use some advice, and just some input on my options for the future and how to best be prepared for it. I'm looking at schools in the Los Angeles/Orange County area where I can pursue a graduate degree, and hopefully for as low a cost as possible. I'm having a hard time settling on what go for in grad school be it a MSW, a PsyD or maybe a PhD. I have no interest in teaching, and I don't have much experience with research yet but it doesn't sound like something I want to spend any more time doing than I need to. I will of course research and participate in continuing my education in the future as is needed or for personal interest, but I don't want a career based around it. The only reason I'm considering a PhD is that UCs are great schools and lower in cost, offer assistance and sometimes a stipend. A PsyD is probably more down my alley, but the only schools that offer those degrees are private and tend to be very costly. Psychology as a subject to study overall has been soo interesting and I love the subject matter, and learning about how to conduct therapy based on various theories and methods is very intriguing to me. So my concern is that I may miss out on some of this if I go for the MSW. The MSW is offered at more schools that are low cost, like UCs and CSUs, however it's a slightly different set of skills from what I understand. What I like about the MSW is flexibility in what I can do with it, and that I could work in private practice or a clinical setting as soon as I'm licensed or in California what is known as an LCSW. Originally I was looking at LMFT because I had worked with them at a treatment center I worked at, I really liked the work they did, however I understand that LCSWs are hired for the same thing as being a therapist for clients. I have no interest in working with couples, it's not why I'm doing all this and it just doesn't really illicit a sense of purpose for me. So, I like the MSW option, the flexibility, possibly lower cost, and slightly higher incomes that are reported with that degree. About incomes, this isn't all about money for me at all, however since I'm an older person who is basically just starting working where I'm earning any kind of substantial income for the first time in his life, I wont have as much time to accrue retirement savings etc that I would have had if I had gotten sober at say 22 years old. So I know that as a licensed psychologist I could make a pretty substantial income in my area of California, and this would put me back into the focus of my education being in psychology. I'm wondering how hard it is to get into a public grad school in my area for a clinical psychology PsyD or PhD, just what is really expected? It's one thing what they put on the website for requirements, it's another what a competitive applicant who gets accepted has going on. Same for the MSW programs, I need to know what I should be doing to be an optimal applicant for these schools so that I can get in. I'd like to be prepared so that I could apply to at least PsyD and MSW programs so that I have as many options at the end as possible. Are there any private grad schools I should be looking at that you recommend which are affordable for PsyD programs ? I've got my eye on a few including Alliant What do you guys know about the MSW programs at UCLA, CSULB, CSUF, CSULA or PhD programs in clinical psychology at UCLA, UCR, or maybe schools I have not mentioned ? What do you think you would pursue, the MSW or the PsyD, would you go for a PhD ? I know this one really is up to the individual and we are all different, but just want your opinions on the career outlook and just your thoughts in general about what you consider the best option. Thank you !
  23. I am considering offers of admission from both schools and am having some trouble narrowing it down. Does anyone have any additional insight on things to consider? Both schools are similar on paper in terms of match rates/EPPP pass rates. As I will be coming in with an MA, Spalding has 4+1 option (4 years classes + 1 year internship), and Wright State has a 3+1 option that is not recommended, so I will likely be looking at 4+1 regardless of which school I attend. Location is not really an issue for me. I simply want to do the best thing in terms of education... Similarly, both programs appear to be a good fit for me personally, and in terms of research interests/area of emphasis. Here's what I am considering with both schools: Spalding PsyD (2014-2015 outcome) EPPP pass rate: 64% (roughly) Students Who Obtained APA/CPA Accredited Internship: 86% Licensure Rate: 89% Profs seem to have a more genuine interest in success of their students Wright State PsyD (2014-2015 outcome) EPPP Pass Rate: 79% (roughly) Students Who Obtained APA/CPA Accredited Internship: 82.43% Licensure Rate: 86% Out of state tuition will be rough for the first year Wright State seems to produce consistently higher APA/CPA accred. internship rates over the years (69%-88% - typically in the high 80's/just below 90's range), while Spalding seems to bounce around from 67%-86% throughout the years. Wright State also seems a bit disorganized and has not been great about responding to questions throughout the application process, although I don't know if that should reflect on the program itself, necessarily. Students at both schools appeared satisfied (i.e., not burnt out) but I noticed students spoke more highly of Spalding, overall. Both programs have a price tag in the 90k-96k range, but Spalding offers significantly better funding. Does anyone have any personal experience/insight with these schools? Are there other things I should be considering?
  24. Fall 2017 Applications

    Hi All, I know its super early but I figured starting a discussion on the next Psychology PhD cycle during Fall 2016. I will start applying to the programs during late August 2016. I'm really nervous but I rather work hard to enhance my overall CV and application.- I am currently working on a lot of research and I have 2 poster conferences coming up within a month. I will be doing my Masters thesis during the Fall. I graduated with a overall 3.0 (undergrad) - last two semesters were 3.7. I have internship experience working as a case manager for abused women. I worked with kids with autism and adhd. I have research experience from undergrad where i was third author and i mainly did data collection/entry. This summer I will do more research and be a counselor for a trauma center. My areas of interest are adolescence psychopathology and crime, drugs, etc. I'd love to study forensic psychology though because I also would like to study domestic violence amongst across cultures. I'm applying to Fairleigh dickinson, LIU POST/Brooklyn (both), Adelphi, John Jay, Seton Hall, St. Johns, Rutgers, Yeshiva & Hofstra. Its a long list also I'm taking the GRE in 2 months, My goal is to get a 155Q 160V- 5A. Any other tips besides looking for fit? What are my overall chances
  25. Hi! I have recently been accepted into the PsyD Fall 2016 class at the University at Hartford! Anyone else who has been accepted here/is waitlisted here please comment! I'm looking to meet people who will be in my class!