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Found 113 results

  1. jenniferkp

    MPH Canada 2018

    Hello Friends, As this academic year is coming to a close, and MPH applications will be opening in just 6ish (months depending on where you're applying to of course!), I thought a thread for us to discuss, share our thoughts, feelings, fears, and the trials and tribulations of MPH applications would be helpful. I also find it helpful to know who's applying where I'm excited to start this journey and I'm hoping we all see acceptance letters/emails in under a year! Schools/programs I plan to apply to: UBC MPH UBC MSc in PPH (still need to start looking for a supervisor, how soon is too soon?) SFU MPH
  2. I recently completed my MA in psychology and am finalizing my application list for the Fall, 2019 semester. The research that I've done in my MA, and which I'd like to expand upon at the doctorate level, focuses largely on reproductive health, and doesn't fit squarely into the focus of most psychology programs. I've found the faculty interests of those at public health programs to be more resonant with my research interests, but given my background, I'm not sure if I'm a competitive enough candidate for public health-oriented PhD programs. I have solid research experience, six conference presentations during my master's (ranging from psych conferences to conferences focused on behavioral medicine), received full funding to present a paper at an international conference focused on reproductive health, will have two papers submitted and two papers in prep by the time applications are due. 3.97 GPA, a range of teaching and programmatic experiences at my former university (all in psych, though), volunteer experience in a healthcare/clinical setting, and am anticipating great letters of recommendation. I applied to a small handful of clinical psych programs last year, and had interviews and an offer that I turned down (once I realized that my interests were guiding me more toward research), so I'm fairly confident in the merits of my application. So that's all well and good, but the research I've done in my former lab, which all falls under the umbrella of "gender and health" has been exclusively qualitative, and the journals I'm submitting papers to are either feminist psych or health psych oriented. I have a basic (quite basic) understanding of statistics (and did receive an A in the only stats class I took at a graduate level), am basically proficient in SPSS, but not in any software more useful than that. As much as I would like to think of the work I've done thus far as public health oriented, in essence, I think, what my expertise really is in is: feminist, qualitative psychological perspectives on topics relevant to public health concerns. A mouthful! Health psych programs seem like a good solution, but I haven't found many with faculty who focus on reproductive health. An MpH would also be a great solution, but I need to be funded. As such, I've been looking at Behavioral Health Sciences and Social & Behavioral Sciences programs, all of which sound ideal, but require either an MpH or something comparable. I'm just not sure if my MA is comparable enough? I'll also note that I'm currently interviewing for public health-oriented research positions, so I may be able to speak to that on my applications (though obviously will not have held a position for long). Any insights or advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. DAM

    2019 MPH CANADA

    Hello, As Public Health applications will be opening soon (depending on when you're applying to of course) and being the thread for last year was already released months before this, I jumped the gun and thought a thread for us to discuss, share our thoughts, feelings, fears, and the trials and tribulations of Public Health applications would be helpful. I also find it helpful to know who's applying where I'm excited to start this journey and I'm hoping we all see acceptance letters/emails in under a year! Schools/programs I plan to apply to: UBC MPH UBC MSc in PPH (already have my eye on a supervisor though) SFU MPH U of Manitoba MScPH
  4. jjj02027

