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Found 91 results

  1. UAB Public Health

    Evening everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows more about the MPH/ Ph.D. program at UAB (the University of Alabama at Birmingham). How are their programs? I applied to UAB for a different grad program, but did my research and found that SOPH offers an MPH in Health Behavior and Ph.D. in Sociology. Any thoughts on the school?
  2. Hello! I was recently admitted to the CGU MPH program with a concentration of health promotion, education, and evaluation. I would love to chat to anybody else accepted to the program or those who are already attending the institution!
  3. Hello all! I have been accepted to UIC for the PhD in Community Health Services and likely will be attending. Has anyone else been accepting, thinking of attending, or is currently attending? I am going to visit this weekend and speak with people but thought I would start a strand to get to know people or see what their experiences here have been. Plus when we get down to it, things like what part of town are you going to live in, etc. My background, MS in Counseling Psychology, 5 years of vocational rehabilitation counseling and program coordination as well as three years of sexual assault advocacy. Area of interest and focus will be long-term health impacts of reporting sexual violence and how to create better training and prevention initiatives. Hope to hear from some people!
  4. Hello! Is there anyone willing to take a look at my personal statement? Preferably someone accepted in an MPH program.
  5. Hi, I just received my notification of admission to the Colorado School of Public Health. I applied because I like the location and their MPH program didn't require prior work experience. The school is a collaboration between UC Boulder, UC Denver, and University of Northern Colorado. I'm from Texas, and therefore don't have any idea of what the general perception of the school is. Is it seen as an advantage to have the resources of three separate schools available, or is it not as widely respected as a degree from one specific university (ex. MPH from the University of Texas)? I'm super excited to be admitted and look forward to potentially attending, but I don't want to get myself into a two year program if it's not a well-respected school. Let me know what you think about CSPH! Thanks, Maddie
  6. SOP - MPH

    If I post one of my SOP's here? Can I get some comments and feedback please? Writing is not my strong suit so any help would be incredible.
  7. I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health is a little more interesting in me (though I do appreciate aspects of Epi/Biostats). Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can offer some advice?
  8. Dear Friends , I need honest advice on pursuing MPH ( masters of public health) or PhD health policy or Masters in Health IT . My background : I have done my MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine Bachelors of Surgery) from China and then got a Masters of Healthcare Administration from Univ. of Houston (USA) and worked for 2 years as a Healthcare Business Analyst. Honestly I made some bad decisions in life by not pursuing USMLE and then by choosing a very bad school for my masters. Now I'm in process of emigrating to Canada and I am looking for an advice to have a stable future keeping in mind that i am getting married in few months ( im gonna be 30 in march ) Firstly , my goal is a pay scale above 80,000$ per year in a health related discipline for this I have these options : 1. MPH ( masters of public health) or 2. PhD health policy or 3. Masters in Health IT 4. Fellowship in Healthcare Administration ( Not sure if there are any such programs) Secondly , I don't want to repeat my mistakes so please advice which career path has a future . What are the universities I need to apply and what is the minimum GRE score ? Are there any major initiatives by the NHS ? I ask this because government policies have a major impact on healthcare and if there are Major initiatives then there is budget and with that comes job opportunities . Thank you Folks .
  9. I have both my bachelor's and master's in speech & hearing science (also known as communication sciences and disorders, or speech-language pathology). I plan on working for this field for a little while, but it is not sustainable for me. I realized I like this field in an academic sense but nothing more. I recently discovered public health and have been reading up on it a lot, and it sounds perfect! Especially epidemiology, biostatistics, and urban design. I regret not doing something that was more closely related to math and science, although my programs did require a lot of neuroscience and anatomy courses. Do you think it would reflect poorly on my application to already have an MA in an unrelated field? GRE: V 161, Q 159, W 4.5 (that's an old score - I would have to retake it). GPA 3.98 in undergrad and grad.
  10. SLU MPH- Be Wary

    Hi all. I was a frequent reader of MPH-related forums a few years ago and ended up choosing Saint Louis University for my MPH in a dual concentration. I am now a second-year and would not recommend this school to anyone seeking their MPH. I will preface this by saying I am one of the more involved students and am doing quite well in my classes- I don't have some unique grudge against the school that separates me from the typical student. Here are the reasons I strongly urge you against matriculating to SLU, in no particular order: SLU has significant funding problems. This has led to major confusion over who is in charge of basic things such as advising, internships, and graduating. One of my instructors was even laid off midway through the semester. Because of the funding problems and other issues, faculty have been leaving the university in mass quantities. I had an epidemiology professor quit two months into the semester and another quit two weeks before classes start. Additionally, classes are constantly being canceled. My transcript looks nothing like the intended curriculum plan because I had to substitute multiple electives for required classes that were canceled due to low enrollment. There is little transparency given to prospective students. For example, this year the Environmental & Occupational concentration was removed. Despite that this has (unofficially) been SLU's plan for over a year, the College still admitted new students to the EOH program who now have to take all of their EOH classes right now before the department is gone at the end of the year. Online classes are outdated and rarely updated. I just finished a lecture for one class that was recorded in 2012 and referenced 2015 as being 'relatively soon' and heavily cited the Global Burden of Disease report from 2004. The Global Health program offers no funding and little assistance for finding internships, but you are required to do one abroad. Graduate assistants saw their tuition waivers reduced by thousands of dollars this year, and were given no warning that they would have to pay that extra out of pocket. Though the school is currently ranked #23 in the nation, I am confident that this will decrease in the future. If you have any questions please let me know.
  11. Low GRE Scores for MPH

