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Found 79 results

  1. This is my first time posting so here it goes: I'm hoping to apply to graduate school next cycle (2018, entering fall 2019) and I've started the process of looking at graduate schools for public policy. This will be my second year of working since undergraduate, and I think after three years of solid work, I'll be ready to take the next step. My GPA in undergrad over all was a 3.64 and I graduated with distinction. My degree was an Interdisciplinary program involving Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Some of my coursework involved calculus, statistics, research methods, and advanced microeconomics. I have not taken the GRE yet, but I intend to in the spring or summer of 2018. I worked for a disability protection and advocacy group my entire senior year of college, and now I currently work for a non-profit research group focusing on public health issues. I know that healthcare policy is my area of interest, with particular focus in areas such as Medicaid, rural health systems/access, and mental health treatment. I do have other tangential interests, such as juvenile justice and opioid addiction, but they are not my primary areas of focus at work. When I've evaluated schools, I have looked at general requirements, the type of jobs that graduates get, and the centers offered by the program. Additionally I look at the price and funding opportunities, along with the location. I'll be honest, I've moved around in my life, so the idea of finding a school and staying in that state (or at least in the region) is very appealing to me. Being a native of the Midwest and then attending school in the South, I have a certain proclivity to those areas, though I currently live in DC (I wouldn't want to attend school here though). Some schools that have caught my eye are the following: 1. University of Minnesota (Humphrey) 2. University of Wisconsin (LaFollette) 3. Duke (Sanford) 4. Carnegie Mellon (Heinz) 5. Georgia State University 6. Georgia Tech University I'm open to other suggestions and thoughts about the schools above, but I am most interested in what else I should think about when evaluating a program and what type of questions I should be asking. Any advice would be appreciated, since I know all of you are quite thoughtful! If you need me to clarify anything, please let me know.
  2. I appreciate if someone can answer this question!!! Please share! this is of common interest!
  3. Hi all! I am applying this fall to a couple of MPP/MPA programs in the USA: Harris, UCLA, Columbia, Ford UMich, LBJ UTexas, but I am a little bit concerned on my GRE performance as I am moving between fields and I have no prior quantitative preparation. I am taking the test in two weeks but I believe my scores will be something like V:150 - Q:140-145 I would like to know if someone has been accepted to a competitive school with low GRE scores? If yes, please share your scores as well as your schools! I appreciate your comments, best regards!
  4. Hi there! I'm looking at UChicago's public policy programs and I'm confused about the distinction between two of their options. They offer the MPP through the Harris school with a Global Conflict policy area or an MAIR through the Committee on International Relations with the option of applying for a dual MAPP degree through Harris. I'm interested in international policy and have been primarily looking at MPP programs before entering the workforce (likely in either the non-profit or public sector). My initial concerns with the two programs (and why I'm asking for a differentiation) is that the MPP won't focus on international policy enough to be worth it whereas the MA/MA dual degree is more geared towards individuals seeking a PhD program in the future (which I am not). If anyone has some insight into either or both programs from a student or applicant's perspective, that would be appreciated!
  5. Hi guys, I'm from Pakistan and am interested in pursuing a graduate policy degree abroad. Can you guys share a list of universities which are known to either give significant amount of scholarship/aid or have inexpensive base tuition rates, specifically for international students? Include universities from all over the world, but please do mention universities in the US as well. Also, is HKS known for giving aid/scholarship for its MPP program? And if so, how much? Thanks!
