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Found 15 results

  1. So, I've recently been accepted to a Public school for MS Biostatistics. I've not been contacted by Department regarding financial aid so I'm assuming I'm not getting any since it is rare for MS applicants. I'm an international student and this is my second masters( I have a master's in Statistics/ I wasn't eligible for graduate program due to three year undergraduate course). So, I need some kind of financial aid. I've read on some forums that RA positions are under professors and one should contact faculty before/ after acceptance. Is this a commonly followed method in Biostatistics programs.Should I contact all the relevant faculty or talk to graduate students first( through LinkedIn) and then approach. I've experience as RA and tbh considering the subjects I've studied, I can also be a TA( I've good speaking TOEFL score). Any kind of suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you
  2. Greetings everybody, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself, hence, maybe get some feedback about my graduate school pursuits. I just finished my bachelor's degree in Public Health and luckily I passed the interview for a Master's degree in One Health and Epidemiology at the same time. But the problem is: Now I have to choose which one to attend: 1. PH: Master in Public Health: (1-year course) from SEAOHUN, if I keep my score 3.0 GPA, free 1 year (not include the money to do my thesis) + 1500$ stipend. => I can learn in-depth about economic health or nutrition/occupational health/reproductive health. 2. Epi: if I have scholar: free 2 year-course, even including my thesis (help from a teacher of Massachusetts or my school to publish the thesis) + time to do summer course at University of Massachusetts Medical School => study in favor of academic research. I haven't decided which one to enroll in. I have trouble finding my interest because each course has its advantages. It is triggering to choose between the two. QUESTIONS 1: Have anyone learned PH or Epi program? Could you tell me your own experience? What are the major differences between the 2 coursework? 2: Career path in the future, which one will benefit more? 3: Could you share some insights about PH or Epi? P/s: I am not a native English, therefore, I will have some mistakes in my writing. I am so thankful if anyone could give me some advice. Thank you so much.
  3. I feel like I was rejected last year because my letter of intent sucked! I'm in such a great need for someone to assist me. I'd love to get at least 2 acceptances into a DrPh program this up and coming year - 2022! Help please.
  4. Has anyone else applied for the fall 2019 admissions at the School of public health, University of Alberta? Any progress on the applications? Any feedbacks you've heard from them or got any decisions yet?
  5. Hi, I'm a potential international applicant for PhD programs (maybe fall 2024). Currently working as a foreign service officer, I expect my career to be 5-year experience, including a couple of years in a developing country in South-east Asia possibly. My major was sociology (undergraduate) and was quite much interested in public health (or more specifically, demography, health disparities, social epidemiology) but I finally started my job for mainly two reasons: a) i wanted to know whether I prefer real-world work to research and b) i needed some financial surplus. Nevertheless, my goal is to quit the job within a few years and get into PhD program in my interests. Im currently a graduate student for statistics in an open university in my country.(its not so much demanding as top-notch schools though) My question are as below: Im still quite not very convinced of the exact field I'd like to study (and its the biggest problem, I know). Do you think a diplomat career would help getting into PhD program? If so, which program do you think will be most appropriate for me? My undergraduate thesis was about the quality of employment of workers in their 50s-60s and its effect on their self-reported health status.(not very sociological, but social epi. I think) My interests started from that topic but Im also interested in health systems and policy evaluation, too. You can see me perplexed, I agree but as a forerunner, which advice could you give for me? Thousands of thanks in advance.
  6. My US company offered me the prospect of doing my PhD (in public health, public policy, international development or something similar) at a European university while retaining my employment. They would also pay for the PhD. My thesis would be based on a research project I was already going to pursue in my work. I already have a Masters in Economics. Would a university be okay if I only worked out of the university for the first and the 2nd and 3rd year was finishing my research in the USA? Thanks!
  7. 2013 T10 law grad here. I've been working as a litigator at a "biglaw" firm for the past ~6 years and do primarily health-adjacent litigation. I am thinking of transitioning to part-time and applying to a part-time Ph.D. program in health policy. Anyone else in similar shoes? Anyone have any ideas whether part-time Ph.D. and part-time biglaw are compatible? Any idea whether this combination of experience would actually be a good combo, post-graduation? Any insight appreciated!