    My GRE scores are pretty low, and in my SOPHAS app and personal statement, I didn't explain or mention why I have low scores. The reason for that is because there isn't a specific reason why I did terrible. I studied for months and was getting okay scores on the practice tests but when I really went in for the real deal, I did really bad, and I retook the GRE and did even worse. The only reason I can think of is that I'm a bad standardized test-taker. I did really bad on the SATs as well but still got accepted into UCLA and did fairly well. My question is should I email the admissions addressing my low GRE scores (145 V, 148 Q)? I'm seriously considering directly emailing the admissions that despite my low test scores, I have the capability to succeed in graduate courses, and then I planned on giving them examples of grad school level classes that I took and was successful in my undergrad. I was also going to mention how the SATs didn't indicate my ability to succeed in undergrad, and highlight my upward GPA trend. At the same time, I don't want to come across as desperate or trying to make excuses for my poor performance on the GRE.
  12. Dear Grad Cafe, I'm a career changer and interested in research in the area of diseases, specifically viruses, bacteriology and epidemiology. I was wondering if an MSN or an MPH would be appropriate. I'm interested in working with the CDC. The Epidemic Intelligence Service requires a Medical degree, so I guess MSN would be the better route fpr tht. However, I wondered if anyone could advise me. I have been given admission to JHUSON for the MSN and have been given admission by GWU for their MPH program. Advice, guidance, suggestions welcomed please.
  13. Resume for MPH application