  6. MPA/MPP vs MSc Econ

    Hey guys, I cannot seem to decide which Masters would be best suited to me. About me :- An Economics Graduate of LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences), Lahore, Pakistan. GPA :- 3.2 Work Experience :- 11 Months so far Job :- External Consultant to University of Oxford. Past Experience :- Finance Intern at Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Head office and Analyst at Federal Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform (Worked directly under the Federal Minister of Planning and Development) - placed via USAID. Currently working on an IPA (Innovations for poverty actions) funded joint project of University of Oxford and LUMS. The supervisor being Simon Quinn and Meki, Associate Professor at Oxford and PhD candidate at Oxford respectively. It is an RCT designed to test the new financial product. Interests :- *Primarily Interested in International Economics, Business, Geopolitics, Mega-Infrastructure Projects and to some extent Philosophy.*I *Ideal career as envisioned :- In 10 years, the ideal version of me should be travelling around the globe advising the Governments of China, Kenya and Ukraine to set up Special Economic Zones in Urumqi, build a railway network to increase Intra-regional connectivity, set up a trade policy and formulate or lead development of industrial estates in Eastern Ukraine to neutralize the secessionist movements. *At the same time, I would want to work on projects such as formulating a comprehensive strategy for AirAsia’s Expansion into the Brazilian Market, Design the route of Shell’s oil and gas pipeline in Kazakhstan from its oil/gas fields to the port of Aktau on the Caspian. *Despite the average GPA (mainly due to mathematics courses, I have always topped every group project and did most of the work/took initiative) *Marketing Models – Most of the work was done by me and ! Got the highest in project (Demand Forecasting using Marketing Engineering for Excel), same goes with Principles of Finance (Indus Motor’s expansion), Intermediate Finance ( Pakistan Shipping Corp Valuation), Options, Swaps and Derivatives (Designing of Shorting Strategies for Unilever and Air Canada) and more recently, was applauded for the best project ever by the instructor in ACF (Advanced Corporate Finance) - The merger of BG and Shell’s valuation using SPSS/Advanced Excel and STATA. The issue that I am facing is I can't seem to decide which Masters Degree will end up opening the aforementioned options for me. I have considered Fletcher's MIB but it is more inclined towards Management or Corporate Firms and Social Development rather than my interests. Have looked at SIPA/SAIS/WWS as well as but I am really not sure. Not getting the feeling that THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME ! Any insight would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Which department to focus on?

    I really did just begin the process of thinking about and researching doctorate programs, so please be gentle when correcting any glaring examples of complete ignorance (although please do correct me). I am an art conservator with a professional background in historical materials (I currently work at a history museum and also work in the conservation of library and archival materials) and an academic background in art history. I am interested in studying the idea of preservation of art and historical materials as a "Public Trust," as written in so many museum and library mission statements but rarely reflected in local or larger public policy. I am particularly interested in how this self-imposed mission influences both the way in which artwork and historical artifacts are preserved and how the public and government access and interact with those materials. I have been researching various programs under various departments and feel as though my interest and research could fall under so many different umbrellas. History? Art history/ visual studies? Public policy? Sociology? I would really appreciate it if I could get a few opinions to help focus my search for possible avenues. I am not so much looking for advice on specific programs or schools- just more generally some opinions on where my research interests may best fall. Thank you in advance for you help!
  8. Hello, I'm interested in the one year Master of Science in Public Policy program at NYU's Wagner School. It seems like a pretty unique program to me, and I'm having trouble finding any information about acceptance rates or thoughts on past applicants. etc. Does anyone have any thoughts about this program or is anyone else applying/does anyone know any admissions statistics? Thank you! - M
  9. title. anyone have any experience or advice on what to talk about that is out of the ordinary? I have a general gist of what I am going to talk about it. But thought it would be worth the ask.
  10. Going to grad school for environmental policy, especially energy/climate/transportation policy. Which one?? Each has diff strengths. Have visited all 3 and asked plenty of questions. Haven't spoken with Bren alums yet though -- anyone here a Bren alum? I'd love to pick your brain before admission offers all expire on Sat Apr 15. Duke Nicholas: policy school classes, energy initiative, big alum network, generally big and lots of resources (maybe research?) George Washington U Trachtenberg: environmental resource policy program, location in dc lots of govt and ngo opportunities while going to school in evening, older students with more professional connections UCSB Bren: well-organized group projects in 2nd yr, strong career center, opportunities to TA for free tuition, maybe could get involved with research Cost isn't really different across the 3 programs. (Depending on earnings at GWU or TA-ships at UCSB.). Screenshot of my cost comparison attached. See bolded rows for the 3 above schools. Thanks very much for any insights!
