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Found 11 results

  1. A PhD by publication is more common in Europe. I am expecting a few first authored publication this year in decent journals, but I am not sure of the value of this. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I have a few questions about how PhD admissions may differ for those applying with a MA under their belt. I am a first year student in a funded psychology masters program and just finished my first semester. Unfortunately, I didn't do very well in terms of my gpa (<3.5) and didn't make as much progress on my research as I would have liked (i.e. I don't have enough ready for a poster at the moment). I struggled this past semester due to several things (time management/adjusting to grad school, imposter syndrome, moving far from home), but one very salient thing is that I am completely switching research focus from what I did previously in undergrad. This change took up a lot of my time as I had to get "up to speed" on the literature/research, so I'm not getting through my research as fast as I hoped. All of this has taken a toll on my self-perception, but I feel determined to bounce back and do better from here on. I will work hard to raise my gpa up to a 3.5 this semester and get my research in a good place, hopefully to present at conferences soon. Given that I only have 1 semester left to turn things around for the next application season, I began wondering about issues specific to applicants with a MA in social sciences: I assume that the "bar" might be set higher for applicants with an MA compared to someone applying straight from their BA. How important are publications for students applying to PhDs with a MA? Similarly, how many posters/presentations would I be expected to have? If my performance in my MA program isn't very competitive by the time I finish (i.e. <3.5 gpa, none or very few items in my CV outside of completing my MA thesis), would I be able to take a "gap year" doing work/research to boost my application for future seasons? Or would a weak MA be a "permanent scar" on my applications, causing admissions look at me unfavorably regardless? I have heard that MA gpas are judged more critically as there tends to be grade inflation in graduate school. While I don't feel that my MA program has a severe grade inflation issue, this makes me concerned that the usual 3.5 gpa "cut off" in PhD admissions might not be applicable for graduate gpas. Does anyone have any insight on this? For reference, my undergraduate gpa is fairly strong (3.7), so I'm not concerned about the UGPA portion of my application. Also, if anyone has any advice on how to improve myself outside of these factors, please let me know! Thank you all for your time. P.S. Sorry if this post is misplaced! I wanted to place this in the admissions/applications section, but some details of this situation may not neatly apply for applicants outside of the social sciences, so I thought this might be a better fit.
  3. I am wrapping up my history BA and ROTC contract in may 2019 and I would like to go get my history MA at University of Memphis or UT Knoxville. As it currently sits, ROTC obligations hit my GPA hard this year my transcripts show this year being the only distinct drop in GPA in the 6 years I have been in school. I sat at a 3.3 cumulative going into the year but now I am at a 2.89. I will get my GPA up to a 3.0 (or slightly higher) with a projected 3.25 history specific GPA. I recognize a 3.0 is not as competitive as a 3.3, however I have two peer reviewed publications under my belt with potentially one or two more by the time I apply. I will have several letters of recommendations from full professors at my university as well as several senior army officers. I will have military service under my belt and several public speaking engagements both in the military and Model UN. -Should I have any cause for concern given the 3.0 GPA? -What is the acceptance rate for the two institutions for a history MA? -What GRE scores are considered competitive for both institutions? -Will my professional writing/speaking aid my application? -Does military service aid in applications?
  4. Hey there, A lot of times I have seen and heard that publishing an article in an International journal immensely helps in improving a PhD applicaion. Now, there are certain questions which arise in my mind when I see this - 1) How does one search for journals? 2) Can any random person in the world publish an article? For example - A person who works in McDonalds suddenly decides he wants to pursue a PhD and starts writing an article to get it published in a journal. 3) Is affiliation to any organization or university required to publish an article? Is it necessary that one who wishes to get his article published has to be a student or a teacher? Can unemployed people also attempt to do it? Please ignore if my questions come off as very basic, I am a newbie in the world of Academia. Looking forward to any response, thank in advance
  5. On my CV, I would like to include several "publications", some of which are peer-reviewed and some of which are not. Essentially, I have 4 papers that various organizations I have worked for have posted, one that appeared in a magazine, and one that appeared in a peer-reviewed journal. If I were to list the publications in order of importance, I would put the peer-reviewed paper first, then the magazine, then the other 4. But is that confusing? Is it better to have them in order of date? I would create a separate section for publications and reports, but I think my single publication will look lonely under its own heading. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  6. I completed my BS in Computer Science last year with a CGPA of 2.82. I have two publications (as co-author) at good venues. I am in the process of writing papers (as first-author) on two of my current projects, which will, unfortunately, be submitted after the current admission cycle has ended (after December). I will be taking GRE in the next month. I don't want to wait for the next year to apply and have decided to try my luck this year. My main concern is my GPA. Most schools that I have looked at have a minimum requirement of 3.0. Is there a realistic chance of getting accepted with my current stats, assuming I get a good GRE score? Should I apply to the schools that clearly mention a minimum GPA requirement of above 3.0? Also, is it stupid to apply to Ph.D. programs with my current profile? Can I apply to both Masters and Ph.D. programs at the same school?
  7. How common is it for PhD applicants to have publications on their CV already? Are publications important to get into a top-ten program? Does it vary by field? Is age or experience relevant? I mean, would a committee be more likely to expect someone older or someone who has a master's degree already to have publications? I'd be grateful for any personal experiences, anecdotes, or insights! Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, So, my question is embarrassingly novice, as I just started grad school and don't have any publications under my belt. My first question is about order of authorship. I understand that, depending on your field (mine is international health), the order you want your name will depend on what phase in your career you are. I know noobs like me want first or second...but why would more advanced folks, maybe tenured, want last author? It it to show they are advising student? Is it actually helpful in their career, or is it more that they want to see their students succeed? Any help understanding how this works is appreciated (i know it varies by field). The other thing...I was offered to be second author by my advisor on some articles that I was not involved with writing, but he wanted to know if I would like to be involved. This seems too easy to me - what is expected? I'm not really sure how to navigate this situation. The problem is not that I don't want to be on publications (of course I do, that's the point) - I just feel odd contributing so little. Should I suggest to be last author? What is the etiquette here? Thanks, sorry for all the uncertainties!
  9. Just as the post reads, I'm wondering if the syllabus I wrote can be considered a publication to list on my application. If not, is there anything else to list it under? The problem is, I'm applying to a graduate program for Speech-Language Pathology, but I'm an out-of-field applicant. My background is in conservation (museum artifacts). I've been working at a campus museum for the past three years, and I was asked to write a syllabus in textiles conservation for their new textiles minor last year. It's really the only publication I have to my name. It was tons of work and it's currently being used for a class, but I'm just not sure it's relevant to my future program. I currently have it listed under my job description for employment even though it was something completely separate from my work duties. Where to include? Should I even bother including? Any thoughts would be helpful. -T
  10. Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply to b-schools in OB this fall and I had a couple questions re: pubs. Are (first authorship) publications common among those accepted to OB programs at the top b-schools? Or are pubs seen more as bonuses to have, but not necessarily required, when applying to these schools? Thanks!
  11. How important are having first author publication(s) for grad school admittance? When people recommend trying to publish during undergrad are they referring to anything or to being a first author? Any Canadian perspectives? (as I know we are a bit different up north!)
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