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Hi, Thought I'd start this topic for 2018 fall applicants specifically for Public Health. I realise there is a general one for all applicants, but thought it might be useful to have one for just a Public Health field (in the most broad sense). I apologise if this post is redundant. I just wanted comments on whether my choice of universities were too strong. Although these were the only programmes which matched my interests. Feel free to comment/share your experience so far. Undergrad Institution: Imperial College London, UK (Top for science in UK)Major(s): Biomedical SciencesMinor(s): n/aGPA in Major: no GPA system in UK (Upper 2nd class)Overall GPA: n/aPosition in Class: Type of Student: International female Postgrad: MSc in Public Health (GPA 3.88) at London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 160 (76%)V: 167 (98%)W: 4.5 (82%)B:TOEFL Total: n/aResearch Experience: 2 years in health services researchAwards/Honors/Recognitions:Pertinent Activities or Jobs: some teaching assistanceAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points:Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where:Harvard, John Hopkins, UNC, UCLA, UCSF, Northwestern, Brown, Ohio State, Iowa, Standford
  5. Hello all! I am getting ready to start getting stuff together for this upcoming app cycle and could use some advice. I am going to apply to programs in anthropology and public health this winter for fall 2019 matriculation (dual programs and schools that just offer both degrees separately). I was thinking of applying only to master’s programs because I don’t know if I’ll get in to any PhD programs right off the bat, but my undergrad research advisor thinks I should apply straight to PhD programs. I really do want to get my PhD and it would be nice not to have to spend more money than I need to, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get in without publications and a specific research topic. I know what I want to study and do research on (medical anth, epidemiology, infectious diseases, epidemics and outbreaks, sexual health, disease mapping, water-borne diseases), but I don’t have a super specific question/dissertation topic decided yet. Some background: I graduated May 2017 with BA Anthropology, biomedical science and public health-related minors, 3.5 GPA. 158V 157Q 4.0 GRE (I could definitely improve this if needed. I’d rather not have to spend the money but I can make it work). I am a current AmeriCorps VISTA and spent 6 months as a Peace Corps Volunteer as well (yay medical separation)—both positions in the public health field—and have tons of other public health education experience. I was a research assistant for my anth programs for 2.5-3 years on projects related to health demography/historical epi, maternal and child health, osteology and paleopathology; was a TA for 5ish classes; did clinical lab health research on parasites. I have 2 strong letters of rec lined up (anth professor/research advisor/mentor and a biomedical science professor/mentor) but am still deciding on who the third should be. No publications (yet—maybe this year) but a dozen posters and paper presentations under my belt. For reference, these are the schools I’m potentially applying to: University of Washington, University of South Florida, University of Iowa, University of Hawai’i, University of Kentucky, Emory University, University of Florida, University of Connecticut [and possibly Mississippi State University, University of South Carolina, Oregon State University, especially if I only go for a masters] My advisor thinks I’ll get in to PhD programs but, honestly, he’s been out of grad school for a while and may be a little biased when it comes to his students. I know that the schools and professors themselves would be the best gauge of whether I’ll get accepted or not but I just wanted to see what fellow [hopeful, future, current] grad students thought! Any tips, concerns, reality-checks are greatly welcome! Thank you!!!
  6. I have selected Waterloo to pursue my MPH, but this forum is open to anyone who is starting in Waterloo in the Fall 2018! Feel free to join, chat, and ask questions in this forum!
  7. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to create this topic for those who are applying to DrPH programs to begin in the Fall of 2018! I'm beginning to look at programs and browsing through this board, so it would be great to hear from others who are doing the same. We can share our thoughts/updates/support here throughout this application cycle that we are about to begin soon!
  8. Hey guys! I have to decide by Monday which school I will attend. I know that both programs are great options, I would like to go to the school where in the end my degree is more accredited and I have better job opportunities! If anyone has some insight into either program please let me know
  9. MPhipps