    Is there any specific way my resume should look when applying to a graduate program? Is there a template anyone can share? Does it have to be super professional? Can it be modern? Can it have a little color or a little personality? I'm applying to the MPH at UCLA and other several schools. Please let me know what ya'll think or how you all did your resume when you were applying to grad school. Just wanted some feedback before I start making changes to my resume. Thank you in advance.
  14. I got a 315 (159V + 156Q), I don't have my AWA score yet, but I expect it to be really high 5.5+ like in practice, which is the average or median scores of the current students for the schools I'm applying to for a Master's of Public Health or Public Policy, that is, Harvard, Columbia, and John Hopkins. It's not the score I wanted, but after taking the real GRE for the first time I can't imagine doing much better than +- 1-3 points. I was, and still am terrible in quant, and my score of 156 on GRE Quant was the highest I've ever received outside of a practice exam, meanwhile my GRE verbal was slightly lower than my practice GRE verbal of 160-162. I studied both the Kaplan Premier and Math Course books, took 3 or 4 practice exams, and a Kaplan GRE course about a year before I took the real thing. My real score is around the average of my practice exams. Should I retake on score alone? Especially since I probably won't be able to test into a scholarship? Holistically I'm a well-rounded student, a GPA of 3.5 in Natural Sciences( Pre-Med degree) & Africana Studies with minors in Global Health (Graduate Epi and Public Health intro courses) and Chemistry. I have four years of Public Health Research and professional experience, with paid work at the CDC, at a local health department, a National Human Rights Organization, a children's hospital and on a USAID project and volunteering experience as the Head Bio UTA for my school, Diversity committee chair for my school, a tutor to refugees locally, and Americorps for a year. Lastly, I got a partial fulbright to go do research in Tanzania, apart of two honors organization, and I am a FLASF receipient. Lastly, I have demonstrated skills in Qualitative Analysis, and Kiswahili language, and I'm currently learningfrench. Does the rest of my application round out my GRE scores?
  15. Greetings *waves* I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself, and maybe get some feedback about my graduate school pursuits. I am currently enrolled in a public health certificate program, completing the core competencies and would like to transfer these credits into an MPH program. My main concern is the employment outlook, both for supporting myself through grad school, and after completing the degree. So before pursuing public health, I got a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Biology. I was always interested in neuroscience but iffy about the kind of career it would entail (i.e. getting a PhD and taking more biology and chemistry classes when I didn't like half the ones I'd already taken; and biology courses keeping by GPA down). I am from NYC (Queens) and the job market is supersaturated and ultra-competitive. Maybe that goes without saying, but being in the eye of the storm I don't know what it looks like from the outside so maybe that isn't common knowledge. Dramatic relocation is on my agenda. It's been fairly evident that my economic worth here is virtually 0. Bit of a catch-22: I was raised here and want to get out, but need the financial means to do so, which seem to lie elsewhere... After graduating, I looked for research assistant jobs (or something similar in the realm of health/medicine) for upwards of a year. Since graduating the only actual job (as in $$) I've had was at the end of 2015, when I worked on two research projects on a temp assignment. Since spring of 2014, I've interned as an online consultant for a company that specializes in health IT. At the advice of others last summer to find something that will give me credentials beyond a Bachelors, in fitting that to my own career goals I decided an MPH might be a good option. I've always been curious about bioinformatics and enjoyed my stats classes (and I'm not math-phobic). Leaning biostats or epidemiology, and also something mental health-related would be cool. I should mention I have other internships now as well that are more public health-relevant, but still leave me part-time availability (in the event I ever find employment before starting an MPH program..) I will be completing the certificate program this spring, basically it's all the core/general competency coursework for an MPH (part-time@15 credits). For fall of next year, I'm looking at the Colorado School of Public Health. It is my first choice given that I fell in love with Colorado when I went there before, and the job market both in general and for PH, health, and biotech fields in particular seem promising. Supposedly it is not at all saturated either (or so I just read on another forum, though I think that was said 2-3 years ago). Other programs I'm considering are Rutgers, Drexel, SUNY Buffalo, U. Pittsburgh, and U. Michigan. Don't know if that's too many schools to apply to (I know for PhD programs, that's not a large number of prospects). My primary concern aside from getting into CSPH is being able to find work there to support myself. I know housing is getting pricey there, probably not on par with NYC but still. Is it reasonable to expect I will be able to find work more easily there compared to where I am now? Or am I completely screwed if I don't find anything before next fall? As far as academic stats: Undergrad GPA 3.27 (higher in later semesters, mostly Biology classes kept it down as I got a few C's) Grad courses completed so far: 2 A's; Enrolled this semester: biostats and epidemiology core Undergrad mathy/sciencey courses: 1 year of calculus, 1 year of statistics within the psychology dept, 1 semester being upper division, 1 year of chemistry (yes, my school required this amt of "hard science" for a Psych BS), and the biology minor. i.e. minimum requirements met for many MPH-biostats programs. If I have to go back and take linear alegbra, retake calculus so it's more recent, or whatever else before actually starting the Master's, at this point I don't think it's worth it. I mean I do have to eat and pay rent.. 2 professional conference presentations and 3 publication co-authorships w/ the company mentioned above GRE: N/A, will be taking in a few months most likely
  16. Hi All!Just wanted to get your two cents on MPH admissions. I'm extremely nervous to apply because I feel as if my numbers are quite weak. I've heard the application process for an MPH is holistic, but I'd like to hear your experiences for those of you have applied. I plan to apply to Environmental Health Sciences programs (specifically IH) and my top choice is UCLA, CUNY, and perhaps U Michigan.Here are my stats:Major/minor: Biology/chemistry with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution from an R1 institution; graduated 2014GPA: a sad, sad, sad 2.989GRE: I take them next week, but according to my practice scores it's ~45th percentile Quant/~65-68th percentile Verbal-I have extensive research. I researched 2.5 years during my undergrad in a behavioral ecology lab which resulted in 2 publications and a poster presentation at my university's honors college. During the two different summers in my undergrad, I did research internships in Costa Rica (via Duke University) and at my university's off campus ecology lab. Both of which I received scholarships for. Currently, I work in a pediatric cancer lab and also have extensive experience in handling large research animals (from mice to monkeys).-I was also a teaching assistant during my undergrad. One semester of ecology and one semester of vertebrae morphology-Whenever I can, I volunteer at Planned Parenthood and the Women's Center. Additionally, I am a member of my local AIHA chapter, whose president kindly offered to be my mentor.LORs from: My current PI, my PI from undergrad, my industrial hygiene mentor, and my advisorPersonal statement is in the works! I will be visiting UCLA's campus to speak with professors and financial aid about the program/research. I'm hoping meeting with some faculty might also help me out. Won't be counting on it too much, but you never know! Any advice is helpful, thank you!