  11. Problem: Thought I wanted to get an Economics Masters to pursue my goal of working in Economic Policy field and helping further econ development issues, poverty, Basic Income ideas etc. Current Situation: BA in Communications in 2014 from University of South Florida (OK school) 3.2 GPA ---with B+ in Macro and Micro and A+ in Intro to Stats but NO math experience otherwise. Haven't taken GRE yet but I know my quant will be about 160 at most. Verbal will be ~165 Worked for 3 years on political campaigns fundraising and managing large amounts of data, but essentially no math or writing required, just working with candidates and being on a campaign, so I "get" politics Currently, in a graduate econ course that's apparently not very hard or indicative of what econ really is, but has been pretty hard for me Only other positive would be that I am a Hispanic, low-income immigrant and female I wanted to apply to Econ Master's but am now considering Public Policy as well. I'm scared of the various classes (Calc, Price Theory, probably pre-calc so I don't fail) and would pay out of pocket for these classes, hopefully, pass and maybe get into an Econ Master's where everyone would have had more econ experience than me. The Public Policy direction might allow me to get into a better school (I think in the long run I would rather get into a "top tier school") Not sure what my chances would even be of really getting accepted into a program like that. I don't know where to start or what to pursue for my future. Econ seemed right bc of the job opportunities and pay afterwards but now I'm not so sure..... help please!!! Many thanks.
  12. Michigan Ford 2017

    Sent my app in on 01/10/16. The Ford School is my number one choice. Judging by the last few years we should hear back between 03/07 - 03/14. Anyone else out there considering Michigan?
  13. Hi all, I'm an international relations major who speaks a few lesser-known languages with several years in management consulting under my belt, and I'm planning to apply to urban planning/public policy programs this fall. I'd like my classes to have a strong international focus as well as give me a solid understanding of quantitative (statistics) skills and technical (GIS, data management, data visualization using R, Python, etc) skills, as I didn't get these in undergrad either because they didn't mesh with my qualitative studies or were too stovepiped at the time in the engineering/math departments to be widely applied to political science/international development. I've considered a public policy master's, but urban planning seemed like a great fit for my creative interests in design and interests in working on international issues where my language and cultural knowledge could be put to use. Sound logical, or too romanticized for someone with no experience in the urban planning field beyond some GIS work? Beyond grad school, I'd like to be competitive at either an international development group in the private sector (tech startup?), international finance (World Bank), or NGO sector. Here's my list of schools: MIT DUSP Harvard HKS/GSD Columbia GSAPP/SIPA (Urban Studies concentration) UPenn MUSA And a few others with less of an explicit Urban Planning emphasis: Tufts Fletcher UChicago Harris/Computational Analysis A few questions on both grad schools and careers: 1) Any schools I'm missing that I should check out? I've heard the Ivies may not be as important with their brand-name as say for business schools, but the programs look interesting. I'd like to be in a major city for networking purposes as well as to get some exposure to local infrastructure/planning programs, even though I don't see myself working in local or state government long-term. This list was also put together to give me the most flexibility in terms of career options in the field. 2) What are some urban planning jobs outside of local or state government that do work or plan internationally? I'm aware of a few civil engineering or international development groups like AECOM or Louis Berger, but welcome any other suggestions. Thanks for any advice you can provide!
  14. JD vs MPP

    Hi all, I am an undergrad majoring in Sociology and Political Science and minoring in Chinese. I am debating whether to go for a Master in Public Policy or JD in law school. I read a lot on this topic and everyone seems to be saying different things. Background Info: I am generally interested in areas of immigration, women's rights, domestic violence, human trafficking, LGBT rights, and much more into international issues. If go to law school, I would like to do immigration law or international law. If I do an MPP, I am thinking of becoming a policy/program analyst but do not know what field yet. I would like a job that balances between something I find meaningful and works to improve social justice, and pays around $60,000-$80,000 per year (do they exist?). It seems that immigration law and certain policy analyst jobs provide that sort of $, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Questions: 1. Many comments say that an MPP is very different from a JD and will give u skills a JD wont, and vice versa. What are the specific skills one will gain by doing each degree that one couldn't obtain doing the other degree? What are the advantages each have on employment? 2. I can find a lot of information about job prospects for law grads but not MPP grads. If anyone got an MPP, around what percentage of your class got jobs in related fields? How competitive is it to get a related job compared to lawyers? 3. Are there certain personality traits or working styles that would be more suitable for one type of career than the other? 4. How do the hours, work/life balance, and pay of a policy/program analyst compare with lawyers (especially immigration lawyers)? Does the average MPP grad make less, more, or equal to around $60,000-80,000 a year? Any insights would truly help. Thank you so much!