    Portland State University

    I am still waiting to hear back from Portland State University for the fall of 2018. I applied for Health Management and Policy. I have waited roughly a month or so, I sent an email and I received an email stating I would hear by April 15th. Well, UMASS Amherst told me I have until April 15th to accept or decline their acceptance. Portland is my top school, the waiting is making me extremely tired.When should I send another email?Or should I just wait it out? Has anyone heard back from Portland? Has anyone been accepted into UMASS for their MPH?
  10. https://www.alisoncebulla.com/2018/04/applying-graduate-school-play-play/ I wrote this exhaustively detailed blog about every step of my grad school process from dreaming up the idea to executing exams and apps. I include timelines, advice, things that worked and things I would do differently. I applied to Boston University, University of Washington, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Berkeley schools of public health. My blog outlines the GRE scores I got, which programs I was accepted to and which ones I wasn't. It also includes the various worries and fears I had every step of the way. Hope this helps! Happy to answer other questions not answered in my blog.
  11. I am trying to decide between two MS Biostatistics programs and am wondering if anyone can offer insight. 1. Boston University MS Applied Biostatistics. This is a 12 month (full time) program is in a School of Public Health, but incorporates a research component (500 hours total). 2. Northwestern University MS Biostatistics. This is also a 12 month (full time) program in the School of Medicine. My goal is to work as a data analyst in a hospital or university, with specific interests in clinical epidemiology. Although I’m still open to pursuing a PhD (most likely in Epidemiology), I also want a robust quantitative background that would allow me to work after the Masters. Both are similar in that they are more applied biostatistics programs that are flexible if I choose to later on work full or part time during the program. I feel as though Northwestern has a better name/prestige but BU’s main draw is the location in Boston which has so much opportunity in the biomedical sector. However I’m worried that even if I were to choose BU that I would be overshadowed by those with more prestigious degrees or schools in the Boston area. If you have any advice, please help me in my decision. Edit: In terms of program “fit”, I’m attracted to BU because I’ll be closer to my long-term partner who was also accepted to another school in Boston. In terms of research interests, Northwestern has an edge (and less competition for opportunities due to the smaller program).
  12. Hi, I am new to grad cafe as I just found it and am so glad I did! Sorry if i am asking an obvious question but I've been accepted to two programs whose deadlines are in a few days. I am waiting to hear back from 3 more schools, one of them being my top choice. Also, two of the programs stated applicants won't hear back until late April or May. What is normal grad school etiquette...? Is it okay to accept one of these schools as a backup and then decline later?
  13. strawberry10

    Americorps before MPH?

    I am looking into doing Americorps before pursuing an MPH in behavioral/social health. Does anybody have any advice on which program to apply for? VISTA, HealthCorps, Global Health Corps, NCCC Fema Corps, etc....? I am leaning towards HealthCorps but I am afraid it will be too difficult to get into because I don't have much health experience outside of volunteering & research.
  14. Climate_Health

    MPH: UCSD vs. NYU

    Hello, I have been accepted into both UCSD's and NYU's Master of Public Health programs, and I have to make a decision by April 15th. These are both new programs (I believe NYU's MPH is in its fourth year and this fall will be the first year for UCSD's MPH), and I'm having difficulties deciding between the two. I'm interested in epidemiological methods, environmental health, and especially climate change impacts on health. I also plan on pursuing a PhD after this MPH, and I am quite interested in UCSD's JDP PhD. Does anyone have any suggestions or have any useful information on either of these programs that could help me out? Thanks in advance--I appreciate it!
  15. Hello, I have been accepted into both UCSD's and NYU's Master of Public Health programs, and I have to make a decision by April 15th. These are both new programs (I believe NYU's MPH is in its fourth year and this fall will be the first year for UCSD's MPH), and I'm having difficulties deciding between the two. I'm interested in epidemiological methods, environmental health, and especially climate change impacts on health. Does anyone have any suggestions or have any useful information on either of these programs that could help me out? Thanks in advance--I appreciate it!
  16. Hi all! My anxiety about applying to PhD programs next year is creeping in as my friends are now receiving decisions from this cycle. I want to research the the effects of racism and other forms of discrimination on health and evaluate policies to eliminate systemic discrimination as a means to better health. My biggest worry for admissions is that I don't have a Master's. I don't want to pay for an MPH when I already have pretty substantial research experience and did a public health undergrad major. I'm wondering if you could take a look at my credentials and let me know your thoughts on whether not having the Master's degree will hurt me in admissions? Undergrad: top 30 US News private university, GPA was 3.8-something, magna cum laude, did double major + minor all directly related to my intended PhD studies Research experience: 4+ years editing/drafting papers for a professor and doing some analyses, 2 years in a psychology lab, did an honors thesis (collected my own data, passed IRB etc.), 2 years working for top public health researcher post-undergrad. My LORs will all be from profs I have done research with and will be stellar. GRE: On ETS practice exam I got 170V, 154Q (I'm working to break 160 on quant in the real test) Additional: I'm expecting to have 2 empirical papers under review by the time I submit my applications, and I will have a couple of non-peer reviewed public health publications. I received a couple of rewards and research grants in undergrad, but nothing too impressive (no Fulbright or anything like that) So... what do you think? It is a waste of time to apply to PhDs without the master's or do I have a shot? THANK YOU!!!
  17. I've been accepted to a great Epidemiology PhD program with full funding (program A), and would be 100% happy to go there. However, I am currently waitlisted at a place (program B ) that is a much much better fit for what I want to do, and I would rather go there if I get off the waitlist. My getting off the waitlist is contingent on my POI getting some grants, and not on someone responding to an offer, so there is no clear timeline for when I should expect to hear back. If I don't hear back by April 15th, I definitely want to accept the offer from program A, and program B knows that I would like to hear back on my final status by April 15. My question is: what if funding goes through from Program B after April 15th, when I've already accepted Program A's offer? I COMPLETELY understand that is not an ideal case and disrespectful to Program A, but I really really think Program B will help me in my career and is a better fit for my research interest, and I will just be happier there for the next 4 years. What would you guys recommend in case this happens? Stressing out about this way too much. Thanks for the responses!
  18. PublicHealth18