  17. PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Hi, Thought I'd start this topic for 2018 fall applicants specifically for Public Health. I realise there is a general one for all applicants, but thought it might be useful to have one for just a Public Health field (in the most broad sense). I apologise if this post is redundant. I just wanted comments on whether my choice of universities were too strong. Although these were the only programmes which matched my interests. Feel free to comment/share your experience so far. Undergrad Institution: Imperial College London, UK (Top for science in UK)Major(s): Biomedical SciencesMinor(s): n/aGPA in Major: no GPA system in UK (Upper 2nd class)Overall GPA: n/aPosition in Class: Type of Student: International female Postgrad: MSc in Public Health (GPA 3.88) at London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 160 (76%)V: 167 (98%)W: 4.5 (82%)B:TOEFL Total: n/aResearch Experience: 2 years in health services researchAwards/Honors/Recognitions:Pertinent Activities or Jobs: some teaching assistanceAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points:Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where:Harvard, John Hopkins, UNC, UCLA, UCSF, Northwestern, Brown, Ohio State, Iowa, Standford
  18. I'm applying for doctoral programs in Public Health. I have always been good at nurturing relationships with professors and have several options for letters of recommendation, but I need feedback on who might make the most compelling recommendation. About me: older student but recently graduated with a BS in Public Health and Human Rights from a HUGE public school with a 4.0 GPA. I've been conducting research in East Africa through several prestigious scholarships. In a few months, I'll be starting a Fulbright in Kenya to continue the same research on refugee health. I'm applying to top-tier schools for my PhD, but my background is very humble/non-academic (and I certainly have huge case of imposter syndrome). My options for recommenders are: - my academic mentor whom has worked with me for several years and I've taken a graduate course from him as well completed independent research for publication under his mentorship. He is well regarded in the field and publishes work continuously. (Obviously, he will be a recommender for sure) Choosing between the others is a little more of a challenge. my community health professor from community college (who is now the chair of the department). She has always written amazing letters for past scholarships, and she knows me and my work well. However, the fact that she is at a community college may be a negative? the lead instructor from a class last semester directly related to my field of study. Although he isn't a Professor, he was a guest instructor from a HUGE international humanitarian organization (think one of the top 3), where he is the director of the health project. I got an A+ in the class however I feel he may not "know" me like other people would.. and we are both gay, if that helps. His name is recognizable to people working in public health. my advisor during my study-abroad in Uganda. She is very familiar with my work and current research. It might be nice to have a perspective like hers on my application, however she did flake on me last time I asked her. If I asked her again, I'd be sure to get it early enough that shouldn't be a problem. I need three recommendations. I feel like overall I'm a good candidate so I hope I have an application that is impressive enough I can go anywhere I want. I would appreciate any feedback on who I should ask for these letters (or any feedback in general if appropriate). Thank you!
  19. I'm entering my second year of my MPH at a top 5 program and I’m planning to apply for PhD admission for fall 2018. My biggest worry is that my lack of research experience is going to be a glaring problem with my application. If there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t mind looking at my stats and weighing in on whether or not I have any shot at all, it’d be much appreciated! Ideally, I’d like to aim for a top 20 school and have chosen several that closely match my research interests (health communications and substance misuse) UGPA (Honours): 3.00 Post-bacc GPA (at a top 5 school): 4.00 MPH GPA (at a top 5 school): 3.84 GRE: 165 V / 155 Q / 5 AW (I'm taking this again in September in order to raise my quant score) Experience: I’ve done several internships in the areas of health communications and community health. I also spent a year working with drug users as a harm reduction worker. Starting in September, I’ll be TAing for 3 classes in the area of public health interventions and communications. Research: I completed an UG research thesis, which involved independent qualitative research and I completed a short research internship at a pharma company. I’m also starting a year long GRA position - directly related to my own research interests - in September, which will involve a lot of independent work. Do I have any shot at being accepted? Or is it worth waiting until next year and finding a full time research job after I graduate from my MPH program next May? Thanks in advance for any help!
  20. How does NYU's Master of Public Health program compare to that of BU's? Also, is New York a better city to study public health or Boston?
  21. What do people think about NYU's Master of Public Health Program?
  22. How is student life at the Boston University School of Public Health? Do people feel that they are constantly stressed? How is the workload? Do people feel that they have free time to pursue extracurricular activities?
  23. NYU MPH vs. BU MPH

    I got into NYU and BU's MPH programs, but I'm having a hard time deciding which school to go to. I'm thinking of pursuing community health, though I may want to switch concentrations once I take the core classes. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!
  24. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to create this topic for those who are applying to DrPH programs to begin in the Fall of 2018! I'm beginning to look at programs and browsing through this board, so it would be great to hear from others who are doing the same. We can share our thoughts/updates/support here throughout this application cycle that we are about to begin soon!
  25. Boston University MPH 2017

    I was admitted to the Boston University Master of Public Health program! Just out of curiosity, are any of you still uncertain about the concentration you've chosen? Do you think you might change your concentration after completing some course work? I'm just wondering if anybody else is in the same situation as I am. Should I be pursuing a Master of Public Health degree if I'm not entirely sure where I want to be in public health? Would it be an issue to enter the program and then explore where I want to be in the program? Is it a common occurrence, or do people usually know what they're doing 100% when they enter the Master of Public Health program?