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Found 14 results

  1. I had an underwhelming GPA in a difficult major from a top 10 but underrated public research university. I'm also in my late 30s - I've been thinking of grad/professional school for a long time, but I know it will be very challenging, and may not be worth it.For a while now, I'm been thinking of applying to the M.A. in Asian Studies at UC Berkeley and the M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies at University of San Francisco. I'd much prefer Asian American Studies, but very few schools offer an M.A. in that - the closest one seems to be UCLA, and I'd like to stay local and commute to school. There's an M.A. in Asian American Studies at SF State, but I know that SFSU doesn't have anywhere near the name recognition of UCB. My goals for those programs is to write, get published, be a "thought leader" (sorry if it sounds arrogant; it's not meant to be) in Asian or Asian American Studies, maybe lecture, and possibly teach in some capacity. My main goal would be to be a published author, whether through books, articles, journal papers, online digital content, etc. I just think of these master's programs as giving me a jumping point into what I want to do. I'd also love to go through the grad school experience - it would probably be very personally enriching. Also, like many people, I've always thought I would go to grad school, and it would be great to go to grad school at a top university. Any thoughts on the M.A. in Asian Studies at Berkeley, the M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies at USF, or the M.A. in Asian American Studies at SFSU? Has anyone gone through those programs, or know people who have completed them? How hard is it to get into those 3 programs? What is it like taking those programs, what do you learn or get out of it, what are the courses/students/professors like, and what do students do after they get their M.A.? Any other schools/masters programs you can recommend to me that are in the Bay Area, close to San Francisco? I'm also open to online masters programs, but there are hardly any offered in these fields, and they're from no-name and questionable schools.
  2. Hi all, I am in my final semester of undergrad and my advisor has voiced her opinion to me multiple times that my senior capstone paper (not a thesis) is up to par for publishing. I have poked around the various forum posts with subjects similar to this and it seems as though it is mostly agreed upon that undergraduate journals are a waste of effort. I study International Studies and I will definitely be applying to graduate school (International Development or Forced Migration Studies) after a year and a half or so of work experience and I was hoping that being published could give me a leg up in this process. The paper is a literature review specific to the subject of unaccompanied minor refugees and covers a fairly niche topic so I think I could possibly send it to a more specific journal. I was wondering if anyone had any input on publishing in social sciences as an undergrad as well as any concerns I should have about attaching my name to a paper this early in my academic career. This is a prospect that I am fairly excited about but I want to make sure I have considered all aspects of it before jumping in head first. Thanks!!
  3. Hey everyone! We started a podcast with the goal of diving into research papers behind headline science news (kind of like our version of a journal club). We're both PhD students in engineering and we'd love to get any feedback from other grad students/researchers. http://paperboyspodcast.com Each episode also has a "grad student highlight" to shed light on the students who make this research come to life. If you'd be interested in participating, we'd love to hear from you! Thanks everyone!
  4. For the life of me, I can't find any thread or forum that relates specifically to the publishing programs out there. This is the place where I think it would fit best, but let me know if I'm wrong. I've applied to Simon Fraser's MPUB program, Portland State's Writing MA with a concentration in publishing, and University of Missouri's manuscript, print culture, and editing track MA. Has anyone else sent applications out for publishing?
  5. Hi all, I'm a Masters' student in my first semester. I wrote an academic book review as part of a class assignment and then sent it out for consideration. Because I was submitting to websites I was not strict about submitting to only one, and so messed up and wrote to two. When I explained to the second (after they responded) that I would not be able to give them the review and apologised profusely for my mistake, I got an abusive response calling me a 'weasel and a scoundrel' and telling me to talk about this behaviour with my faculty advisor. Now I'm aware that it was a mistake, but was it that bad to merit that kind of response? I'm an international student, and am also not sure how bad this is in the American academic context. I'll obviously never do it again, but am I basically blacklisted for life?!