    My GRE score expires this July

    I am going to be applying for my PhD this upcoming fall (for acceptance in Fall 2019). The issue is, I took my GRE 5 years ago at this point and according to the ETS website, my score is "good" up until July 2018. Will I still be able to submit my score? When does the application period open for PhD programs? Alternatively, I could just retake them. But it's been so long I think I've pretty much forgotten everything. Yikes.
  19. jasmin70

    Recent Admits to SDSU- MPH

    Hello! I was recently admitted to the SDSU MPH program. Are there any admits out there? I would love to chat with anybody else who was accepted into the program or those who are already attending the institution! Feel free to pm me, would love to hear from you!
  20. I have both my bachelor's and master's in speech & hearing science (also known as communication sciences and disorders, or speech-language pathology). I plan on working for this field for a little while, but it is not sustainable for me. I realized I like this field in an academic sense but nothing more. I recently discovered public health and have been reading up on it a lot, and it sounds perfect! Especially epidemiology, biostatistics, and urban design. I regret not doing something that was more closely related to math and science, although my programs did require a lot of neuroscience and anatomy courses. Do you think it would reflect poorly on my application to already have an MA in an unrelated field? GRE: V 161, Q 159, W 4.5 (that's an old score - I would have to retake it). GPA 3.98 in undergrad and grad.
  21. Title says most of it, just trying to gather input on deciding between either the CMU MSPPM or MSHCPM (master of science in public policy or health care policy) programs, (I applied to both), got 50% scholarship there, or the MPH program (health policy track) at George Washington. I want to go into health policy, potentially promotion, and just have no idea if the cost of going to GW is worth the networking opportunities offered there or if the skills gained at CMU will put me in a better place.
  22. Hello, I applied to the MPH program with a concentration of Health Promotion at George Washington University (GWU). I haven't heard back from them and the wait is giving me so much anxiety! Has someone already heard back from GWU? If so, how long did it take for them to review your app and send you a decision via email from the time your application was seen as "complete."
  23. rosiereal

    Post Bachelor Fellow at IHME

    Hello! Does anyone know much about the PBF at University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation? I've heard both that it is great work experience and gets you place, but also that it is a miserable place to work. Anyone have something to add? Also would love to PM if possible.
  24. Has anyone received offers from Canadian MSc programs in Biostatistics?
  25. I submitted my application back at the early deadline and it was confirmed that all of my supporting materials and fees had come in a couple of weeks later, but I still haven’t heard anything? I applied to the gerontology concentration and they told me it’d only be about 2 to 3 weeks to hear back about a decision, but my admissions status is still listed as pending. I’ve tried to get in contact with someone to no avail lol. So it’d be nice to hear about how long you had to wait! Also, if you have estimates for how long it took to hear back from Georgia State, that’s good too!

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