  8. So, I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I took a gap year after graduating from college, and I thought I was going to go straight to grad school after. I got accepted to multiple programs, and I already declined all of the programs except one. Here’s the problem: I also applied to a competitive, two-year fellowship with a government organization, and I made it to the interview stage! And now, I changed my mind about going to grad school and I’d like to get more experience on my hands. Unfortunately, we won’t know if we get the position by July. Point is: there might be a chance I might decline the school after I accept my intent to go there if I get the fellowship. I know that grad schools (I applied to both public health and heath administration) allow deferment for only a year, but I’d like to have a backup plan just in case I don’t get the fellowship (which is go to grad school). So let’s say if I do get the fellowship, should I just be honest with the school I accepted and tell them I want to do the fellowship? Or take a risk and decline the school and I hope I get the fellowship? If I do the former, I just hope that this won’t hinder me from other schools considering my application the next time I apply to grad school. I’m applying right after the fellowship, and this time I INTEND to go back to school. Any advice helps, thanks!
  9. Has anyone applied to the Morgan State public health department? I had my interview two weeks ago. Still waiting...
  10. Hi guys, I am an international applicant applying for the environmental health science MS/MPH program this year. The unis I've shortlisted are: Columbia Boston University UNC-Chapel Hill NYU USC Ohio State Univ of Minnesota (twin cities) Profile: My undergrad GPA (life sciences) is 3.86 on 4 and I am currently pursuing a post-graduate diploma in clinical research. WES evaluation is still underway and TOEFL iBT is 110. I have one publication and around 5month research experience in computational biology. I have also done an add-on course in medical biotech and interned at a tox lab for 3 months. I have decent LORs from my professors and a research scientist. The low: my GRE score is 313 (155q, 158v). Lack of experience in public health (is it an important factor?) What are my chances with my current status? Could you suggest unis where I have a higher chance of getting in? Should I edit the list? Also, what is the difference between MPH and MS. Which one is preferable for a job in the industry?
  11. I am a recent graduate from a state school with a Bachelors in Health Science. I am planning on applying to graduate school for Masters in Health Management/Health Administration. I took the GRE 2 weeks ago, and my scores were...abysmal. It was 150 in Verbal, 151 in Quant, and a 3.5 in writing. I wanted to take it again before I apply to get a higher score. Unfortunately, there are no more available GRE tests for the month of November in my area, according to the ETS website. I think my experience is good, but my stats are pretty low. I have a 3.4/3.85 cumulative/major GPA. My experience includes: - 4 month health policy internship - 2.5 years in the COPE Health Scholar program - 10 months in COPE Health Scholar Leadership Team (Admin Coordinator) - Jumpstart AmeriCorps Member - English Academic Tutor for over a year - CDC Undergraduate Public Health Scholar - Health Science Honor Society Member -Eta Sigma Gamma - Health Outreach/Data Analysis internship with Michigan Medicine - 5 months Research internship with non-profit (focusing on social determinants of health) - Currently a AmeriCorps Community Health Fellow Some of the school that I am planning on applying to include USC, UMich, UMinn, Boston, WashU, Loma Linda, CSUN, Tulane, Emory, GWU, UCLA (which I might withdraw from now)I have letter of recs from professors from internships...but I'm worried that my stats would be a barrier for me to get accepted to any school. I wanted to take the GRE again, but since there are no sites available for me to take it before the application deadline, I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to be accepted somewhere. I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you!
  12. I was just admitted to Texas A&M today for their MPH program. I'm still awaiting responses from other schools but has anyone here been in the MPH program there? How did you like? Did it align with your career goals? How is the campus climate? The student to faculty ratio in this program? The job opportunities availible? Proximity to major cities?
  13. Dear All, This is my first post on this forum. I have been working in Global Health for past 6 Yrs. and now decided to get my second masters in Public health. The first one I have is in International Business. I got accepted in the PG Certificate, Public Health long distance course at London School of Tropical medicine and Hygiene. My goal is to eventually roll this certificate into an MSc in Public Health. I am looking for recommendations on how to prepare for long distance courses, how many modules are doable per year? Any suggestion and your personal experience stories are much appreciated. Thank you!
  14. I'm gonna apply for PhD program in Epidemiology. However, I haven't got a master's degree yet. My profile: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, GPA: top 5%, GRE: 317 (V 150, Q 167), Research experience: MedChem (undergrad level), 1st/2nd prizes in national research competitions (irrelevant). LOR from a Epi Professor in Emory Rollin SOPH. Do I have any chance to got fully funded PhD program? Any advice's welcome...
  15. Hi guys! I'm a fourth year BSc Psychology student with a 3.85/4.0 GPA in my last two years. I have 2 years worth of experience working on a large Epidemiological study, as well as 3 years of experience working as a Manager at a hospital. I received an A+ in all my Statistics courses in my undergrad. Here are my status' for the universities I have applied to so far, and I'm getting kinda worried since it's May and I still haven't heard news from Queen's yet. MSc Epidemiology Ottawa- Rejected MPH Epidemiology Toronto- Waitlisted MSc Epidemiology Queen's- No news Anyone hear back from MSc Epi Queen's yet?
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