  15. I'm a current MA student at Stanford's International Policy Studies (IPS) program and want to extend a warm congratulations to admitted students! I know decision-making can be tough; I remember being in your shoes last year. If you or any potential applicants for next year have any questions, you can post them here. I can also put you in touch with a current student whose interests align with yours.
  16. Minnesota Humphrey 2017

    Hey Everyone! So I haven't seen a topic for the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota and I'm curious to learn more about this program. I applied to their MPP program for this upcoming fall and was recently offered about 90% funding but I don't know much about the program or what current students think about the program. How well known is the program and where do alumni end up working. I've visited Minneapolis before and loved the city, just don't know a lot about UMinnesota. I wasn't expecting to get this much funding from them but now I am really considering this program after the amount of funding I was offered. Right now I am trying to decide between Harris, Ford and now Humphrey. I'm not about to go their their visit days, which is unfortunate. Has anyone on here visited the school?
  17. Hi, I have applied to several schools for PhD in Public Policy for Fall-2017. My master's is in Public Policy from the University of Texas at Arlington (GPA:3.75), another master's in Public Policy and Governance from the North South University in Bangladesh (GPA: 3.36), Bachelor in Social Work from the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh (GPA: 3.35, top in the class). My GRE scores are 148 (V), 149 (Q), 3.0 (AW). I also have four years of research experiences with different international NGOs. I have applied to 1. American University, 2. University of Maryland College Park, 3. University of Maryland Baltimore County, 4. Rutgers University, 5. University of Mass Boston, 6. Georgia State. I already received rejection from the Rutgers, UMBC, and Georgia State. I understand that I picked up very high ranked schools comparing to my profile. I would like to know which schools would be suitable for my profile. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  18. Hertie School MPP

    Hello everyone, I've been offered admission to the Hertie School of Governance MPP class of 2019, and I'm very excited about it. For over a year I had thought about studying abroad, and for many reasons (being Berlin one of them) I opted for this program as my first choice. Now that I've been admitted final doubts come to my mind, mostly because of the expensive tuition (maybe lower than in other countries, but very expensive compared to the rest of Germany). I've read a bit about the School's reputation in past posts, but if I could get some updated insights I'd pretty much appreciate it. If anyone knows, what about the students? If I finally enroll, I'll turn 32 just a bit after starting the course. Will I be too old? I know that Europeans go into graduate school younger than we do, for instance, here in SouthAmerica, and sometimes without work experience. I've also read about the increasing reputation of the School in the international field, but do you think it will limit my work opportunities outside from Europe, compared to other similar programs? Finally, in some reviews I've read that it is really good if you are into EU policies. I'm actually very interested, but I wouldn't like to feel that I skipped learning from what's going on in other regions... These are my doubts, but I'm actually very determined to pursue the program. I just want to be as sure as possible of the final decision I make. I had the chance of visiting the school about two months ago, and I liked it a lot. It felt very different from where I got my undergraduate degree (big public university), but that made it even more appealing as an experience. If there are other possible members of the same class say hi! Cheers, Pedro
  19. M.P.P. Decision

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your input. I could really use it! I've been accepted to the following schools for the Master of Public Policy. I intend to study education policy. UVA (with sizable scholarship) Berkeley (no scholarship) Columbia (1/4 scholarship) Duke (about 1/2 scholarship) UChicago (about 1/4 scholarship, but could change) Michigan (about 1/3 scholarship, but could change) Carnegie Mellon (about 3/4 scholarship) Vanderbilt (very small scholarship) I was also waitlisted at HKS. Because of financial concerns, I'm prioritizing UVA, Duke, UChicago, Michigan, and Carnegie Mellon. However, Berkeley's got such a wonderful reputation... What are your thoughts?