  6. Hi everyone! I recently contacted a journal for information (because their writing guide was broken) and got this as part of the reply: In general, when preparing your post-thesis manuscript, I would encourage you to work to locate the piece outside of the genre of thesis writing, to forge critical bridges on the basis of what I imagine might be your nuanced, detailed, timely Guam based case study, to the regional domain of comparable concern, and to locate one of more critical hinges between whatever your disciplinary background might be and the trans- multi- or inter-disciplinary space of Pacific Studies. Can anyone help me interpret what they're saying? I'm so stressed from all the applications that my brain cells are having a hard time figuring this out. Thank you
  7. Anyone have any advice to read papers quickly while still retaining the details? I'm mostly talking about scientific papers but this kind of advice can probably be extended to any field.
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding employment regulations for international students in the US. I understand that as an international student in the US, you are not allowed to work off campus, and not more than 20 hours per week. That much is clear. My question is, does this apply to publishing? In the simplest example, if you have a story/article and want to sell it to a magazine in a freelance capacity (i.e. you're not employed by them), can you do it? I couldn't find any solid information about this online. It's not employment in the traditional sense, but you're still getting paid. If you have knowledge about F1 VISA regulations, I'd appreciate some clarification on the matter. Thanks!
  9. I'm thinking a little ahead of myself, but as I'm transforming my resume into a CV, I'm starting to wonder, for future publication purposes, whether I should use my legal name or my preferred name. As with many 1.5 generation immigrants, I have a foreign legal name and another English name that I go by. My situation is complicated by the fact that I have co-authored publications (not to mention filed my M.S. thesis) under my legal name. Normally, consistency would make the most sense, and there's always a possibility that certain places may not allow you to use a preferred name. At the same time, however, a lot of people I meet do not know me by my legal name, which means that using my legal name may pose problems as I advance further in my field. In addition, my new field is completely unrelated to my previous field. If I can progress further in this direction, I may even consider eliminating previous publications from my CV altogether, which makes consistency a non-issue. These things indicate that using my preferred name would be better in the long run. Thoughts? Opinions?
  10. Hey guys! I was just wondering, if I have published articles in my undergraduate college's college journal or my own department's journal, can I mention it in my resume for my Master's as past publications or would a publication per se only count in terms of news papers, online journals and other established platforms. Also, have any of you mentioned your undergraduate publications in your resume for the Master's? And if you have any recommendations for a good online journal which may accept articles from Undergraduate students? Maybe one you've been published with? Thank you for your guidance!
  11. Hi all! I'm a 21 year old senior at Fordham University. I just got accepted into University of Colorado Boulder's English Master's program. This has been my number 1 choice since I started applying to schools and when I visited but the waiting period had me second guessing getting a Master's at all. I'm on my 3rd internship in New York in publishing and I'm wondering if it's stupid to not just keep going with that and hope to get a job. I want to be an editor one day - being a professor is a consideration of course - but I'm definitely academically oriented and liked the idea of continuing school in pursuit of this goal. I know a Master's isn't necessary for this career but publishing is so competitive. Is there anyone getting their Master's in English with the goal of going into publishing? And what are your opinions on an English Master's in general? Thanks for the help! Any opinions/advice are heartily welcomed.
  12. Hi everyone! I am applying to both NYU and Pace University for their graduate publishing programs. I feel like I have more of a chance at getting accepted to Pace over NYU, but I had a few questions about the school and their program. Has anyone attended/known someone who has attended Pace University's Master's in Publishing program? Basically, I'm just looking for any insight/information on the program first-hand. I would really appreciate it!
  13. Hey guys. I was just wondering, is it normal/expected for undergraduate English students to publish papers or present at conferences? Have any of you guys done these things in your undergraduate years? I feel like I saw somewhere on these forums someone mentioning publishing as an undergrad or presenting their first paper at a conference...I've never done any of these things before (I'm currently a junior) nor have any of my English professors ever even mentioned such things. I actually just had to do a bit of research to find out what conferences are and what it even means to present a paper. If it is something that I should be doing (considering that I'm going to start applying to PhD programs next fall and I can't imagine that this kind of experience would exactly hurt my chances) does anyone have any tips on getting started? Thanks in advance for your advice guys, I'm addicted to you awesome people here on GradCafe.
  14. Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has had success making money and in getting published by doing speaking engagements in their area of study or if it has helped them get a job after grad school. Seems like there would be lots of institutions, orgs, and businesses interested in speakers that aren't so expensive, but are still experts (about to graduate PhDs!). Thoughts?
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