  20. Hi all, I feel really lucky to be deciding between two offers - Georgetown Masters of Science in Foreign Service (waitlisted for funding) and Chicago Harris MPP (10k funding). I've heard good things about both schools, and am pretty torn, so wanted to get views on which school/programme would be better for future career prospects, either at a foreign policy/security-related think tank, or private sector consulting firm (either IR-focused or general e.g. McKinsey). In terms of background, I'm an international student, so would be ineligible for US government jobs. I'm confident of being able to find work in my home country, with either of the two degrees. Not very interested in working for NGOs or the UN. Potential Pros / Cons: Harris MPP: more general degree - greater customisation and flexibility to branch out for private sector jobs? Availability of some funding to offset tuition costs. Georgetown MSFS: better location for the D.C. network; specialised IR focus and branding would also help in getting a think-tank job? However, still waitlisted for funding, and am also unsure whether the MSFS translates well in when seeking private sector jobs. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi all, Thanks in advance for your input. I could really use it! I've been accepted to the following schools for the Master of Public Policy. I intend to study education policy. UVA (with sizable scholarship) Berkeley (no scholarship) Columbia (1/4 scholarship) Duke (about 1/2 scholarship) UChicago (about 1/4 scholarship, but could change) Michigan (about 1/3 scholarship, but could change) Carnegie Mellon (about 3/4 scholarship) Vanderbilt (very small scholarship) I was also waitlisted at HKS. Because of financial concerns, I'm prioritizing UVA, Duke, UChicago, Michigan, and Carnegie Mellon. However, Berkeley's got such a wonderful reputation... What are your thoughts?
  22. Hello, everyone. We have reps from the Schwarzman Scholars program coming to my school later this month. According to their website, they pay for your tuition for a one year master program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. I know of Tsinghua as being a top university in China (I've heard it being compared to their version of MIT for excelling in STEM), so as far university brand, it sounds compelling, but I've never heard of this program. They have Michelle Obama and previous US Secretary of States all over their page. Any thoughts?
  23. Hi, all: I have been offered a place on the MPhil in Public Policy at the University of Cambridge for the 2017-18 academic year. I am nearing a decision, but I am keen to get an honest, firsthand account from current students or alumni. Unfortunately I was not offered a place on the Oxford MPP, which was my preferred option. However, that said, the Cambridge MPP offers unique upsides, including a small class size (25), a strong STEM focus, and cross-department collaboration. The programme is also about £10,000 cheaper versus its counterpart at Oxford, which is a plus if I am unsuccessful in securing a Chevening scholarship (I find out in early June). I am very much looking forward to hearing from those that have completed the Cambridge MPP or currently enrolled in the programme. Many thanks! Mathieu
  24. Hi all: I applied to the University of Georgia's MPA program back in early January (the 4th if i remember correctly) for the 2017 Fall semester. Has anyone else applied for this term and heard back? I've heard back from 2 of the other MPA programs I've applied to (one good and one bad), but nothing from UGA yet? When should I expect to hear back?? Thanks!!
  25. Hi, I am Umair from Pakistan. I have a funded offer (Fulbright) for a Phd in Public Policy for Fall 2017. In my submission plan (where Fulbright commission applied for me), unis included Arizona State University, Uni of Texas at Dallas, Uni of Washington- Evans, Syracuse Maxwell, and CMU Heinz. My background is a bit on the low side, an undergrad from a top ranked uni here in Pakistan (but obviously unknown there in the US) with a CGPA of 2.83, where I studied Business Management/ Information Systems. I did a postgrad from Institute of Development Studies at University of Sussex UK, High Merit but not a distinction. 2-3 conference papers, a research project going on. GRE scores verbal 162 quant 164 AWA 4.5. Graduated in 2014. so 2-3 years of experience. I have been offered admission from Arizona State University and UT Dallas while Udub & Syracuse have already sent out a rejection. Have not heard from CMU. I wanted to know if you people have any advice on this. My interests are in social policy/ health policy or a bit of IT policy (for CMU only). My essays were generally good, references were OK too. But no elaborate research plans/ focus. I am much afraid of ending up unemployed etc. after I am done. How is the reputation of ASU (SPA) or UT Dallas? Any comments please. Should I go for Arizona State or UT Dallas, if I get rejected from CMU as well, which most probably I will given my profile. I am motivated and ambitious to go for a PhD but I am also afraid I might even fail to complete (due to my weak background specially in calculus/ linear algebra/ statistics/ econometrics. Though I have had courses in all of these 4 mentioned subjects. I am willing to put in the hard miles to get through but doubts always keep coming back. I thought udub evans will admit me but they also din't. And I heard comprehensive exam thingy at ASU IS SCARY!!! Lots of applicants pull out at that stage. Any comments guys. Any help much appreciated and desperately needed. Thanks.